Ronald and His Mom

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Many thanks to tangentjoker, who edited this story.

All characters are 18 or older.

This story is about an incestuous relationship.

When I was six, my father was killed in a construction accident. I was just old enough to understand what had happened. I remember him as some kind of gentle giant. Even though he was not an exceptionally big man, he seemed so to my six year old mind. I recall sitting between him and mom on the couch. I remember, too, that my mother and he used to laugh together a lot.

My mother was distraught, but she carried on. The settlement from the death she put away, spending as little of it as possible. She got a job so was able to keep our small house in a working class neighborhood.

We lived in a mid-sized city in the upper Midwest. Mom worked in a local supermarket. She worked her way up to dairy department manager. We weren’t struggling, but were a long way from rich.

As I was growing up, Mom was able to arrange her hours so that she was there to get me off to school. After classes, I would go to my Aunt Cathy’s house, not far from ours, until she got home. As I got older, Mom took on more responsibility at work. She started going in earlier so I started to get myself ready and off to school. Her working hours were more regular, though. She would get home about 4 PM, so we had our evenings together. I stopped going to my aunt’s after classes.

Mom also assigned me chores to do around the house. I didn’t mind doing them. I loved my mom. I wanted to do all I could to help. Mom was able to get Sundays off most of the time. She also got another day off, usually a Tuesday or Wednesday. Sundays were good days. We could both be home together all day. We often did housework together on those days. Sometimes we went somewhere, like an amusement park or a museum. Maybe swimming in the summer, or sledding in the winter. A few times we just took a drive in the country. We also had some long talks on those days. I always felt like I could talk to her about anything, if I wanted to.

Mom had to try to be a father to me, as well as a mother. She did her best. She also tried to teach me independence and self-reliance. That’s the way she was. She wanted to instill those traits in me, too. I had a couple of uncles in the area who often took me to ball games, fishing, father-son things like that. I enjoyed those times, I learned much from them.

My name is Ronald, I am usually called Ron. I was 18 years old, a senior in high school, six foot tall and wiry. I weighed about 160. I was not very athletic, at least as far as team sports were concerned. I ran some, mostly distance races. I was pretty good, but not great. I did pretty well in school but there wouldn’t be enough money for college. Mom and I had always known that. I hadn’t made firm plans but was leaning toward a carpenter apprenticeship. That would be following in my father’s footsteps. One of my uncles was a carpenter too. In the back of my mind was the hope that someday I would have my own business.

In school, I had a few friends but no steady girlfriend. I got occasional dates but nothing ever seemed to click. At the age of eighteen, I was almost a virgin. I jerked off regularly. In fact, almost every night.

Mom’s name is Laura. She was 5’4″ tall and slim. Her face was her worst point. It was not pretty at all. She didn’t have very big boobs, either. More like a couple of mounds on her chest. I don’t think that she even needed a bra except the padded kind or, maybe, to cover her nipples. Her hair was brown and straight. She cut it at about chin level.

Mom could dress well when she wanted to, but she seldom went out with men. She would go to an occasional party or go out with her sisters for the evening. She always felt like she was not very attractive to men. I always told her that she was really quite nice looking. She would thank me, but it didn’t change the way she thought.

Mom had a perfume she wore on special occasions. It couldn’t have been very expensive, but it certainly suited her. Whenever she used it, she smelled gorgeous. If there were men around they noticed it, too. They looked for ways to talk to her.

Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I noticed a change. My mother seemed to be wearing less around the house. She wore house dresses more instead of slacks or jeans. Some of the dresses she wore were pretty thin. If she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples showed through the fabric. A few times she wore tight shorts. She was showing more flesh than before. A couple of times, I saw her with only a bra and panties.

I didn’t mind. Mom had nice legs and butt. She also had a beautiful back and shoulders. She actually looked very nice in something like a sun dress, especially from the back.

I used to go through my mother’s closet and drawers once in a while. I never took any of her stuff. It was more a matter of curiosity, but her panties would turn me on. I usually ended up jerking off. Once, I found a couple of dildos in her bedside table. They got me hot, too. The last time I snooped, bursa escort I almost got caught. I thought Mom would be gone for a while, but I heard her come in downstairs. After quickly putting everything back, I snuck into my own room before she came upstairs. I tried to act nonchalant the rest of the day. I’m not sure how good a job I did.

