Saving Mom

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Jeremy clutched his knees to his chest, “Oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…oh, God.” He kept repeating as he rocked on his ass on the floor of his closet. His eyes kept darting around the room looking for…what? What could possibly make up for what he did. His eyes saw his school books on his desk, his laptop and he couldn’t fight back the tears realizing he’d never see them again if he ran away. His head jerked towards his closed bedroom door hearing a creak. He strained his ears but not hearing anything more went back to rocking in terror.

Jeremy had just turned 18. His future seemingly glowing. He had just received his acceptance letter, his parents bought him his first car…”Oh, God.” He cried, thinking about when his mom handed him the keys last week, a giant smile across her beautiful face. “What have I done? How could I do that?” He cried, the tears now flowing freely, his mumbling turning into sobs.

He cracked his head against the back of the closet hearing a scream followed by a door slamming. His stomach cramped hearing the feet pounding up the stairs. He tried to will himself to melt back into the wall behind him. He should have packed his bags and left. He should have hidden in the basement. He should have stood up to those guys.

The door exploded open and he saw his mother as furious…more furious than he’d ever seen her. He clutched his shins tighter feeling his tendons scream out as he stared wide-eyed at the half-naked woman.

“You, you little shit…you didn’t, did you?” She screamed.

Jeremy tried not to look as she opened her robe, showing her nude form, tight breasts, muscular, taut waist, her clean shaven pussy and traces of cum running down her legs. He covered his face in his hands waiting for her blows. He wouldn’t block them, he’d let her beat him as long as she wanted. He deserved it.

“Look at me you little shit. Get out of the damn closet and stand up like a man, since apparently that is what you think you are!” Stephanie screamed, her voice cracking. She watched as the skinny boy crawled out of amongst his clothes, the clothes she suddenly remembered lovingly washing and hanging up. As the boy stood up, she reached past him and yanked the shirts off the hangers and throw them around the room. As she raged, she saw Jeremy standing there, head down, tears streaming down his face and suddenly calmed down.

Panting from the rage, the screaming, her bare breasts heaving, her throat hurting from screaming she grabbed his shoulders and shook him. She reached between her legs and held up a white creamy substance. “Is this yours? Your cum? Did you fuck me? Did you fuck your own mother?” Seeing him feebly nod, she pointed down to her crotch, “And did you shave me? Why? Why would you do that? Are you acting out some sort of pent up frustration or something?” She slapped him once, hard. She thought about the violation of trust by her own son and she started crying and slapped him again and again.

Jeremy welcomed the blows. The stinging pain was nothing compared to the pain he had inside and did nothing to shield himself.

She stopped, seeing the pain in her boy’s face, the tears pouring down his cheeks. Finally, she stopped. Seeing she was still completely exposed to her son, she pulled her robe closed, then reached up and stroked the boy’s face seeing the vivid red hand prints. Her panting slowing, her breathing getting under control, she turned and strode across the room and stood facing the corner. Finally, she turned and came back and looked at the distraught face. “Ok, tell me why you did this? Why did you fuck your own mother?”

Jeremy looked up, deep, sad eyes, “I didn’t want to, but I had no choice. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” He said crying again. He loved his mother, and never wanted to hurt her. Never wanted this to permanently ruin everything for the rest of their lives.

Steph looked at her son and saw real pain. She led him over to the bed and sweeping the tossed clothes aside, sat down. “Ok, I’m pissed as hell, and I cannot even imagine anything you could say…” She looked around the room, “Look around, this might be the last time you’ll ever be here, so tell me everything. If you leave anything out, the clock starts. You’ll have 30 minutes to pack what you need into your car and get the fuck as far away from me as you can.”

Jeremy felt like throwing up. He’d never heard his mom ever use the ‘f’ word. He caused that, and as minor as that was, just added to his feeling of guilt. Straightening up, he knew that if the end was near, just get it over with. He thought about perhaps going to LA and trying to start his new life out there. He looked at his mom, “Ok, I’ll tell you, then I’ll pack up. I’m so sorry, I want to go back, undo everything, I do.”

Stephanie was ultra-pissed, but also intrigued what came over her perfect son to basically rape her while she slept. She thought back to getting into the airport at 6 AM. Her body screaming gangbang porno out for sleep. Why had she let the Chinese take her out on the town to celebrate their deal? She was fairly hung over when she boarded the 16-hour flight and try as hard as she could, she could never sleep on planes.

