Redwood Manor: Autumn Pt. 01

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Greetings! This is my first formal entry into the world of Erotic Fiction, after years of tooling around and not actually writing anything substantial. This story will pass through periods of heavy adult content as well as sections of pure fiction, as any good Erotic literature cannot succeed without both. If you take the time to sink into the world of the characters, and believe the tensions and dynamics they are under, each orgasm will be that much more powerful 😉 This story is seen through a man’s perspective, but (I hope) there is enough content to satisfy both sexes!

Feel free to share my work, but please, I ask that all content following this paragraph be attributed to myself, the author, and that this note appear at the head of any reposting. I am happy to answer any mail, time allowing – just drop me a line at the link in my author profile.

Constructive criticism is also welcomed, directed at the same email listed above. Happy reading, and more importantly, I wish you the best of fantasies 😉





Autumn: Part 1

Clayton pulled the sleeves of his sweatshirt down from his elbows against the bitter wind that blew across the parking lot. Fall was here, and gusting with a vengeance. Sun and blue skies be damned, it had been a cold day, and with the sunset rapidly approaching the air temperature was diminishing. Seasons always seemed to turn so quickly in the Seattle Area, right at the end of another scorching summer. Clayton’s Explorer chirped behind him as he clicked the lock button on his key remote, shuffling through auburn and hazel leaves to the sidewalk. Brushing a bit of dirty blonde hair out of his face, he hiked down the path and across the courtyards of Redwood Manor that led to his girlfriends apartment.

The apartment complex was unlike many of the others east of the city. It was laid out as a series of small buildings, each containing four units or so. Some of the buildings were smaller, housing only two or three, set out at the edges of the unbounded suburban complex. Trees, mostly Douglas Fir and Cedar, dotted the property. Ironically enough, Clayton mused, there was technically not even a real redwood on the the entire property. Hadn’t stopped the developers from taking artistic license with the name.

The benefit of living so far outside of Seattle Proper could only be truly realized in the cost savings of the place itself – 1300 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 bath for less than half of what you would pay for a unit that size just 3 miles out of the downtown core. The attractive price, granite counter tops, and new appliances is what had drawn Emily to utterly abandon the city in favor of Suburbia. Clayton smiled to himself. It had been about 2 years, and his girlfriend was still as impulsive as ever. Her decision to move so far out had been made in less than two days, much to the chagrin of her sister. At first, Kendra had been very upset about moving so far out into ‘the boonies’. So far from her friends and her job, but hey, when your only option for a roommate is your sister (who also is footing the majority of the rent), how much can you actually complain?

Clayton reached into his pocket as he felt his phone buzz. New snap from Emily. Sliding his phone unlocked, Clayton opened up the picture message. A pair of brown eyes ringed by golden blonde hair stared up at him, along with a serious pouty face.

‘Gonna be at the office longer than I thought’, the words on the screen read. As the message timed out, another one appeared in the inbox. Clayton couldn’t help but grin deviously. The pout had been replaced by down-the-blouse view of a pair of wonderfully perky breasts being squeezed together, the top of the photo showing Emily nibbling on her lower lip seductively.

‘Don’t have too much fun without me?’

‘How could I?’ Clayton texted back. ‘Am I even going to be able to get into your apartment? Or am I just supposed to freeze to death out here.’

Buzz buzzzzz.

‘You are such a drama queen. You already know it is unlocked. Gotta go, see you later gator.’ Clayton smirked as he slipped his phone back into his pocket. It was too much fun to tease Emily. She was such a small girl for 24, only standing about 5’5, and no more than 115 pounds. Getting her riled up was all too easy, and when she got truly irritated she would turn into a little ball of fire.

