Sam’s Love Pt. 03

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Many thanks to 11_Carlton for the support and being my editor.


The next afternoon I was doing some work in the front yard when Samantha drove up in her bright red convertible.

“Hi David,” she said. “How are you today?”

“Just fine I guess. How are you?” I asked, walking over to the car. The top was down and I had a delightful view of her silk sheathed legs protruding from beneath the hem of her wrap-around mini-dress.

“After last night, great, although I was a little sore this morning. I haven’t been getting enough of that type of exercise lately.”

“I was hoping I hadn’t hurt you, I guess I got a little carried away.”

“You can hurt me that way anytime you want to.”

“Ah huh,” I coughed, clearing my throat. “I was just about to take a break and grab a beer when you drove up. Want to come in for a while and join me?”

“Sure. I’m kind of thirsty myself.”

As she got out of her car the hem of her skirt rode up and I caught a glimpse of the elastic tops of her sheer stockings. Once we were inside I gave her a beer and excused myself.

“I’ve got to take a quick shower. Make yourself at home. I’ll be right back.”

I quickly jumped in and out of the shower, pulled on a fresh T-shirt and a pair of swimming trunks. I was back in less than five minutes. When I returned to the family room she was checking out our regulation-sized pool table, testing the cushions and running her hands over the cover.

“Want to shoot a game?” I asked.

Samantha jumped slightly at my unexpected return. “Sure, why not,” she said, quickly regaining her composure. “Lag for the break?”

“Something tells me I’m about to be hustled.”

She won the lag and we decided to play eight-ball. After she broke and she ran four balls before missing. I ran three before I missed. On her next shot she scratched so I tried again and I finished by running out the table.

“Nice shooting. Care to make a bet on the next game?” she suggested.

“Okay, what shall we bet?”

“How about the winner gets a kiss? That way neither of us really loses.”

“Sounds good to me; my break.”

I broke and sank four balls before I finally missed. She put down two then I missed again. She put down three and I sank three, with which time she ran out the table on me.

“I win,” she said excitedly. “Now come here and kiss me.”

I gave her a quick, teasing peck on her lips and moved away to rack the balls for the next game.

“Not fair! That wasn’t a kiss!”

“Where did you learn to shoot like that?” I asked, changing the subject.

“You keep forgetting about my brothers. How about you?”

“You aren’t the only on with an older brother, your break.”

We played evenly for the next four or five games with her leading five to two. Every time she would bend over to take a shot either her skirt would ride up the backs of her thighs or the top of her dress would partly open, giving me short glimpses of the top curves of her firm breasts. I was still frustrating her by giving her tiny kisses when she won a game.

“Care to raise the stakes a little?”

“To what?” I asked.

“How about a real kiss instead of those little pecks you’ve been giving?”


This time when she broke nothing went in. I took over and looking over the table I knew I had a run-out if I took my time. I managed to sink seven balls before missing on the eight.

“Now I’m going to make you pay for only giving me those inadequate kisses.”

For her shot she had to really stretch to reach it. As she leaned over the table her dress slid up the backs of her thighs until I saw the straps of her garters above her stockings. She made that shot and six more. To shoot the eight ball she had to sit on the edge of the table and lean backwards with her cue stick behind her. She had to spread her legs to maintain her precarious balance. This caused skirt of her wrap-around dress to gape open wide. I watched intensely as the two halves crept upward and outward until I had a clear view of her bare thighs above her stockings. She made the shot and with a cheer and spread her legs even wider, giving me a quick glimpse of the tiny bit of red lace covered pussy, before hopping down and straightening her dress.

“How was that?”

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” I said wistfully. “Now come here and collect your prize.”

She moved up to me and this time I gave her a long hard kiss.

“Was that better?”

“Hmm, yes, much better,” she said dreamily.

“Your break again.”

I was so distracted by her stretching and bending that I lost the next six games. My kisses became more and more escort ataşehir heated with each defeat.

“Want to raise the stakes again?” I asked.

“Sure, but what shall we play for now?”

