Pleasantly Surprised

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As her heart pounded with the beat of the music that she danced to, Trina watched her dance partner, Mike, as his hips moved and his body swayed in perfect timing with the beat. She thought to herself that he was a very good dancer. She also wondered in her mind, if his moves in the bed were as exact and smooth as his moves on the dance floor. This was their sixth date together, and with not much more than a few brief heavy kissing sessions their relationship hadn’t produced anything more sexual than that.

Mike was a handsome man. In his early thirties, his frame and build was about average. He had sandy blonde hair and a thick moustache that he kept neatly trimmed. He reminded her of a surfer that she frequently saw at the beaches when she was younger. He was mild mannered and polite in his dealings with co-workers and others in general, as Trina noticed. He had been a perfect gentleman when he was with her, always opening the doors for her, seating her at a table when they had dinner or at a lounge. He made her feel as though she was the only woman on the planet when she was with him, and she loved it. Even his touch with her was gentle when they kissed.

Trina was about six years, Mike’s senior. She had been in a couple of relationships after her divorce from a ten year marriage a year and a half ago. Neither of the relationships spawned anything more than a few rolls in the sack with what Trina could determine as a couple of self centered jerks. But Mike was different. He made her feel like none of the others had, including her ex-husband. She wasn’t quite sure what the difference was, and at this point, she didn’t care.

Trina stood as tall as Mike, and with the exception of a few extra age lines around her eyes, you couldn’t tell that she was six years older than Mike. She managed to keep in pretty good shape by doing aerobics twice a week with a couple of her girlfriends at the local spa. Her raven hair was shoulder length and her skin tone was olive toned. She tanned nicely, and made sure that she kept a regular three times a week regiment on her tanning bed to keep her dark tan looking good. While most people that use tanning beds, tan totally nude, Trina kept her tan lines from a certain thong bikini that she had for a couple of years now. The contrast of the tan and her regular skin tone was stark. It looked as if she had the lines body painted on her flesh.

As the twilight was in its full glory outside, the lounge that they were at began to thin out as the crowd slowly dispersed. Mike ask Trina if she was ready to go, and she told him that she was. When they arrived at Trina’s house, she stopped him just outside of the front door before she opened it. She waited for him to slide his arms around her for a kiss before they entered the house. When he did, Trina grabbed him, pulled him into her, then spun him around and slammed him soundly against the porch wall as they kissed. She pressed her body against his making sure that he was receiving the signals that she was sending. Mike smiled after their kiss was released. “You ready to take this a step further are ya?”, he asked in a low growl.

Trina answered by leaning into him again and this time taking the initiative on the long wet deep kiss. “Any more questions?” she asked him, with a smile on her face.

They entered the dark house and Trina flicked on the table lamp. Mike asked if she wanted anything to drink and he headed toward the kitchen. Trina told him to come into the bedroom after he got them each a glass of wine. Mike smiled and acknowledged her.

Trina was stripped down to her panties and bra when Mike walked in quietly with two glasses of dark red wine. He crept up behind Trina as she had just unlatched her bra snaps, and her mounds fell freely from the bindings. Mike kissed the back of her neck, and Trina almost jumped out of her skin. She turned around quickly, instinctively covering her naked breasts with her arms. “Jesus! You scared the hell out of me!” she scolded him.

Mike apologized for startling her, but he never took a step backwards. Instead he held up the glass of red wine to her as if he was offering a peace offering. She smiled and took the wine with one hand as she continued to keep her exposed breasts covered. Mike sipped his wine as he kept a constant gaze into her eyes. Trina noticed the glaze of his dark blue eyes. They seemed to deepen in color as she looked back into his eyes. All along in their past dates, she had construed Mike to be a bit shy by his lack of advances towards her. But now she was beginning to sense something different, something that made her tingle deep within her psyche.

“ Mind if I join you?” he asked.

Trina smiled and replied, “I thought you’d NEVER ask!”

