Secret Desire Resort and Spa

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Anderson makes a mistake.

He’d only had three beers. He wasn’t drunk but he was relaxed and careless. Four and he would have put his phone and laptop away to prevent just this sort of mix-up.

He was texting his son about football. His son was going to start for the first time all season. It would be the last football game he would ever play in. He was undersized and slow for high school ball. Injuries to the starting juniors meant he was going in. Anderson was excited for his son and scared at the same time.

He was texting his wife. He was trying to be flirtatious and playful. He would get home about ten that night from the airport and he was suggesting she wear something lacey to bed. She was putting him off as usual. He hadn’t been welcomed home from a business trip in ten years.

He was texting his boss. He had been on calls all day and hadn’t gotten a chance to “update the system,” so he was having to pass on the details item by item and account by account. He had to wait for his boss to ask the question, the man couldn’t follow the conversation if Anderson deviated in any way.

He was texting his old buddy Kurt to see if his company was hiring a field rep.

And he was texting Natalie. Natalie was the adorable young blonde sales rep that covered Colorado. His wife hated Natalie despite never having met her. Anderson told her she was crazy. Natalie was too young, too cute, and too in love to cause the sort of trouble his wife expected a younger woman to cause. They mostly texted each other about the company and their boss and how both were becoming too much to bear.

“I looked online, the place in Cancun we went last year is available for the week of the 1st. Are you up for a week on a naked beach drinking rum? Just like last year, we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” He was excited. He needed a vacation. He liked being naked on the beach. He liked all you could drink rum drinks He liked hotel sex and as much as his wife had more or less moved on from the sexual being she might once have been, she too still got excited when it came to doing it in a hotel.

“1st of November?”

“Yeah. They told me I have to use a week before the end of the year. Daniel said the sooner the better.” He was ignoring Daniel’s texts for the time being. He needed his wife’s answer about vacation first.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course. We don’t even have to go for the full week, with everything that is going on. We can fly in Sunday, fly out Thursday. It will be like a business trip. Jack won’t even notice.”

It is a coincidence that my son and Natalie’s husband are both named Jack. They look alike as well despite being 18 and 26. I think my Jack actually looks older. The kid grows a better beard than I do.

“So the 29th to the 2nd? We will be there for Halloween.”

“Yeah, you will need a sexy costume. There is a party. Like one of those masquerade masks and lingerie.”

“Tell me one more time you are serious.”

“I am.”

“Okay then. I am clicking the button. No going back on it now. You promised.”

I read it a second time confused. I took another long drink of beer and looked back at my phone.

“Done. Check your email.”

“Shit,” I muttered aloud in the airline lounge.

Natalie had sent me the confirmation from the Airline. She was getting into Cancun Sunday at 11:45 am.

I went back to my text messages and reviewed all the different strings in play. I had stopped texting the wife a while before with the message “Okay.” The last message to the son was “Drive Safe,” and the last message to my Boss was about a customer. He had sent seven more questions after that but I hadn’t sent him anything by accident.

I went back to the browser window with the hotel booking page and clicked “complete booking” and used my timeshare week.

I clicked windows and refreshed the airline search for only one passenger. I would get in at 12:05 and we would probably clear customs about the same time. When the confirmation bostancı escort bayan came in I sent it to Natalie.

“Do you know where we are staying?” I texted her.

“It looks like there are three options. I am guessing its one of the two nicer ones.”

“It is,” I replied. I sent her the link to the hotel’s webpage.

“I always wondered.” She texted me.

“Wondered what?”

“Wondered when you would make your move. Everyone does. Daniel did! I didn’t think you were interested. I always thought it was going to suck to shoot you down.”

“But you didn’t shoot me down.”

“No one ever offered a week in Cancun!”

“I see…”

“Sounds like you are going to see everything!”

I studied the end of my beer. I had three weeks before the end of the month. I savored the last three swallows of beer I would have all month.

Natalie ends up in Mexico

It takes me an hour every morning to decide what to wear. If I have a big meeting it can take even longer. Jax has to get our drinks at the bar because if he left it to me, the bartender would walk away before I could decide which beer or what flavor of Vodka I want. I am absolutely incapable of buying laundry detergent. Do you know how many options of that shit there are?

On the other hand, I bought my Audi because the driver’s window on my Mustang was sticking. I was just driving home from work thinking what a nice day it was and how much it sucked I couldn’t roll down my window when I passed the dealer. I offered what the web told me to offer and they took it. I wasn’t even late for Dinner.

