Secret Lives Ch. 02

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Eighteen year old Stacy and her parents were spending a week in a nearby lakeside cottage, a drastic change from the international vacations they were used to taking. The economy and uncertainty over the stability of her father’s job caused the family to lower their standards when it came to holidays.

In the first few days of the trip, Stacy had taken it upon herself to cheer up her father, Todd, who seemed to be unfairly neglected by her Mom, Nancy. In fact, the neglect had been going on for nearly a year, unbeknownst to Stacy until Todd told her. Stacy’s technique to make him feel better? Sex.

Ultimately, father and daughter came together in the woods behind the cottage—literally. Their session was short and productive. Multiple orgasms occurred. Todd felt guilty; Stacy felt satisfied.

The next morning, Stacy sat in the cottage living room waiting for Nancy to take her usual morning walk. Like clockwork, Nancy came out of the bedroom, announced that she’d be back, and headed out the front door. Stacy watched her walk down the narrow, deserted street for a few cottages, and then traced her mother’s steps.

Stacy lingered in the front yard of each cottage as she walked, making sure she could dive behind a bush or tree should her mother suddenly turn around. But Nancy strolled as if on a mission, her head always looking straight ahead. She was far ahead of Stacy when she turned off the street and into the yard of a tiny cottage.

Stacy’s heart raced as she watched her Mom walk to the front door, knock, and then disappear inside.

‘Oh my God. She’s having an affair,’ Stacy said to herself.

She hurriedly moved from cottage to cottage until she was next door to the one containing her Mom. Stacy surveyed the structure and determined the side window would offer the best chance to peek inside without being noticed.

Stacy slinked up to the window, stood behind the evergreen bush, and leaned until she could see in. Nobody was in sight. Stacy immediately moved to the corner of the cottage that allowed her to see the back.

There were two windows; one near each corner. Stacy hunched over and quietly moved under the closest one, another series of bushes offering cover. She looked in.

This time she saw Nancy. Just as Stacy feared, her Mom was on the bed. She was dressed, but tightly hugging, and rolling on the bed with….

‘Oh shit!’

Nancy was passionately kissing another woman while running her fingers through the woman’s short blonde hair. Once Stacy had a good look at the blonde’s very attractive face, Stacy could see she was about her Mom’s age—early forties. The blonde might have been a little younger.

But the two women were obviously getting more frenzied in their actions and Nancy soon had the blonde’s t-shirt pushed up to her neck. Stacy watched in awe as Nancy began sucking vigorously on the ample breasts of the other woman. The blonde pulled her shirt off and tossed it aside.

Soon, Nancy was topless, too. The next couple minutes were spent sucking and licking each other until even Stacy, in her hidden perch, could see the nipples extending.

‘How far are they going to go?’ Stacy wondered.

To her surprise, Stacy felt the same tingle that came to her pussy when she saw her Dad’s erect cock for the first time. She had a strong urge to play with herself, but concentrated on the scene inside the cottage instead.

The blonde was pulling off Nancy’s shorts. Nancy didn’t wear panties, a conscious effort to speed up the events she knew were imminent when she left for her walk. After a short session of kissing, Nancy stripped the blonde until she was naked.

Stacy previously thought her mother had gained weight in the past year, but looking at her now, she could only admire her Mom’s body. The breasts were firm; the stomach was relatively flat; her hips were petite; and, her legs were long and lean.

The blonde was stunning. From head to toe, she had the perfect frame. Her facial features were exquisite. Her smile glowed.

And now Stacy had a good view of her wonderful ass as the blonde buried her head between Nancy’s legs.

‘Oh fuck. She’s eating my Mom. Holy…’

Stacy’s hand was inside her shorts. She rubbed her clit while she watched her Mom writhe on the bed under the influence of the blonde’s tongue. Stacy saw her Mom push down on the blonde’s head, forcing the face into her pussy. Stacy could barely see the tongue entering Nancy’s cunt. She rubbed her clit harder.

After a minute or so, the blonde turned around so they were in a sixty-nine. Stacy couldn’t see either face, but she knew where they were and what they were doing. She stretched out her shorts so she could slide a finger inside her soaking wet hole. She wished she could hear the women in the cottage moaning as their tongues did their work.

Only the movements of the bodies gave Stacy any clue as to how close they were to cumming. But soon it became obvious that her Mom was on the verge. Nancy pushed her pussy up into the blonde’s face and bounced up and down latina fuck tour porno as though it was a cock she was receiving instead of a tongue.

Stacy pulled the wet finger out of her cunt and began rubbing her clit again. She could only last a short while longer.

