Reacquainted Ch. 03

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All sexual contact between characters 18+



Lauren Brooks lay on her back on the beach towel. The sun baking her skin, she turned her head and looked at the other woman. Sitting cross-legged beside her, Natalie was using her sunhat to shade the tablet on her lap. “I know I pay you well,” Lauren laughed. “But do you ever stop working?”

“I’m updating your social media. It’ll only take a second.”

Lauren closed her eyes and thought of the date. “Hey. Can you write ‘Happy Birthday’ on my Twitter.”

“Sure, to who?” Natalie asked.

“Just write Happy Birthday, no name!” Her voice softened and Natalie realized to whom she was referring. Without probing further she added the post. He’d be fifteen today, she thought. I should’ve realized.

Placing the tablet on her towel Natalie reached behind her back and undid her bikini, removing the tiny item and discarding it on the sand.

Lauren sat up and admired her Personal Assistant’s breasts. “Natalie! There are people around!”

“We’re in Mexico. I doubt there’s press hiding in the palm trees.” She was trying to take Lauren’s mind off her son and it seemed to be working. “Come on. I showed you mine…”

Lauren looked around and found the beach relatively deserted. “Oh what the hell.” She followed Natalie’s lead and removed her top. Natalie reached out in the act of standing and took her hand, helping her employer to her feet. The women ran hand in hand to the water, Lauren holding her large breasts as they jiggled, laughing uncontrollably.

Waist deep, Natalie turned to Lauren and holding both hands drew her into her body. Their breasts touched, pressed together. The mound of Lauren’s pubic bone pushed hard against Natalie’s, their lips met. “I love you.” Lauren breathed into Natalie’s mouth and followed with her tongue, gingerly licking the other woman’s lips. Natalie responded by biting down softly and drawing her further into her mouth. Her hand ran down Lauren’s back and found the top of her bikini bottoms. Taking the string backing in her fist she slowly yanked it north, pulling the front down and tight against her pussy. “Oooh you naughty girl!” Lauren sighed, digging her nails into Natalie’s back.

“I need to fuck you!” Natalie whispered into Lauren’s ear before kissing the delicate skin beneath.

“Mmmm.” Lauren purred at the pleasure from below and at her neck. “Back to the hotel?” She proposed and before even responding, Natalie was dragging her back to the beach to retrieve their belongings.

They made out in the elevator. Lauren pulled aside Natalie’s bikini and finger fucked her against the mirrored wall. Inside their room they dropped everything at the door and almost wrestling each other to remove their swimsuits, made their way to the bed. Lauren threw Natalie backwards and spreading her legs wide smashed her face against the younger woman’s pussy. Her nose buried in the generous amount of pubic hair as her tongue, first digging deep inside her, then sought out her clitoris. With two fingers, Lauren stabbed into her lover while sucking her clit. Natalie came on her mouth in what seemed to her, record time and wrapped her thighs around Lauren’s head, sealing her to her pulsating vagina.

Lauren’s tongue slurped Natalie’s juices, she sucked at the entrance of her pussy unable to breathe and uncaring before Natalie finally released her hold with the decreasing orgasm. Letting her loose but not finished with her, Natalie managed to turn Lauren onto her stomach and pulled her legs up to a kneeling position. Lauren’s asshole and bald pussy obscenely on display for her alone. Licking from her clit all the way to her asshole, Natalie savored the taste and dribbled a stream of saliva down onto the woman’s anus followed by the tip on her thumb.

Lauren’s face buried into the sheets as she threw both hands back to spread herself further for Natalie. “Fuck me baby!” she begged and Natalie raised two fingers to her pussy and entered ass and vagina as one. “Ughh, yes,” Lauren moaned. “More, give me more!”

Natalie was quick to respond. She pulled out and flipped the other women onto her back, her legs splayed. Her hand returned to Lauren’s glistening pussy and re-entered with three fingers, closely followed by a fourth. Kneeling between her legs and stabbing into her lover she flicked her other hand’s fingers across the engorged clitoris above.

“Oh fuck yes,” Lauren screamed. “Fuck, fuck.” As her orgasm approached. Excess wet from her pussy splattered her thighs and Natalie’s hand, furiously pumping into her. “Fucking marry me!” She yelled as she finally came, wrapping her legs around Natalie’s wrist, holding her hand in place. Natalie lay down atop her, giggling at her delirious suggestion.

The next day the topless beachside photos were in the Mexican tabloids, the internet and television followed. They hadn’t even seen the photographer. Apparently using a telephoto lens.

