Saving Natasha Ch. 01

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Author’s Notes

Italics – Personal thoughts from Liam

Today (08/07/2014) I just decided to start writing, and this is the end product of about 3 hours of writing. As of right now, including these words I’m writing, the word total is 4,220.


I recently moved to Washington from Texas, getting a place of my own that wasn’t too big and wasn’t as small as my Dad’s apartment. I moved from inner city Dallas, to a rural-ish town. I develop software for widgets on websites, so I’m at home a lot. Which has been a good thing for me, since I’m a rather introverted 23 year old and I don’t like leaving my house.

My first reaction of coming to Washington from Texas was how much nicer it is here, the weather is fantastic compared to the humid hot or extremely cold Texas. Everyone has told me that since I moved here in the summer I won’t experience the rainy side of Washington for a little while, which is fine with me; I don’t care for storms, in fact I would prefer having rainstorms so it seems like I have a reason to stay indoors.

I wouldn’t consider myself attractive, although I get complimented on my looks all the time. I don’t work out, but I do have a little more physical activity than most guys in my position get. Since I spend lots of time indoors, I’m rather light but I’ve spent enough time in my life outside to have a nice slightly darker skin tone compared to, again, other guys in my shoes. My dark brown hair is between being long and short, and has always been curly. I got my hazel eyes from my mother, and my need to wear glasses from my father. All in all, I would say I’m not the worst looking guy in the world.

It being only my second week living here, I’ve pretty much settled into a nice routine; get up about 10, work for 2-3 hours, and play games for the rest of the day. One would assume that in this part of the country you’d still have those neighbors that’d come by with a plate of cookies, but I’ve yet to have any neighbors come by; which is fine, living in the apartment I lived in and everything, you realize no one really gives a shit that you have entered their complex.

I’m awoken from my sleep with the sound of my 9:30 alarm, telling me to get up and take a shower. Why do I get up so fucking early? I think to myself as I get up and move to the shower. As I let the warm water run over my body, I think about my school days and how I used to get up much earlier and I count my blessings. After my shower I shave myself, then walk out and get something to eat. At least it was Saturday, I didn’t have to spend any time working on some bullshit widget some shitty company contracted me to do.

Just as I sit down to eat my bowl of cereal a knock comes from my front door. Oh god, who could it be? I don’t want to deal with anyone… I get up and walk over to the door, I look through the peephole and see a tall blonde and a rather portly gentleman standing before my door. They look to be holding a plate with cookies on it. I’ll be fucking damned…

I put on the best smile I can, and I open the door. First I notice the blonde, a tall slender woman with beautiful blonde hair the just reaches her shoulders; her expression is happy and cheerful, although she has bags under her eyes. Next I notice what she’s wearing, it’s not something I’d expect someone with her physique to wear in this kind of weather; a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Moving onto the large gentleman, the first thing I notice is his balding; I’ve never been good with guessing age but he didn’t seem old enough to have such a big bald spot. He was wearing a white shirt that, thankfully, covered his large stomach; albeit the shirt had grease and beer stains.

The blonde spoke “Hi there, I’m Natasha. This is my husband Dereck, we’re the Overturfs. We live in the house right behind yours, the two story.” Natasha smiled as she spoke, and Dereck appeared annoyed and like he didn’t want to be here. I guess she must have dragged him along.

“Nice to meet you both, I’m Liam Fredrick.” I smiled and replied. Oh god…I hate introductions… They’ve always been awkward to me, and I just don’t know what to say.

“The wife made you some cookies, and insisted we introduce ourselves. Right honey?” He said, glancing at her out the corner of his eyes. His attitude seemed like he was upset more than one would be for this sort of thing, I mean I understand it being the way I am but he was giving off a weird vibe.

“Yes…Uh, where did you move here from, Liam?” Natasha asked.

“Natasha, don’t bug the poor boy with your questions.” Dereck seemingly snapped at her.

“Oh it’s no problem, I’m here from Texas. I wanted to get out of the city and get somewhere quieter.” I replied regardless.

“Oh, do you like it here?” She asked back.

As I nodded, Dereck said “Just give him the cookies and lets go.” Natasha meekly nodded and handed the plate over. The expression on her face said to me “Please, I don’t really want to go.” I thanked bostancı escort her and took the cookies. As soon as the plate left her hands, Dereck seemed to rush them both off.