It was hard to believe that her and Kendra were related. While Emily was loud and boisterous, Kendra was quiet and shy. Three years younger, and taller than Emily at 5’8, she weighed only a little more than her older sister. This was due to the fact that she was an insanely picky eater. In the 4 months that Clayton had been visiting Emily and Kendra at their new apartment, Kendra had only ever touched 3 of the meals that Clayton had made, preferring taquitos and ramen noodles. He knew he was no master illegal bahis chef, but still. So picky. Despite all her finicky meal habits, she did have those stark, ice blue eyes, complimenting her fair skin and brunette hair so well…

Clayton shook his head. While he was very much satisfied with his relationship with Emily, he had been abjectly trying to avoid the reality that had been growing in his head for weeks now: Kendra was hot, plain and simple. It had been easy to categorize her as ‘the little sister’, but then her 21st had come and gone. It was OK, she wasn’t even single, but then the boyfriend was no longer in the picture. Over the months, Clayton had walked into the apartment a number of times as she was leaving the shower in a small towel. It was always slightly awkward, mostly a blush from Kendra and a quickly averted gaze on his part, but nevertheless, it had happened. Clayton brushed the train of though from his mind. It was a dangerous one, and he knew it. He pulled out his phone again.

‘What is taking so long at the office today anyways? Has your boss really got you that busy?’ It was hard to peck out the words with his cold thumbs as the sun drew lower in the sky. Emily’s reply was quick.

‘Well, the more you BOTHER ME, the LONGER I’LL BE. I already told Kendra that I would be late tonight. I’m not sure if she knows you are on the way, though. Just knock so you don’t scare her or something.’

‘Shouldn’t you text her and say I am coming by? Wouldn’t that be the better option?’

‘What would be the BEST option, I think, is if you handled it yourself.’

Clayton began typing a reply, but thought better of it. Accounting had left Emily more spent than most these past few weeks, and their relationship was beginning to feel the effects of it. She usually came home too weary for any kind of fooling around, leaving Clayton increasingly sexually frustrated. Emily was always feisty, but when her mood was tainted with stress from work, it really permeated every aspect of her social interaction. She could go from playful to testy extremely fast, and without warning.

Blowing out a puff of steam, Clayton rounded the corner of the building that Emily and Kendra lived in. Downside of super cheap property so far out of the city? No need to build these units in any semblance of a compact arrangement – it was a full 7 minute walk from the parking lot to their unit. The hill they were situated on, out at the north end of the property, made this building one of the three unit configurations: a ground floor, an upper floor, and an adjacent upper floor that rested up the hill. Clayton weaved around the shrubbery and assorted landscaping that littered the edges of the path up the hill, making his way to the northernmost division of the building. Living all the way out on the edge was a hassle for hauling groceries and such, but the lack of other residences in any direction but south meant that the window shades were usually left open.

Which is why, much to Clayton’s confusion, the double french doors to the little patio were completely shaded. That was his way in when Emily wasn’t home, as the front door further down the hill was usually locked. Even more confusing than the shades was the steadily pulsing House Music coming from the living room behind the doors. The immediate neighbors were gone, as evidenced by the darkened windows, and the music was playing quite loud.

Clayton had bought them a decent set of home theater speakers as a housewarming gift (for parties and a quality listening experience, or so it was intended), but they had rarely seen use. Emily was not all that into music in the first place, and Kendra never played anything on them when Emily and Clayton were home. Kendra was very much a fan of electronic music, however, and had eagerly taken any music that Clayton had offered. Clayton nodded his head in time with the beat as he recognized one of his favorite songs bumping on the system.

He walked up to the french doors, and gently tried the knob, but it was locked. Superb. Annoyed at the cold, and deciding to scare Emily’s sister after all, Clayton slipped through the branches of a small tree around to the uphill side of the apartment, by the kitchen window. Clayton cursed under his breath as the kitchen window shade, inexplicably, was also up. ‘They never close this one, what the hell,’ Clayton thought.

The kitchen windows were tall, owing their height to the vaulted ceilings of the room, but the shade did not reach all the way to the ceiling. Determined to scare the crap out of Kendra, Clayton began to climb the hill. It was a little steeper here, where the ground had been scooped away to level the foundation of the uphill apartment, and he clambered up the dew-covered grass. He would be able to see over the top of the shades is he went up the hill a few more feet, and might be able to flail his arms at Kendra if she was in the kitchen. Far enough up illegal bahis siteleri the hill, he turned around, and Clayton’s jaw dropped open.

