Rag Doll Ch. 03

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Many, many thanks as always to Mriceman1964 for his editorial and story input, and to Firefly for taking the time to read and reality check me, for being wise enough to know when I needed a critic and not a fan, and for liking my stuff enough to actually come back and ask for more!

If you liked this, please rate it, if you didn’t please tell me why. If you want to be nasty, be my guest, it’ll just get deleted, because I can do that…

All comments are noted and pondered, except for the truly insane ones, which are read, enjoyed and kept if they’re funny, or deleted for being frightening and weird…


Ashley stared fearfully at Judy, her eyes like saucers as Judy grinned happily.

“Jude, you won’t say anything, will you? To…mom, or, or your dad or anybody, will you?” she pleaded, and Judy looked thoughtful, then wrinkled her nose, grinned, and winked at her.

“Nah, I told you before, Ash,” she said, “it’s your business; I don’t care who you fuck, just as long as it’s who you wanna fuck. Even big-brother stud-boy here, you sick tramp, you! Nice dick, by the way, now I know why Ashley’s so into you!”

I cringed down even further under the covers at that, but Judy seemed to be completely unabashed at finding Ashley and I ‘in flagrante’, only hugely amused, and completely accepting.

“And you can stop worrying about my dad for now; last night he asked me if I’d known you two were brother and sister, I went all wide-eyed and innocent, and he said something about talking to the pair of you later. He also asked me about your mom, I think she made quite an impression on him!”

She grinned again, even wider this time “Anyway kids, as there’s obviously not much wrong with Stud-boy over here, who feels like breakfast? Come on Stud-Muffin, up and at ’em, no need to be shy now, not after the award-winning performance I’ve just seen!”

She was obviously determined to wring as much amusement out of the situation as possible, and she wasn’t going anywhere soon, and I wasn’t particularly body-modest, but Ashley had that line between her eyes again, so I decided not to call her bluff; besides, she didn’t look like she was bluffing…

“Do you mind..?” I asked as I picked up my discarded shorts, and Judy grinned and, a little reluctantly, I thought, turned her back while I slipped them back on. “All done now, ogle away!” I grinned, and Judy turned back to face us, me now wearing my shorts to preserve my modesty in Ashley’s eyes. As I turned away to pick up a bath towel, Judy gasped. I’d forgotten, my back was still pretty raw, and it couldn’t have been a pretty sight.

“Shit, Nick, what happened, you look like you got flayed! What the fuck did that?” she breathed, her eyes like saucers

Ashley pulled my sheet around herself and jumped off the bed to quickly flip the bath-towel around my waist and tuck it in. “His father did it.” she said shortly, obviously not happy with me being semi-naked in front of her friend, so I made a mental note to make it up to her soon and not do it again.

“His father? Why, for Chrissake?” breathed Judy.

“Because he’s an asshole and a sadist, that’s why!” retorted Ashley flatly. “He beat up Nicky’s step-mother at the same time, the same way. She gave Nicky our address and sent him to London, then she killed herself. That’s what Nicky’s father drove her to, that’s the kind of man he is, and this is what he did to his son!”

I could see that Ashley was furious, with my father for hurting me, with the world for dumping on her, but mainly with herself for letting Judy catch us misbehaving so recklessly.

I headed her off.

“Judy, could you please wait for us in the living room? I think Ashley and I need a quick shower, we’ll be with you in a few minutes!”

Judy grinned knowingly

“OK, fifteen minutes, then I’m climbing in with you, so don’t hurry, kids!” she leered happily.

As Judy exited my room and Ashley made to leave, I slid my arms around her waist and pulled her back against me, holding her tight as I licked the back of her neck.

“Let go of me, Nicky!” she gritted, struggling to hold the sheet up and fend me off at the same time, still mad at me, but I licked her again, then licked inside her ear and blew on it, making her giggle and reach behind her and slide down into the waistband of my shorts to pinch my cock (not too tightly, thank goodness!).

“Were you really going to just jump out of bed buck-naked, in front of my best friend?” she asked, holding my (suddenly not so) limp cock warningly.

I grinned, picking my words carefully, mindful of what she was holding onto right then.

“No princess, I just wanted to call her bluff; if she’d stayed put, I had my shorts ready. Did you really think I was going to flash my slack-a-jack at your little friend? Not the breakfast treat I had planned for this morning, believe me!”

Ashley looked at me, her eyes dancing with glee, then tightened her grip on me, making me wince.