As I set the plate of cookies on my table, I thought about the scene I had just been a part of. I couldn’t imagine what their relationship was like, but I’m sure it wasn’t a healthy one. I dwelled on it for a bit as I ate my breakfast, but my thoughts drifted from it as I watched television and eventually moved onto playing some Call of Duty with a few friends on Xbox Live.

The weekend passed by normally like most weekends do, I didn’t accomplish anything and I was perfectly content with it. Soon it was Monday and I found myself working at my table in the kitchen, bored beyond all belief. I gazed through my kitchen window, and out at my backyard. You can easily see into the Overturfs house from my side, since we both had low mesh fences. However, if they were to look back they wouldn’t be able to see because my shrubbery created a sort of makeshift screen; which was one of the things I liked about the place.

There yard looked nice and they had a small flower garden going in the backyard, which made the house look nicer. Since I hadn’t really seen the front yet, I couldn’t tell if it made the whole house look nicer. Regardless, I sat and watched both the yards for a moment before I went back to work.

It was about noon by the time I looked up again, and this time I could see Natasha in their backyard. She was wearing something that actually did fit her this time, a neon green tank top and yoga pants. A mat was laid before her; I guessed it was for yoga. She began to stretch facing my house, I wondered if she could see me through the shrubbery. I waved my hand and she didn’t respond. I waved a little faster and more exaggerated, which yielded the same result.

I watched her and began to note her body type; like before I could see her slender and sleek appearance; no doubt she was a healthy skinny. With the tank top I was able to more accurately judge her bust, which was borderline C cup from my guess. Her legs looked strong and were evenly muscular throughout, thanks to the yoga pants grip on them I was able to tell. All in all she was 7/10 and she didn’t even have makeup on.

As I studied her, I could see something I didn’t see before. She had a few dark colored circles around her stomach, and a few on her arms. Bruises…that can only mean… I didn’t want to think about it, but my mind instantly went to spousal abuse. How much of a scum asshole do you need to be to beat your wife? I felt a deep settled anger well inside me, my mom’s first husband had beaten her and continued to threaten her even when she lived with my dad.

I continued to watch her for a little while, she stretched and stretched. Soon, I returned to my work, boring and tedious as it is it pays my bills. At about 1 I finished my goals for the day as far as work went, and I glanced out the window again; Natasha was gone. I sighed and walked over to my pantry, I pulled out a box of brownie mix and began to make it.

Once they had finished and cooled, they were placed on a plate and I found myself walking over to the Overturf’s. As I rounded the corner of my street and entered theirs, I could see the front of the house. It looked like nothing compared to the back. The grass was spotty, and there was beer cans littered all over. On the porch was a torn up couch, probably used a lot for sitting and drinking. Next to it was an ashtray half full, yuck, cigarettes…

I knocked on the door, and waited. It took almost 5 minutes, but the door opened to reveal Natasha holding a towel around herself. I felt my face get hot and I looked away “Hi there Natsha, I brought some brownies as thanks for the cookies; they were good.” I said.

I heard her giggle and she said “You’re very welcome, come in and set them down for me? I don’t want to drop my towel.”

I nodded and she held the door open and I walked in. Yeah, he abuses her… I thought as I looked around the house, it was a wreck. Not the, oh I didn’t have time to clean it wreck; the perpetual violence and breaking stuff kind of wreck. I felt a pang of pity and sadness for Natasha come over me as she led me to the kitchen.

I looked around, and she could tell I was studying the household “Sorry it’s a mess, I just get so busy…Dereck says I should make more time to clean it…” Natasha said, adding in the last part meekly.

“Don’t be, it’s fine.” I set the cookies down on the table “Listen, Natasha…I don’t know what happens here…but I…I want you to know that if you ever need to get away, you can stay at my place while you get other arrangements together.” I said and finally made eye contact with her.

My heart sank as I saw tears welling in her eyes. I blushed and felt like I had said something wrong, I was about to explain things but with my mouth just opening, Natasha said ümraniye escort bayan “Thank you…really…thank you…”

It was heartfelt, and sincere. My heart swelled with pity for her, she must have been with him for a long time and the abuse happened even longer. It was probably even before they married… I was startled as she wrapped both arms around me and pressed herself against me. She sobbed softly into my should, I slowly wrapped my arms around her whilst still shocked.