“It’s all my fault.” Natalie apologized. “I’m so, so sorry.”

Lauren took bursa escort her in her arms. “It’s no ones fault darling. It doesn’t matter. We’ll just look at it as publicity!” She attempted to reassure her with humor, lifting the younger woman’s face to hers. “I love you, we’ll get through this.”

“I swear,” Natalie stated. “If anyone does this to you, to us again…We’ll ruin them!”

* * * * *

Edward held the rear door of the Mercedes open as Lauren approached the car. He couldn’t deny her beauty. Her hair was completely up in a bun, a white satin shirt barely disguised her black bra. The grey pencil skirt hugged her hips like a second skin. Edward had no need to imagine the underwear she wore beneath, he’d seen them with his own eyes, recorded them on camera. White panties, pulled down just low enough to allow a boy who was potentially her own son, to cum inside them.

“Good morning Edward. Looks like it’ll be a lovely day.” Lauren remarked, easing herself into the backseat and settling gingerly onto the leather. She felt the cum spread immediately. The cooling fluid squelching between the cheeks of her ass, against her anus. Her own wetness added to the pool and she had a horrified vision of it seeping through the skirt. Screw it, she thought, she had spare clothes at work, what will be will be.

Edward thought of the footage on his phone. “Yep, looks like it’ll be a great day!” He pressed closed the door and smiling to himself, made his way to the driver’s side.

Minutes into the trip, Edward looked up into the rear view mirror, adjusting it downwards to see more of his employer. “So what happened to the boy?” He asked, startling Lauren in the silence.

In the act of checking emails she looked up from her tablet, catching Edward’s eyes in the mirror. “Oh, I just made sure he was looked after.”

Edward nodded and was silent a moment longer, allowing Lauren to focus again on her tablet. “Looked after you say?”

She again raised her eyes, this time noticing a leering grin on the man’s face. Edward had been in her employ for almost five years, the mannerism was out of character. “Is there a problem Edward?”

“No, no Ms. Brooks.” He concentrated on the road and Lauren assumed the conversation over. He drove on for a block. “It’s just that in all the years I’ve driven you, all the girls I’ve brought back to your house. Never a man. Never a boy.”

Lauren didn’t like where he was headed. “Edward in all the years I’ve employed you, I’ve never sought your opinion on my private life.” It was a smack down to be sure but she needed to nip it in the bud. Edward knew her proclivities. The manner in which he’d left Sebastian in her care had been much the same as the countless girls of similar age. He knew what she had him there for.

“Oh did I step out of line Ms Brooks? I’m sorry, I guess you only share your private life with your female staff.”

Lauren was shocked. He was obviously referring to Natalie. “Where is this coming from Edward? This isn’t like you.”

“Not like me huh? Maybe I’m just curious why you’ve never invited me into your house like you did that kid?”

“Ah can I remind you, you did attack him!” Lauren remarked.

“Yeah now why did I do that? Oh that’s right. He was rushing up to tell you something wasn’t he!”

Lauren’s heart rate began to increase.

Edward continued. “Now it wouldn’t have been anything to do with what I found on his phone, would it?” He held up the smart phone Lauren had handed back to Sebastian on the sidewalk, the phone he’d misplaced.

“I don’t know what you could mean.” Lauren replied, admittedly unsure of what was on the phone.

Edward stopped the car in the traffic. “No? Well it’s just there’s a lot of photos on here of you. Funny thing is they’re all labeled ‘Mom’.”

Lauren’s stomach turned. Edward had seen the boy up close, he would’ve recognized the resemblance. The cat was out of the bag so to speak but it wasn’t the end of the world. No, that was coming! Lauren reached for the phone. “Oh you found it, he mentioned he’d misplaced his phone.”

“Uh uh. Not so fast.” Edward pulled it out of her reach and placed it on the dashboard before him. “There’s something else I want to show you.”

Lauren watched as Edward withdrew his own phone from his jacket and opened an app. The traffic was going nowhere and both of their attention was focused on the screen.

Lauren recognized the location immediately as the view through the window beside her front door. She watched as she pushed her naked son against the kitchen bench and beat her hand at his crotch. Unblinking, her throat dry, she watched herself lift her skirt and have her son ejaculate into her panties. Edward stopped the video and returned his phone. She now knew why he was behaving so out of the ordinary. Still, it didn’t prove anything. Right now it was just an illegally filmed sex tape, nothing more. As if fate was playing a trick on her, Sebastian’s phone began to ring.

