Sarah’s Room

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*All characters in this story are over the age of 18.*


‘Why does Sarah keep teasing me? Eddie thought to himself. ‘She just does it to drive me crazy. Always walking around the house in skimpy clothes. Touching me whenever she walks by. Kissing my cheek and whispering ‘I love you daddy’ in my ear. Crawling up in my lap in her nighty whenever her mom’s away and asking me to hold her. Leaving her bathroom and bedroom door open so that I can’t help but see her nude, then giggling and smiling when it happens. Fuck! I’m her father for Christ’s sake. Doesn’t she know that teasing me like this will make me obsess about her? Fuck, I can’t sleep at night. I just lay here with a boner, thinking about my fucking daughter. And, of course, her mother’s not interested in sex anymore. How am I supposed to deal with this? Beat off? To images of my daughter? Doesn’t she know how wrong this is? Why isn’t she dating guys from college? She’s never mentioned anyone. I need to talk to her about this, TONIGHT. It has to stop.’

Eddie waits until his wife is asleep and then puts on his robe and surreptitiously heads to Sarah’s room. He opens the door and sneaks in, quietly closing it behind him.


“Daddy, is that you?”

“I need to talk to you sweetie.”

“Ok daddy.”

“But, we need to be quiet. I don’t want to wake up your mom.”

Sarah nods in the moonlight.

Eddie sits on the edge of her bed.

“What is daddy?”

“Sarah, over the past few weeks, it feels to me like your teasing me… you know, being naughty.”

“What do you mean daddy?”

“Well, you always seem to wear skimpy clothes around me. You touch me all the time and whisper ‘I love you.'”

“Well I DO love you daddy. More than you can imagine.”

“I love you to princess. But it goes further than that. You’re always crawling up in my lap to watch TV.”

“Well I miss that daddy. When I was younger, you used to let me do that all the time but when I started getting boobies, you told me I was too big for that. I don’t want to be too big to sit in your lap daddy.”

“I understand kitten, but it’s different now. Before you used to be dressed in your flannel jammies. But, now when you do it, you’re dressed up in cute little panties and teddys. And, I’ve noticed that the only time you do it is when mommy is away at Bunko.”

“But daddy, that’s the perfect time. I like it when it’s just you and me. I dress like that because I know you like it.”

Eddie looks at his daughter with questioning eyes. “How do you know that sweetie?”

“I snuck into your room one day. Mommy has catalogs with all that pretty lingerie. When I looked in her closet, she has lots of pretty things to wear to bed. I just thought she wore them for you because you liked them.”

“Mommy used to wear that stuff when we were younger sweetie but she hasn’t worn it in years.”

“Why bareback studios porno daddy? I think it makes me look pretty and I want to look pretty for you.”

“You are pretty Sarah, very pretty. But when you dress like that and crawl up in my lap, it’s uncomfortable for daddy.”

“Why daddy?”

“It just is.”

“No daddy, you need to tell me why you’re uncomfortable.”

“Sweetie, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Yes, I would daddy. Tell me. I want to make you happy daddy.”

“Ok Sarah. When you do those things, it makes daddy have naughty thoughts.”

Sarah sat up and leaned in. “About me daddy?”

“Yes sweetie, about you.”

“That’s good daddy, because I have naughty thoughts about you too.”

“Oh Sarah… is that why you leave your bathroom door open.”

“Yes daddy. I get excited when you see me naked.”

“Sarah, we can’t have those thoughts. It’s wrong for a father and daughter to think about each other that way.”

“Why daddy? Why is it wrong?”

“It just is honey. Daddies and daughters are not supposed to think about each other sexually.”

“But I do daddy. I think about you all the time.”

“I do too princess. That’s why I am here. You have to stop teasing me like that Sarah. I can’t get to sleep at night because I’m having naughty thoughts about you.”

“But I want you to daddy. I have naughty thoughts about you all the time. When I come to bed at night I lay here and touch myself,” Sarah pulls back the covers, “here,” and reaches down and pets her sex. “I play with myself daddy until I have an orgasm and then I can relax and fall asleep.”

“Well, I can’t do that sweetie. I sleep with your mom and I just can’t play with myself until I cum. And, your mom’s not interested. I just have to try to get to sleep with a…” Eddie stopped short of using the term for his hard rock cock with his daughter.

“If mommy won’t help, maybe I could help daddy,” Sarah reaches for the bulge under Eddie’s robe.

Eddie recoils. “Sarah, don’t!”

“But, I want to daddy. Let me see it. I want to touch it,” Sarah said, locking his gaze to hers.

Eddie felt his daughter’s hand moving up his thigh, under is robe, but was powerless to stop it.

Sarah’s hand found Eddie’s cock through his briefs. It twitched as she raked her nails across it and a sigh escaped his lips.

“Mmmmm, it’s so hard.” Sarah found the slit in his briefs, inserted her hand and grabbed her father’s sex rod and began to stroke him. “Oh, my God daddy.” With her other hand, she reached down inside her panties and started stroking herself.

Eddie looked into his little girl’s eyes. Her full, red lips beckoned him, and, in a moment, they were his.