“If I thought for one second…! I told you before, you belong to me, and only I get to play with, hold, squeeze, use, see, bursa escort feel and fantasize about this. Got it, mister?”

I nodded, happy to oblige, but as she emphasized each word with a shake and squeeze, the inevitable happened; I rose to the occasion.

Ashley looked into my eyes, grinning and biting her bottom lip, calculating, then called out to Judy.

“Jude, change of plans, twenty minutes, starting now!” and hustled me into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her.

“There, that should hold her for a while, now get in there, Nicky, I have needs, take care of them!” Her beautiful smile lit up the room as she dropped her sheet, my cock stretching even further at the sight of her delicious, desirable, naked body. She stretched out and turned-on the shower, stepping in under the hot water and pulling me into the stall, her arms going around my neck as she crushed her lips to mine. Her hands wandered down to squeeze and slowly pump my cock, and my hand in turn slid down her wet body to cup and stroke her pussy, finding her slick and slippery even under the warm water cascading over her body.

She gasped and grinned against my lips, and moved away from me to kiss my throat, my chest, pausing only to gently bite my nipples, the sensation making me gasp and my balls tighten, then continuing down my body until she was kneeling under the jets of hot water, her lips level with my straining cock. She smiled and leaned forward and licked gently at the tip of my manhood, making it jump slightly with the sensation then slid back the foreskin to lick all the way around the purple crown, the feel of her tongue on me absolutely exquisite.

I leaned back against the cool tile of the cubicle as Ashley slowly licked her way around my head, then slipped her lips over the tip, enclosing me in her mouth as she sucked. I nearly came there and then as I felt that first suctioning, this was definitely the sexiest thing she done for me yet, and I was hard put to not just empty myself there and then, just let my spunk bubble up and boil out me. She looked up at me and smiled, and I nearly lost it again, those big malachite eyes and sooty eyelashes calling out to something deeply primal inside me.

I pulled back, sliding myself out of her mouth and pulling her to her feet to stand with her back to me so I could pull and play with her lovely nipples, pulling them out to stiff points between my fingertips as I wedged my cock in the crack of her lovely arse. All the while, I was kissing her neck and shoulders and the nape of her neck, feeling her shiver as I did so, and continued to kiss down her lovely smooth, white back, enjoying the feel of her skin against my lips. I knelt behind her and kissed her in each of her lumbar dimples, making her giggle and squirm, her cute peach of a bum jiggling and bouncing enticingly as she wriggled.

Now I began licking her, sliding my tongue into the crease between her shapely buttocks, peeling them apart so I could kiss and lick all the way down into that shadowed cleft. At last I reached my target, her puckered little anus, the folded and creased rosebud that I wanted so much to lick and tease.

I touched her opening lightly with the tip of my tongue, making her jump.

“Nicky, no…!” she giggled softly, sticking her beautiful little rump out even further. I poked the tip of my tongue at her again, making her jump again.

“Nicky, not there…!” she protested half-heartedly, meanwhile pulling her cheeks open even wider for me as she stuck her taut arse out further, leaning her face and upper body against the tiles as she supported herself, her hands still firmly clutching her cheeks, holding them open as I invaded her further. I pulled her cheeks open, and Ashley took the opportunity to lean properly against the wall as I bored in with my tongue, opening up her anus as Judy’s remark earlier about making her scream looped endlessly in my mind.

I slid first one, then two fingers, into her tight, hot little arse, Ashley breathing heavily but otherwise making no sound or protest as I plundered her secret hole.

Her eyes began to water as she shut them tightly, and her breathing quickened as she murmured softly and began pushing back against my hand. My fingers were slipping in and out of her easily now, lubricated by the fluids I gathered as they dripped so copiously from her pussy, so I stood up, and positioned myself behind her, rubbing my cock slowly over her crinkled anus as she rubbed and caressed her pussy.

“Baby, do you want to do this?” I asked her softly, kissing her neck and earlobe, and she pushed back firmly against my surging cock planted so purposefully right against its target.

“Yes, Nicky, do it, ever since Judy mentioned it I can’t get it out of my head, I want to try this, do it to me now, please baby!” she whispered back at me with a small, naughty grin on her face, amazing me with how in-tune we were with each other.

I placed my hands on the cool tiles next to hers, and started to press forward, feeling the resistance as her anus fought to keep me out. I was trying to push in, but even with the lubrication bursa escort bayan streaming from my cock and smearing all over her back entrance it seemed impossible, the pressure that seemed to be required to do this beyond me; I’d never done this before, and I was beginning to wonder if it was even possible.