She got home with a huge feeling of relief, all her senses taking in the familiar smells, sights, feeling of the perfect shower head, the satin sheets. Perhaps she should have put on a night shirt, but she was exhausted. She took a sleeping pill since she still felt a bit wired from the trip. Then waking up, remembering incredibly vivid sex dreams, dreams about being fucked hard, aggressively by a large cock, and when she woke, she felt throbbing between her legs. She touch herself, wondering if she was wet and found a strange feeling mound, like it wasn’t hers. She sat up and saw a clean-shaven twat and as she felt the sticky fluids leaking out of her, saw obvious semen dripping from her fingers. Her pussy felt sore, almost bruised. In her confusion, she thought maybe one of the Chinese businessmen took her back to his room and did this, but then she looked around. Realization hit. She was in her own bedroom, back in the states and her husband would still be in Chicago, leaving just now. Jeremy! Her sweet, innocent son must have seen her sleeping naked and took advantage of her.

She jolted back to reality hearing her son’s voice.

“I came home from school, trying to be quiet knowing you’d have flown home and I was in the kitchen getting a snack when the doorbell rang. I ran to the door, and opening it, saw the two men I’d seen before packing up the Barber’s stuff. They asked if they could use our bathroom since the water was turned off at the Barber’s.” Jeremy looked at his mom thinking he was really stupid to let these strange men in. “I pointed down the hall and went into the kitchen to put the milk and stuff away. I suddenly realized the bathroom was cross from your bedroom and ran down the hall and…” He looked down at his lap, “I saw the men standing over you, and you were…I mean, you weren’t wearing anything.” He looked at his mom. “I don’t know, did they take off your…things?”

Stephanie blushed, “No, I was too tired.” She felt sudden horror, “Go on.”

“I ran in and grabbed the older man’s arm, ‘Come on. You can’t be in here.’ I told him. He brushed my arm away and started taking pictures of you…of your…” Jeremy stammered, looking down at his mother’s lap.

Stephanie looked horrified thinking men had pictures of her naked, “My pussy? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yes. I tried to stop them, but the older man hit me.” Jeremy looked at his mom.

Stephanie had missed it in her rage, but Jeremy had a black eye. “Oh, God, I’m sorry sweetie.”

“He asked me if I wanted a few bones broken along with the black eye. I felt like such a weak piece of shit when I shook my head. I thought about calling the police, but I knew they’d just beat me and rape you. I watched as the older man ordered, I think it was his son, to get a razor and shaving cream. He said he’d never find your hole with all that bush there.” Jeremy stopped, blushing furiously. “I kept waiting for you to wake up. We no longer were whispering, and you just kept sleeping.”

“That’s alright, I was exhausted. So, they shaved me?” Stephanie asked.

“No, they told me to do it. I refused at first, I told them that you’re my mother and I shouldn’t touch you there.” Jeremy looked like he was going to cry again, “But the younger one sneered and said he’d do it. He’d be a lot faster anyhow since he wouldn’t worry about knicking you. Hearing that, I told them I’d do it.” He looked pleadingly, “I’m sorry. I tried to be really gentle, I tried not to look, but they opened your legs wide and, well, I had to touch you and look carefully.” He looked down at his lap.

Stephanie felt embarrassed thinking her son probably knew the details of her pussy more than her husband Jeff did. “Sweetie, you did what you had to do.”

Jeremy vividly remembered seeing his first pussy, how complex it was. Layers of soft flesh, pinks, tans, reds. The hard nub he assumed was the clitoris. As he shaved he’d had to pull on the lips and shave with his mother responding to his touch. Her hips moving, her legs opening. He remembered the two men cheering him on, calling him a motherfucker. They ordered him to stick his finger into the slick pussy. It seemed to really excite them.

Stephanie saw Jeremy cross his arms over his lap and she knew he was getting aroused. She patted his thigh, “Go one. So, you shaved me. You were right to not let them.”

“Yes, and when I got a towel and cleaned you off, the two men were arguing. I mean, they were fighting over…Mom, do I have to go on?”

Christ, she thought. This poor boy. Trying to keep to rapists away from his mother. “Yes, I need to know…” She opened her robe and indicated the cream seeping czech harem porno out of her slit.

Jeremy held his face in his hands, “Ok, the two men were arguing about who gets to fuck you. The older one was telling his son he couldn’t.” Jeremy looked in horror at his mother, “He slapping his son telling him he fucked up and got AIDs and would be locked up forever if he fucked you without a rubber. The kid yelled back that he’s no cleaner. Apparently some woman named Star was suing him for giving her chlamydia or something.”

