Room 235

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Stacy sighed in frustration as she tried her card in the door for the third time but still, the double red lights flashed at her. Why the hell didn’t the damn keycard work?

She stood, tired and irritated, attempting in vain to open her hotel room door. She’d been worn out from the flight from New York to Los Angeles and she needed respite from the two layovers and all the walking around the various airports she’d done. All she could think about was getting into her room, slipping her clothes off and sliding into a nice hot and relaxing bath.

After the fourth failed attempt at entering her expensive suite, she yanked furiously at the doorknob and let out a resigned grunt.

“May I be of some assistance?” Came a deep, alluring, and very English voice from behind her. Stacy looked back at the dark haired, green eyed gentleman in the finely tailored suit. He was carrying a large garment bag over one shoulder and another, smaller bag hung from the other.

“No, you can’t, thank you,” she said looking back down at the unrelenting door. She sighed and kicked her foot at its bottom. “I’m just having trouble getting into my room. I’ll have to go back down to the lobby and have those idiots give me another keycard.” She said placing it back in its holder and holding it up for him to see.

“Actually, I think I can help,” he said as he swiftly removed his own card from his pocket and easily slid it into the slot. The green lights flashed and he pushed the door open.

“I believe this is my room,” he said smiling and taking her card cover from her hand.

“You’re right across the hall,” he said pointing to the door kitty corner from his own. “Room 235.”

Stacy looked up at the large and unmistakable “232” on the door in front of her as her face flushed in an instant.

“Oh.” Stacy said with a look embarrassment.

She lifted her bag over her shoulder again and grabbed at her suitcase on the floor by her feet.

“Here, let me help you with that,” he said as he quickly sat his own bags down just inside the door to his room and took Stacy’s suitcase from her hand.

“I’m Graham, by the way,” he said sitting her suitcase down in front of her door and sliding her card into the slot. As the green lights flashed he pushed open the door for her.

“Stacy,” she said picking up her luggage and hauling it inside.

“Well, it was very lovely to meet you, Stacy,” Graham said as he bowed slightly at the hip and handed her card back to her. Stacy thought this was a bit overly dramatic, but smiled and dismissed the overzealous attempt at politeness. Maybe it was a British thing– maybe not. She didn’t care, really. She was just happy to finally be in her hotel room with a hot, relaxing bath not more than ten minutes away.

“Thank you, Graham.” She said as she stood inside the door with her hand already poised at the doorknob ready to close it and get on with her evening. With her free hand she pulled out the pin in her hair allowing her long, raven locks to fall haphazardly around her shoulders.

Graham was frozen in the moment, quietly mesmerized. He wanted to say something but he wasn’t sure what, so he simply stood there while his mind raced trying to come up with the perfect words to capture her attention. He had just opened his mouth to speak just as Stacy was closing the door in front of him. Graham heard the click of the lock from the outside before he’d even realized what had happened.

He stood there a while longer before finally turning around to the room door behind him. He took his keycard out of his pocket again and slid it into the slot. The green lights flashed and he once again pushed the door open. He walked inside, but not before taking a final glance back at Stacy’s closed door and thinking about how he could finagle a way to get to know this woman better.

Her piercing blue eyes and that elegant smile perfumed of class — but in his experience the classiest of ladies tended to be the filthiest ones of all. He had an aching and insatiable need to find out if this was true with her as well, this – Stacy. Somehow he knew it was — he felt it. There was something about her that told of naughtiness passed. He wanted to be one of the lucky men who got to tell the tale of spending a rapturous night with her.

He smiled to himself before gently closing the door behind him.


Inside her room, Stacy quickly dropped her bag from her shoulder and plopped her body down on the bed. She kicked off her shoes and threw herself back onto the quilted surface beneath her and sighed. For the brief instant she closed her eyes, she felt a mild sense of relief. It had been an incredibly long and hectic day and the thought of the cutthroat sales meeting she was scheduled for tomorrow only seemed to add to her tension.

Oddly enough though, she couldn’t seem to shake that alluring English accent of her neighbor’s from her mind. Stacy had never actually met an Englishman before and the whole of the only British accents she’d heard were mostly on television and in movies. But still – there was something quite sexy bahis firmaları and promising about Graham. Maybe it was the exotic, foreign element. She couldn’t be sure. It could have just as well been the fatigue taking over her for all she knew. She chuckled to herself and finally lifted herself from the bed and headed to the bathroom to run her much needed and much deserved bath.


