Peculiar Molly

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The peculiar thing about Molly Penelope Staff was not in fact her name. Though one would assume such a name had importance. Molly’s name was in fact just that, her name. Her mother bequeathed it to her because she had loved the sound of it. Molly like her name seemed destined to be peculiar with her bright blue eyes and red brown hair. It curled like her mother’s in such a way it seemed to not make up its mind on how it wanted to stay. Sadly Molly was a normal, happy child who talked to herself and played well with other children. She loved the outdoors and was of average intelligence. She laughed loud and clear; watching Molly one knew she was loved. It was Molly’s mother Christine Indigo Marie Staff that made Molly’s name the least peculiar subject in the room. Christine Staff like her daughter had naturally brown hair. She highlighted it red to match more to her daughter. Before Molly, Christine had merely done the whole lot in red. But now she merely wished to match and not stand out.

Christine’s eyes and behaviour spoke of a childhood long since gone. Her eyes were quite old and seemed not to fit on the face of a 24 year old woman. Blue naturally but when becoming sad or with a change in mood they seemed to shift shades. Varying in depths of blue and never seemed to hold on to one particular shade all the time. This bakırköy escort seemed to be the way of Christine for she was always changing. Making up her mind in one second than proclaiming the idea unsuited to her. In her short life she had been a devout Christian, a victim, the bully, a whimpering girl, crazy, sexual goddess and artist. These descriptions were all before Molly had appeared in the world and to Christine did not matter. For the only title Christine wore was Molly’s mother. Even despite Christine’s odd ways, people assumed that she would have to been claimed at some point by someone. She was not an unattractive girl. She had this classic 1940’s Hollywood look. Fresh and tough ready to slap away unladylike proposals. But no man had ever stayed by her side and certainly none came to claim little Molly.

The peculiar thing about Molly Penelope Staff was in fact her conception. Or to be more specific the nature of her conception. Just drawing on the short observation of Christine’s ever changing personas it is not hard to believe that such a girl would not have a child the standard way. In fact someone only needed to ask Christine where the father of Molly was to find out there was not one young man. She always answered with a smile and said that Molly was solely hers. No one was going beşiktaş escort to claim responsibility or parentage over Molly but herself. This answer was believe it or not is not the strangest part of the story.

The story of announcing Molly’s impending arrival took the cake for the casual gossip. It goes that Christine had gotten her friends to accompany her to the family home. It was at a rather awkward dinner Christine announced she was quitting school. She then continued by telling all at the table that she was going to seek out her lifelong dream. Christine was going to become a mother. Now one does assume that such an announcement comes with certain facts. Like a due date and a responsible partner. So naturally her mother asked both questions and was greeted with the statement that Christine did not know either as she was not yet pregnant. It was with this her mother sighed and told her to not be foolish. It was considered after her mother Anne had spoken that the subject was closed.

Anne was not to be ignored; a fearsome woman she did not waste time on idle hands or comments. So it was a shock when a year later Christine appeared with a slight bump and announced she had accomplished her goal. Anne had foolishly forgotten about her daughter’s declaration. So she raged out of embarrassment beylikdüzü escort and told Christine to take care of the problem. For she was not about to waste time on yet another child. Anne had suffered enough in her own eyes. For she had birthed two daughters to separate men before meeting and eventually marrying David, Christine’s father. It was with this third marriage that David had convinced Anne to have more children with him.

David was the opposite of Anne and loved every one of the five children Anne gave him. It is not to say that Anne didn’t love her children but she was left at home with their large brood. While David spent most of his time providing financially for the family. Even when he was home David was not one to dole out punishments. He enjoyed more the giving and teaching aspect of them. Anne was the one who punished; for with five kids trouble often followed. So Anne suffered through fights, the word “no”, messes, chores not finished, and eventually five teenagers.

Christine had been the only child who still came home and had yet to finish university despite being the oldest. It was with Christine Anne had struggled greatly to understand. The girl had changed her mind so often. Anne was in constant worry that she would never be able to provide fully for herself. It was before her last year of school Christine had made her announcement and Anne brushed it aside and hoped that at last her worries were over with Christine.

Needless to say Molly’s presence inside Christine’s belly was not greeted with joy. Instead Anne promptly through her daughter out of the house.

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