Priapus’ Blessing Pt. 02

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This is an emotional rollercoaster. Did Mike really change back to normal for a second? Did the monster he has become trick me for extra sadism? I don’t know. I may never know. All I know is that Mike’s cock is fully erect again and he is walking towards Alice. My poor girlfriend has been reduced to a literal cum dump. Mike used her throat as a fleshlight and then pumped more cum into her than I have in our entire four year relationship. My girlfriend is a shaking heap on the floor (probably having another orgasm right now) and I can’t do a single thing about it. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if he tried to stuff that monster into her pretty pussy. This is too much for me. It’s now or never.

I steel my nerves and get up off the floor. I charge at Mike, hoping I can get a good hit in before he ravages Alice again. Mike stops and turns towards me. I wasn’t expecting to lose the element of surprise so I try to stop quickly before he can reach me. My foot loses its purchase on the floor and the next thing I know I’m on my ass, on the floor, sitting in a pile of his cum. The last of my spirit leaves me as soon as I look up and see Mike’s smirk. My voice cracks as I meekly call to him “Please. She can’t take anymore.” Mike looks at me with distain and replies “She can’t or YOU can’t?” Exactly after he finishes his devastatingly true sentence, as if on cue, Alice slowly lifts her beautiful round ass up in the air. Mike finishes his short walk to what was once my innocent girlfriend.

As Mike walks, his foot long dick sways from side to side, mesmerizing anyone who dares to look. He drops to his knees behind Alice and lets his dick smack onto her back. It can’t be true, but it looks like his cock snakes all the way up her back. Did he grow again? Does he thrive on my humiliation?! I don’t want to know. As Mike lifts Alice and repositions her, I get a vantage point on him from the back. He turned his back on me? He knows I won’t do anything.

When he spreads his legs, I see his huge ball sack. It’s all I can see. The giant orbs are still churning and producing more and more jizz to shoot into my girlfriend. They must be as big as grapefruits now. His balls are so big I can’t even see her between his legs. The poor girl has to know what that means, so why is she so excited to have him ruin her? There is some shuffling and shifting of weight. I see Mike’s sack swing back and forward between his legs as he pushes his head against Alice’s most sacred place; a barbarian about to pillage a goddess’s temple. As I start zoning out while trying to fictionalize this whole encounter, I hear a familiar voice that brings me back to reality. It’s my girlfriends sweet voice calling me to her as she says “Joshy please come over and help me with something.” I can’t just leave her here alone, so I crawl over to the front of their obscene tripod.

As I approach her pretty face, I notice that she is acting like nothing strange is happening. Her beautiful, innocent face is a stark contrast to what is happening behind her. I can hear soft wet sounds coming from back there slick shlich slick. As she looks me in the eyes and continues talking to me nonchalantly, she coos “Baby, I’m having some trouble. Can you help me? I’m still trying to help Mike relieve his pressure, but there is a tiny problem… My pussy is too tight for his fat cock! Can you reach back there and spread me open for him? Pleeeaaaaase?” I stare blankly at her eryamanda yeni escortlar and then behind her to Mike.

As I make eye contact with my roommate, I try and say, as firmly as I can “I’m not going to help you fuck my girlfriend. How are you even doing this? Why are you doing this?” His reply is short and to the point as he says “If you make me force my way in, I may hurt her.” I can’t let the woman I love get hurt. He knew I would submit if he threatened her. I kneel in front of Alice as I reach my hands back to her pussy. I can’t even see her pussy lips behind Mike’s cock head. I can see the puddle of pre-cum pooled around Alice’s knees that Mike made as we sat here and talked for a few seconds. As I slide my hand past his dick head, my hand glances against his cum slit and a giant glob of pre-cum sticks to my hand. I quickly spread my girlfriend for my once friend as I close my eyes and try and block the picture from my mind.