Graham was still recovering from a nearly debilitating bout of jet lag from his long flight from London. He figured he’d order in a bite to eat, but decided against it just as his head hit his pillow. He was hungry no doubt, but he quickly discovered that he was more tired than famished. Dinner could wait until after a restful snooze in this new country. Hell, maybe by then he will have even come up with a way to get the lovely and shapely Stacy to join him.

His mind continued to race at the thought of how well Stacy’s luscious ass filled out her blue jeans and how her breasts left little to the imagination in her white button-up blouse. She’d left the top two buttons open with the collar splayed out around her neck. She successfully pulled off a look that was both sexy and demure at the same time. Her clothes ruthlessly hugged at her shapely figure leaving Graham’s lustful thoughts to fly away with him and it tortured him to no end just thinking about what lay beneath. The smooth, silky skin that was exposed by the opening at the top of her blouse spoke volumes about what other treasures lay behind the superfluous material. He imagined her naked and heaving body beneath his, his cock buried deep inside her wondrous pussy.

Her screams of ecstasy as she cried out his name with every thrust…

Graham stopped. He couldn’t think about that now. It only would serve to drive him crazy fantasizing about a woman he’d only just met, especially since he couldn’t do anything about his urges at the moment. So, he lay in bed, fully clothed save for the shoes he’d eagerly kicked off next to the room door upon his entry. He loosened the vice-like grip his red tie had around his neck and clasped his hands firmly behind his head. His eyes drifted closed as a yawn liberated itself from his lips. Within minutes, Graham was fast asleep inside the walls of this new and foreign land.


Stacy had just settled herself into the tub, the intense heat of the water steamed up the bathroom mirrors and she became little more than a pink and black blur in its reflection. She sank herself well into its depths, her back reclining against the warm porcelain and her hair covering her deliciously pink and pert nipples with arrant strands of black.

As the heat permeated every pore of her body, her thoughts wandered back to the English gentleman across the hall. The more she thought about him, the more she couldn’t deny the unbridled attraction there.

She had been in an unusually bad mood when they met, but now that she had time to relax and think about their interaction, she found herself intrigued and slightly aroused by the thought of him.

The idea of a sexual sensual tryst with an almost-stranger stirred something potently carnal within her soul.

The fingers of her right hand unconsciously found their way to one of her submerged nipples and teased it wildly. Almost in unison, her left hand gingerly paved a path down toward the source of the increasing tingling sensation nestled between her thighs.

As her fingers easily slid back and forth over the stiffening bulb of her clit and the hardened peaks that were her nipples, her eyes fluttered closed as she let the deliciously wicked sensations overwhelm her senses.

Her all too eager hips rose and fell with each delicate stroke making the insatiable yearning inside her almost more than she could bear. She massaged the sensitive button unsheathing it from his delicate cover and exposing it to the warm water and the intrusion of her mischievous fingers.

She quickly and easily slid two fingers inside her waiting hole giving her body a pleasantly unexpected surge that jolted her upright along her porcelain bed. Water overflowed onto the floor beneath her, but she was oblivious. Her mind and body were lost in this lustful awakening.

Submerged in the water, her body twisted and contorted itself at the continuous pressing of her nimble and naughty fingers. She started off slowly at first as if testing the waters to find a comfortable and steady rhythm. Her back arched against the tub and she bit at her bottom lip as she drove her fingers inside her aching pussy as far as they would go and back. More water lapped onto the floor, saturating the towel she placed there for herself upon her exit.

Her fingers gradually picked up speed and soon began to race furiously in and out of her opening, splashing even more water over the side of the basin. Her moans now bordered on screams as she grew nearer to her climax. She imagined that it was Graham’s hard shaft thrusting in and out of her slickness, pinning her to the surface behind her, his lips tightly clasped onto her sensitive nipples.

Stacy’s climax finally kaçak iddaa swept over her and it rocked her being to its core. Her entire body stiffened as her fingers pressed hard against her clit, milking every bit of release from her body. She gasped as her orgasm began to subside, her body still involuntarily convulsing from the shockwaves that ran through her, their once powerful bursts now sputtering and becoming fewer and farther between.

