Second Chances Ch. 01

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How did she talk me into this??? Sarah thought to herself when she walked into the dimly lit ballroom. Her best friend, Jen, had said they would have a great time at their 10 year reunion, but now that she was there, alone, she was having doubts.

Am I at the right place? Who were all of these people? No one looked familiar to her, and she spent 4 years of her life with them! Jen walked up on the arm of her husband, Jim. Her very pregnant belly made her look as if she was ready to pop. She was glowing with pride and excitement.

Hugging Sarah, she asked, Gene is here and he said he was looking forward to seeing you again!”

Sarah’s eyes went misty for a moment. She hadn’t changed much in all those years, not mentally anyway. Sarah Miller was voted mostly likely to succeed. She was quiet, conservative and seemed a lot older then most of the kids she went to school with. Gene was one of her best friends back then, and he was her secret crush. They met when they were both on the school paper together, she was the editor, and he was the sports reporter. They became great friends, but Sarah knew it would never be more then that. He dated girls who were beautiful, capricious and giggly. Three things that she knew she would never be.

“Hey, are you ok?” Jen was gently shaking her arm. As the room came back into focus, she realized the butterflies in her stomach were very real, and not just a recollection of her feelings from so many years before.

Jen took her by hand and led her to their table. Sarah couldn’t help looking around the room to see if he was around.

She sat for an hour and watched as Jen flitted around the room talking to people, introducing her husband, and laughing. She always loved being the social butterfly. She could talk to a total stranger and make them feel like they had known her for years. That’s how they became friends. Jen was the complete opposite of Sarah, but they were perfect for each other.

Maybe a walk to the bar would make me feel less edgy, Sarah thought. She ordered a drink, and then sat at the bar and sipped it slowly watching the crowd on the dance floor grow larger. A few faces looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t remember most of their names. How did they change so much in only 10 years she was thinking to herself, when she felt a warm hand on her bare shoulder. She turned her head and there he was.

His face was the same, only more mature, older looking. And his smile still melted her heart. “Sarah? Sarah Miller?” His voice was deeper and was as smooth and silk. “Gene? After all these years, you look wonderful, how are you?” The ice in her glass clinked as her hands trembled nervously.

“I was so happy when Jen said you were coming tonight.” he said. Sarah didn’t know what to say. She just smiled at him.

“So how has life been treating you? Jen mentioned you were the editor at Diamond magazine. I always knew you would make it in that field, you had such a flair for it back then.”

Sarah barely heard what Gene had said, she was mesmerized by his eyes. “Yes…well, it…umm…did seem to fit me…you know…sitting in an office and …uh …putting all the pieces together, making sure its all right…I, umm…I like it a lot.” What is wrong with me, she thought. I run the magazine with no problems, I can speak my mind to anyone, but here, with this man, I’m like a babbling idiot! She silently cursed herself for being so childish.

She managed to stumble through the conversation with him for a while, talking about what they had been doing in life. When he told her he was single, she could barely contain her thoughts. How could such a perfect man, not be attached. Gene told her about his job as a pilot and how traveling made it hard for a woman to want to settle down with him. She was imagining his sexy voice on the intercom bostancı escort bayan of a plane, telling her to buckle up it might be a bumpy ride.

“They don’t know what they are missing!” Sarah said before she could stop herself.

Gene smiled at her again, and she smiled then looked down. The music from the dance floor had slowed down and he asked, “Would you care to dance with an old friend?” Sarah looked up from the tile on the floor she was studying, and shook her head. He took her hand and led her to the dance floor.

Gene wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. They swayed slowly to the music. “I wonder where Nancy is tonight.” he said, looking around the room, then they both giggled for a moment In his arms, the years, and her nervousness melted away, they were at the prom once again. He had promised to save her a dance, and no matter how much his date, Nancy, protested, he pushed past her and took Sarah out on the floor for the last dance.

“I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years, I remember it like it was yesterday.” Sarah said, her breasts pushed up against him. His face was so close to hers. “Your just as beautiful now as you were that night, if not more so.” She could feel the heat rising up in her cheeks.

