Reunion Ch. 2

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Carmen and her husband stood in the doorway naked, temporarily forgetting their condition.

“Did you just fuck?” asked Carmen disbelievingly.

“You fucked your sister?” bill said, a smirk on his face a growing hard on between his legs.

It was difficult to answer them being in the position we were in and seeing them in the condition they were. Carmen stood their, her huge 36DD tits heaving, her erect nipples and silver dollar sized aureoles for us to stare at. The small strip of black pubic hair outlined her still wet pussy, cum dripping out of it from the good fucking I was sure bill had given her.

“We were drunk and horny listening to you two, that we couldn’t help it” said T from below me.

I was still cock deep into T’s pussy and hadn’t tried to disengage or cover up our nakedness just as Carmen and bill had done nothing to hide their. I could feel my cock start to come alive inside of T as she lay there, all four of us staring at each other. The thought of being busted and naked in front of Carmen was beginning to arouse me.

Theresa moved below me and I figured she was trying to get me off of her so I pulled out and allowed her to sit up.

Carmen and Bill were still dumbfounded and by the looks of things actually starting to get a little excited by what they were hearing and seeing. Neither of them moved from their positions by the door and neither tried to hide their nakedness.

“Well if anyone wants to know, Johnny fucked me good,” said Theresa trying to lighten the moment, “he is an excellent lover, and I love him with all my heart, so if it’s not alright with you, it is with us,” she said smugly.

“Carmen, Bill look we’re all adults right.”

“We heard you two in your room, we got horny we did what we needed to take care of ourselves.”

“Yes T” Carmen said but that doesn’t make it right screwing your brother.”

“Well neither does letting him get hard seeing you naked, but you haven’t covered up yet, and look what your doing to him,” she said as she grasped my now inflated cock in hand..

“Look” she said “you can let him fuck you like you’ve wanted to since we were kids, but never did, and say it was the alcohol in the morning, and that will be the end of it, you never have to do it again.”

Carmen looked shocked at what Teresa suggested whether real or feigned, she looked to bill.

With a smile on his face pendik escort he said “Go ahead honey you told me the same thing when we first met that you used to dream about fucking your brother but never did, well now’s your chance, go ahead.”

“That would be ok with you bill” Carmen asked incredulously, “but that’s perverted, it’s incest.”

Bill said “it wouldn’t be like you fucked a stranger, he’s family I know you love him, so it’s alright, it’s actually kind of a turn on” he said looking down toward his now rapidly growing member.

He grabbed her arm and nudged her in the direction of the bed. Teresa moved herself over on the mattress and extended a hand to Carmen. Carmen lowering her head undecidedly moved toward the bed taking a place at the foot of the be in front of me.

I had remained silent during this whole exchange allowing my fully erect cock and members of my family to speak for me.

Standing uncertain in front of me her creamy brown melons just arms distance away, Carmen asked looking down into me eyes, “do you even want to fuck me Johnny.”

Without saying a word I reached forward, grabbed her hands and pulled her down onto the bed, lowering my mouth to hers we gave each other a long slow kiss full on the mouth, our tongues finding each others.

Instantly years of deeply suppressed desires erupted within both of us and we were kissing like two long lost lovers. Our hands exploring each others bodies, her hand went instantly to my long hard cock and mine to her delicious round tits. Her hand pumped up and down on my sex slick meat stick as mine squeezed and flicked at her tits & nipples. Lifting one huge breast and taking a long pointy nipple into my waiting mouth was sheer heaven. I was finally living out a fantasy I had waited all my life to enjoy and thought I never would.

I sucked at her breasts for minutes as Bill and T watched on, the smiles on their faces and the placement of their hands told me they were also enjoying the show. Bill had his cock in hand and was stroking it back and forth and T had her hand between her legs and was working several fingers in and out of her hot cunt.