Clayton could only process bits of information at a time. Kendra was in the kitchen, facing away from him. She was not, however, cooking. She was absolutely naked, glistening with sweat, kneeling on top of the granite island. Her left hand was on top of her head, weaved in her long brunette hair, of which strands were sticking to her face and back with perspiration. Her right hand, nails dug in, was pulling her rounded ass to one side, helping to open herself to a large, veined, green dildo. It was buried in her pussy, and as Kendra ground her lithe body up and down upon it in tempo with the music, Clayton could see it was absolutely shining with her wetness. She was taking it in so deeply a small ring of white girlcum had even formed around the base of the toy, just above the suction cup holding it in place.

The look on her face as she twisted it sideways momentarily, the arch in her eyebrows, and the moans Clayton could see Kendra mouthing silently told him all he needed to know – she was very, very close. And yet, she was moving with deliberately slow, almost torturous motions. Three beats of the music took her up, and on the forth, she plunged back down onto the thick, green cock. She would lose control for a moments at a time, quite literally bouncing up and back down upon it every beat, the veins in her neck showing as she stifled a guttural moan. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, breath short and gasping.

Clayton’s cock had come alive. Before he even knew what he was doing, the length of it was freed of its strain against his jeans, and he was stroking away with a fever he had not known was inside him. He was as hard as iron, the veins of his manhood stark against the smooth skin of his shaft. His head pulsed, feeling like it would explode, with every heartbeat. A breathless groan slid past his lips as Kendra picked up the pace again. He was close enough to see her pink lips pulling at the thickness of the toy as it slid out of her, close enough to see her ass contract as a wave of pleasure washed over her body. Clayton felt precum leaking out the tip of his throbbing cock, and could feel his own orgasm building rapidly. Faced with such a voyeuristic, erotic sight, his body was in complete sensory overload.

Suddenly, Kendra cried out, loud enough for Clayton to hear through the window and over the music. She dropped down on top of the silicone phallus, put both hands on the counter, and abandoned the tempo of her masturbation entirely. Her hips flew back and forth, grinding on the length of the toy, pressing it ever deeper into her soaking hole. Clayton’s hand flew up and down his shaft, his own aching balls begging for a meaningful release, as he watched her climax begin. It had been so long since he was this aroused, and he knew that he was going to have a very powerful orgasm. About 10 seconds passed, and then all of the sudden, it happened. Kendra’s legs snapped together, her body quivering as her own orgasm peaked. A small, but fresh wave of white girlcum squeezed out of her pussy around the toy as her body quaked with contractions.

Clayton lost it completely. With a grunt, his cock erupted into a fountain of cum. Two, three, four times he roped out across the grass, thick white beads covering a distance of three feet. His balls squeezed, dribbling more out of his spent head, and his vision blurred for a brief second. Completely emptied in a single load, Clayton sat back up on the grass. He had not recalled sitting down after his tremendous orgasm. As he wiped his hand on the back of his jeans, Kendra reached a point of recovery. She popped up off the dildo and slid it out. It was more thick than long, Clayton, couldn’t help but notice. She lifted it to her mouth, and slowly licked the toy clean of all her cum before walking over to the sink to finish cleaning it. That sight alone almost had Clayton hard again, despite having nothing left to cum. She disappeared from the kitchen, and the music turned down, then off. She reappeared wearing only sweats, brushing the hair stuck to her face off and tying it up in a pony tail. She began to wipe down the island, and Clayton realized that it now was completely dark. It was time to go in.

He walked down to the door, being careful not to attract the attention of the now less-occupied Kendra, and rapped twice. He heard nothing for a minute, then the hurried sound of somebody running around the place.

“One minute!!” Kendra’s voice frantically called. A few seconds later, the door clicked open. Kendra stood there, now fully dressed and breathing heavy, a few hairs still clinging to her sweaty forehead. She helplessly looked around, trying to avoid any incriminating questions as the smell of sweat, humidity, and sex all but steamed out the door into the fall night.

“Hey Kendra, canlı bahis siteleri I got here before Emily tonight. She’s working late, or something.” Kendra shifted awkwardly.

“Yeah, she told me that, didn’t say anything about you coming over though.” She paused, looked at the potted plant on the deck, and continued in a tone too forced to be natural. “Been here long?”

Clayton had to suppress a smirk. “Only just walked up, actually.” He felt like pushing his luck a little bit further. “What have you been up to, anyways? You are extremely sweaty looking.” Kendra seized up.