“Oh now who could this be? bursa escort bayan Wouldn’t be the kid trying to call his own number?”

The traffic began moving at a crawl. “How could you? I trusted you Edward.” Lauren stated.

“Trust’s a two way street.” Edward was sure of his suspicions but the phone call would, he felt, confirm it. “Now I’m going to put his phone on speaker and you’re going to answer it natural, O.k?”

Lauren’s head was spinning. She’d just been confronted with footage that could destroy her business, her life. She nodded in affirmation at Edwards’ suggestion.


Sebastian’s voice responded back to her. “Oh Mom, great you found it!”

Edward disconnected the call and tossed her son’s phone back to her. “Well, it doesn’t get much more definitive than that does it?” He gloated.

“What do you want?” Lauren asked after a moment of contemplation. She cursed herself she hadn’t answered with a simple “you’re on speaker” but in the moment it hadn’t come to her. It was irrelevant, Edward had figured it out. The call was just the confirmation.

“What do I want? Well I haven’t decided just yet but I can guarantee you and your bastard will be first to know.” The car pulled up outside Lauren’s building and she watched as Edward exited the vehicle and circled around to open her door as normal, as if nothing had changed. The ramifications of Edwards knowledge and evidence could be monumental. The public backlash would be severe. How dare he? She thought. There was no way she would allow this ingrate to jeopardise her life’s work, her newfound relationship with her son. She wouldn’t be blackmailed, she wouldn’t be cow-towed

Lauren climbed out, Sebastian’s phone in her grasp. If Edward had expected his employer to look meek and defeated when she exited the car he was disappointed. Lauren stood proud before him, in her heels, of equal height.

“So I’ll be in touch,” Edward stated but his confidence was already failing at her demeanor.

“You really want to go down this path Edward?” Lauren asked but continued on before he could answer. “Have you ever been hiking?”

The question came out of the blue and Edward was puzzled, the smarmy grin he was trying to maintain slowly fading. “What, why?” He answered.

“Because any knowledgeable hiker understands, you don’t get between a mother bear and her cub! So, “I” will be in touch Edward.” Lauren stared her driver down and watched with pleasure as she saw his adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed. He still held the cards, they both knew it but somehow, ever so slightly, Edward felt the tide had begun to turn.

* * * * *

As Lauren strode the floor towards her office, Natalie met her with a coffee in each hand and a tablet under her arm. “Morning. Macchiato.” She nodded towards the closest coffee. Lauren took possession of one of the mugs but held onto the younger woman’s hand. Standing in the middle of the office space she lifted Natalie’s hand and kissed the tip of her knuckles. Natalie looked around to see if anyone had noticed the overt display and returned her gaze to Lauren. “O.k. What’s that about?”

Lauren smiled. “I just wanted to express my gratitude.”

“For the coffee? I get it every day!” She chuckled.

“For your loyalty, your friendship and I hope for your forgiveness.”

Natalie looked puzzled. “What for?”

Lauren paused and it was her turn to look around the floor. “Let’s talk in my office.”

Lauren placed her handbag down on the desk and waited for Natalie to close the door behind them. “Alright what’s going on? Because if it’s about me calling you last night, I wasn’t being pushy I was just worried about you. You’ve been distant, there was the restaurant thing and you didn’t want me around and I…I’m rambling aren’t I?” Natalie stopped herself and waited for Lauren’s response.

“It’s nothing you’ve done. It’s me. You were right at the restaurant, I’ve been feeling pretty fragile lately about you know what and I should’ve been more up front with you.” Lauren explained.

“It’s alright you don’t have to..”

“No I do.” Lauren paused as if thinking. “Do we have much on today?”

Natalie looked down at her tablet. “Weekly sales report. Conference call with the suppliers. Nothing overly important. Why?”

“I was wondering, did you drive in today?”

Natalie looked puzzled. “Yes, why?”

“Good. Clear our schedule. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

* * * * *

After calling his misplaced phone and thankfully hearing his mother’s voice, Sebastian ate a bowl of ice cream for breakfast. The fact it hung up straight away didn’t bother him. Battery’s probably dead, he reasoned. He walked around the house naked while his clothes washed in the laundry. He entered his mother’s walk in wardrobe and marveled at her hundreds of dresses. He recalled many from photos he’d seen of her. Opening one of many drawers he found his mother’s underwear and it caused a swelling in his cock as he thought of escort bursa her wearing them for him. He found a room devoted to shoes, bigger than his own bedroom in New Jersey. How far he had come he thought. Did his uncle even notice he’d gone?