Stephanie felt sudden panic, “Oh God, they didn’t…”

“No, no Mom. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Jeremy cried, “I told them to leave. Told them they shouldn’t touch you, but they all of a sudden had these evil grins and looked at me.” Jeremy put his hands over his face and mumbled something.

Stephanie put her hand under his chin, “That’s ok baby, tell me.”

“They told me one of the three of us is going to…God, mom, I can’t tell you. Shit, the older guy said ‘Make up your mind because…'”

“One of the three of you isn’t going to let a nice cunt like that go to waste…” Stephanie said softly.

“Yes, I mean, how did you know?”

“I remembered, or dreamt it. I, oh God, I remember you inside me. I thought it was a dream.” Steph said sadly, “I…nevermind.” She stopped herself remembering how huge the cock, her son’s cock was, inside her. Could it be? “Go on, you can tell me, but I think I know what you did, considering you left…a deposit.” She slid her finger along her smooth pussy. She looked up at her son, “I hate to ask, but weren’t you scared, I mean how did you get it up?”

Jeremy turned beet red and looked down at his hands. “You. I mean they saw I wasn’t hard and well one of them pulled out a rubber and said, ‘Fuck it, if the faggot here doesn’t make use of this, I will.’ The other guy suggested perhaps, you’d suck my dick to get me hard.” Jeremy looked at his mom as she licked her lips. “I’m sorry, but when I had to try something and when I put my dick against your lips, you immediately opened your mouth and started sucking on it.” Jeremy felt like crying seeing the look on his mother’s face, “I maybe played with your breasts, also. But I had to get hard…otherwise…”

Stephanie remembered the dream. Remembered how she almost choked on a huge cock in her mouth, remembered her right breast being grabbed. She reached under her robe and felt her right breast, “Yes, the right one.” She closed her eyes and continued, “You crawled between my legs and you couldn’t get your cock inside me at first…you needed to put it in a little at a time.” She looked at her son and saw sadness, but also saw a tent in his shorts.

Jeremy tried to cover up his erection, but couldn’t. “I don’t know why I’m hard, I really don’t. I’m sorry mom.”

Steph smiled at him, “Men. I think you guys can get hard just hearing the word nipple.” She patted his leg, “It’s ok. Anyhow you were able to get inside me and you came, didn’t you?”

“Yes, they told me not to pull out, but…”

“What? What were you going to say?” She asked, reassuringly stroking his leg.

Jeremy looked at him mother, “I could have stopped. I could have pulled out. I had my eyes closed and while I was, well, fucking you, I guess they left. I looked around and I heard the front door close. Shit! I should have pulled out, but I couldn’t. I never felt anything like that before. I am so sorry.” Jeremy cried.

Stephanie laughed. Laughed for the first time in a long time. “Oh Christ, Jeremy baby, you’re a man, it’s what men do.” She looked up suddenly, “What do you mean you’ve never felt anything like that? Are you, I mean, were you a virgin?” Seeing him nod his head, she pulled him close. “God! I was my baby boy’s first. I can’t wait to tell all the other mothers how great a mom I am.” She looked at him, “but how is that possible, you went with Leslie last summer. I thought she was a little fox.”

“No, she just wanted to wait. She wouldn’t do anything since she said it was against her religion.”

“So,” she asked softly, “I was your first…first blow job?” Seeing him nod, continued, “First…um tit?” She sighed, “Obviously, first pussy. Jeremy, I’m not mad at you. I think you did the right thing, but why did you have to shave me? Dave loves my blonde bush…loved my blonde bush. I cannot even think what to tell him.”

“Oh shit. You can’t tell dad. You can’t. He’ll kill me.” Jeremy looked pleadingly at his mother.

“We’ll think of something.” Stephanie pulled her son close into a warm embrace. She realized she was naked as her robe opened, but figured he’d seen all of her already. Jeremy was stroking her naked back and she was feeling the heat of his young body against hers. As she held him, she realized his cock was hard and poking against her elbow. She pulled away and put her hand on it. “Honey? How big are you? I mean, have you compared?” She blushed, “Never mind, totally inappropriate.” czech mega swingers porno She stood up and pulled her robe closed seeing him scan her naked body. “Between you and me, I am getting to like the clean feel and look of my pussy. I’ll convince your dad it was a spur of the moment thing and if he doesn’t like it, he can stay away from it.” She looked at her son, “Jeremy? I know you feel guilty about this, about fucking me, but don’t. What you did was brave and strong. I am so relieved it was you and not two creepy men who took me.” She stroked his face where she’s slapped him, sad that the marks still showed. “Your first time should have been beautiful, tender. It should have been with someone you love.”