She pulled back and said “Thank you, Liam. I won’t forget it then. You’re…you’re a good person.”

I blushed from the compliment and smiled “I-I try, thank you.” I didn’t even notice that her towel had fallen to the ground until she bent down to pick it up. I could see her back, it had a few purple-black bruises on it. Even with them, her skin was soft and smooth looking. She came back up with her towel covering her front. She saw that I was watch and looked at me with a light blush on her face, which in turn made me blush even harder.

“Y-you should probably go…I don’t want Dereck to come home and see this…” She said, smiling at me and blush a little more. I nodded and she showed me to the door, I looked back and she was smiling; it seemed like she felt relief and had hope. Even though I had known her for 3 days, she seemed like a different person compared to Satuday morning.

“Bye Natasha, see you around.” I said, and she nodded and closed the door behind me. That evening went by like most. At about 9 at night, I stopped playing video games; bored as all hell. As I turned the Xbox off, I could understand how I never heard it before.

“You stupid whore!” I heard Dereck yell clear as day, followed by a small scream from Natasha. My anger became painful at that point, I felt it boil up inside my stomach; my heart pained from sadness for Natasha.

I listened to the fighting for what seemed like ever, until it finally stopped. I looked out my kitchen window towards their house, and my jaw dropped in unfathomable anger. I could see her lying on the ground in the kitchen, she was breathing but she had a black eye and her nose was bleeding.

I-I…I can’t let him do this…I have to stop this, she’ll die if I don’t! I felt enraged and uneasy, I got on the internet and order some things that I never thought I was going to buy in my life: a gun and ammo. I knew that my future involvement would be led to violence by Dereck, I wanted to be prepared.

It’s been 3 weeks and I haven’t heard anything from Natasha. Without any regrets, I walk to the Overturf’s house and knock on the door. Natasha opens in, dressed in a baggy shirt and sweatpants. She has a black eye and a bandaged gash on her cheek. As soon as she sees it’s me, she wraps her arms around me.

“Oh Liam…I-I just couldn’t do it…He…H-he threatened to kill me if I left him…” She sobbed into my shoulder. I embraced her warmly.

“Natasha, pack some stuff. I’m taking you away from here.” She looked at me with fear in her eyes.

“B-but he’ll ki-…” She started and I cut her off.

“No he won’t, I won’t let him. Please time is of the essence.” She nodded and went inside, after a few minutes she came out with a bag. I brought her to my house, and I grabbed some personal belongings. We both got in my car and we drove for about 2 hours.

Reaching the hotel parking lot, I helped Natasha out of the car. She was pale and looked like she had seen a ghost. I asked “Are you okay Natasha? What’s wrong?’

“He-he’ll find me…and…and he’ll kill me…” She said, scared for her life. I held her for a moment.

“No he won’t, I said I won’t let him. Come on, let’s get our rooms and think about what to do next.” I said, and I walked us both inside. After checking in two rooms, I helped her up to her room. We entered the cleaned room and I set her bag down.

“So…what am I going to do? I-I can’t go back…h-he’ll kill me…” She looked at me.

“Do you have any family in the area, or somewhere else?” I asked, sitting down next to her on the bed.

“N-no…none that will take me in…” She looked sad as she spoke, her expression became gloomy.

“Don’t worry about it right now, I’ll figure something out. Why don’t you freshen up and relax? I’m in the room next to yours, I’ll leave the adjourning door open so you can come in when you’re done and we’ll order some room service for dinner.” I smile at her as I speak.

She smiles back and nods, and I see the hopeful look in her eyes again. I go over to my room and open my door, I set my bag on the bed and I begin to put all my clothes in the drawers. I hear her turn the shower on and I unlock the adjourning door, sitting back I turn the TV on and watch it for a bit.

After about an hour, I hear the knob turn and I see Natasha enter. She’s wearing shorts and a tank top. He beautiful blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail, although she has bruises over her body, she looks kartal escort beautiful and healthy. My heart swells with happiness, knowing she’s already better just being away from him.

“The shower was nice…” She says quietly, almost at a whisper.