Mike took her innuendo with a grain of salt. He took her wine glass from her hand as he sat his own glass down on the dresser behind where Trina stood. When he did, he moved into Trina. Her arms lowered from covering her breasts and she placed escort eryaman them around Mike’s neck as they scorched each others tongues with a lingering wet kiss. He slid his tongue over hers as she reciprocated back to him. They kissed for a few minutes like this before Trina pushed him away enough to begin to unsnap the buttons on his western cut shirt. Mike kept his gaze into her eyes as he grasped the shirt on either side and tugged with one quick fluid motion. the shirt buttons ripped the shirt open in a flash, exposing the pristine white undershirt.

Trina was beginning to become more aroused with his antics. She tugged at the bottom of the white undershirt where it was neatly tucked into the waist of his thick Levi jeans and began to unfurl the shirt up and over his head. He had a nice neat layer of hair on his chest that tapered down the middle of his belly and ran downward, disappearing below the waist line of his jeans. His stomach muscles were defined and his pectoral muscles were thick. She couldn’t help but run her hands over the fine hair that sculpted his torso. It looked to her as a fine trimmed fur covering.

As she felt him, Mike drank in her beauty with his eyes. Her breasts were fine orbs of pleasure for his eyes. They hung perfectly, with a nice rounding at the bottom. Her nipples were standing proudly from the center of her brown areolas. He lifted his hands, and encompassed her breasts in each of them. He lifted them each slightly, relishing their weight and texture. As he held them as if weighing them, his thumbs grazed each of her nipples. They became even more pronounced.

Trina wanted more now. She began tugging at the clasp of his belt, undoing it. Then the button of his waist and finally the thick zipper. His pants now hung loosely at his waist. Trina grabbed each side of the denim pants and slid them down over his legs to the floor. As she squatted at the floor, her eyes went immediately to the thick clump at the crotch of his boxer briefs. Without moving from her squatting position, she pulled the shorts down, slowly this time. As the waistband neared the thick lump at his crotch, she purposely began to slowly inch the form fitting shorts over his neatly trimmed thatch of pubic hair. Her eyes were intent as the waistband began to reveal his thick man snake. It appeared to her to be swelling. She was correct in her thoughts and observation.

Mike’s eyes never left her face. He swelled with anticipation as he watched her eyes widen with delightful surprise as the shorts were now pulled down fully to his ankles and his cock hung directly in front of Trina’s face.

Trina blew her hot breath at his exposed manhood. She felt a stirring deep within her nether regions. She was leaning in to taste him when he grabbed her by her arms and pulled her to a standing position in front of him. She was attempting a protest when he grabbed the back of her head, entwined his fingers deep in her hair against her scalp and pulled her face to his. His lips pressed firmly against hers. Yet again his tongue slid between her parted lips and began a slow sensual dance over hers. With his other hand, he placed it into the small of her back and tugged her into him. Her panty covered pussy pressed directly into his growing cock. Mike pushed forward and pinned her hips into the dresser behind her. The sudden shove rocked the dresser slightly from the push.

Trina’s senses were running rampant now. This gentle man that she had dated for four weeks now was in a complete opposite mode of everything he had shown her previously. He wasn’t acting mild mannered now. No longer was he being passive and polite. He was displaying a more aggressive behavior. She wasn’t afraid though. His actions didn’t seem out of control.

Too many times with her other suitors, their primal urges were the reasoning for their pushy advances. No, Mike was in control of his emotions. He knew exactly what he was doing and why he was doing them. She was turned on by his mannerisms. He was methodical in each move that he made. He had definitely done this before, many times by her surmise.

Mike slid his tongue back into his own mouth and drew back away from Trina. She was preparing to slip out of her panties when Mike grabbed the thin string on her hips with one hand and jerked outward, quickly. The dainty string snapped like a rubber band as the panties now hung precariously lopsided against her other hip. In a flash, he reached to the other side and tugged, breaking that string as well. He held the broken string and slowly edged the useless cotton thong from between her legs and the folds of her ass cheeks and her pussy.

Her eyes gave her away as she just stared into his eyes with an awe of excitement. Mike watched her expression as he drew the tattered thong from between her legs and up to his nose. He drew in a long deep breath at the damp crotch.

Trina felt her tummy begin to tighten even more with excitement as she watched the pleasured look ankara escort on his face as he drank in her essence through his flared nostrils. He tossed the useless thong to the floor.