“I know, mom. But it actually was. I do love you and I…never mind.” He trailed off.

“What? You enjoyed it? That’s good.”

“No, I meant…you’ll think I’m sick, but I always wanted it to be with you.” Jeremy stammered.

“Wait. You wanted to be with me rather than some young hottie at school? What about Leslie?” She looked at her son, “Christ, she’s beautiful. She’s got a great body.” Steph cupped her breasts, “She’s got huge boobs. You can’t compare those girls to this old body.”

“Mom, your body is perfect. Your boobs are perfect. I’ve watched you clean house on the weekends and thought about…you, I mean you know, you and me.” Jeremy blushed looking at his hands in his lap, “I mean, mom, you don’t wear a bra and I’ve seen down your shirt.”

“Is that what you think about when you jerk off?” Stephanie patted her son’s leg, “Relax, it’s healthy.” She looked at his lap, “In fact, you’d better jerk off after I leave.” Her hand moved up and gripped the hard rod tenting his shorts and stroked it gently, “Perhaps you’ll have more of me to replay when you play with this.” She couldn’t get her hand more than halfway around the shaft and shuddered thinking that that was inside her. No wonder she was sore. She let go of her son’s penis and stood up. “I guess I should tell you. When you fucked me, I enjoyed it. I thought it was the most realistic, erotic dream I’d ever had. I even remember cumming. But, it wasn’t a dream was it? You did a great job pleasuring a woman with that nice cock of yours and I think there will be dozens more you’ll make very happy.”

“No, I don’t think I can. It’s really complicated, but…” He looked sadly up at his mom, “I felt horrible doing that to you, at the same time couldn’t believe how good it felt. I don’t know how to describe it.”

“Actually, I understand. In high school, I was dating this boy and I wanted to wait, but I guess he wasn’t very patient. Well, I somehow let him take my clothes off, you know, with the promise that we couldn’t go all the way. I’m sure you figured out he managed to slip inside me.” She sat down next to her son again, letting her robe open on its own. She looked at his face, intent on her story, “I tried to push him off, especially when he broke though. It hurt. It hurt a lot, but he didn’t care. I hated him and wanted to rip his balls off, but he…he kept fucking me and well, I started to feel things. Things I’d never felt before.” She reached up and stroked her hardened nipple, “He must have felt me relax because he started sucking on my nipples while he drove into me. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter and before I knew it, I came. I came and I thought it was going to do permanent damage it was so intense.” She looked at her son’s face, “I’d never had an orgasm before, but even while I hated this boy, my body responded. I’ve felt humiliation thinking back on that ever since, but hearing about you, with me, makes me realize your body can respond in spite of what your brain says.”

“God, mom. I’m sorry. Did you rip his balls off? What is his name? I’d love to find him and kick the shit out of him.”

“Actually, I didn’t let him off easy. The asshole came inside me, knowing I wasn’t on the pill and when he pulled out…I’ll never forget seeing him. Seeing him stroking his cock and leering at me; the shit-eating grin on his face, him knowing he got to fuck the virgin, head cheerleader, and made her cum. I was so pissed and as he started to back out of the car, I did one of my powerful kicks right in his crotch. He fell backwards and rolled down the hill.” She grinned at her son, “You know the curvy road behind the church on Aspen? Yeah, where your dad loves to go picnic? I never told him we had picnics right by where I lost my virginity.” She thought for a second, “Yes, about 25 feet away. I’ll have to show you. We could put up a sign.” She started laughing and was really happy to hear Jeremy join in.

“Oh God, mom. Dad doesn’t know?” He sputtered, “And we always grill sausages and kielbasas. God, I’m sorry, it’s just too funny.” Jeremy broke off laughing harder.

Stephanie couldn’t contain herself hearing her son laughing and hugged him as she was cracking up and soon found themselves rolling around, holding each other. Finally, they were able to get hold of themselves and wipe the tears out of their eyes. She realized she was on top of her son, naked against him, her legs spread, her freshly shaved pussy pressing on his full-blown erection. She started to lift herself up, “I think we might be hugging more that your typical mother and son.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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