Sally Wants to Get Married Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

The characters in this story are all imaginary creations brought to life from a dark corner of my mind.

Readers may wish to read the Natsuki story as some characters appear in this story.

Sally wants to get married. Ch2

This is the continuing story of Sally Turner a nineteen year old who is infatuated by her father and wants to marry him. Well as it turns out, dad was also keeping an eye on his daughter, and mom too. And although her scheming didn’t workout entirely to plan, her mom and dad did open the door to a whole new world.

Sitting at the breakfast table I can scarcely believe the events of the last twenty-four hours. Mom and dad are sitting there as if this is just another day. I have a million questions to ask and don’t know where to start.

Dad looks across at me and smiles


“You look a little lost there Sally,” he says. “I have something for you that may help.”

Getting up from the table he make his way out the patio door, out back to where his office is.

“Mom,” I say, “Why did you and dad only have me?”

“That’s and easy answer Sally. I couldn’t have anymore babies after you. It was nothing to do with the birth, it was just one of those things.” She replies.

Dad returns and he hands me a multi media tablet and I switch it on.

“Type Daughter of Eve for the username,” he says, “and the password is forever-young. You can change the password if you wish.”

The tablet loads the community web page and it opens a Pandora’s world of information to me. Dad sits down beside me to familiarize me with the site layout.

“This here,” he says, pointing to a link titled History. ” It will give you all the information you need to know about our origins. The rest you can explore yourself.”

So, I grab my coffee and go to my room I and settle down on my bed and begin to read.

Its simply astonishing, our community pre-dates the Egyptian civilization, in fact, our ancestors lived in Egypt for a time. And back then it was normal for, and fully expected that a brother and sister of the royal household would produce an heir to rule the kingdom.

Tutankhamun the boy-king, is probably one of the best known of the royal dynasty. His father was Akhenaten and DNA research seems to suggest that Akhenaten and one of his six daughters are the parents of Tutankhamun. Which would be in keeping with their philosophy of continuing the royal bloodline. His father also changed the face of religion too, when he basically announced that only one god would be worshiped, that was of course the sun; The Aten. Perhaps this is the origin of the Christian faith I think to myself.

Mom popped her head round the door and says, “Lunch time Sally.”

I was so absorbed in the tablet I barely noticed the time flying by, and we sit down for lunch.

“Well,” says dad, “Has it helped answer your questions?”

“Yes, pendik escort and no,” I say, “how come you never sent me to Sunday school here?”

Our Sunday school not only teaches religion, but it also introduces the girls and boys to the Philosophy of our family life.

“Well, mom says, “it’s a personal choice. We decided that home schooling would be best for you.”

Dad says, “Ok girls, after lunch we have to talk about our living arrangements.”

So after lunch we sit in the living room, and mom thinks it best if dad shares his time, and his love between us, and that separate sleeping arrangements would be best.

“Aw mom,” I say, “I thought we would all sleep in the one big bed.”

“That may not be a good idea Sally,” Dad replies.

“Why not?” I say, “can’t we try it out and see how it goes, please.”

They eventually agree to try out my suggestion, but mom says love making is strictly one-on-one. It is wonderful to snuggle up to dad in the bed, and it all goes well until mom and I have an argument over dad’s Morning-Wood.

She maintains her seniority gives her exclusive right to dad in the mornings, but I think she doesn’t want to share his magnificent cock.

Dad gets fed up and says, “Ok girls, out you go. Nobody is getting my cock until we sort out this bickering.” And he throws us out of bed and takes to the shower.

When I get mom’s back turned I sneak into the shower with dad. I put my arms around his waist and snuggle into his back.

“You are going to get me in trouble Sally.” Dad says.

He turns around and I put my arms around his neck and we kiss passionately, looking down at his big cock I take it in my hand and say,

“It’s a pity to waste such a fine hardon.”

Dad begins to lick and suck my nipples, his hand finds my pussy and he begins to gently rub his fingers between my lips. My pussy loves the attention and I am soon very wet, I turn around to allow him access, and he begins to slowly enter me.

“Jesus dad,” I say, “its, oh, god that’ so good.”

He begins to slowly fuck me, and there is no better feeling than a mans rigid shaft thrusting deep into a girls pussy. Harder and harder he thrusts his cock in, my pussy is on fire and my conflagration spreads to his balls. I feel his cock pumping stream after stream of his precious seed deep into me.

“Oooh, yes, god! I am cumming too dad.” I cry out.

My pussy is throbbing with the intensity of his love making, he pulls me tight to him and starts kiss my neck an shoulders. “I love you Sally,” he says, “that was amazing.”

“You are amazing. So much cum, I won’t have a problem getting pregnant.” I say, and I begin to giggle.

Mom gives us the cold shoulder when we appear for breakfast, dad lets out a long sigh as he sits at the table, throwing his eyes upwards he says,

“Ok, from now on Helen you will have me for three nights, and escort pendik you Sally will have the same.”