A couple of times, I peeked through the keyhole while Mom was showering. When she was drying off, I got a couple of good views. Her tits might not have been very big, but her nipples were prominent. Her areolas were large and dark. She had lots of pubic hair framing her pussy. I almost jerked off right there, but made it back to my room. The second time was just before Thanksgiving. It was even better. Mom sat on the toilet seat trimming her bush. Not a lot, just the wilder parts. Her nipples got hard while she was doing it. She played with them when she was done with the haircut. She rubbed her finger on her slit a few times. I thought I was going to lose it then. She didn’t continue, though. As she stood, reaching for her robe, I snuck back to my room.

After those two incidents, I first started imagining my mother as my sexual partner when I jerked off.

The week after Thanksgiving, Mom took a vacation. It started that Saturday. She had some shopping planned, for the following week, with her sisters. When I got up Saturday morning, I went downstairs wearing my robe over t-shirt and shorts. She was in the kitchen cooking us a big breakfast.

Mom was still in her bathrobe. She gave me a tight hug. She held it longer than usual. She kind of rubbed herself on me a couple of times. It was a bit subtle, so I thought I might have imagined it, but the hug was more intimate than usual. I felt a little aroused.

After breakfast, Mom said, “I think I want to give the house a good cleaning today, can you help?”

I told her I would be happy to.

She continued. “Ok, let’s get dressed. We can put the sheets and towels in the washer. While they’re washing, we can take a little break to digest our breakfast.”

After I got dressed, I carried my sheets down to the laundry room. Mom was right behind me with her sheets and an armload of towels. She was wearing a house dress; one of the thin ones. I could see her nipples poking the fabric.

Mom started the washer. We went to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee. Sitting at the table, we were sipping our coffee when she suddenly started asking me about my love life.

“You don’t seem to go out with girls much, Ron,” she said. “Do you have any problems?”

I kind of mumbled that no, I didn’t have a problem. Mom wouldn’t let it go.

“Don’t you ever ask any girls out?” she pressed.

Mom and I had always been close. We could talk about almost any subject. So I answered her the best I could.

“Not too often, Mom. I have a real problem asking for a date.”

Mom asked, “Is it a case of shyness, dear?”

I responded that yes, I thought that was the problem.

Mom put her hand over mine; she told me, “We can work on that together if you want to.”

I replied, “I’m not sure you can help, Mom.”

When we finished our coffee, we stood up to go back to work. Mom gave me another extra-long hug, with another of those subtle body rubs.

I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom. Mom did the bedrooms and living room.

We broke for lunch. I made us each a sandwich. Mom got back on the same subject again.

“I think that you need to build up your self-confidence, at least as far as girls are concerned.” She paused, then said, “Lots of boys are shy. Lots of girls are, too.”

We finished the cleaning about two o’clock. We sat in the kitchen having coffee. Mom got back on the same subject.

“Ron,” she started, “what kind of girls do you like?”

I couldn’t help myself. I blurted, “I want them to be like you.”

Mom looked at me a moment, then said, “I’m flattered, really, but tell me why.”

I was finding it hard to discuss this subject. So I just blurted things out again.

“Mom, you’re beautiful.

“Your butt is gorgeous; so are your legs.

“You’re smart, too.

“When you wear that perfume, you smell wonderful.”

Mom looked at me a moment, then said softly, “I think we need to have a long talk.

“First, though, I need to get cleaned up so I can run over to my sister’s. I’ll bring a pizza home for dinner.”

Mom stood up, took my hand. “Give me a hug.”

I stood, she hugged me tightly. The rubbing was less subtle. It was real and I didn’t think that I imagined it this time. I hugged her back. We held each other longer than usual.

Mom showered, changed and headed off to her sister’s; telling me she would be home in an hour. I lazed around the house. I did think about jerking off, but decided to wait until nighttime. I read some and then went upstairs. I peeked in Mom’s room. I didn’t go in, though. I thought to myself that Mom would be shocked if she knew about my lurid thoughts; especially the fact that they were centered bursa escort bayan on her. I wandered back downstairs to watch TV. That didn’t hold my interest, either. I kept wondering what the “long talk” was going to be about.