“Gene, you could always smooth talk the ladies.” she laughed, and rested her head on his chest, so he could not see her face reddening. Closing her eyes, she was lost in thought. She thought about what they could do if they were the only ones on the dance floor. As the song ended he took her chin in his hands and said “Sarah, I wasn’t trying to sweet talk you, I really meant what I said, you’re beautiful and…” Before he could finish his sentence, Ken Mallory walked up to them.

“Gene, hey buddy hows it going?!?!” He put his hand out and Gene shook it heartily. Sarah wanted to give the two friends time to catch up, so she started to walk away, but Gene grasped her hand and squeezed it tight. Glancing up at him, his eyes pleading with her to stay, she smiled and waited for the conversation to end.

Ken’s wife was calling to him so he gave Gene his number and told him to keep in touch, smiled at Sarah and walked away.

“I’m sorry about that, can we get out of here and go somewhere and just talk for a while?” he asked. The butterflies were at it again, and Sarah smiled, “Yes, I would like that a lot. Let me get my purse and tell Jen we are leaving.”

Jen looked like she wanted to jump up and down with excitement when Sarah told her where she was going. Sarah smiled at her friend and walked away. “Good luck!” Jen said, louder then Sarah would have liked.

She walked outside, and he was leaning against a beautiful convertible. It was the perfect night for a drive with the top down. He held open the door for her, and she got in and he closed the door, leaned down and said. “Where to, Miss?”

The wind whipped through her hair and Sarah closed her eyes and leaned back into the leather seat, nipples hardening in the cool night air. They pulled onto the old beach road and he put the car in park. “Remember this place?” he said as he turned to look at her. Sarah looked around and she realized he had brought her to their old hang out spot. She felt like a kid again.

Gene grabbed a blanket out of the trunk as Sarah kicked off her shoes and ran off to sit on the swings. She had been here so many times before; she can’t believe she had forgotten about it. Dragging her toes in the sand she leaned way back and looked up at the sky. I must be dreaming she thought to herself, but when she opened her eyes, there he was, sitting on the blanket by the waters edge watching her. Sarah got up and walked over and sat down beside him.

“Reliving your youth??” he laughed. “No, I think I am pretty happy as I am right now.” ümraniye escort she said looking into his eyes. “Sarah I can tell you how many times I have thought about you over the last 10 years. I tried looking you up so many times, but didn’t have the nerve to call.”

Sarah lay back on the blanket to look at the stars and said, “You?? Scared to call me? Why? We were good friends at one time.” oblivious to the change in his voice. Softly he said, “Because I have wanted to tell you something for so long, and I don’t know where to begin.”

“At the beginning of course” she laughed.

Gene’s face was over hers and before she realized what was going on, he pressed his lips to hers but then quickly pulled away and sat up. Sarah also sat up and turned to face him with a puzzled look.

“I have always liked you Sarah, always wanted to be with you. You were so smart, so sure of what you wanted in life, I knew you would never want to be with me. I was a dumb jock who only passed classes by enough to keep playing on the team. And look at you. Still beautiful and you have a successful career…”

Sarah put her hand to his lips before he could continue. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He thought she didn’t want him??? She remembered it the other way around.

“I can’t begin to tell you how that makes me feel. I have wanted to kiss you from the moment we met. You were always dating some gorgeous cheerleader; I was no match for that.”

He looked surprised. Then he smiled, leaned in again and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. But for Sarah, who had waited more then 10 years for this moment, wasn’t going to settle for a little peck on the cheek. She didn’t want to be conservative little Sarah anymore. She wanted this man more then anyone she had ever known, and her emotions look over the moment. Putting her hands on his face she pulled him closer to her and kissed him passionately on the mouth.

Slowly, he lowered her down on the blanket. The soft glow of the moon and stars lit up her face, and reflected in her dark eyes. “I have wanted you from the beginning.” he whispered in her ear.

She could feel his breath in the hollow of her neck as he kissed his way down her body. His hands were exploring every inch of her exposed skin. Sarah’s logical mind usually ruled her thoughts, making her think of everything, but now she wasn’t worried if anyone could see them, or if this was the right time, was this the best place to do this? She was just lost in the moment. She never stopped him as he slid his hand under her skirt and all the way up her thigh.

Lifting her hips up for him, Gene realized she wanted him to do. “Are you sure?” he asked breathlessly.

In a voice she didn’t recognize as her own, Sarah said, “Yes, I have never been more sure of anything in my life.”