“what about the seventh?” Mom asks.

“On the seventh day he will rest saith the lord.” Dad replies.

“So it is written master,” mom says, “so it shall be done.” And we all burst out laughing.

“Come on guys,” I say, “time for a group hug,” Boy, does that hug feel so good, and so full of love.

Later in the afternoon I ask mom about the wedding, I wanted to know if I would be dressed as a bride. Its every girls dream to be dressed on her big-day as a fairy tale princess, and I want a beautiful dress full of lace and frills. She says we can go shopping for a dress but nothing too ostentatious as normally its just a simple ceremony.

“What about the ceremony?” I ask, “will a pastor marry us, and where?”

“Yes of course it can be a pastor,” she says, “our pastor is a good family man too.”

For the folks who don’t grasp what my mom means when she says, “a good family man.” Think of the movie Goodfellas, in the movie you hear the Mafia guys saying, “He’s ok, he’s a goodfella.” And of course they mean that guy is ok, he’s trustworthy, one of the crew.

So if you hear somebody saying. “He’s a good family man.” Take another look because that’s one of the ways our community covertly and openly identify each other.

Mom says, “You will be married at a ranch in Mabeallington Sally. Its part of a project Tom has being working on for a few years. Go ask him about it.

So I head out to dads office, and opening the door the door I see he has his head buried in drawings.

“Ok to come in?” I ask.

“Sure, I always have time for my little girl. What can I do for you?” he asks.

“I was asking mom about our wedding and she said to ask you about the project?”

“The project,” he says, “why yes, sit here at my desk and I’ll get the drawings.”

He retrieves a large bundle of drawings from a shelf and opens them out on his big desk. It’s the plans for the ranch mom mentioned. He explains how they are planning to expand the ranch in Mabeallington into town over many years, and it will include a church, school, a hospital and just about everything a normal town has.

At the moment the ranch is used by folks who want to go play cowboy for a weekend or a week, well, that’s the cover story. The people using the facilities are from our own community in the USA as well as family’s from all over the globe, it’s a retreat of sorts and it has a small doctors surgery. And quite a few babies have been born there he says.

“How is all this being financed?” I ask.

“Donations,” he says, “all of our communities are funded by donations. And a portion of the money is being used to build this communal resort.”

“Are you behind this project?”

“God no, Sally. I was approached by a leading member of our community.”

Dad explains pendik escort bayan that a Doctor Herman Prescott, a Simi-retired family doctor first approached him ten years ago. He took dad to this five-hundred acre ranch and outlined his vision for the town. He wants to build a self-contained town where families like ours can live in peace and prosper.

After he finished explaining I ask dad, “Are you busy?”

“No, almost finished why.”

Getting up off the chair I kiss him on the lips and I begin to rub his crotch slowly with the palm of my hand, I use my fingers to rub the head of his hardening cock.

“You are a very naughty little girl Sally, and I do love you.” He says.

He pulls me close and I just melt into his warm embrace, his loving hands are all over my body and a wonderful warm feeling starts to slowly spread from my wet pussy all across my body.

I undo his pants and slide his underwear down, his hard cock jiggles from side-to-side as he steps out of his clothes. I slide down my panties and get him to sit in his chair.

I climb onto my dad’s lap, letting his cock slowly slide into me, and laying my head on his shoulder I snuggle up to him. “It feels so good to have you in side me.” I say.

“You have the most comfortable seat in the house.” He quips.

Slowly I begin to slide up and down on his rigid shaft, we begin to kiss passionately, sucking the very ardour from our souls. I can feel his cock throbbing with passion and my orgasm overtakes me.

“Dad, I’m cumming, hold me tight.” I gasp.

“Oh Jesus Sally, ohhh fuck your pussy.” He moans, and his cock begins to fill me deep in side.

God, the force of his ejaculation takes my breath away as his balls continue to pump his wonderful cum into my pussy.

Snuggling in tight to dad I again rest my head on his shoulder, we are both overcome by our lovemaking, and I can hear his heart pounding away in side his chest.

“God that was good, my love.” He says.

“I love you dad.” I say, and we begin to share a long, slow, passionate kiss.

Eventually I have to leave my comfortable seat and I always feel so empty when I let his cock slide out. I help him dress, and give his cock a good licking and sucking just for good measure. We return into the house and mom doesn’t need to say a word as we are both positively glowing.

“I have some news for you two,” mom says,

“I spoke to the folks at Mabeallington ranch and they say we can hold the wedding there at the end of the month if we wish.”

“That’s only two weeks away mom. I have no dress, and we have a bazillion other things to do too.” I say, and I am beginning to panic.

“I am sure you and Helen can go dress shopping.” Dad says.

“O course we can,” mom says, “There is plenty of time Sally, don’t panic.”

Don’t panic she says, well its easy for mom to be so laid back, but its me and dad that’s getting married. Of course I am nervous and super excited too. This little girl is finally marrying her Daddy, and I love him with all my heart.

To be continued soon.



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