Saturday Morning In The Kitchen Ch. 02

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Arab Booty


“But it’s not over yet.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was the way she said it that made my heart pound faster. The sparkle in her eyes told me that something great was about to happen, and I felt the shiver run all the way down to the pit of my stomach. She leaned in closer, placing her arms around my neck and softly kissed my already swollen lips. I felt it in my toes. My hard cock was already straining to break free, but that simple kiss made it leap with pleasure. She has always had the softest, lightest touch I’ve ever felt. The kind of touch that makes you mad with desire.

“Just close your eyes baby, and concentrate on what I’m doing to you,” she whispered against my lips. My knees nearly buckled under me as her hot breath touched my skin. All I could do was nod and lick my lips with anticipation.

She then placed her hands on my shoulders and slowly pushed me backwards, until I was up against the kitchen counter. Her tight body leaned up against me, pressing her soft firm breasts against my naked chest. I groaned softly at the feeling, “Ohhhh.”

Her luscious lips then found the little place behind my ear. Gently they tickled the skin, taking soft little sips and occasionally her tongue would dart out from between them and trace a line from the base of my neck to the tip of my ear lobe. Sparks flew down my spine with each lick.

“Concentrate baby,” she whispered in my ear as she took my lobe in her mouth. I inhaled sharply as the tremor hit my body, making my knees nearly give way. I had to brace my self by keeping both my hands on the countertop behind me, and when her tongue lightly started tracing the rim of my ear, I nearly came on the spot.

“Ohhhh God baby,” I gasped, “What are you doing to me?”

She pulled away from my neck and looked me deep in the eyes, “Shhhhh, no talking honey.” A slow sexy smile crept to her perfect mouth, “Just brace your self.”

With that, her fingers slowly traced a line down the front of my chest, circling around my belly button and skimming the skin above my pyjama bottoms. Moving wickedly back and forth just under the rim. And by God, where her fingers had just been, her mouth soon followed. Sweet little kisses were placed strategically over my chest. Her tongue darted out to lick bostancı escort my already hard nipples as she passed over them. She moved back slightly and gently blow on them, eliciting a moan from the back of my throat, “Damn.”

My heart was pounding in my ears, and each time she leaned in to place another kiss on my feverish skin my cock would push that much harder against the confines of my pants.

Achingly she made her way down the length of my abdomen, stopping just long enough to place a few kisses under my belly button. My knees gave way, and if I hadn’t been holding onto the countertop with my hands, I would have collapsed right then and there.

She was driving me crazy!!

Then she did something that made my heart stop. She started to kiss my throbbing penis through my pants, teasing me that much more. She knew that I was waiting for the feeling of her hot, wet mouth on my hard cock, but she made me wait. She used my pants as a way to make even her lightest of touches, so whisper soft that I had to remain absolutely still just to feel it.

By this time I wasn’t able to form a single word, let alone tell her that I couldn’t take much more of this. Sweat started to form on my brow. My heart was erratic. My palms were getting sweaty, and my grip was slipping. My leg muscles were trembling, trying to keep from falling to the ground with a crash. But all I could do was hang on, because I knew that if I could, she would reward me with something I would die for.

Then just when I was about to give up the fight, she pulled my pants down to my ankles. The rush of cold air on my balls made me gasp aloud, and I made the most terrible mistake of all. I peaked. What I saw nearly drove me right over the edge!!!

She was on her knees in front of me, naked. Her perky nipples were touching my thighs, her hands were wrapped around me and squeezing my butt, and her tongue was slowly coming out of her mouth to lick me. She moved so slowly, I thought it was slow motion. The anticipation was killing me.

When her tongue finally touched my taught balls, our eyes met, and her mouth curved up a little in a wicked half smile. Holding my gaze, she licked from the bottom of my balls to the very tip of my engorged penis. It was too much for me. My balls contracted ümraniye escort bayan and I was going to cum. I couldn’t hang on to it.

