Project Incest: Simon P.

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[Simon is 42 years-old. He’s a successful stock broker, divorced, the father of two. He’s trim and vital-looking, very assured. Simon was referred by Dr. R of Milwaukee. For our interview, Simon invited me to his summer home on a small lake in the Wisconsin countryside. Interview summary follows.]

Dr. R. said you might like to hear my story. To be honest, I’d like to tell it. You know, it’s like a secret that you feel you’ve got to tell someone even though you know you can’t. I think I’ll enjoy telling you.

I was 22, just graduated from college and starting my first job. What a piece of shit that was – – selling industrial products across Michigan and Illinois. Lots of time on the road – – bad food, bad motels. I complained about the job constantly to my folks. They suggested I stop by my grandparents for a home-cooked meal and a good night’s sleep. My grandparents at that time lived in Southern Illinois. I thought it was a good idea so I dialed grandma up and told her I was stopping by in a couple of days. The news made her real happy.

Grandma and grandpa were old-fashioned folks, living in a small town, happy to be retired. My grandpa was probably ten years or so older than grandma and starting to show his age. Grandma had been a homecoming queen in high school and done some small-time modelling before she met grandpa. She still had her looks.

I pulled into their driveway early on a Saturday afternoon, exhausted after driving since six in the morning. Grandma came out to greet me. She looked great – -her silver hair cut short, her eyes sparkling. She wore a t-shirt and some jeans. I swore as I got out of the car that she didn’t look a day over forty. Grandpa was another story. After hugging grandma, we went inside. Grandpa was sitting at the dining room table drinking coffee. His arthritis was so bad he could barely get up to shake my hand.

I dumped my stuff in their guest room and Grandma served up lunch. We chit chatted. I took a quick nap. When I got up, we had dinner. Then, grandma suggested we go out. She and grandpa played bingo every Saturday night. Bingo? I told them escort ataşehir I’d drive them and drop them off. While they played bingo, I headed to a nearby tavern and had a couple of cold ones. Boy, did that beer taste good. At nine, I drove over to pick up the old folks. Gramps was tired. Grandma suggested we all squeeze into the front seat so she slid in next to me, with grandpa against the door. The whole drive home, gramma’s thigh and upper body were pressed against me. Every once in a while, she’d grab my arm as she talked. I noticed that she’d squeeze my bicep and just leave her hand there. Pretty soon, I could swear I felt her pressing even closer against me. I thought I was imagining things and swore at myself to cut it out.

We got home and gramps said he was heading to bed. He headed into the bedroom. Granma and I opened up beers and talked. After about an hour, granma started talking about her “modelling career.” About how pretty she had felt, and how good she had looked. I kidded her that she still looked great and she could probably still model. She laughed, but I insisted she could. I told her she should go change into something and model it for me. She laughed and said she’d just bought some nice clothes. Finally, she agreed.

I opened another beer while granma was in the bedroom changing. After about ten minutes she came back out and my jaw practically dropped. Grandma was wearing a really short, tight black skirt, high heels, and a blouse that was unbuttoned to show off her very impressive cleavage. She had put on a pearl necklace and some make up. I could smell her sweet perfume. She looked so good, I could feel my cock starting to crawl down by pants leg.

I complimented grandma and she laughed. Go on, I said, do your model stuff. She laughed again, but started pretending she was on the runway, prancing up and down the living room, striking poses. I just grinned and felt my nuts tighten in pleasure. She started twitching her ass a bit, and I encouraged her to “work it out.” Pretty soon, she really started swinging her hips and shaking her ample ass. Then, she kadıköy escort walked over to where I was sitting on the couch and leaned down, giving me a spectacular view of her cleavage. I laughed and pulled out a ten dollar bill from my pocket. “Lap dance?” I joked. Grandma snatched the bill out of my hand and turned around and shook her ass about six inches from my face. I was in shock. What the hell was going on? Then, she turned around and started unbuttoning her blouse down to her waist. She leaned down and stuck her tits about six inches from my eyes. Now, I was in shock. But I was also incredibly turned on. Instinctively, I reached out and grabbed her tits in my hand. Grandma gasped, and I dived into her cleavage. I could hear her moan and then I felt her hands wrap around my head and pull me closer into her warm, luscious tits.

By now, my cock was ready tear a whole in my jeans. I dropped my hands to grandma’s ass and started feeling up her wide cheeks. Then, I pulled her closer to me until she had to fall onto my lap. With a gasp, I felt her settle her crotch into mine. I raised my head, panting. Granny was flushed and panting too. I reached up and ripped her bra off her tits. Wow. Suddenly two huge fleshy breasts were bouncing up and down in front of me. I latched my lips onto a nipple and begain sucking and biting. I could feel grandma’s fingers clenching and unclenching in my hair. I reached down and pulled her skirt up over her thighs and then raised my hips to unzip my pants and release my cock. Grandma kept her hips raised while I fumbled with my erect dick. I slipped my dick against here cunt lips and with a little grunt, Grandma lowered herself onto my cock.

Oh my god! You can’t believe how good her tight pussy felt wrapped around my cock. I moaned, “Grandma.” She moaned in response and began humping her pussy up and down on my cock. I had my hands wrapped around her ass cheeks and my head buried in her tits. We fucked like that for about five minutes before I came in a huge explosion of pleasure.

With a sigh, I leaned back, exhausted. And grandma slumped against maltepe escort bayan me, her head on my shoulder and her arms wrapped around my neck. Niether one of us said anything. I could feel her tits heaving against my chest and I hugged her tight. Pretty soon the feel of all that naked flesh and the thought of fucking my grandma started getting me hard again. Grandma mumbled something and I reached down and put my cock back inside her.

This time we fucked more slowly, grinding ourselves together and enjoying every second of contact. After a couple of minutes of this slow, sensous dance, grandma raised her head up and smiled at me. We locked eyes as I began to pump my cock more quickly in and out of her pussy. Grandma squeezed her eyes together in pleasure while she huffed and moaned softly. I leaned forward to kiss her and we traded tongue. With that, we were off to the races. Soon, we were humping like mad and I blew another load as grandma orgasmed with deep, long moans.

We lay together on the couch for a long time, drifting in and out of sleep. I woke up to feel grandma gently cleaning my cock and crotch with a warm washcloth. She had changed into a nightie. I started to say something, but she shushed me and put her finger across my lips. She finished cleaning me off and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then she went to her bedroom. I stumbled into my bed.

The next morning, I woke to the smell of eggs and bacon. I ate breakfast with grandma and grandpa. They went off to church. When they came back, gramps said he had to make a trip to the next town over to visit a fishing buddy. “You two be good while I’m gone,” gramps said with a wink as he left. No sooner had we heard his car pull out of the driveway then grandma and I were on top of each other on the dining room table.

Yeah, we fucked all weekend long. I loved it. She was so beautiful and so hungry. It was amazing. It made that crappy job very bearable, I’ll tell you. Every other weekend I’d stay with grandma and grandpa. And, every other weekend, grandma and I would hav our wild sex parties. I’m pretty sure gramps knew about it. He always make these afternon-long visits on Sunday afternoon, giving grandma and me some extra time to enjoy ourselves.

Granny died a couple of years ago. We’d ended our affair long before then. But, boy, we had a good time. We really did. [interview concluded]

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