Picked Up in a Bar

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It was a Thursday night and while driving home from work I decided to try to relive my youth and stopped into a bar for a couple drinks. However, the universe works in mysterious ways and as I was walking through the parking lot, the skies opened up with a torrential downpour, leaving me absolutely soaked and panting for breath after sprinting for the door.

I stumbled up to the bar, ordered a shot of anything to recover with, and started drying off with a pile of cocktail napkins when I heard a quiet chuckle coming from my right. I looked up to see a lady maybe 5 years my senior (I just turned 30) with a Cheshire cat grin on her face, and while it may have just been the adrenaline dump from the rain, run and shot messing with my head, I was totally smitten. She was tall, about my height at 5′ 10″, and clearly put in time in the gym to stay in shape with broad shoulders, a slim waist and long, firm looking legs that just went on forever. She was wearing a turtleneck that looked like it was painted on, clearly showing off her toned arms and stretched taut around her firm, round tits and a pair of jeans that emphasized that round bubble butt and legs to their fullest.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly no looker with thinning hair and a high school athlete’s body which had suffered from 10 years behind a desk and not enough time in the gym. Someone describing me kindly would say that I have a Dad bod, but unfortunately I don’t have the Dad excuse to fall back on and I probably have a couple too many pounds around my waist even by that standard. However, given that she had opened the door, I slid over figuring it was worth a shot.

As we got to know each other, I found out that Stephanie was an emergency room nurse, and her green eyes twinkled as she regaled me with war stories. My stories as a financial consultant were no where near as exciting, but she laughed at my jokes, her wavy auburn hair bouncing in time with her peals as she flirtatiously touched my arms and chest. After a few hours and a couple of drinks, we both felt like it was time to get going and so I picked up the tab and we headed out to the parking lot together. As we left the bar she turned to me, put her hand on my arm and asked if I wanted to come back to her place for a night cap. I jokingly asked if she was sure that she was comfortable letting a strange man in her house late at night and she laughed hard, squeezed me in a tight hug that gave me a slight glimpse into how strong she really was and said, “I’m more than able to keep naughty boys in line.” Well, with that my dick gave a hard twitch and I was all in, so we hopped in our cars and I followed her back to her place.

As we went through the door, she pushed me up against the wall with one hand and closed and locked the door with the other and then stepped in, her breasts pushed up against my chest and kissed me hard. I kissed right back, our tongues wrestling with one another as my dick sprang right back to life and I felt her nipples harden through her shirt. At that point I got a little nervous, since I’m a touch on the small side at about 5 inches long and not especially thick, but she just started grinding that firm, strong thigh into my crotch. I reached around her to cup that marvelously firm, round ass but she slapped my hands away and when I tried again, she grabbed my wrists and pushed them against the wall over my head, all without breaking the kiss. I tried to pull away but she held me tight to the wall, leaned back and huskily said, “See, I told you I can handle a naughty boy!”

She then went back to kissing me and grinding her thigh into my crotch until I was moaning uncontrollably into her mouth and humping her leg like a dog in heat. Not 60 seconds before I would have exploded, she pulled back her leg, leaned her shoulders away, but kept her stomach pressed to mine and my arms pinned to the wall. She mischievously looked at me with that same twinkle she had earlier that had sucked me in, and said, “Not yet, not until I say so.” She then held me there, my eyes pleading with her laughing ones, until my dick started to flag.

She took me by the hand and led me up to the bedroom, treating me to the marvelous sight of her ass swaying and flexing with each step so that by the time we got upstairs I was fully hard again. She pushed me onto the bed and began a slow strip tease, first shimmying out of her pants, confirming for me that those long, muscular, ivory white legs were truly one of the wonders of the world, and then slowly turned, letting her pink bikini cut panties show off her round ass and mound to their full benefit. Somewhere along the way, her shimmying, twerking and turning had gotten me worked up and my hand had made its way to my cock all of its own volition, which drew a “tsk, tsk, hands to yourself.” Eager as I was to see the rest of the show, I put escort eryaman my hands back on the bed and tilted my head, as if to say, “Your turn.”