In the early morning sun Sebastian curled his toes on the soft grass of the back lawn. Grass so green it looked fake and was amazed when it turned out to be real. In a building beside the pool he found a beach towel and placed it on an outdoor lounge chair in preparation of sunning himself. Diving into the kidney shaped pool he swam it’s length before climbing up the stairs and dripping, walked back into the house to pour himself a drink of milk.

Half way across the polished concrete floor between the outdoors and the kitchen he stopped dead. The two women approached, their heels clicking and echoing around the large living room. “Sebastian.” Lauren casually spoke his name. “I’d like you to meet…”

“I know who you are.” Sebastian cut her off. “You’re Natalie Glass.” He quickly approached the woman and put his arms around her in an embrace. Natalie was taken aback and looked towards Lauren who smiled at her. “You’re my Mom’s girlfriend!”

Sebastian realized he may have crossed the line by hugging the woman. The fact he was naked was his secondary concern. After taking a step back he noticed he’d wet the front of her powder blue peplum dress and offered to run and get a towel. Lauren was quick to step in. “Sebastian no, that wont be necessary.” She held out her hand to him and he accepted it, standing alongside his mother.

The two of them looked at Natalie who was still coming to terms with a naked man, more a boy, in Lauren’s house, let alone the fact he had called her his mother. She shook her head. “Wait. What?” She looked at Lauren. “Mom!?”

Lauren couldn’t control the smile that appeared on her face. “Yes. He’s my son!”

Natalie looked at the two and the resemblance was now uncanny. They had the same eyes, the same hair, even with him being so slight, the same facial bone structure but still she had doubts. “Lauren, may I speak with you for a moment?”

Lauren understood she meant alone and asked Sebastian to fetch them some drinks.

“Um. Mom should I put something on? It’s just my clothes are in the wash.” Sebastian asked, suddenly conscious of his nudity now he was obviously being banished.

“Sweetheart it’s not necessary.” She patted him on the bottom as she turned him. “Now come on just give Mommy a moment with Natalie, O.k.”

The two women walked out poolside and once alone Natalie expressed her concern. “Lauren are you sure? It’s a little suspicious don’t you think? What, two days after his birthday!”

“It’s him Nat. I’ve seen the birth certificate. From the moment I saw him I knew there was something.”

“Oh my god.” Natalie exclaimed as she pieced together the facts. “He’s the boy on the street!”

“Yes! I can see it in his eyes, in his heart. He’s my baby Natalie. He’s come back to me.”

Natalie looked towards the house. “He’s naked.” She paused and turned back to Lauren. “And neither of you seemed even a little fazed.”

Lauren reached out and took Natalie’s hands. “Well that’s what I need to talk to you about.”

Natalie didn’t need to be told. She could see it in her employers, in her lovers eyes. “You made love.”

“We made love.” Lauren confessed. She allowed Natalie the time to process the information before going on. “You need to spend some time with him Nat. I guarantee in five minutes you’ll see in him what I do. He’s a part of me!”

“Um, I’m sorry,” Sebastian nervously stated as he walked towards the women, his semi erect penis shaded by the tray in his hands. “But I hope this is O.k.” He placed the tray of iced teas on the outdoor setting and waited expectantly.

Lauren held out a hand for him to join them. “It’s perfect darling. This is perfect.” She looked again at Natalie. “Don’t you see? You two are the most precious people in my life. I realized it when you called me last night and it broke my heart not to tell you about him.” She locked her eyes on her son. “Sebastian. Here come sit next to Mommy.” Pulling him down beside her on the lounge Lauren placed a hand on his thigh. “Sweetheart I’m going to leave you with Natalie for a few moments. Talk to her, I want you two to get to know each other.”

Lauren left them to freshen herself and Natalie apprehensively took up Lauren’s seat beside the boy. An awkward moment of silence followed before each began to speak at once. “I’m sorry Sebastian. You go ahead.” Natalie offered.

“I was just going to say I was glad you were in Mom’s life.” He admitted.

“Why do you say that? You don’t even know me.” Natalie asked. She allowed her eyes to quickly stray down to the boy’s penis, still semi erect between his thin white thighs.

“I read all of Mom’s interviews and she mentioned you heaps. That thing in Mexico. I saw the news story you were on, you tried to help her. I loved you for it!” He blushed when he said it and Natalie felt the compulsion to place an arm around him but refrained.

“When did you know she was your mother?” Natalie asked and immediately his eyes lit up and his face brightened.

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