Rainbows and Unicorns

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Angel walked into the room to find Damian feverishly rubbing his dick to pictures on the internet.

“Don’t start without me!” she yelled.

“I’ve been doing this for an hour, and nothing! I need help baby.” Damian proclaimed.

Angel struts over to Damian and proceeds to disrobe. She then turns around and wiggles her ass in his face.

“Oh, you are so fucking hot baby!” he yelps, stroking his huge cock faster. “I need that ass right now!”

Angel begins rubbing her clit while backing towards Damian…ever so slowly…teasing him but wanting him as badly as he wanted her.

Suddenly his hands are grabbing her hips, pulling her down onto his lap. His rock-hard cock pushing and teasing her anus before plunging into the depths of her wet pussy.

“My dick has been aching for you Angel.” he grunts, sliding his manhood into her slippery wet pussy.

“I can’t have you aching for me, baby. FUCK ME NOW!”

“SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!” Damian screams.

“YES!!!” she whimpers as Damian begins pounding her pussy.

Damian pulls his dick out of her and rudely proclaims “Sorry baby, but I gotta run and make the dog his food.”

Angel lays there dripping and frustrated. She then walks into the bedroom and begins to masterbate until his return.

Her fingers begin caressing her clit – slowly at first….then a little faster. She wishes Damian’s tongue was buried in her pussy while she was rubbing her clit. Angel shudders with delight at the mere thought of his face buried between her legs. “Ohhh…” she softly mutters, as the beginning waves of an orgasm start to build.

“Daaaaaamian” Angel moans as she keeps stroking her aching clit. Oh! how she wants her clit between his teeth…..

The anticipation of his impending return makes Angel wetter and wetter with each stroke of her hand. Any moment now her lover would be at her side, grabbing her legs and pushing them further apart.

With each stroke, Angel’s breaths are becoming more rapid.

And suddenly, he’s at her side. Damian pulls her legs towards the edge of the bed, careful not to disrupt her hand and the building orgasm that’s making her pussy ache. Angel’s legs are now draped over the edge of the bed and Damian kneels before her.

He begins to lap at the edges of her pussy – breathing her scent kızılay escort in deeply. “Mmmmmm…rrrrrr” he mutters under his breath with a primal growl. Damian watches his lover begin to squirm before him. “That’s right, baby. Work it….” he says.

Angel’s eyes try to stay locked on his face as he buries his tongue in her pussy again but she can’t keep her eyes open as the waves of pleasure wash over her.

“Cum on my tongue, baby…that’s right….let it go….ahhh! ahhh!!! I’ve got you baby…yeah….yeahh…ahhhh!” With his strong hands, Damian holds Angel’s hips in place – not letting her pull away from the orgasm as it crashes within her. His tongue keeps probing and licking and he’s lapping up her cum.

Damian releases her hips and forcefully pushes her back onto the bed.

“Now it’s my turn you sexy fox!” he grumbles.

Damian stands at the foot of the bed and motions for Angel to come to him. Angel slinks across the tussled bedsheets towards her sexy man, feeling the wetness between her legs as they rub together.

Damian grabs Angel by the hair and kisses her passionately. He whispers, “How do you taste, baby?”

She darts her tongue out and slides it across Damian’s wet mouth and cheeks. She’s immediately struck by the tanginess of the taste, but licks him more to discover the sweetness of her own pussy juices. “My God I taste good!” she thinks to herself.

“Now that you know how you taste, you should see how I taste.” he whispers to her coyly.

Angel eagerly turns to face the fabulous cock before her. She gingerly takes hold of his throbbing manhood and begins to lick at the edges of his cockhead. As Damian starts to sigh, Angel suddenly plunges his whole penis into her mouth…all the way to the back of her throat she takes him in. “Ohmygod” Damian yelps. She slowly lets some of that glistening cock out of her mouth….but only enough to tease him before she swallows him whole again.

Damian shudders as her nose touches his belly. “H-h-homygod” he stammers. “You are so good, Angel. I can’t believe you got that thing all the way down your throat!”

Angel grins momentarily while maintaining the strong suction she has on his penis. In and out…the pre-cum is dripping down the back of throat now. She tries to swallow it down, but can’t help but ankara etlik escort let a little drip out of the sides of her mouth. A single drop of precum falls from her lips and onto her left nipple and she jumps at the feeling.