“How about a little strip pool, where the winner picks the article of clothing the loser must remove?”

“Ok, now we are getting somewhere. By the way, where are your folks?”

“They went up to Flagstaff to visit my brother and won’t be back until next weekend.”

“Aha! The plot thickens.” With that she promptly cleared the table.

“I’ll be nice and make it easy for you. Lose the T-shirt!”

“You got it sweet cheeks. Now prepare to start stripping yourself, I’m not going to lose any more! Your break again.”

She broke but failed to make anything. This time, as I moved to the table, my resolve was as firm as my hard cock. I was anxious to see more of her hot body, so I proceeded to clear the table.

“Now, darling, take off your red panties.”

“Why Davie, how did you know they were red? Have you been looking up my dress?”

“If I didn’t know what color they were I would have to be blind. You have been letting me look at them every time you had to reach to make a shot.”

“So I have, baby. So I have.”

She stood directly in front of me and slowly pulled up her skirt until it was bunched above her waist. I licked my lips as she slowly rolled her panties down her hips, revealing the blonde hair of her pubic mound. Lower and lower they went until I could see the pink lips of her pussy peeking through the blonde fur. Finally they reached her knees, she wiggled her hips and they fell to the carpet. With a soft touch she pressed against the slightly parted crevice of her protruding labia. It opened with a wet, sticky sound and her finger slipped into the velvety folds. With the fingers of one hand she began to fondle her bare pussy, gently spreading the pouting lips with a finger, then burying it as far as she could reach.

She raised her finger to her mouth and hungrily sucked on it like it was a cock. She stepped out of her panties and turned around. With her skirt still bunched at her hips she parted her legs and bent over from the waist to retrieve her panties. As she did her ass was thrust towards me, the entire length of her pussy was exposed to me, as well as the puckered opening of her anus. It was all I could do to stop myself from ramming my rock-hard cock into her from behind. Samantha straightened up and turned back to face me; a lustful smile on her sensuous lips. She then lowered her skirt and demurely smoothed out the wrinkles.

“Close your mouth, you are making a draft. It’s your break I believe.”

Instead of going back to the table I moved towards her and tried to grab her. As she scampered out of my reach she threw her panties at me. I caught them and raised them to my face.

“No touching yet, lover, that comes later,” she said, smiling impishly, while staring at me sniffing her panties. “What is it with guys and dirty panties?”

“Well, sweetheart, it’s like this, at least in my case, I love to eat pussy and yours is the sweetest I’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling.”

“Lecher! Flattery will get you everywhere!”

She racked the balls and I carefully eyed the set up. I moved the cue ball into position and with a mighty stroke I sent it flying into the rack. I sank five balls with that shot, one of them being the eight ball. I had won again with a single stroke of my cue. Samantha watched the eight ball roll in, and then looked at me in amazement.

“Now who is hustling who? I think you cheated somehow.”

“I would never cheat you hon, and now I want you to take off your bra.”

“My bra!? How can I take off my bra without first removing my dress? Let me think about this for a minute.”

She walked around the room deep in thought until her face suddenly lit up with an inspiration. She stood facing away from me as she started to loosen her belt. She then pulled the dress off her shoulders and arms until it was hanging limply at her waist. Looking over her shoulder at me she reached back to the hooks that held the narrow strip of elastic that held her bra together. With a flick of her fingers the strap suddenly parted. She lifted it away from her body and tossed it back at me.

I caught the wisp of sheer lace but my eyes never left her bare back. Samantha turned to face me but her arms were demurely folded over her breasts, hiding them from my view. A seductive smile played on her lips. I moved towards her again, and she avoided my grasp, turned away from me, and quickly put her arms back through the sleeves of her dress and rearranged it.

“I kadıköy escort bayan thought I told you, baby, not yet, touching comes later. Besides, I want see if you can repeat the stunt you pulled on the last break.”

“I’ll try, rack em up.”