Stacy rubbed at the aching nub between her legs and one final shudder released itself from her body. She lay in the tub completely relaxed, spent and satiated. She rested for a while, feeling the water soothe her tired and weary muscles. She smiled as the warmth sweetly caressed her nearly raw and satisfied pussy. All at once, her entire being now suddenly felt it needed a restful slumber. For a moment, she considered dozing where she lay, her body feeling too weak to move an inch, much less find its way back to the bedroom. But in the end, she decided she didn’t want to wake up enveloped in frigid water, so she released the valve on the tub to let it drain and stepped out onto the wet, tiled floor.

She took a towel off the shelf and dried off her body from her long, black hair down to her feet. Taking great care to delicately rub the extra sensitive button between her legs. The fabric brushing over its surface released a subdued and final shudder from deep inside her.

After she was done, she let the towel drop to the floor and it quickly became saturated with the puddles of spilled water from her exquisite bath.

Stacey felt no need to clothe herself before her nap. She walked into the bedroom area and easily slid her nude body beneath the sheets and dozed off.


A few hours later, Graham had finally awoken from his slumber. He looked at the clock on the night stand. It was 7:33. It was already very early morning in his native England and he had no idea how his mind and body was ever going to reconcile the time difference.

His thoughts fell immediately to Stacy. Well, Stacy and food. Both equally sublime in his mind.

He’d already had it in his mind that he would stop over to see her after his nap. Graham wasted no time as he quickly showered and grabbed a bottle of wine from the mini bar in his room, walked over to Stacy’s door and knocked.

Stacy was stirred from her sleep by the rapping on her room door. She slid from beneath the sheets suddenly remembering that she’d gone to sleep in her birthday suit.

“Just a second!” She yelled as she scrambled to the closet in search of the obligatory hotel robe. She slipped it on, loosely fastened the belt around her waist and sprinted to the door. She eyed the peep hole in the middle surprised to see Graham standing on the other side of the door with a bottle of wine in his hand.

Stacy unfastened the lock, though leaving the chain secured. She opened the door until the chain locked the door in place, the space it opened between them no more than six inches or so.

“Yes?” Stacy asked eyeing the unopened bottle of Merlot in his hand and the unapologetically suggestive grin on his face.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you,” Graham said as his eyes fell down toward the daringly wide opening her robe made across her bosom. The soft swell of her breast seemed to burst forth from beneath the fabric making every effort to make its presence known. The twisted desire that flooded him briefly buckled him at the knees. He smiled as he caught himself before she even had a chance to notice.

“I just thought I’d pop by and see if you weren’t interested in having a drink with me.”

There it was again, that sultry English accent. She suddenly blushed at the thought of what she’d done to herself earlier at the thought of it. There was no way he could know, but she still found herself uncomfortable in her own skin and she unconsciously tucked herself more tightly inside her white, cotton robe.

“Is this a bad time?” Graham asked, taking her silence as indication of disinterest.

“No, no,” Stacy stuttered as she quickly closed the door in his face, unhooked the chain, then opened the door wide enough for him to enter.

“Please, come in.” She added extending her hand out in front of him.

Stacy watched as Graham walked in, still gripping the wine bottle tightly in his hands. He walked over to the desk by the big picture window and took a seat.

As she walked over and sat down in front him, her robe opened slightly revealing more of the beautiful legs he was certain hid beneath it.

“I was wondering if you’d be so kind as to have tea with me.”

Stacy gave a pained smile and looked down at her bare feet. She noticed that Graham was shamelessly staring at the loosening material across her bosom and she didn’t mind. She didn’t mind at all.

“I’m kind of hungry,” Stacy replied. “I think I’m looking for something of more sustenance than tea.”

Graham laughed.

“I’m sorry, I’m forgetting where I am. In England tea is tea — but it can also mean dinner. I was referring to the latter.” He said as he placed kaçak bahis the wine bottle on the table in front of him.

“Oh,” Stacy said with eagerness. “Then I’d love to! Should we call up room service?” She asked not really waiting for an answer. Graham watched as she sauntered over to the phone on the nightstand. The way her breasts bounced and her bottom wiggled with her movements suggested that the only thing she was wearing under her robe was skin.