He lifted his shirt up over his head and then moved to unbutton her shirt as well. He was so sexy Sarah thought, how can this really be happening to me, after all the times I had dreamed it, now it is really happening! Her blouse was open and a quiver of pleasure ran over every inch of her skin where his body touched hers.

She moved up on her knees and leaned over his waist. Her hand was on his pants, and before she knew it, she had them opened and was pulling them down. When she pulled them off his ankles she felt him unzipping her skirt. Turning her head, Sarah felt so alive, and so playful, she stood up, pushed off her skirt and made a dash for the water. Gene chased after her. She crashed into the water and fell down they were both laughing.

“So much for trying to be sexy!” she gasped. Gene scooped her up in his arms. He waded out a bit in the water. It was cool against their hot, excited skin.

“I don’t know, this seems pretty damn sexy to me” he murmured in her ear. Her long legs escort kartal were wrapped around his hips and she could feel the hardness of his aroused state pushing against her panties. She squeezed her legs tighter around him, pushing her silk covered pussy up against him.

“I do believe you wanted me to get rid of those for you.” he said with a wicked smile. His hands were already down the back of her panties urging them down. She released her legs, and the wet material slipped off quickly. He tossed them ashore in the sand, and Sarah turned to look at the moon.

He came up behind her and pulled her back close to his chest. Sarah’s nipples were hard and extra sensitive in the cool water, and Gene grazed his fingers over them gently. The sensation of his hard cock pressing against her butt and his fingers working her nipples was more then she could take. She let out a long, low moan, and spread her legs open to hook her ankles around his thighs.

Gene’s hand slid down her belly to her waiting outer lips. All of Sarah’s muscles tightened as he pulled back her hood to expose the little pleasure nub. Swollen and sensitive, his attention to her clit made Sarah arch her back and push into his hand. She encircled his neck with her arms to use his body for leverage and grinds her pussy against his fingers.

“Oh God Gene…” she gasped. The first waves of orgasm beginning to grip her body. Writhing in ecstasy, Sarah cried out as the culmination of orgasm and the desire for more, surged through her.

Before she could catch her breath, Gene turns her around, and her hand instinctively goes to the top of his boxers, and immediately pushes them down. Carnal impulses replace the sensible thinking Sarah was known for. This is just about one thing, and nothing else. She is yearning for his cock to be inside of her, and she can think of nothing else.

Her legs once again seize Gene’s hips and his rock hard cock slides up and down in her wet pussy lips, the head skimming her clit on the upward thrust. She can’t wait any longer; she pulls back far enough from him so she can get his rigid shaft into her dripping flesh box. Driving forward, Gene fills her completely and she whimpers as he clenches her ass and pumps into her swiftly. The sound of the water splashing around them mixes with their cries of reckless abandon.

“OH…YEAH…UH…GOD YES…” Sarah’s shouting could be heard echoing over the waters surface, enticing Gene to pump harder into her, only evoking more cries of satisfaction. She was feeling the currents of climax crashing over her once again.

Gene’s guttural growls were growing louder as he neared his peak. Sarah’s breasts bouncing up and down on his chest and the feel of her tight wet pussy drenching him in her sweet juices, is all he needed to be pushed over the edge. Squeezing her supple ass one last time and giving a hard upward thrust into her snatch, Gene released his load into Sarah, like a thundering flood.

Collapsing on the shore as the gentle waves broke over their naked bodies, Gene and Sarah lay in silence for a moment, catching their breath.

With her practical views coming back into focus, Sarah was beginning to have reservations about what he would think of her. Wild sex on the beach with a man she hadn’t seen in 10 years, what he could be thinking of her right now, she wondered.

Gene slowly rolled to face her, and she braced herself for the worst. A smile crept across his face and he pulled her to him and kissed her. A kiss with more passion and zeal then she had ever been kissed with before.

“I hope you don’t think that this is how I act with everyone.” he whispered in her ear. “But that was building for 10 years and now that we know exactly how we feel…well I would love to see where life takes us…together that is.”

“I’d like that…” Sarah said. Wrapping herself up in the blanket she begins walking towards his car. Letting go of her sensible side felt good and she gave him a devilish grin and said “For now, I think life is going to take us…back to my apartment…”

To be continued…

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