Mike lets out a grunt of approval. I feel something strange happening to my crotch. As I look down, I see Alice trying to suck my dick. I haven’t been hard this whole time and I’m not hard now, so it’s more embarrassing than anything. Mike starts to slide his cock into his prize. I feel the spongey head push my hands apart as I hold Alice open for him. He is stretching her unbelievably wide, and I can feel everything as my hands spread further and further apart. As soon as the head is half way in, I feel a hot gush of fluid splash around my hands and Mike’s cock. Alice is cumming simply from mike’s effort to penetrate her. She starts moaning on my dick.

Even when soft, her mouth feels too good for me and I shoot a sizable load, by my standards, into her mouth. She doesn’t even notice, but Mike does. He lets out a quick laugh and launches a blast of pre-cum into Alice’s stretched pussy. It fills her instantly and splashes back around my hands. Alice moans and says “Ohhh yes baby. Are you getting excited for this tight pussy? It’s not too tight for you is it? Hehe I would hate for you to cum too early.” This was the last straw. I pulled my hands away from my girlfriend’s pussy and let the opening squeeze out Mike’s head.

“Wow what’s wrong, baby?” said Alice. My cum was dripping from the side of her mouth. Or maybe it was still Mike’s cum? I guess we can’t really tell. Mike chimed in “yea buddy, what’s wrong? I’d hate to have to do this on my own and have someone end up hurt.” He said mockingly.

I replied shortly saying “I don’t think you will do anything differently to her weather I help you or not! You’re going to tear her apart with that huge thing and that’s inevitable. I don’t want to be part of it.” I could tell as soon as the words left my mouth that I had made a mistake. Mike stared daggers at me and then calmly said “OK. I can see you need a demonstration. Please pay close attention to your lovely girlfriend.” I stammer back a response that sounds something like an apology and a plea not to do it, but judging by Alice’s reaction it was too late. Mike’s hips start to thrust forward and I hear a loud POP.

“OOOHHHHooOHHh, fuck Fuck FUCK! Oh my fucking god! Its soo much. I’m so full. I’m so fucking fuuul! Baby your fat fucking cock is pushing every part of me open and filling me full, Full, FULL!” Alice screams as she feels Mike’s head pop into her tight pussy. But as you watch Alice’s face contort in pleasure, you know mike isn’t done with his promise to teach sincan escort bayan you respect. I pull my gaze away from my orgasm wrecked Girlfriend’s face and meet Mike’s stare. “What are you doing to her?” I ask him sheepishly. “See for yourself” he replies.

My roommate grabs my girlfriend’s wide hips and flips her from her current hands and knees position to her back. I can’t believe what I see. My girlfriend’s once tight lower tummy is now bulging with the clear outline of Mike’s angry cock head. I can count his heartbeat by looking at Alice’s stretched tummy. As soon as she’s on her back, Mike begins jacking off his cock with one hand and he grabs her hip with the other. He slowly forces his monster deeper inside her. The extra stimulation must have ramped up his pre-cum output because I can literally hear his balls churn and the outline of his cock is becoming less and less defined by the second. So far, Alice is still enjoying the brutal stuffing as she exclaims loudly “Oh yea baby! Use me! I’m yours, this pussy is yours! Fill me up!” as her legs kick around wildly trying to find a way to pull the monster in further.

If this is his pre-cum, I’m scared of what will happen to my lust addled girlfriend when she gets what she wants… Mike’s cumshot will truly hurt her. I snap out of my haze and yell to Mike “What do I have to do to stop you from hurting her!?” Mike doesn’t even pull his eyes off Alice’s over-stuffed pussy to answer when he replies “she’s been stuck in a continuous orgasm ever sense I buried my fat cock in her. It makes her super tight, so her cunt can’t let out any of my pre-cum. I bet if you were able to give her a bigger orgasm, you could break her out of the loop. Better hurry though. My balls are starting to ache for release.” I cannot believe this. Mike doesn’t care about the girl I love; all he cares about is using her to cum and pump load after load into her tight holes.

I have to save her from this monster! And he truly is a monster now. His balls have swollen past enormous and are the size of basketballs. His cock is swelling too and growing more and more veins. Veins as big as pencils. How can I make her cum if I have to compete with that!? I could always make her cum when I ate her out… It’s worth a try for her. I’ll have to get really close to his cock though. And every time his fat cock pushes in, it pulls her clit in with it. He’s too fucking big. Fuck it, I’ll do it for her.