His hands now grabbed her breasts as he still held her pinned against the dresser. He began to knead at them, softly first, then applying more pressure. His hands felt so warm to her exposed boobs. He backed away from her just enough to lean down and suckle each breast. His tongue flicked at each nipple, then he sucked the heavy orbs into his hot mouth. He sucked gently at first, then harder. He filled his mouth with each breast with every suck before pulling back, allowing the tit to literally pop from his suction . Her breasts would bounce as he released them. Her nipples jutting outward more and more.

His cock was now pressing in between the folds of her pussy lips as he stayed pressed against her body. He backed his hips away enough for his cock to fall beneath her folds and dangle between her slightly spread legs. He pressed forward again making his hard cock slip between her thighs. Trina felt his stiff hot rod as it stuck between her thighs. She could feel the hard meaty tip as it rested at the back side of her ass cheeks. Mike wrapped his arms around Trina’s torso and lifted her up from the floor. She instinctively lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist when he did.

He carried he to the side of the bed and laid her onto the fresh sheets. Her legs hung from the side as he squatted down into a kneeling position. Her passion mounted as he leaned into her exposed crotch and began to lick her outer folds. He licked her inner thighs and the back sides of them before grabbing a leg in each hand and spread them apart. Her delicate flower opened for him. He leaned in and flicked lightly at her opening. Her juices began to trickle from her excitement.

He then closed her legs together again and held them with one hand up in the air. With his free hand, he drew back slightly and smacked her bum with it. The meaty flesh bounced with the smack. She moaned with delight. He then smacked the other cheek just as firmly as the first. He kissed each butt cheek where he had smacked them. The contrast of the light sting from the slap and then the tender soft kiss from his lips sent a wave of desire racing through Trina’s mind and body.

Once again he repeated the smacking of her exposed derriere only to follow this time with a firm tonguing instead of a soft kiss. He began swabbing her entire butt cheeks with his tongue until his tongue was washing up and down the loosely closed crack of her ass. Her hips raised from the bed as she felt his tongue delve into the center of the crevasse of her butt. The tip grazed over the puckered rosebud of her anus. She had never had that done to her before, and it felt good.

Mike stood up at the side of the bed and grabbed her legs and began to swing them around as if she were on a lazy Susan, telling her to spin. She was mesmerized and did as he asked. Her head was now at the side of the bed, hanging slightly off of the edge. Mike stepped forward and grabbed his hard cock in his hand and pointed it at her mouth. “You wanted to suck my cock, now you can”, he said in a matter of fact way.

She opened her mouth and licked the trickle of his clear pre-cum from the tip. Then she opened her mouth and took in as much of his shaft as she could. His cock felt hot in her mouth. His salty ooze made her begin to drool. She lifted her head upward with each stroke of her mouth, taking in more and more of his swollen dick each time. She scooted her head further from the edge of the bed until it was hanging upside down at the side. She grabbed his meaty ass cheeks this time, and with the tip of his aching cock at her lips, pulled him into her hot mouth until she felt her throat relax and could feel the bulbous tip as it passed the back of her mouth and into her throat.

Mike moaned with a deep pleasure as he felt the tip pass the back of her mouth and went further into her tight throat. He relished in the feeling of his heavy, hairless ball sac as it rested against her nostrils. With her mouth completely full of his cock, she had to breath through her nose. Mike could feel the warm breath as it escaped her nostrils and bathed his tender pink ball sac flesh. He withdrew his entire length from her throat and mouth very slowly. As he watched, he could see the shiny thick spit that coated his entire cock shaft. He actually felt his cock swell even more from the exciting visual. He whispered in a raspy voice, “ lick my balls Baby”.

Trina was eager to comply and began licking each heavy testicle. “ Suck them” he said. She again did as he asked, sucking each one into her mouth and gliding her tongue over each one until his nut sac looked as shiny as his cock had. She sucked on them again, this time with Mike telling her to keep sucking. When she had one in her mouth and had a strong suction going, he began elvakent escort to raise up away from her. His pink sac stretched away from his body. When it wouldn’t stretch any further, the heavy ball would pop from her mouth. He would lower himself for the other nut to be done the same way.