She ever so slowly worked the turtleneck up her body, first revealing her firm abs, then turning so that I could see her strong back and shoulders (and pink bra straps) before making it all the way back around to show me what had to have been the world’s most incredible 36C breasts, encased in a bubblegum pink bra which emphasized her deep cleavage and showed off a slight dusting of freckles. I don’t think my dick had ever been so hard in my life, and when she started to slide her bra straps down her shoulders I almost came then and there, but then she suddenly pulled them back up, sat down next to me and said, “Your turn!” with a girlish laugh and that teasing glint in her eyes. I looked at her to see if she was really serious and she just nodded, maintaining eye contact and that irresistible grin.

Playing along, I got up and started doing my best Chippendale’s impersonation, but if you’ve seen the SNL skit, it was much more Chris Farley than Patrick Swayze. I got my foot stuck in my pants and fell into the dresser once or twice but I eventually got my clothes off, leaving me in just a pair of gray boxers with a stain from my precum on the front. Stephanie stood up, eyed me like a cat eyes a mouse, and slowly stood up, reached down and took my cock in her hand through my boxers and began to stroke. As she varied her hand motions, with full length strokes interspersed with her fingernails teasing the underside of my shaft and glans she talked about how she loves giving hand jobs, feeling how responsive men are to her touch, and knowing exactly when to speed up and slow down to control their pleasure.

For what felt like several hours (but was probably actually only 15 minutes) I was in a state of completely tortured bliss with wave after wave of pleasure shooting from the tip of my cock all throughout my body. But just like she had said, every time I began to shudder and squirm and get close to cumming, she would slow down or squeeze hard at the base of my cock, aborting my orgasm. Throughout, she maintained firm eye contact, clearly taking tremendous pleasure from the way my eyes were begging her to finish me, but she remained merciless with her teasing.

Finally, she smiled and said, “I am such a tease. I’ve really been torturing you haven’t I? Should I be nice to you?” I nodded mutely and she pushed me back on the bed, said “OK” and in one motion pulled my boxers straight down and off my legs, leaving my cock bobbing around with strings of precum flying everywhere. My cock felt like a bar of iron, my glans was a dark, angry red from her merciless teasing and little pearls of precum kept leaking out of my slit and running over the glans. She then reached behind her, unhooked her bra and hunched forward, slowly sliding it down her arms to reveal small brown areolae with eraser sized nipples sticking proudly in the air. She then slid her panties down her legs and jumped on the bed, lying on her back next to me.

I turned on my side to take in the sight, her breasts standing proudly off her chest with just a touch of sag from gravity pulling them back towards the bed and a neatly groomed but full brown bush pointing down to plump lips that were glistening with her juices, betraying her arousal. She spread her legs and said, “You like?” Once again, I found myself mutely nodding and I may have even drooled just a touch, I was so taken with this goddess, which just made her giggle, pat the bed between her legs and say, “Then get in here and show me what you got!”

I rolled over her leg and started to line up my dick over her lips when I suddenly had a panic stricken realization that I didn’t have a condom (trust me, I’m as shocked as you than any coherent thoughts were running through my mind by that point), but she read my face and said, “Go for it, I’m on the pill.” With that, my eyes glazed right back over and I started to attempt to make entry when her legs closed around my waist and her ankles crossed behind my back. The next thing I knew, there was a burning pain in my ribs from the strength of her squeeze and even though the tip of my cock was touching her pussy, I couldn’t move one millimeter closer to make my way into heaven.

I was so frustrated I thought I might cry as I pushed at those rock hard thighs in a futile attempt to get free. She gently put her hand on my cheek and said, “Poor baby! So close, yet so far. Tell me what you want, and if you ask really nicely, maybe I’ll take you off the naughty list.” Wanting to maintain a shred of dignity (again, what made me think I had any say in what was happening after how the evening had gone so far is beyond me, but I was so horny I clearly wasn’t thinking straight) I wriggled more in her legs, pushed ankara escort down on those anaconda legs, and tried to squeeze her inner thighs as hard as I could to get her to release but only made her laugh and squeeze tighter. The extra pressure was making it hard to breathe, and completely broken, I looked her in the eye and begged her to let me in her pussy, to let me finally cum.