Then, to her surprise, she actually heard a high-pitched squeal from inside the bedroom. One of the women—Stacy thought her Mom—was clearly in the midst of an orgasm. The bodies swayed back and forth and occasional screams of pleasure reached Stacy’s ears.

Without much warning, her own orgasm started. She leaned against the cottage and stroked herself, attempting to withhold her shrieks. A few moans escaped her mouth, but nothing the women inside could hear over their own noises.

Stacy was finishing while Nancy and the blonde were rolling onto their sides, hugging and kissing each other. Nancy took a breast in her mouth and sucked on it tenderly. Stacy pulled out her hand and tried to catch her breathe.

When Nancy climbed off the bed a few minutes later, Stacy ducked below the window, slithered away, and ran back to her cottage through the neighboring back yards.


Stacy spent the remainder of the day re-living the morning’s episode in her mind and thinking about how to approach it with her Mom. She HAD to do SOMETHING. Stacy now had valuable knowledge that couldn’t go unused. It wouldn’t be bribery, necessarily. Just strategic utilization of what she knew.

She had her plan finalized by dinner time. Stacy would benefit no matter how her Mom reacted. The only thing Stacy knew for sure was: her Mom would react.

Nancy and Stacy were alone in the cottage while Todd was on his routine late evening fishing expedition at the lake. He hadn’t caught anything all week, but it didn’t stop him from going.

Stacy made a mental note of following him one night just to make sure he was fishing…for fish.

But now she had her chance to approach Nancy. Or, rather, to force Nancy to approach HER.

Stacy was in her bedroom, dressed only in a pair of panties. She purposely made plenty of noise as she moved from closet to dresser, opening and closing drawers with as much clamor as possible. Sure enough, her Mom appeared at the door a few minutes later.

“What are you up to, hon?” Nancy asked.

“Just trying to organize,” Stacy said, swirling as she spoke to give her Mom a view from every angle. “Separate the clean stuff from the dirty stuff.”

“Are you having a good time this week?”

Nancy couldn’t take her eyes off her daughter’s luscious body. Stacy stretched out to reach the top of her closet, standing on her tip toes and revealing a generous portion of her ass.

“It’s been great. How about you?”

Nancy shrugged. “It’s not Venice, but it will do.”

Stacy was half in and half out of the closet. “Help me with this,” she said to her Mom.

Nancy walked over and was handed an armful of clothes on hangars.

“Can you put them on the bed? Please?” Stacy asked.

A little perplexed, Nancy obeyed and laid the clothes down as told. As soon as she turned around, Stacy was standing in front of her close enough that their bodies almost touched.

“Thanks, Mom.”

Stacy leaned into Nancy and kissed her lightly…on the lips. Nancy was clearly bewildered. Stacy briefly kissed her again, making sure their breasts touched.

With an intense gaze, Stacy asked, “Have you ever kissed another woman before, Mom?”

Nancy looked away. “Um, no. I…I haven’t.”

Stacy enjoyed watching her Mom begin to wilt under the weight of the question.

Stacy kissed her again, this time holding the back of her mother’s head and burying her tongue deep inside her mouth. It was a sudden, aggressive kiss.

“Am I as good as your blonde lover, Mom?” Stacy asked.

All the color seemed to leave Nancy’s face. When it returned, she was blushed from forehead to neck. Stacy had never seen such a confused look in her Mom’s eyes before.

“Touch me, Mom. Touch me the same way you touch her.”

“How do you know?” Nancy said with a cracked voice.

“Oh, that’s a bad answer, Mom. Because if I was guessing, you just gave it away. But I know who she is and where her cottage is. I can tell you about her firm tits and her little ass. I can tell you that she likes sixty-nine and to make you scream when you cum.”

“Stop it, Stacy! Stop it!”

Nancy tried to get around her daughter. Stacy grabbed her arm and flung her backwards, making Nancy fall onto the bed. Stacy was on top of her immediately.

“You won’t fuck Dad because you have a lesbian girlfriend. It all makes sense now,” Stacy said, holding her mother’s wrists in her hands as Nancy struggled. “But I’m not mad, Mom. I think it’s cool, actually. But, God, would Dad be pissed if he found out.”

Nancy’s eyes widened. “No! You can’t, Stacy! You can’t do it!”

“I could,” Stacy said calmly. “But don’t you think it would be a lot more fun keeping it a secret?”

Nancy lezbiyen porno nodded. A tear trickled down her cheek.

“Who is she, Mom? Somebody you met up here?”

Nancy reluctantly shook her head. “I’ve known her.”

“How long?”

“A couple years,” Nancy said in a near whisper.

“She knew you’d be here?”