“Oh it was? I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” I say, sitting up “Here’s the menu, what would you like to eat?” She looks it over for about 10 minutes and then points at the chicken dinner with mash potatoes and gravy.

After I order the food, I replace the phone in its hook. Natasha is looking at me, and I blush lightly “Uh…Hi…” I reply shyly.

“Hi Liam…is-is it okay if I lay on the bed with you?” She asks, I nod and she smiles. Natasha jumps over to the bed and sits next to me. Without saying anything she hugs me tightly, I return the embrace. “Dereck…Dereck never let me sleep in the same bed as him after we married?”

What the fuck? What a monster… I look over at her, with sadness in my eyes for her “I’m sorry… Do you want to sleep here tonight?” I ask her, and she nods happily hugging me tighter. We talk for a while before the food arrives, I discover she was a school teacher before Dereck made her quit so she could become a stay at home wife.

Natasha wants to go back to college so she can become a veterinarian and wants to run an animal shelter that helps nurse hurt animals back to health so they can be adopted. She has also never played video games before, and I’ve decided that I’m going to change that. The food arrives and we eat all of it, the last round of bell hops comes by and picks up the catering cart.

Together, we lay back and watch the TV silently. My back is against the headboard, I’m sitting up more than laying back; she is laying her head on my stomach and has cuddled up to me. She nuzzles me with her cheek into my stomach as she watches the TV. For the first time in my life, I feel content being with another person and I’m guessing she feels the same as well.

Even at the awkward position I was able to fall asleep. I dreamt about fucking some chick I had seen in a magazine, it all happened too fast for me to really recall. I was awoken by a warming sensation, like a blanket was wrapped around me. As I began to wake up more I could feel the sensation coming from my dick, it was warm and wet. I must be dreaming…-ah…this feels great…

I look over to where I suspected Natasha to have been and found her spot absent, Sh-she could be… a wave of pleasure washed over me as I felt my cock being engulfed in a warm and wet mouth -Ah…sh-she is…

I gentle look down at my bottom and see Natasha on all fours beside my legs, her mouth wrapped around my cock. She was bobbing her head up and down, causing me amazing pleasure. Waves of pleasure roll over me as she pulls me out of her mouth and then buries me in all the way to her throat.

Even with my conscious attempts to not moan, I let slip a very throaty moan. She sucks hard as she pulls her mouth off and looks up towards me, I have my eyes closed so she doesn’t think I woke up. Once she thinks I’m asleep she goes right back to bobbing her head on my cock. Deciding it’d seem more suspicious to not moan, I stop stifling my moans.

God she’s great at sucking dick… She’s licks all the way from the base of my cock to the tip, then she wraps her lips around and sucks lightly. Using her tongue, she runs it around the rim of the head and then slowly lowers her mouth until my member is all the way in her mouth; I can hear her gag as it hits her throat. Fuck, I’m gonna blow if she keeps this up…

I could hear the sounds of her own masturbating; she must have been extremely wet. The TV had a porno playing, which is what I guess got her in the mood for this. Natasha slurped my dick like a pro, I’m surprised I hadn’t came in my sleep. Again, wave after wave of warm pleasure wrapped itself around me. I was simply in bliss.

The familiar hot and building tension grew within my member. My moans grew to breathless pants as she picked up the pace, she knew I was getting close. She rubbed her hands on my bare thighs and used them to help her impale her mouth onto my cock. The speed she had increased her stroking to was too much for me.

Just as I came, she buried me in all the way to her throat and I felt spurt after spurt of my hot cum hit the back of her throat. She gulped it loudly and when it stopped coming out, I heard her sigh that satisfied and very turned on sigh lots of woman in her position give; not that I’ve had many blowjobs, I just watch a lot of porn.

Natasha sucked hard as she pulled her mouth off of me, milking out every last drop of my seed. I heard her sigh and lay back next to me, she wasn’t done with herself. I squinted my eye open so I could see what she was doing. She was looking straight at the porno and rubbing herself, to my surprise she was fully naked; I had expected her to at least leave a shirt on.

She was rubbing her clit vigorously with her left hand and using her right hand to rub up and down her side and occasionally grope her boobs. Just watching her fuck herself like an animal made me hard again. Her own panting became quick and full of moans, she was getting herself close to release.

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