Mom got home a little later than she had thought. It was about 5:30. She put the pizza in the oven to keep it warm. She told me to set the table while she changed. She had worn slacks with a blouse to her sister’s.

I set the table. She came back to the kitchen with the same blouse, but a skirt instead of slacks. While we were eating Mom said.

“I had a nice visit with your aunt, Cathy. She helped me a lot with a problem I’ve been having.”

When we were finished eating, Mom said, “Let’s have a little glass of wine and talk.”

I got the wine bottle and glasses while Mom cleared the table. After I poured us each a glass, I brought them to the table.

As we sipped our wine, Mom said, “I had it all figured out what to say, now I can’t get started.” She hesitated again, then rushed on, saying, “Ron, I know you masturbate at night.”

I could feel a blush spreading through my body. Mom was blushing too.

“I also want you to know I don’t mind. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.”

My blush subsided, a little.

Mom went on, saying, “I think that you went through my room a couple of times. I’m not sure, but once I thought you were peeking at me in the bathroom.” She hesitated then put her hand over mine. “Ron,” she said softly, “it’s ok. Actually, it gave me a little bit of a thrill.”

“It did?” I blurted.

“Yes,” she hesitated, then continued as if she didn’t quite know how to say what she wanted to. “I have a question for you. When you masturbate, do you think about me? You said you wanted a girl like me. Do you think about those things you said you liked about me?”

I was embarrassed that Mom had figured so much out. I told her.

“Yes Mom.”

I didn’t mention that I thought about her hairy snatch, the mounds of her tits, or her large dark areolas.

“Ron,” Mom said, almost whispering, “I need to tell you a few things. First, I am so glad you have been honest with me. It makes it easier for me to be honest, too.” After a pause, she continued, “I have been developing a desire for you. I masturbate, too. I think of you when I do. At first I thought it was sick, but it gave me such a thrill I wanted to do it again and again.” She paused again. “I talked to my sister, Cathy, today. She helped me a lot.

“I’ll be right back,” Mom said as she stood up from the table. “Why don’t you pour us another glass of wine?”

I got up to get the wine bottle. Mom rarely drank more than one glass of wine. One was all she would ever let me have. After I poured our glasses full, I sat back down. The conversation was having an effect on me. If I was reading her right, she was inviting me into her bed. My dick was getting hard at the thought. Mom came back to sit at the table. I immediately realized that she had put on her perfume; a thrill ran through me.

As she picked up her wine glass, I said, “Mom, you smell so nice.”

“Thank you,” she said with a smile. “Let’s go into the living room.”

We took our wine into the living room, to the couch. We sat our wine on the coffee table, then sat together on the couch. Mom opened her arms to me. We kissed, her tongue slid between my lips to find mine. Twisting around it, sending shivers up my back. I had never been kissed like that before. She took one of my hands to put it on her breast, she covered it with her own. She guided my fingers to her nipples, teaching me how to pinch them; to play with them through the fabric of her blouse. She picked up my other hand, bringing it to the buttons of her blouse. Her hands stayed with me as I went from button to button opening it. She took both of my hands and put them on her bare breasts. As I followed the guidance her hands were giving me, she moaned softly. She was kissing me as I played with her nipples. She broke the kiss and brought my mouth to her tit. She held me tightly as I sucked and nibbled on her. I rubbed my face on her soft breasts.

Mom unbuttoned my shirt, slipping it off me, then put her hand on my hard cock.

“Open your pants,” she told me hoarsely.

I unbuckled my belt and opened my zipper. I pushed my pants and shorts down over my hips. My hard dick sprang straight up. Mom grasped it.

“You’re big,” she told me.

She sat back, then, and spread her legs. Taking my hand again, she led me to the crotch of her panties. I could feel a wet spot there. Still guiding me, she rubbed my hand over the wet spot. I could feel her slit through the fabric of the panties. She pushed them down, then, lifting her hips to help. Lifting her legs, she pulled them off throwing them on the floor. She grasped my hand again and led me back to her pussy.

Mom guided my fingers. She took me to her clit. We massaged it together. She moved me lower in her snatch and showed me the where to push my finger into her. She pushed escort bursa it deeper when I was hesitant. She was moaning and mouthing mindless sounds. Her body started to quiver. She put both her hands over mine, keeping it where she wanted it. She bucked her hips as the flow from her pussy increased. Her mouth was on mine, open and wet, mashing our lips together. I knew what an orgasm was, but I had never witnessed one except for my own.