Marrying Jax was about the same. We had been dating all of two months. We were waiting in line to get into Star Wars and in the window of the Jewelry store at the mall, I pointed to the ring I wanted. I wasn’t paying any attention when he asked me what size I needed. I was a little pissed that it took him so long to get popcorn. The movie had already started when he finally joined me. About halfway through the bucket he took it away from me and dug around in it for a while. When he handed it back the ring was right on top. I didn’t say yes, that would have been rude. I just put the ring on. We were married two months later.

I guess it was the spontaneous way that I went online and booked my ticket that made me realize what a big deal this was.

We talked about it from time to time over the three weeks before we left. I had to ask him questions. There were theme nights I didn’t know how to dress for. I asked him about being naked in front of other people and seeing other people naked. He assured me it took about an hour to get used to.

I asked him if I was too young once. He told me there was no doubt about it. I was way too young.

I asked him why he even asked me. He told me it was an accident. Never drink and text. I laughed and wondered if it was true.

I asked him about orgies and playrooms and swapping partners and threesomes and he answered all of my questions in two ways, first almost clinically, distant and scientific, and then more as though he was writing a dirty story, more personally, more explicit.

I asked him if he wanted me and he wouldn’t answer. I asked him why not.

“I don’t want to be disappointed when I get there and you have come to your senses and decided not to get on the plane.”

I told him that was fair. I couldn’t believe I was going through with it either.

I usually fly on Sundays so it was no big deal for Jax to drop me at the airport on his way to the gym. I kissed him and told him I would miss him. I was pretty sure I was being truthful. I would miss him. I checked my bag. It was a large suitcase packed to overflowing. I had seven pairs of shoes and had prepared for many costume changes. I thought it was funny considering it was a nude resort.

I had one mimosa before the plane boarded and three more in first class on the way down. There are perks that come with this whole traveling sales girl thing. I had gotten a ümraniye escort text before I left from Anderson. He told me “Safe Travels.” My reply to him bounced back. He must have left earlier than I did.

It wasn’t until I was off the plane, half drunk, filling out my immigration paperwork that I got scared. What if he wasn’t there. What if Jackson found out. What if I got to this crazy place and it was filled with nothing but old naked people. I was shaking. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I stood in front of rows and rows of people filtering through Mexican immigration unable to move when I heard a deep male voice behind me.

“You look lost.”

“I am!” I squealed ready to cry. I felt bad for whatever strange man I was about to collapse in front of. Instead, Anderson scooped me up in his arms. He is a big man, that was probably what I found most attractive about him. he towered over people. Maybe he was a little heavy but he carried it well. He had broad shoulders. I felt tiny in his arms. He will tell you if you ask him that he kissed me and that might have been his intention but that wasn’t what happened. I had planned all along to do it. The very minute I saw him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him as deeply and passionately as anyone I had ever kissed. I had figured it would tell me how my week was going to go better than anything we had talked about or any question I had asked.

The answer was that I didn’t want to stop. He basically forced me. he had shaved off his gray goatee. He was wearing a beat-up straw cowboy hat and a loose light denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up above his elbows. He had on shorts and flip-flops and he looked like he belonged in an ad for the hotel. I smiled and held his hand as we got in line to start our vacation.

Anderson takes Natalie for a ride.

Despite a solid month of eating nothing but grilled chicken breasts and salads, my heart skipped a beat when I saw her standing in front of me looking lost in front of the long lines waiting to clear immigration into Mexico. I was worried I had gone and gotten myself in shape just to have my heart give out.

When I caught my breath again I decided it wasn’t Natalie at all but was instead some poor bastard’s teenage daughter and I felt disgusted with myself for thinking those sorts of things about a teenager.

I moved to the side to let other people pass and looked for the young blonde I was sure wasn’t coming. I tried not to look at the lost girl.

It sure looked like her though.

I decided I could be helpful and go to her assistance. Besides, damn, it looked like her.

I don’t remember what I said to her but she turned to me and attacked me. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and I took her in my arms because what else was I going to do. I kissed her, meaning only to kiss her hello, still intimidated by the idea that the whole intent of this getaway was about having an affair with a much younger woman. She kissed me back expressing in no uncertain terms what we were there for.