Gently I lay Carmen where T had been only moments ago positioning her legs around each side of my hips. Looking down at her glistening pussy, I took hold of my rock solid prick and placed it at the entrance to her pussy, the heat of her lips as it touched escort pendik my cockhead sent jolts of electricity throughout my body causing me to shiver. Rubbing my cockhead along the length of her slit, caused Carmen to let out a gentle moan, and with a gentle nudge I slipped into her well lubed cunny hole, sliding it in the full length. I watched in admiration as it disappeared inch by delicious inch into her womb.

After sliding it all the way in I looked up at Carmen’s face and saw small tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

“You ok! I asked not wanting to do anything she would later regret.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Do you want me to stop.”


“Then why are you crying,”

“It’s just that in all of my dreams I never imagined this would ever happen, and now it is.”

We kissed again and then I began to move my cock slowly in and out of her pussy. I looked up toward the door where bill was still standing looking on in delight as I fucked his wife, his thick prick in hand now at full staff.

Looking towards Theresa fingering her pussy I said.

“You going to leave him like that or are you going to help him out.”

“Ok with you Carmen, I am getting fucking horny just watching you guys.”

Carmen responded gruntingly as I pumped between her legs, “That would be unnggh!..selfish of me uunngh!.. to say… to say no…seeing as how someones ooohh!…already in my pussy,” she answered.

As I pistoned into her pussy her huge melons rippled from my thrusts. Taking as much of her tit and nipple in my mouth I sucked it like a lollipop.

Theresa motioned bill over to the bed, bill didn’t need to be asked twice. Pulling T’s legs over the side of the bed, bill didn’t hesitate to plunge his thick rod deep between her legs.

“Not even a kiss bill, geez Carmen I didn’t know your husband was so forceful” T said with a smile and moan as Bill penetrated her.

Carmen didn’t bother to respond, she was completely into the pounding my cock was giving her vagina.

With inches separating us we fucked the woman to orgasm before turning them over on their stomachs and plowing into them doggy style. My cock nestled between Carmen’s fleshy ass cheeks, ripples rolled over it as I thrust into her.

Looking over at bill, I motioned to him that I wanted to cum on Carmen’s tits. Nodding his approval and motioning to me that he would do pendik escort bayan the same to Theresa.

Reaching around I played with Carmen tits as they swung back and forth below her. Pinching the nipples between my fingers as I thrust against her. Feeling the cum well up in my balls I knew that I would be cumming soon. Removing myself from Carmen I turned her over on her back again

Thinking I was going to fuck her missionary style again, Carmen spread her waiting legs for me. Pushing them down I Straddled her chest.

Carmen instantly knew what I wanted and grabbed her monstrous breasts in each hand and squeezed them together. Placing my cock between her cleavage I pushed my cock between them and began fucking her tits.

“Fuck my big titties” she hissed as my cock slid back and forth between her mounds, “little brother likes sisters tits around his cock doesn’t he?” she asked.

“Oh yeah! baby I love these tits, always have always will.” I answered

Bill meanwhile had also straddled T’s ample bosom and was attempting to push T’s tits together to follow suit. T try as she may could not get the valley to form deep enough between her breasts to cover bill cock completely so bill was pretty much left to slide his cock up and down on her chest, while she flicked her tongue out at his cock as it came toward her mouth.

As I pumped between her tits my balls started to release and I quickly pulled out and started to squirt a rather substantial amount of cum all over her face and breasts which she quickly massaged into her tits.

Bill was releasing his load moments later on T’s chest and face also, taking gobs of his cum with his fingers and inserting them into T’s willing mouth.

The girls were exhausted by this point and so were we. We all climbed into bed together me on one side bill on the other the girls in the middle. We woke up several times during the early a.m. to find our cocks hard & buried between the ass cheeks of my sisters. We continued the fuck fest well into the morning, alternating partners and positions.

In the morning as we showered and got ready to leave the hotel we made a promise to each other that what we had done had been the result of too much alcohol and repressed sexual desires. We decided that in order to keep the family bond we had, that the nights activities would be limited to this one time only. We agreed that the night should be locked away in our memories and cherished as an unbelievable experience that would only happen this once.

Of course we all agreed to this, but deep inside we knew that we were lying.

To be continued…

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