“We made arrangements for her to get a cottage the same time I’d be here.”

Stacy smiled. “Wow. You must really like the way she eats you.”

Stacy was unbuttoning her Mom’s blouse. Nancy watched. Stacy felt her mother’s body shaking, certainly more from the confession than from the undressing. Stacy got the blouse open and unhooked the bra in the front. She pushed it open and revealed Nancy’s large tits.

“Does the blonde like to suck on your tits? And what’s her name, by the way?”


“Judi with an ‘i’, I bet,” Stacy said.

Nancy nodded.

Stacy leaned down and licked one of her Mom’s nipples. She put it between her lips, sucked on it gently, and then not-so-gently bit on it with her teeth. Nancy squirmed on the bed.

“I watched you suck each others tits. It was really hot. I bet it made you wet,” Stacy said before sucking on a large portion of the breast.

Her hand sank to the front of Nancy’s shorts. Even through the material she could feel the warmth of Nancy’s pussy.

“Stop, Stacy. Right now!”

Stacy leaned up and looked at her Mom.

“It’s not very nice to let us get all horny like this and then cut if off. If you were a boyfriend of mine, I’d slap you,” Stacy said.

“Get off me.”

“Not until we talk,” Stacy said. “I think there are two ways to solve this and, unfortunately, the magnitude of your ‘crime’ makes it necessary for you to do both. First, you will have sex with me whenever and wherever I want. Understood?”

Nancy could only nod.

“Good. Second, you and I will visit Judi. Together.”

“No. We…I can’t…do that to her.”

Stacy looked annoyingly at her Mom.

“Now, Mom. Think about this for a second. You’re offering your lover an opportunity to be with an eighteen year old lesbian virgin. Tell me she wouldn’t eat you until you couldn’t cum any more after a present like that.”

When Nancy didn’t answer, Stacy moved up and dropped her breast squarely on her Mom’s mouth. Nancy instinctively opened her lips and took in the supple tit. Stacy moaned at the skill displayed by Nancy in the use of her tongue. No doubt, Nancy had done that many times before.

“See. Even you can’t refuse. So, do you understand?”

Nancy nodded again.

Stacy kissed her.

“Good. We’ll talk later.”


It wasn’t a discussion as much as a reminder. Stacy’s Dad had gone to bed and she was with her Mom in the kitchen. Stacy walked up behind Nancy and put her arms around her waist.

“Are you as excited about tomorrow as I am?” Stacy whispered into Nancy’s ear.

Nancy lied and nodded. Stacy’s hands were sliding up the front of her Mom’s body, under her t-shirt. Nancy was petrified about tomorrow, but she felt a pleasant response in her pussy to her daughter’s hands on her breasts.

“I can’t wait to see the look on Judi’s face. And I can’t wait to watch us all get naked,” Stacy said, slipping her fingers inside the cups of Nancy’s bra.

Stacy played with the nipples, rolling them roughly between her fingers.

“I’ve never felt a woman’s tongue on my pussy or a woman’s lips on my clit. Maybe you’ll be the first, Mom. That would be cool.”

Nancy was starting to breath harder as the manipulation of her tits increased. Nancy pressed her ass back against Stacy’s body.

“You see her every day and you’re STILL horny just thinking about it. I think you need to stop denying how you really feel, Mom. You want to have sex with me. You want to watch Judi have sex with me. Don’t you?”

Stacy forcefully kneaded Nancy’s breasts and pushed her pussy into her Mom’s ass.

“Don’t you?” Stacy asked almost angrily.

“Yes,” Nancy sighed. “Yes!”

“I’ll meet you out here when you’re ready to leave in the morning. We’ll tell Dad I’m walking with you. OK?”

Nancy nodded as Stacy pulled her hands out. She leaned on the kitchen counter and listened as her daughter walked away.

At nine the next morning, Stacy and Nancy left the cottage together. They walked in silence. Stacy wore a revealing v-neck t-shirt and a pair of running shorts. She’d worn the outfit many times to tease the guys; never in this situation. Her Mom had far less risqué clothing on, but it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, a rare occurrence around the house and Stacy was quick to notice.

They approached Judi’s cottage, each of them experiencing different sets of feelings. Both were nervous.

Nancy tapped on the door.

It opened almost immediately and Judi appeared in all her beauty. She wore a short robe that was loosely tied together at the waist. Her broad smile quickly turned to a look of surprise.

“Judi, this is my daughter liseli porno Stacy. Can we both come in?” Nancy said uncertainly.

Stacy watched the blonde pull her robe together and tie it tightly.

“Uh, sure.”

Nancy and Stacy walked in as the door closed behind them.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell you she was coming,” Nancy said. “It’s a long story. She’d like to stay.”