After she was finished I stepped up to the table. On the last break I had used an extreme angle, striking the second ball back. This time I tried it from the exact center. Aiming high on the cue ball and using as much top spin as I could generate, I let it fly. It was a perfect shot; the initial impact shattered the rack leaving the eight-ball alone in the center of where the rack had been. The cue ball, with its abundant over-spin had bounced back towards me before gripping the surface of the table and surging forward, creating a secondary break. As the other balls flew around the table the eight rolled slowly into a corner pocket.

“I don’t believe it, twice in a row!”

“Believe, baby, believe. Now I want to see that beautiful body of yours. Come here and let me help you take off your dress!”

Instead, she walked over to the windows that overlooked the swimming pool. I embraced her from behind then lowered my hands to her belt. I loosened it and let it fall to the floor. Her dress hung partially open and I moved my hands inside it to stroke her naked form. I cupped both her breasts and lightly rolled her stiff nipples between my fingers. She leaned back against me with a desire filled moan. Her pelvis rocked against my hard cock as I lowered one hand to her pussy. I cupped it in my palm, working the heel on my thumb against her clit and letting my middle finger slip between her damp folds. As my finger plumbed her humid depths I pulled her back against me, pushing my cock between her cheeks.

Our hips rocked together and her pussy released more moisture around my probing finger. Suddenly she twisted around in my arms to kiss me fiercely. While her nimble tongue flickered in my mouth, she ground her body against mine. My hands caressed her back before grasping the firm cheeks of her bottom. I raised the back of her dress and forcefully thrust my fingers between her parted thighs into her hot, moist pussy. She gasped at my bold rear entry and tried to twist away. With the fingers of one hand still plunging into her pussy, I pulled her dress down and off her writhing body with the other.

Samantha responded to my ardent attention by bucking her hips uncontrollably, humping my probing hands with increasing intensity. Her body tensed and a low guttural scream escaped her lips as she experienced her first orgasm of the afternoon. Her knees buckled and she slumped to the floor at my feet.

I dropped my trunks, bent over and picked her up. I carried her into my bedroom, laying her down on my bed. I marveled at her luscious body for a moment before lying down to join her. Bending over her, I engulfed one of her firm breasts in my mouth, lashing it with my tongue while I rolled and tweaked her other firm nipple with my fingers. As spasms of joy ripped through her body she pulled me closer and closer to her. My mouth relinquished its hold of her heaving breast and I began kissing my way down to the delicate blonde curls that shrouded her pussy. I teasingly lapped at her entire slit before probing my tongue deep into her dripping love canal. As I nibbled and sucked her tasty pleasure button she opened her legs wider and wider.

Suddenly, Samantha clamped her thighs tightly around my head and cried out in rapture as another mind-blowing orgasm gripped her. I pushed her legs up and apart as I moved between her quivering thighs. I reached down and guided my throbbing cock to the opening of her drenched pussy and pushed in. I stoked the raging fire between her legs with short deliberate strokes. Her hips began to undulate as her body slapped noisily against mine. Samantha bit my shoulder and clawed at my back, her legs moved around my hips and she locked her ankles behind me, urging me deeper.

“OH GOD…. I”M CUMMING AGAIN…. OHHH…. SWEET JESUS…. FUCK ME!!!” She was screaming as she writhed with total abandon.

I speared into her clasping pussy and emptied my balls into her flooded depths. Covered with sweat and each others juices, we collapsed, her inflamed pussy still milking my shrinking cock. After a while we got up and she led me to the bathroom where she drew a hot bath. I helped her remove her stockings and garter belt, before we leisurely soaked our worn and depleted bodies in the fervid water. When the water cooled Samantha drained the tub and helped me stand up. She then rinsed my body from head to toe with an ice-cold shower. This shocked me, and caused escort bostancı my cock and balls to contract.

Samantha remedied my discomfort with the warmth of her sucking mouth and hot tongue. Much to my surprise, my spent tool rapidly burgeoned to its full eight inches. I pulled her talented mouth away from my now throbbing cock and lifted her up, crushed her body against me, and kissed her furiously.