“Arghh-guhh” she gulps.

Damian takes her nipple between his fingers and begins to twist ever so slightly at first. As Angel’s body reacts to the pleasureful pain, Damian turns harder. Angel still won’t let his cock go from her mouth. With every twist of her nipple, she sucks harder…and harder….all while squeezing Damian’s ass.

“I need to feel me in your pussy RIGHT NOW, Angel!” he yells, and snakes his dick out of her mouth. She lurches forward trying to stop him, but he slips it out with a ‘pop’. Damian leans down and kisses her softly on the lips. She darts her tongue out to touch his lower lip and that sets him off. Damian rears up and pushes her on her back onto the love bed. She topples with a thud and her tits bounce aimlessly. Damian reaches out and grabs her upper legs with each hand, squeezing them and drawing them apart. So far apart! Angel used to be a gymnast in her youth, but she’s never had her legs spread so wide.

“I hope this doesn’t hurt, baby.” Damian says with a smirk. Angel looks up at him and says “Oh baby, I’ve had my fair share of…OH MY GOD!” His dick plunges into her hard, and she bucks up to meet it. She has never had so much fat girthy manmeat in her before! Angel feels as though her vagina is going to tear.

Their bodies begin moving to NSync on the radio. “Dirty dirty dirty Pop” the band wails…as Damian pounds Angel’s pussy harder and faster. Their glistening bodies are illuminated by the glow of Damian’s computer screen. Their sexual choreography is beautiful to behold as they move in rhythm.

Damian’s breathing becomes faster and faster, matching Angel’s in a crescendo of moaning. With every pulsing pound of Damian’s cock, Angel’s tits continue a playful dance – daring him to bite one. His balls are smacking against her asshole in a tantalizing move that makes his lover squirm even more.

“Fuck me from behind” she begs. Damian forcefully flips her over. Angel draws herself up onto her knees and backs her ample ass towards him – offering herself to him.

Damian spanks her ass demetevler escortlar and as her breath catches in her throat, he plunges back into the depths of her dripping wet pussy. “Oh, baby!” he cries, as he begins fucking her faster, and faster and faster….his balls now smacking against her aching clit.

Angel cannot stop the endless orgasm that now breaks within her. She screams while grabbing onto the bed sheets, nearly tearing them in two. They hear from beneath them the metal clang of some unknown piece of the bed break apart, but at this point it’s reckless abandon and they continue.

Damian takes a second to look down at the glorious vision of his rod plunging into Angel’s pussy. “You are so beautiful Angel” he says between panting. “I’m gonna cum soon baby. I can’t hold it in any longer!” He takes his right thumb and pokes it into her awaiting asshole, and Angel squeals with delight. That’s enough to drive Damian over the brink.

“I’m gonna CUM!!” he yells. “Where do you want it, baby?”

“Fill my pussy, baby, pllleasseee” she begs, with what little breath she can spare. “Fuck me and fill me NOW!!”

“Fuuuuuu-” he grunts. He grabs her hips hard as his cock head plunges deep into her and explodes with a torrent of semen. She feels the hot cum splash inside her, filling her swollen aching pussy.

“YES!” she yells, joining his orgasm with another wave of her own.

“Oh shit girl! I’m cumming so fucking much!” he shouts. The bed shakes with the rough movements, and Angel drops her head into the pillow, her ass still high in the air. Damian bucks again and again, pounding the cum into her. The volume of it causes some to pour down her trembling legs. Angel bites the pillow and screams into it.

Angel’s shaking body jerks and squirms as Damian pounds her one last time. He keeps his cock in her as they both pause to catch their breath. He then slowly slides his cock out of her well-fucked pussy. Angel drops down off her knees and collapses fully onto the bed while lying on her stomach. Damian falls onto the mattress right next to her; kisses her forehead and they both continue to try and catch their breath.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” he says.

Damian pulls himself up on the bed and points his fat, soft dick at Angel’s face. “Now how do I taste?” Angel hungrily latches onto that amazing dick and sucks it clean. “You taste like me….mixed with you.” she says while grinning again.

“Like rainbows and unicorns.” they laughingly say together, as they curl into each others arms exhausted and extremely happy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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