Eventually, as my breath was starting to come in short gasps, she shifted her legs, her heels firmly pressed on my butt and she pulled me hard into her pussy. It was everything I had dreamed of and more – soaking wet, tight as a glove, and when she started squeezing her vaginal wall muscles it made her earlier hand job seem amateurish in comparison. My eyes rolled up into my head and I let out a long moan from deep in my soul and when she told me she was super horny and needed me to give it to her hard I started pounding away as hard as I could. Every 5 or 6 thrusts she would clench her pussy muscles hard or dig her heels into my butt, trapping me in place as she rubbed her clit on my pelvis before she would let go and let me get back to it. Within minutes, we were both moaning and groaning together and I leaned down, sucked her right nipple into my mouth and started tweaking her left nipple with my right hand. Not 10 seconds later, she screamed with pleasure and clenched her pussy, her legs crushing my sides and her arms wrapped around my head smothering me against her breast as she had the hardest orgasm I had ever seen.

She held me like that until the last of her orgasmic spasms subsided and then she pulled my head up so that our gaze was once again locked and she said, “Thank you baby, that was amazing! I can’t believe you haven’t cum yet, let me take care of that!” With that, she rolled us over so she was on top and she began rolling her hips and rhythmically clenching her pussy, her pelvis locked against and grinding into mine. This woman was a sex fiend and within 30 seconds I was moaning and writhing under her and she kept going until maybe a minute later I exploded sending rope after rope of cum into her as her pussy milked me dry. When I was finally done, she laid her head on my chest and played with my nipple and chest hair as my dick slowly softened and started to slide out of her.

After a couple of minutes her breathing slowed down and became more rhythmic and I realized she had gotten so comfortable she had dozed off. I gently rolled her off so that she was on her left side and slid up behind her so that I was the big spoon, my arms wrapped around her waist and my spent cock nestled in her butt crack. A couple of minutes later I was sound asleep too, exhausted from the sexual wringer I had just been put through.

A couple hours later I woke up completely parched after what had been the most vigorous aerobic exercise I had done in as long as I could remember. I stumbled downstairs, found a bathroom and splashed my face, still not really believing how I could have gotten so lucky. I then staggered to the kitchen and downed three cups of water. While I was refreshing, a plan began to develop in my mind to return the favor from the previous night.

I quietly went back upstairs to find her still sleeping, the sheet between her legs and partly covering her stomach, one magnificent thigh and those amazing breasts on display. I stood there admiring the view while coming up with a game plan before sliding back into bed, once more the big spoon. She murmured in her sleep as I crawled in and I nibbled on her ear lobe as I shushed her. After her breathing went back to normal, I rolled her gently onto her back and tucked her right arm under me. I lifted her left arm and slid it over and behind her head until her hand was touching her right ear. I then wrapped my left arm around her bent arm to pin it in place, wrapped both my legs around her right leg and pulled it into me and slowly began to tease her with my right hand. I started at her stomach, tracing circles along those hard ab ridges, dipping into her belly button and then stroking up and down her sides.

She slowly woke up as my teasing began to turn her on and when her heavy lidded eyes cracked open I moved up to her face, tracing her lips, jaw line, ears and neck. She murmured with pleasure and continued to wake up before trying to move and join in, only to find that she was trapped. Her eyes popped open with that realization and she glared at me with a slightly annoyed, questioning gaze. I didn’t say anything and instead brought my hand down to her breasts, squeezing them, stroking in concentric circles with my fingernails until I reached first the right and then the left nipple before teasing and tweaking each until they were rock hard with arousal.