“Let’s go fuck in the pool,” I said when I came up for air.

I stepped out of the shower and picked her up without waiting for an answer. It was dark outside so I paused to turn on the underwater pool lights, bathing the yard in a soft blue glow. I walked around to the steps and carried her down into the warm water until the level reached my chest. I let go of her and she clasped her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips. I reached under the water to cup her delectable ass, my fingers tracing along the pouting lips of her pussy. Her mouth found mine and she kissed me hungrily. Her tongue opened my lips and then danced sensually with my own.

Letting go of me with one arm, she moved her hand down to my hot dick, trapped as it was between our bodies. She loosened her hip-lock and eased her lower body away from me until I felt my cock entering her simmering pussy. Gradually, she tightened the grip of her legs until I was buried to the hilt.

She kissed me even harder and moved her hips up and down slowly on my virile shaft. She lifted her mouth from mine as she began to pant with desire.

“Oh Jesus…. Your cock, I love your big cock…. Fuck me, baby, fuck my hot pussy…. Make me cum!”

Faster and faster, she plunged her pussy over my cock as the water churned around us. She bit my neck so as not to cry out to loudly, as yet another orgasm coursed through her loins. As her passion ebbed she slowed her hips slightly, but kept on bucking against me.

“God, you’re a wonderful lover, Davie,” she moaned, “Oh boy, here we go again.”

Soon her hips were pounding against me once more, her passion building to yet another peak. This time we soared together, climaxing at nearly the same instant. I hammered my prick deeply into her convulsing pussy as my sperm boiled out of my balls. I groaned mightily and lost my balance, dropping her into the water. We both came up sputtering and laughing and we walked out of the pool to lie down on a mat beside it. I gently fondled her breasts and I kissed her tenderly as we lay back in the warm afterglow of great sex. She dozed off with her head nestled in the hollow of my shoulder.

I lay there enjoying the warm softness of Samantha’s naked body against me, and watched the moon drift across the cloudless desert sky. I must have fallen asleep as well, for when I opened my eyes again the moon had moved considerably. Not wanting to startle her, I kneaded the soft resilient mounds of her breasts with one hand while the other moved down to her exquisite pussy. Gently parting the puffy lips, I delved into her slippery folds. Her hips rose to welcome my caresses.

“Uhhhhh, oh baby, don’t ever stop loving me,” she moaned softly, beginning to wake up.

Her eyes opened and she rolled over on top of me. Spreading her legs wide, she lifted up to fit the broad head of my cock into her gaping vagina. Relaxing the muscles of her thighs, the weight of her body forced my shaft deep into her wet pussy. Soon we were thrusting our hips wildly in search of another mutual climax. When it finally came we were totally exhausted.

“Instead of driving back to your apartment why don’t you spend the night here?” I asked as I hugged her spent frame to me. “What time is your first class?”

“Not until eleven, I really don’t want to leave.”

“Great. My first isn’t until noon. Let’s go to bed.”

We helped each other up, staggered to my bedroom and collapsed onto my big bed.

“What are your plans for spring break?” she asked, snuggling up to me.

“I really don’t have any. Jim invited me to spend the time at his ranch but I haven’t decided yet. Why?”

“Well, my brother, Stan, has a little cabin up in Pinetop, in the White Mountains. I have never seen it but he said I could use it anytime I wanted and I was hoping, maybe, you might want spend a few days alone with me, with nothing to do except make love to each other.”

“Would you mind if I thought it over for a few days?”

“Yes, I do mind,” she said, pouting. “I thought you would jump at the chance. But take your time if you must.”

“I was just kidding; I’d love to have you all to myself. Four days of loving you and your hot sexy body would be my idea of heaven.”

“Mine too. I can’t get enough of your loving,” Samantha said, trying unsuccessfully to stifle a yawn.

“Sorry, baby, I’m not bored, just exhausted.”

“So am I, let’s try to get some sleep.”

I pulled the sheet over our spent naked bodies, and we fell into a much needed deep sleep.

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