“Uhhhhhhh, I was, umm, doing Yoga,” she stammered, gesturing vaguely at her yoga mat, rolled up neatly in the corner. “Yeah, I just finish- wrapped it up, you know. Well, I’m beat, and it’s pretty late, so I’ll be going to bed now, nice to see you.” With that, she turned and all but fled to her room, almost slamming the door behind her. Clayton looked at the clock on the wall. It was 7:30. He chuckled to himself. She really was caught off guard. He walked into the kitchen, and stared at the granite Kendra had been atop minutes ago. As he looked around, he noticed a tiny speck of something white and viscous still on the counter. A new wave of arousal washed over him as he reached down with his finger – it was still lukewarm. Clayton then did something he had never done before in his life, and put his finger to his mouth.

As Kendra’s cum was pungent, a little sour, and savory to the taste. It was powerful, full of pheromones that sent Clayton’s senses on fire. He was used to the taste of Emily by now, but this was something new…and he loved it. The sensual, almost spicy taste of her cum was enough to make him close his eyes for a minute, and bask in the flavor.

Kendra’s voice broke the silence.

“Uh, Clayton, what are you doing?”

Clayton’s eyes snapped open, and he stepped behind the counter to conceal an erection he did not feel rising. He stared at Kendra stupidly for a minute, finger stuck in his mouth, as she looked at him with a look that conveyed confusion, horror, irritation, incredulity, and something more that Clayton could not place. Her eyes snapped down to his waistline, which was behind the counter now, and back up to his face in an instant. Her cheeks reddened. He blinked twice, then pulled his finger out of his mouth slowly.

“I cut my finger on something sharp, on, uh, the counter here,” Clayton pointed momentarily at the island, then slid his hand quickly into his pocket.

“Uh huh,” Kendra said in a flat, annoyed tone. It was obvious she wasn’t buying it. “When did you get here again?”

“Five minutes ago,” Clayton blurted in a deadpan voice. Kendra glared at him, getting more red in the face, and her eyes darting around the room, an awkward tension forming instantly.

“So, I like doing my yoga uninterrupted and stuff, basically you really surprised me showing up like you did, it makes me a little uncomfortable to think about, so yeah.” At this point, the air could be cut with a knife.

“Just – I don’t know, text me if you are early again. So I have time to clean up and stuff, be presentable. You know, clean up from my yoga. Not like I need time to clean. Clean up from anything else, I mean. Not that anything else was going on. Nothing else, actually.” She stopped fumbling over words, and glanced at the counter where Clayton had wiped up her accidentally left-behind cum, and grew 3 shades deeper. She couldn’t look him in the eye. Clayton felt incredibly awkward. It was apparent Kendra knew he had seen enough of the aftermath of her self-gratification to know that indeed, she wasn’t doing any yoga. Clayton opened her mouth to speak, but Kendra cut him off with an abrupt step, and walked around the counter to reach in a drawer Clayton was standing by. His erection still half present, Clayton circled the counter opposite of her, drawing an even more uncomfortable pause into the room. She reached into the drawer, pulled out a pad of sticky notes, and wrote her cell number on it really fast.

“Just text me next time, so I can be sure and let you in.” She breezed out of the kitchen and back into her room without another word.


A few hours later, Emily walked into the apartment. She closed the door to her room, and flopped down face-first next to Clayton on the bed. She let out a tired sigh.

“Hey baby, I’m sorry I’m so late tonight.” She rolled over onto her back, taking her clothes off as she went. “I know I was teasing you a little bit earlier, but I am way too tired. You’ll have to use your imagination tonight, big boy.” She sat up, pulling on the oversize t-shirt she slept in. “Will you be OK?” Clayton lay still, staring at the ceiling.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” He said.

“OK,” Emily yawned, “I’m sure it helps your dreams feel more intense anyways. I bet I know exactly what you’ll be dreaming about.” Emily clicked out the light, and a little sigh told him she was already almost fast asleep

“I’m not so sure about that,” Clayton said quietly. He closed his eyes, and couldn’t help but feel a little bit guilty as fair-skinned, glistening lips started sliding down a thick, green toy again.

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