Through this all, she was moaning with pleasure at my skilled ministrations but her gaze elvakent escort was getting darker and darker until she finally blurted out, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I met that gaze, now with a mischievous glint in my eyes, and said, “Doing what every not especially well endowed man learns to do to keep women satisfied in bed, the same thing you so enjoyed doing to me! Over the years, I’ve learned to explore a woman’s body, making a mental map of her responses, so that by the time I put my dick in, she’s so turned on that I can push her right over the edge. You turned yourself on before with your teasing of me, but now it’s my turn to tease you!”

She continued to struggle, her strong limbs pulling at mine in an attempt to get free but I hung on and kept stroking her body before, deciding I’d been at it long enough, sliding my right hand down to her pussy. I slid my hand through her pubes, playing with the coarse hairs, teasing the sensitive skin at the creases of her thighs before making my way down around the outside of her pussy lips and back up the other side. I kept up this circular motion, teasing her with feathery strokes of my fingertips and slowly she stopped struggling and started moaning and writhing with pleasure. Despite this, I kept to my own pace, slowly teasing her until I felt her outer lips swell with arousal. I then pinched the top of her lips together, trapping her clit between my thumb and index finger and began using her lips to jack it like a cock. This really set her off and I kept going until every muscle in her body was clenched and her back was arched as she humped into my hand. And then I let go.

She once again glared at me with a look that made it clear I would pay for this later but I just laughed, having far too much fun with this goddess completely under my spell and went back to stroking her inner thighs. After a minute or two, I went back to stroking her outer lips, then began to pinch and pull her inner lips. At this point, her pussy was soaking wet, causing her lips to slip easily between my fingers, which only turned her on more. Once again, I kept my playing up until she was panting and moaning before moving back up to play with her belly button while she cursed me.

I slowly made my way back to her pussy, this time rubbing her clit directly, strumming it like a bass guitar when I got cocky and leaned in to lick her nipple. She seized on the room this gave her and slid her right arm under my ass and between my legs and before I realized what was happening she had wrapped her fingers around my balls. She slowly squeezed, my balls trapped between her fingertips and the heel of her palm, causing a spreading dull ache in my stomach and a slight sensation of nausea and I froze. She held the squeeze for three or four minutes, the pain continuously building as I reached back with my right arm and grasped ineffectually at her wrist. Finally, she looked me in the eye and said, “I warned you before – always remember what happens to naughty boys. Now finish what you started before you need punishing!”

With that, she loosened her grip and began gently rolling and stroking my balls, but never letting them go so that her threat remained fresh. I kept my hand right where it was as I shuddered, waiting for the pain to recede even as her fondling turned me on. She let me rest for a second but then gave a short hard squeeze once more as a reminder of my marching orders. I promptly brought my hand back to her pussy, rubbing her clit in small circles until she moaned with pleasure. I then slipped my index and middle fingers into her pussy, pressing up into where her G-spot should be until I found it and she screamed with pleasure and then put my thumb directly on her clit. With her G-spot and clit pincered in my hand I began rocking my wrist making her moan, squirm and wriggle with pleasure until she came, her juices soaking my hand as her free leg clamped down on mine. I gradually slowed my stroking, bringing her down gently from her orgasm and then let go of her left arm and right leg.

When her breathing normalized, she looked at me and said, “Wow was that amazing and if that frustration is half of what men feel when I tease them then I’m super impressed they don’t go crazy.” I happily took the compliment and thanked her, but then her gaze turned serious, her grip on my balls tightened just enough to not be pleasurable anymore and she said, “But always remember what happens to naughty boys!”

With that she laughed, rolled over so that I was on my back and she was on her side and she wrapped those strong legs around my waist, snuggled into my shoulder and said, “No chance I’m letting you be the big spoon again for a while.” With that, we both smiled at each other and slowly drifted back to sleep.

When we woke in the morning, we were both so worn out and our muscles were so sore from our exploits the night before that we called our bosses and said we weren’t going to make it in that day. We spent the rest of the weekend together and one thing led to another and now I never want to let this amazing lady go.

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