“Ohhhh…ohhhh…honey…I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!!!,” I said in desperation.

With lightening fast speed, she had a hold of me and was pressing down hard on that special spot on the bottom of my penis.

My body contracted as I ground out her name in anguish, “Giselle.”

Nothing happened. My body was poised and straining at the very peak of absolute ecstasy, but she had stopped me just in time. The breath I had been holding was expelled. My arms and legs began to ache, but nothing compared to the throbbing I felt between my legs. I peered down at her glorious form, concentrating on the task at hand.

She looked up at me with a slight smile and whispered, “That was close baby, you nearly ruined all my plans for you.”

Her beautiful fingers left my straining cock. I all but pleaded her with my eyes not to let go, as I could not even form a word with my lips in that moment if my life depended on it. That’s how she left me, aching and desperate. Our eyes never parted, however, she slowly leaned in closer and parted her lips. They branded the soft skin at the junction of my hips and thighs. My body shook with the force of such a kiss.

She moved to the other junction. Again, her hot lips branded my flesh and this time I gasped, “Ohhhh.”

Her tentative fingers began feather light touches all around my thighs and hips as her lips placed gentle kisses everywhere she could reach. She goaded me with her softness until I was all but ready to drop to my knees and surrender.

She kissed me everywhere but the place I longed for the most. Placing wet kisses above my erect penis and allowing the silkiness of her hair to touch the tip of my sensitive cock. Gently licking around the base of my penis with her silky tongue. Softly stroking my shaft with her sexy ruby red lips. I all but died and had gone to heaven.

She was teasing me. I knew she was, and yet, I was helpless to stop her. She had turned the tables, giving me a taste of my own medicine.

Ever so slowly she parted my legs further with her soft caresses. I obliged willingly, and she scooted down lower in front of me. Softly her right hand extended kartal escort and took a hold of my balls. Electricity ran through my body and I was frozen. Closer and closer she came until she was but an inch away. “She wouldn’t,” I thought, “She wouldn’t do this to me now, not when I’m so close.”

But she did. She started to lick behind my balls! Softy at first, and then with more enthusiasm. Slowly moving back and forth to my anus, rimming me, and back to behind my balls.

My whole body tensed with each lick from her talented tongue. I tried not to show how good it felt, but before I could stop it a moan escaped from the back of my throat. I instinctively threw my head back and pressed my hips forward. I couldn’t help it.

Electric shocks were coursing through me. I didn’t think that it could get much better than this, but just as that thought entered my mind…it did. Her hand started to massage my aching balls. Softly squeezing them in her fingers. The two things combined sent me to my highest peak and kept me teetering on the edge. It was her synchronized efforts that kept me there without finding sweet release.

I couldn’t take much more of this. I was so close, that I could feel the cum rising inside of me, ready and waiting for the right touch to make it rush forth. My whole body ached; my heart was pounding like I had run a marathon. My breath came in wild gasps and sweat had started dripping down my back.

Then without warning, she simultaneously pushed one finger inside my hole and took my bright red cock into her mouth.

I died. For one instant, I saw God.

I cried out her name, “Giselle!!”

My body surrendered completely to her. My cum exploded into her mouth as she deep throated me and she eagerly swallowed every last drop. My hips gyrated like they had a mind of their own. I was powerless.

I collapsed on top of her when it was over. My mind was reeling and my body lay limp on top of her back. I couldn’t catch my breath.

Finally when my senses returned, I eased off of her and slid down to the floor where she was. I leaned up against the bottom cabinets, unable to move, legs spread wide.

She was still kneeling in front of me. She smiled, a broad smile, and came into my arms with her back against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and we just sat there for a few moments saying nothing.

“Baby?” she whispered.

“Yes honey?” I whispered back.

“You didn’t brace your self,” she said with humour in her voice.

I couldn’t help but laugh. She always could make me laugh.

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