Ashley was moaning softly but gamely shoving back at me as hard as I was pressing into her. Suddenly her sphincter relaxed, and the head of my by now bone-hard cock slid into her, the ring of her anus immediately tightening in a noose around my cock shaft, holding me tightly just behind the head. Ashley let out a muffled yelp, and looked back over her shoulder for reassurance from me. I kissed her and moved my hands to her breasts, gently squeezing and rubbing those delectable mounds as I prepared to drill the rest of my cock into her tight rectum.

“Are you ready, princess?” I asked, mentally crossing my fingers that I was doing it right and not injuring her permanently, and at her nod I began slowly pushing forward, sliding myself deeper into her.

Ashley immediately began gasping, and I stopped, recognising the pain-sounds she was making.

“No…Don’t…stop…keep…going…!” she gasped out, and so I kissed her once on the nape of her neck and pressed forward again. Now she began groaning, her hands flat against the cubicle wall as she quivered and pushed back against me.

“Oh God, it hurts, Nicky, but it feels good too! Don’t you dare stop, I want it all!” she gritted, so I obliged. It felt incredible. Her rectum gripped me with an equal constrictive pressure along the entire length of my cock, like a tightly squeezing hand, and I was having great difficulty not coming like a volcano; I could feel my sperm boiling just below the surface as I pushed myself in all the way and paused.

“Are you ready baby? ” I asked her, and she nodded again, and I started to withdraw, Ashley immediately spasming.

“Oh my God, that feels so good, keep doing that!” she groaned, and I obliged, pulling slowly out and pushing myself back in again. Ashley was panting like a marathon runner by now, and I was really having a hard time (no pun intended!) not coming as her rectum rippled and squeezed at me relentlessly. It was difficult to pull myself back from the vice-like grip of her rectum but going back in was easier as she loosened enough to let my cock slide a little easier.

I began sliding back and forth in her rectum, Ashley gasping and moaning “oh…oh…oh…!” in time to my thrusts, but I couldn’t keep this up indefinitely, I wanted so much to come, but I wanted Ashley to have her moment first. It wasn’t long in coming; She began to shudder as I pumped her, her hands coming behind her to clasp and lock behind my neck, allowing her to hold herself upright as she pumped and hammered herself against me, her back arched to keep her lovely rump lined up with my aching cock as I shoved myself up her arse as hard as I could.

Suddenly she began to shake and shudder. “Nick…Oh, fuck, Nicky, oh yes! God, yesss, yesss, YESSS!!” she shouted, a spray of warmth bathing my upper thighs as she squirted over me in the heat of her orgasm. This was too much for me, and I came like a shotgun, my spunk bursting out of me and spraying inside her anal tube as it pulsed and quivered all around my tightly-wedged cock, rippling like a milking machine cup, sucking all the sperm out of me. I think I came then more than I ever have in my life, all of it for my darling Ashley as I fucked her delectable arse.

We slumped against the cubicle wall, all thought dissipated in the white heat of orgasm, until my softening cock finally slipped out of her rear passage, an obscene blurt of spunk trailing out of her just-sodomized hole.

Ashley turned to me and kissed me deeply, passionately.

“Thank you for loving me Nicky, and thank you for making love to me!” she grinned, “we fuck good, don’t we!” she laughed, and I laughed with her, even her vulgarity somehow ladylike and feminine, for my ears only, and not in the least bit crude, given the circumstances!

We finished our shower post-haste, as Judy was waiting, although I still took the opportunity for some free-style groping and fondling, seeing as I had her there, all naked and desirable and available, and briskly rubbed each other down, before Ashley draped her sheet over both of us for the sake of decency as we dashed from bathroom to bedroom. We tumbled out of the bathroom in a flurry of white sheeted limbs and kisses, and there, in the hallway, was our mother, one eyebrow raised, and a strange, calm expression on her face.

“Both of you had better have an incredibly good explanation for whatever’s going on here!” she stated. “Clothes on, then living room, now!”

Ashley looked at me in stunned horror, and I must have had the same expression on my face as we shuffled back to my room for Ashley to pick up her T-shirt and panties. I pulled on a pair of shorts, my jeans and a loose tee-shirt, Ashley pulled her tee on, slid her panties back on, and we both made our way to the lounge, where mother was sitting with a scared-looking Judy.