Graham felt himself stiffening in his pants. Just the hint that Stacy wasn’t wearing anything underneath her robe drove him delirious with desire. He didn’t know if it was weakness from hunger or just plain, old fashioned lust, but her bare thigh peeking from beneath the fabric, begging — no demanding to be touched nearly sent him into a tizzy.

“What would you like?” Stacy asked looking up at him with the phone to her ear.

“I’d fancy a steak if they have it.” He said as he unconsciously licked his lips.

Stacy smiled and ordered a Porterhouse for him and pasta for herself.

“They said it’ll be about a half hour.” She said placing the phone’s receiver back into its cradle.

Stacy stood up from the edge of the bed and walked back over to the table where Graham was sitting and took her original seat in front of him.

“So Graham, what part of England are you from?” She asked as she playfully fumbled with the wine bottle in front of her.

“Finchley. Just outside of London.”

“I’m originally from Phoenix Arizona, but I live in Brooklyn now.” Stacy said looking up at him and smiling.

Graham chuckled.

“Such a drastic change, isn’t it?” he asked placing his hand on her leg in a partially friendly, but mostly suggestive gesture.

As his hand lightly braced her knee, the soft skin beneath his fingers wreaked havoc with his mind. He’d originally had every intention of only touching her briefly, but something wouldn’t allow his hand to leave her body. This was amplified by the fact that Stacy didn’t seem to be entirely disconcerted by the incredibly intrusive act itself. She’d made no effort to either remove his hand or retreat into the safety of her own personal space. No, instead, she seemed to welcome his caress. With new found confidence, Graham let his hand brush lightly across her lower thigh and back, both testing the waters and relinquishing himself to an unrepentant desire that seemed to be growing so mercilessly inside him.

Stacy’s body responded vehemently to Graham’s touch. She couldn’t believe how quickly her pussy lubricated itself on contact. She let the top of her robe ‘accidentally’ fall open a bit more revealing most of one her breasts, her areola exposing itself from beneath the material.

Graham thought he was reading all the signs correctly, that this woman wanted him almost as much as he wanted her, but he couldn’t move. He thought that if he had misread her signals, even just slightly, he could end up with a stinging, pink hand mark on his jaw. So he waited for her to make the next move.

Stacy took Graham’s hand and led it higher up her thigh, parting the soft material of her robe even further so that half of it fell from her leg, while the other half sat splayed across her pelvis, barely covering the dark tufted mound of her sex.

He’d read it right. Thank God, he thought. There would be no pretenses, no last names, no waiting. Just pure unadulterated lust was all that both of them were willing to submit to.

Not being able to control himself any longer, Graham stood up bringing Stacy with him. He spread open her robe, revealing her beautiful body completely to his view. The intoxicating smoothness of her flawless legs, the alluring curves of her hips, the softness of her firm, ripe breasts were all playing some lusciously vicious game with his mind.

His hands crept up to her shoulders and pushed the unwanted material down her arms and on to the floor. The robe lay, discarded in a pillowy white pool at her feet.

His hands instinctively migrated to her breasts, molding them between his fingers, softly twisting the stiffening peaks at their center. Stacy tightly clasped her hands around his neck, pulling him into her while her tongue desperately sought the warmth of his mouth.

Graham didn’t make her wait long. His mouth ravaged hers as she teetered backwards, barely able to stand in place. She would have fallen over if his strong arms were not there for her to hold on to.

His hands finally released their possession of her breasts as they tangled themselves into the long, silky tendrils of her hair. He ferociously yanked at it tilting her head up and claiming her mouth as his own. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth, halting her breathing for a moment before removing it again and nibbling at her bottom lip.

Graham broke their kiss and briefly stared into her eyes before he slowly sank to his knees in front of her. Along the way, he let his tongue wander across her firm breasts down her taut belly and finally burying his head into that treasure between her legs. Stacy’s knees buckled beneath her, but Graham’s hands held her body at the waist making sure she didn’t fall. His tongue roughly circled at her clit, unconsciously forcing it into submission, to bend to his will taking Stacy’s entire body with it.

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