Eddie brought his hand to his daughter’s throat as his tongue deeply explored her. She sighed into his open mouth. His hand left her throat and found her czech amatör porno breast and squeezed it through her silk teddy. She sighed again and her hands, distracted from their occupation, found their way to the back of her daddy’s head. She raked her nails across the nape of her father’s neck and laid back on the bed, pulling her father to her. As their kisses continued, Eddie lifted the silk to bare her breasts. His lips left hers and he plied her neck with kisses. She continued to caress him and moaned as he rolled her nipple between his thumb and index finger.

“Yes daddy, I’ve wanted this for so long,” she whispered in his ear.

He moved on from her neck and kissed her cleavage, leaving wet kisses on the underside of her breast.

“Ssssst,” Sarah sighed as he latched on.

Eddie suckled his daughter’s nipple like a newborn, kneading her breast like dough in a baker’s hands.

His hand left her breast and danced lightly over the skin of her belly, travelling till it found the silk of her panties. She was already wet for him and she moaned as his hand pressed the silk into her moist slit. He withdrew his hand slightly and found the elastic of her waistband. Worming his way under the silk he encountered a small tuft of soft hair covering her mons.

His fingers found the moistness of her slit and he began moving them in a slow steady rhythm, teasing her clit from its hood. His lips, failing to find sustenance, released her breast and latched onto the other.

“Oh, my God!”

Sarah’s hips began undulating to daddy’s assault. Within seconds, she exploded. Her thighs clamped around daddy’s hand as she lost herself in her release.

Daddy, extracted his hand from her vise and slowly kissed his was back to her waiting lips and tenderly kissed her.

“Oh daddy. That was amazing,” Sarah said as she rolled him over and got on top of him.

“What are you doing kitten?” daddy asked as Sarah reached down and retrieved his cock.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said slyly and kissed him deeply.

Sarah straightened up and grabbed at daddy’s waistband, pulling his briefs down to his knees. She looked into daddy’s eyes and gave him a naughty smile, the same naughty smile he had perceived from her repeatedly in the last few weeks. Sarah maintained his gaze as she kissed her way to his cock. She grabbed it with her hand and brought daddy’s head to her lips. She kissed it softly, and then kissed it again as her hand gently traversed its length. Daddy’s cock twitched and released a pearl of pre-cum to her teasing. She brought her tongue to the underside of his crown and let the tip ride his slit, retrieving her prize. Daddy’s pre-cum clung to the tip of her tongue and she dragged it along her upper lip before letting it retreat so she could savor its essence.

“Mmmmm. I always wondered how good it would taste,” Sarah said. czech bitch porno “I’ve seen lots of pornos and always wondered what it would be like to make a cock cum, what it would taste like. I think I’m going to like the taste of daddy’s cum.”

“You watch pornos?”

Sarah giggled, “of course silly. They’re all over the internet. I actually found the website in your browsing history on your laptop.” Sarah waved a finger at Eddie. “Naughty daddy,” she giggled.

Sarah went back to work, plying soft wet kisses to daddy’s shaft. She moved down his shaft to his orbs and gently cossetted each in her young mouth, her tongue bathing them, preparing them for release.

Daddy’s hips began to thrust into her.

Sarah wetly kissed her way back to daddy’s crown. Once again, she covered it with soft, playful, wet kisses before placing it between her lips. She closed her lips around it and, like she did with daddy’s balls, she used her tongue to coat it with saliva.

“Am I doing it right daddy?”

Eddie’s hips shuddered in concurrence.

Sarah straightened and removed her panties.

“Wait! What are you doing honey?”

“It’s okay daddy. I just want to rub my pussy on it.”

Sarah quickly moved forward before daddy could protest and splayed her labia over the underside of daddy’s cock. She undulated her hips slowly, riding back and forth on daddy’s rail.

As she picked up speed, moans escaped from her lips.

“Oh daddy. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This feels so amazing.

Eddies hands came to his daughter’s hips to accentuate her rhythm and pace. His hips instinctively thrust up into her.

Sarah ran her fingers through her hair, her eyes tightly closed now, her mouth panting. “Uhh, uhh, uhh,” with each stroke. Her pert little breasts swayed in time to her rhythm. She leaned forward and kissed daddy. Her kisses were wanting. Her release approaching. Eddie too felt his load gathering in his loins as he thrust against her in mutual masturbation. His arms encircled her waist and held her tightly, grinding her clit against his cock. Sarah fell over the edge. Her breathing stopped as her body experienced the spasm of sweet release. She convulsed against daddy’s cock with every fiber of her being and Eddie let out an unearthly groan as his member began spitting his hot sperm against his daughter’s belly.

As Eddied regained control, he found that Sarah was wrecked. Her lithe form continued to grind slowly against his softening member. Her head lay on his shoulder, her arms around his neck.

“Thank you, daddy.” Sarah whispered as she drifted off to sleep in his embrace.

Eddie held his daughter as he recovered from the most intense orgasm he had experienced in years. After several minutes, he gently slipped out from under her and covered her with a blanket. He kissed his little girl on the forehead and she smiled.

“Good night princess.”

On the way back to his room, he stopped in his daughter’s bathroom to quietly cleanse himself of the evidence of their lust.

He looked at himself in the mirror. What had he just done? How would this evolve? Should it? One thing he knew for certain… Nothing would ever be the same.

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