I felt high as we stood in line. She smelled so good. She held my hand or my arm as we waited, the type of thing my wife had done twenty years ago before cell phones, electric cars or the extinction of the dinosaurs.

She asked about my beard. She agreed with me that I looked younger without it. She asked about my diet. I said I had lost a few pounds thinking that 25 pounds in three weeks would sound like I was bullshitting her.

We kissed again from time to time. With each kiss, I held her a little longer. As we rounded the last turn and waited for someone to point at us I kissed her again, this time my hand fully on the most perfect ass I may have ever had the privilege to hold.

We cleared immigration together. She wanted a drink. It sounded like a good idea but we still had to go through the whole ordeal with our bags. We laughed at how large hers was and talked about her many costumes as we waiting in yet another line.

“When Jax and I were here escort kartal last year. There was a bar out there. Is it still there?”

“Are you nervous.”


“It will be okay.”

“I am hoping it is better than just okay. No pressure though.”

I loved her smile. I loved how she had grinned through the last hour. I loved how she didn’t complain about the heat or the cold. She didn’t complain about being hungry. Although she did seem a little worked up about getting to the bar I agreed with her. I needed a drink as well.

“Do we need to find our van?”

“They will find us. There’s your bar.”

“Oh god, halleluiah!”

We ordered beers and tequila. We kissed and groped each other. She stole my hat. “I knew I would forget something!” she said. I told her it was silly to forget her hat, that was all she was going to wear all week. She gave me a look. “You are a bad man.”

“Yes. Yes, I am.”

“Good. I am bad too.” She said. We were contemplating more tequila, rather, she was contemplating and I was hoping she decided against it when a young man, barely five foot tall approached us and asked if we were Mr. and Mrs. Reed. She told him no. I had to remind her we were. He walked us to an older but well maintained Lincoln Town Car and we slid in for the ride to the hotel.

“35 minutes.” The driver told us. I knew it was closer to an hour.

When the city was behind us and we headed off along the highway to the resort she moved until she was sitting astride my lap. Her lips were insatiable.

“I’m so glad you are a good kisser,” she purred and we kissed some more. My hand found her bare thigh. It was so thin and smooth it took my breath away. “Is it really an hour?” she asked.

When I told her it was, her hands pressed between our hips. My shorts were opened. I’d skipped wearing boxers. They seemed extraneous for a vacation like this. Her thin and nimble fingers worked me free.

What else was I supposed to do? Her dress was stretchy. I pawed her looking for a zipper or a clasp. When I gave up and pulled it up over her head she helped me to free the dress from the tangle of arms and hair it seemed to be worked up in.

I moved down in the seat and deeper into the young woman. She propped her feet for leverage.

I was having sex in the back seat of a car for the first time in almost thirty years.

It was hot. She was sweating. Her neck pressed to my mouth was salty. Her lips tasted like beer. Her hair blew in my face.

“Natalie,” I whispered.

“yes,” she moaned. “Oh god yes,” she moaned. I forgot what I was going to ask her.

I was coming. I believed she was too. I felt her wrapped around my cock like a fist. She rocked front to back. I gripped her bare ass. I sucked on her tiny nipples. She groaned.

“Oh yes. Yes. Yes.” She muttered as we drove.

There were questions I’d meant to ask but they were all more or less in the past now. We kissed and she rocked on me until I fell free of her. We kissed more, as she rocked on top of me. Her small cotton panties had found their way back in place and it was almost worse than if her bare flesh was rubbing against me.

Time had passed quickly. We exited the freeway and drove down a graveled road through the nature preserve. She didn’t leave my lap, nor did she look out on the banyan trees or whatever they were. We continued to kiss until the car came to a stop. She had just swung herself off of me when the car door opened. The driver was talking with the bellman. I knew enough Spanish to know we were being told on. The driver was upset. He thought it could lose him his job.

“Where’s my dress?” she asked.

“In my hand.”

“Don’t I need it?”

“Um… you know… I don’t think you do.”

“Fuck me, are you serious?” she asked. I saw little teases of flesh, her broad smile, and her long blond hair dangling down to cover most of what was most interesting.

I moved aside. A fifty-something woman, well preserved, having had some work done, was talking to the concierge just inside the entrance. The woman was topless.

“You can have it if you want it, but it’s just keeping us from our welcome cocktail.”

“I’ve never done anything like this before.” She giggled.

“First time for everything,” I said.

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