Mom slumped against the back of the couch when it was over, but she held my hand in her pussy as she caught her breath.

Then, looking at me, she said, “Take me to the bedroom, Ron.”

I stood, taking her hand. She came to her feet. I led her to her bedroom. She told me to get in bed, that she would be right back. She went to her closet while I climbed into bed. I lay propped up against the headboard until she came out of the closet dressed only in a short nightgown. She only had one of the straps over her shoulder.

My mother climbed into bed with me, snuggling up, hugging me tight. I returned her hug. I put my hand on her boob, caressing it, through the fabric. My fingers played with her nipples. She pulled the top of her nightie down, on the side with the strap off. She offered her bare tit to me.

After she stroked my cock for a while, she told me, “You are big, Ron; like your father was. We had great sex together. Tomorrow, I will teach you some of it.”

She continued. “Ronald,” she only called me that when she was serious. “Get on top.”

I did as she instructed. Her legs were spread. Her pussy was wet and ready for me. She kept talking softly in my ear.

“Take me for your own. Fuck me and make me yours.”

She guided my throbbing cock to the slit of her cunt, starting the tip into it. Then, with both her hands on the cheeks of my ass, she urged me into her heat. She still spoke softly in my ear.

“Cum for me. Cum for your mother.”

I came fast that first time. The thrill of my first time was too much for me to make it last. Mom held me inside her as I started to soften. I soon got hard again. I lasted a lot longer that second time. Mom had two orgasms before I was ready to come again. Her whole body would quiver as an orgasm gained strength. If it was a really intense one, the quivers became shudders. I felt the quivers running through her body as I felt my balls start my cum on its way. I pumped her hard. Mumbling, “Oh my God,” over and over. The strength of her orgasm increased as we came together in an explosion of lust and love.

I collapsed on top of my mother. Both of us lay there catching our breath. After I had softened, she patted me on the shoulder indicating that I should get off. We lay close, kissing and petting each other.

Mom told me, “You are my lover now, as I am yours. Tomorrow is Sunday. We will have all day together and all next week before I need to go back to work.”

We fell asleep holding each other. When I woke up the next morning, Mom was already in the kitchen. I could smell coffee and bacon.

I got up. At first, I thought that I didn’t have any clothes. Then I saw them neatly folded on a chair. Mom had brought them from where we had discarded them in the living room. She had brought clean underwear, too. I dressed, then went to the kitchen. Mom threw her arms around my neck. She gave me a hard open mouthed kiss.

She said, “Good morning, my love. Sit down and have some breakfast.”

Sundays were still our special day. That Sunday was a great day. After breakfast, my mother sat with me over coffee.

“Ronald,” she started; Ronald meant she was serious. “I need to tell you a few things about your father and I.”

She had never talked much about the subject so I was anxious to hear what she had to say.

“We were very happy together. I loved your father and he loved me. I never knew why he chose me. I wasn’t very pretty. Your father always said it was because I was good in bed, but I was a virgin when we married. If he got serious about it, he would tell me it was because he loved me and that no one has ever been able to explain love.”

Mother paused with a faraway look, then said, “We had a great sex life. I think it was because we loved each other so much. When he was killed, I was lost. I didn’t think that I could live without him, but there was you to care for.”

She paused again before saying, “I was never with another man until yesterday.

“I remember how sex was with your father.” Another pause, “I remember the fun it was for us. I can show you what it was like. But only if you want to know about it.”

I stood taking my mother’s hand to lift her up with me. I held her tightly, kissing her softly.

“Whatever makes you happy is what counts for me, Mom.”

“You made me very happy yesterday,” she responded.

My mom cleaned up in the kitchen. I sat with my coffee, watching her. When she was finished, she took my hand.

“Let’s shower together.”

She led me to the bathroom. We stood under the cascading water as we washed each other. I sat on the edge of the tub to pull Mom to me, sucking her firm nipples and marveling as they hardened even more. Mom held my head while I suckled her. She moaned softly. We dried each other with big fluffy towels. Then Mom led me to the bedroom.

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