“Sit escort bursa down, both of you!” ordered mother, and we plopped down on the couch. Ashley was trembling, but I was feeling strangely detached, as though this was happening to someone else; the worst had happened, how much worse could it get now?

“Nick, how long has this been going on, and how far has it gone?” asked mother, her voice still calm, oddly calm, considering the circumstances.

“Sunday, Mother, Sunday morning, and…!” I began, but Ashley interrupted me.

“We’re more than…friends, if that’s what you’re asking!” she stated flatly, the merest hint of a tremor in her voice, but her eyes remained fixed steadily on our mother.

“I see,” said mother. “I guessed as much last night. So Nick, just let me ask you one thing; are you intending on forming some sort of attachment with my daughter, or is this just how you amuse yourself until it’s time to move on to your next conquest?”

Ashley gasped, and my heart sank at how low her opinion of me must have been at that point. I decided to grab the bull by the horns.

“No, I love her, and I want to marry her one day, if she’ll have me!”

Ashley looked at me in wonder, her eyes big as saucers, and Judy smirked at her, safely out of mother’s eyeline, or so she thought, however, mother turned and pinned her down with a look.

“And what exactly were you doing here, Judy, while all this was going on, keeping a watch out for the mom, were you? And were you ever planning on letting me into this little secret you all seem to be sharing? You just sit there, young lady, you and I are going to have a little talk when I’ve finished with these two!”

Judy subsided, crouching back into the couch, looking helplessly at us, the frosty look mother gave her enough to keep her quiet for now.

Mother looked sceptically at me. “And how do you know you want to marry my daughter, after, what, 4 days? You came into my home, you seduced my daughter, your sister, and now you tell me you love her and want to marry her? Why should I believe you, even if I condoned this…this, I don’t even want to say what it is!”

I opened my mouth to speak, but Ashley got there first.

“I believe him, mom, and I love him too. I’m over 18, that makes me responsible for the choices I make. This is what I’m choosing!”

Mother looked steadily at both of us and sighed as she stood up. I also rose, as did Ashley, and mother looked sadly at both of us. “She’s your sister!” she whispered, and right then I felt so bad for her, knowing she was right, but also knowing how much I wanted Ashley. It must have shown on my face, as she took a step closer to me, her eyes never leaving my face, suddenly soft and concerned. I relaxed, and that’s when she slapped me so hard it made my head ring. I reeled back and looked at her in shocked surprise, tinged with apprehension as she wrung her hand. She looked at me, shook her hand, and slapped me again, just as hard, her lips set and thin.

“Well, you didn’t react like your father would have, so I’m pretty sure you’re not going to be the man he was! My daughter can be grateful for that, at least!” she said almost conversationally. “Sit down, both of you, let’s talk.”

I was stunned. That had been a test? Where was she going with this, and why wasn’t she going ballistic right now? Ashley looked at me, equally mystified, as wrong-footed as I was, shock and confusion mingling on her face.

“Mother,” I began, “I know how this looks, and you pretty much told me what you think of me, I’ll leave now, if that’s what you want…”

She waved me to silence. “Shut up Nicky, I lost you once, and I waited 18 years to get you back, I won’t lose you again, not even over this. Ashley’s right, much as it pains me to admit it, she’s old enough to know what she wants. If you go, so will she, and I’ll have lost both my children, and I can’t, I won’t have that. For good or bad, this is what you both have chosen; I will accept that, for all our sakes. It doesn’t mean I have to like it; my children are having sex with each other; do you know how much that disgusts me?”

“I’m sorry about just now, I wanted to see whether there was any of the anger in you that your father had so much of, but I guess you missed-out on that part of him. For Ashley’s sake I’m glad. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, or that you didn’t deserve it; just be grateful it was me, because if Ashley’s father was alive right now, what he’d do to you would make your back look like a mild scratch!”

“If you stay here, then, as far as the outside world is concerned, you’re Ashley’s live-in boyfriend, because I don’t know how you can be my son at the same time; the thought of my son and my daughter together like that disturbs me, so I just have to try and stop thinking of you as my son, and that’s the hard part for me; I only just got you back, and now I have to deny you, because of what you want. I know what the two of you’ll want to do together, I guess I can’t do anything about it, so just keep it out of my sight as much as possible. If you want to sit and hold hands, that’s fine; if you want to make out, find another room, or go somewhere else, I don’t want to see any of that in front of me; I’m not ready for that yet, and I don’t know when I will be. You’re going to have to give me some time on that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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