Judi’s eyes hastily surveyed the teenager’s body. She had far less concern on her face.

“Hi, Stacy. Glad to meet you.”

“Hi,” Stacy said. “I hope you don’t mind.”

Judi said, “No. Not at all. If it’s OK with Nancy.”

“She’d like to, um, join us,” Nancy said softly.

Finally, Judi smiled.


“How long have you…uh, known?” Judi asked.

“Since yesterday,” Stacy said.

Judi expressed her surprise with her eyes.

“Well, I won’t ask, for now. You’re more than welcome to stay if it’s OK with your Mom and you want to,” Judi said.

“I want to,” Stacy said, doing little to hide her glance at Judi’s chest.

“Let’s go to the bedroom, shall we,” Judi suggested, leading the group around the corner and down the short hallway.

Once inside the room, Judi strode over to Nancy and kissed her.

“Good morning,” she said delicately.

“Good morning. I hope you aren’t mad?”

Judi kissed her more passionately, their hands beginning to wander.

“I could never be mad at you.”

Stacy wouldn’t have been surprised if the women had fallen onto the bed. Instead, Judi leaned back and said, “So. What’s the plan?”

Nancy looked at Stacy, and then Judi.

“We were going to pretty much leave it up to you,” she said.

Judi grinned. “Why do I feel like a kid on Christmas morning? You’re going to make me choose?”

“No,” Stacy corrected her. “It’s a matter of what do you want to do first?”

“Or who,” Judi added.

“Well, Stacy. Your Mom and I have known each other for quite a while,” Judi said. “I think I owe it to her to do her first. But I would LOVE to have you watch us while you were naked.”

Judi’s words sent a shiver down the spines of both Stacy and Nancy. This was just the beginning of what could turn out to be a fantastic morning. Stacy tried not to show her anxiety.

“I’d like you to strip me, Judi,” Stacy said.

There was very little hesitation. Judi stepped up and immediately lifted Stacy’s top. In one swift movement, Judi had the top off and threw it on a nearby chair.

“Oh God,” Judi sighed. “There’s no doubt whose daughter YOU are.”

Her hands were all over the teenager’s tender breasts. But she didn’t use her mouth…yet. Instead, Judi pushed down Stacy’s shorts and removed them. When she stood back up, she took a good, long look at the perfect body.

“Turn around, hon,” Judi said.

“Holy…,” Judi murmured when she looked at Stacy’s firm, round cheeks.

Stacy turned back around and instantly noticed the excitement in the pretty blonde’s face. Stacy studied Judi up close for the first time. She was probably in her late thirties; younger than Nancy. She had gorgeous blue eyes and thin, curvy lips. Her hair was short and kept in a stylish tousled look. She had the appearance of somebody who might have just rolled out of a frantic lovemaking session a few seconds earlier if Stacy didn’t know better.

“Should I stay?” Stacy said.

“You better. You’re part of this now,” Judi answered.

Nancy walked behind Judi and put her hands on Judi’s hips. She slid them up until they touched the belt that held the robe together. With a light tug, the tie was undone and the robe fell open.

Stacy looked at the semi-exposed breasts; the flat, smooth stomach; the neatly shaven pussy; and, the shapely legs. Stacy could not blame or criticize her mother for being attracted to Judi.

Nancy pulled the robe off and the flawless body was shown completely. Nancy hugged her again, with her hand between Judi’s legs, seeking out the moist pussy she knew so well.

Judi turned her head towards Nancy and said, “Your turn.”

Stacy watched as Judi methodically stripped Nancy of her clothes and lovingly ran her fingers up and down her naked body. It was still a strange feeling for Stacy to watch her Mom and another woman caress in that manner. But, God, did it make her horny.

Nancy climbed onto the bed and rolled onto her back. Just before joining her, Judi looked at Stacy and whispered, “Be prepared to join me.”

Stacy wasn’t sure what to expect, so she simply stood at the side of the bed and watched Judi get on top of Nancy. Just as they did the day before, they entered into a long kiss and rolled from side to side. Their moans began to fill the little bedroom and Stacy couldn’t resist the urge to touch her throbbing clit.

Judi was the first to be in a position to watch the teenager play with herself. She had no qualms about staring while Nancy moved down and began sucking on one of her tits. Stacy was squeamish at first, but soon accepted the fact another woman was watching her. Stacy spread her legs a little wider and put two fingers inside her cunt, locking onto Judi’s eyes with her own.

Two things quickly became obvious: Judi loved having her tits sucked and Stacy loved being watched. Actually, three things: Stacy also loved watching.

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