After a good swabbing, Mike continued with his stance over her face, letting her have her way with him. He reached forward and grabbed her swollen pussy lips in his hand and squeezed them together. He then slid his fore finger between the soft wet folds and began wagging his finger from side to side over her swollen bud. He would rub it from the top to the opening and back up again while Trina kept bathing his balls and the crack of his ass cheeks.

Mike stood back upright and backed up from her and helped lift her head from its upside down position, very slowly, until she was sitting up on the bed in front of him. He leaned down to her seated position and blew hot breath at the base of her neck with his face an inch away from her. The warm breath cascaded down her neck and back sending goose bumps racing down her arms and torso. He grabbed her by her shoulders and moved her to a reclining position. He crawled up onto her. Her legs spread apart instinctively to accompany his hips in between her legs.

As he lay down against her she could feel his engorged manhood between her wet folds. He began to move his cock up and down, much like a dry hump. Except this was anything but a dry hump. The soft underside of his rock hard cock was pressed against her clitoris and as he slowly rubbed up and down, the entire shaft would glide effortlessly up and down the full length. It was a constant stimulation for her and made her moan with obvious pleasure.

Mike leaned down and kissed her while he massaged her erect pleasure twig with his meat piston. He would stop his kissing only to nip and suck the nape of her neck sending even more waves of desire racing through her. Eventually Mike slipped the tip of his hard cock head into Trina’s seeping punani. He whispered into her ear, “Want me to fuck you now?”

Trina didn’t speak but just nodded and whimpered uh-huh. With that Mike began to insert more of his throbbing cock into her. Ever so slowly, he inched all of his cock into her. Her moans became louder when he was completely inside of her. Mike began to retrieve his cock from her until he was out of her pussy and the tip of his dick rested at the opening again. He would pause for a couple of seconds then slide his shaft back in until once again he was fully inside.

After several minutes of this, Mike, once out of her, slipped his cock between her lips and slid up and down over her stiff clit some more. On the fourth stroke of her clit against his shaft, Trina groaned that she was Cumming. Mike slid his cock back into her more quickly now, then buried it deep into her womb as her cinching pussy convulsed around his thick meaty cock.

After her first climax began to ebb, Mike began sawing in and out of her steaming pussy. He propped himself up on an elbow and reached down between them and wiped up some of her excitement onto his two fingers. He then brought the sticky nectar to his lips and sucked the drippings from one finger into his mouth. The other finger, he slid into Trina’s opened mouth. She sucked his finger and the juice from it. He kept his finger in her mouth and she continued to suck on it much like she had done to his cock.

Mike could feel Trina’s legs begin to stiffen and he knew from experience that she was nearing yet another orgasm. He laid back down fully against her now and grabbed her ass cheeks in each hand under them. His thrusts began to grow in intensity and speed. He was thrusting in as deeply and as fast as he could now. The base of his cock would slap against her swollen lips with each sawing motion as he held her hips and pulled them into his slamming cock with each downward thrust. Trina wailed a loud groan as her body gave up another clutching orgasm. She could feel the melting of her lust and passion as his thrusts pounded her pussy into submission.

Mike slowed to a stop and remained inside of her as her breathing regained a more normal pattern. Then he withdrew from her and asked her to get on all fours. She liked what was happening to her, so she eagerly maneuvered onto her hands and knees. This was her favorite position, unbeknownst to Mike. She Turned to him, held up a finger indicating for him to give her a second, then reached under one side of the mattress and pulled out a vibrating wand. Mike smiled brightly. Trina placed a few pillows in front of her then laid her chest onto them, leaving her wet sticky pussy up in the air for him. Mike slid in easily. He heard the humming of the wand begin as soon as he entered.

Mike began to pummel her hot wet pussy with some rapid thrusts. He slapped each ass cheek with his hands with a firm wallop. Trina moved her hips back into him when he did this. Mike continued with his in and out movement, gaining momentum with each thrust. Trina felt the grinding of the humming wand on her clit building her excitement once again. She could also feel his cum laden balls as they slapped against her sticky lips.

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