As I slowly move close to her ravaged pussy, I can smell the mixing of cock and pussy juice. It’s not bad. Alice somehow notices me approach her pussy and begins to grab my hair like she usually does. She tries to push me closer into her but only ends up shoving my face against Mike’s cock. Mike loves the humiliation I’m suffering at the literal hands of the girl I love most. I can tell because I can see his cock start to pump faster into Alice. Mike has a plan hatch in his head and say to Alice “Hey babe why don’t you hold your boyfriends head down on your tummy so he can see how much you love this cock.” And she instantly obliges. She softly gasps “Oh baby listen to him. I want you to see how much I love this cock! Watch how well my slutty pussy swallows it up!” She grabs my head and I can’t move away.

They both love it. I can see Alice’s pussy juices flowing and mixing with the very small amount of pre-cum that escapes the seal around that gigantic cock. I can feel Mike’s ankara escort head pushing into Alice on my face. I can see the veins pulse and move as more and more cock is forced into the small space inside my girlfriend. Soon the cock is so deep that I can’t feel the head on my face. It’s moved further up into her guts. I can still feel the pencil thick veins push through her skin and rub against my face. Which is weird when I think about it because the pre-cum was able to distend her belly enough that I couldn’t make out the cock head earlier?

As I look at the base of Mike’s cock, I see why I can still feel his monster in such detail: he is holding the base closed with his hand. There is nothing pumping into her! That means he must have grown wider to push my head so far away from her pussy. I slowly pull my head away so I can look at Alice. I can’t help but say out loud “Oh my fucking god…” the outline of his cock is clearly visible all the way up to her ribcage. I can count each and every vein writhing under her once tight tummy. His dick is at least 18 inches and definitely too wide to be in a human being.

Mike notices that I realize how futile it was to ever compete with him. My defeated face as I stare at the outline of his cock in my girlfriend is all he needs to know that I gave up for good. Mike lets out a sigh of relief as he says “Now watch what happens to greedy sluts who think they can take all I have to give them” and he releases the damn at the base of his bitch breaking cock.

It all happens so fast. I can hear a deep rumbling as the back log of cum is forced form his aching balls into his unbelievably thick cum tube. The tube is easily bigger than my entire member. And once his thick jizz is forced into the tube, wave by wave, it grows as thick as my entire wrist. I watch as the wave of jizz slowly forces it’s was up his gigantic cock. When the cum bulge reaches the entrance to Alice’s pussy it almost doubles the size of her opening. I can easily follow the same wave up the shaft to the head and see it explode in her stomach. As the inhuman cock stretches Alice’s pussy and then belly, she can only manage a faint whimper. With one shot, Alice looks to be a month pregnant, and a fraction of a second later she is two, and then 4 and 6 and back to 9 months pregnant. Growing with each grotesque slosh and rumble. Again Alice starts to call out in panic that she is too full and she will explode if he doesn’t take his it out. I watch as his balls slowly drain back to basketballs, and then grapefruits, and then really really big apples. The love of my life is now a babbling heap on my bedroom floor, and she is easily full term with twins.

“Stop.” I find myself gasping into thin air. Mike looks directly into my eyes and demands “what? Can’t you see I’m busy?” I beg him “Please, take me instead. I’ll do anything just spare her.” He takes a deep breath and shoots one last giant shot of cum into her. He then takes a step back to release the biggest cream pie in existence from girlfriend’s insides. His monster cock is still shooting rope after thick white rope onto her abused pussy and massive belly. He was nowhere near done unloading into her.

When his balls are finally back to egg size, he turns to me and says “Your partner will carry my son. Your punishment/blessing will be to raise him till he can raise himself. You must be careful with him around puberty, for he takes after his father. Thank you for your servitude.” And with that the room fills again with a warm breeze. Mike falls to the floor unconscious. Alice hoarsely squeaks out from behind her oversized belly “honey can you please eat my pussy? I feel really backed up. I need it!”

What the fuck just happened…?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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