Payback for a Favor

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There are moments in life where we don’t realize how much of an impact we have on someone’s life. I was a first year teacher with an early morning class of seniors who were taking US History. These were not the best or the brightest – they were students who had failed US History their first time around and needed to pass to be able to graduate.

One of the girls, Allie, was out of place. She was an average student who had gotten sick the last six weeks of her junior year and missed so much class a few of her teachers flunked her. It was sad really. She was going to be fine and could actually put two sentences together when she had a thought but because of a zero tolerance policy on attendance she had to sit through my remedial class.

Allie was gorgeous. She had light olive skin and dark hair. Her eyes seemed almost too large to be real and her smile was dazzling. After coming back to school at the start of her senior year she had put weight back on in all of the right places. Her arms and legs were perfectly toned but her jeans barely hugged her hips and ass. Her tops hugged her tight stomach and large D breasts. She was every male teacher’s nightmare. Perfectly curvy, mature enough to know how to advertise it, and she was ALWAYS in to older guys.

She never wasted any time on her classmates or their issues. So it was no surprise to many of us when the last 2 months of her senior year things seemed to change with Allie. She quit dressing up. She quit wearing make up. Her shirts got baggier even though her breasts seemed to fill more of them out. She quit wearing yoga pants and tight jeans. We all guessed it before the email came through – she was pregnant.

Allie was going to finish the year at home and we could send assignments to her or fail her and let her worry about summer school to get a diploma. I was angry about the way things had happened for her last year so I called a meeting and got her 6 academic teachers to agree to send work home so she could finish with out school and walk across the stage in May with her friends.

She cried when I told her and her adoptive parents what had happened. They tried to hug me and offered gifts and I politely declined and said, “Please just take care of this new little life and keep working hard!”

The year finished. Her parents and she cried again at graduation after they thanked me. Everyone moved on. I taught for 5 more years and then left my job to work at a startup I founded with two other friends from college. I hadn’t thought about Allie in years.

Then the stars aligned and I was able to harvest the fruits of the favor I had planted 6 years earlier. I was at a swanky fundraiser for a local foundation when I saw her. Even from across the room I knew exactly who it was. She seemed taller in heels and her hair fell differently but I would have known those curves and that smile anywhere. It was Allie.

I watched from my table as she sipped at a drink and coyly talked to a group of three men who were clearly looking to take her home. She had on a short, black dress that hugged her hips and barely covered her thighs with a top that was white and plunged between her breasts almost to her belly button. She knew what she was doing. Those men would have emptied their bank accounts bakırköy escort for a chance to see what was underneath.

I walked over to the bar and asked for a scotch, neat and strode over to her. I politely approached the group and said, “Excuse me…Allie?”

She lit up.

“Mr. Hammersmith! It’s really you!”

She pushed from out of the circle and threw her arms around my neck. She still had her drink and small clutch in her hands but her arms wrapped all the way around me and her left foot came off the floor and my hands scooped around her waist to catch her. It was intoxicating. I had never dreamed of holding her that close, much less sliding my hands around her waist. Her hair smelled of orange blossoms and vanilla and her skin was insanely smooth as I rubbed my hands along her arms as the hug ended.

She immediately focused in on me and didn’t turn back to the group of three men. You could see the contempt as they wondered how I had walked across and had gotten this girl. I wasn’t thin or cut right – I was muscular and fit awkwardly into my suit but I had somehow bewitched this alluring Goddess. They were not impressed.

“I have wanted to talk to you for so long.” She exclaimed as she became much more animated than she had been while I was watching her.

“You saved me and my family so much hassle. I was able to finish school and then have my daughter Ava and start college just a year late.”

“I’m so glad. I knew you could do it. What are you doing now?” I asked fighting to make sure I kept eye contact with her instead of diving into her perfect cleavage.

“I run my own business. It’s a little embarrassing telling my former teacher this but what the hell? I own The Kingdom in downtown.”

“The expensive night club with the topless dancers?!” I couldn’t believe it. I had spent the last two Friday nights in there and done pretty well with the girls I had taken home.

“Yeah, I started it with some ladies from my business classes at school. It just exploded. We wanted it to cater to a different class of people and now I’m taking care of my parents and my daughter without any debt.” She was beaming, but not because she was showing off, she was looking for validation.

“Well I am just so proud of you. And you look incredible. Life is treating you really well.” I tried not to sound too much like a horny old teacher.

“You don’t look so bad yourself. I read about your new venture in the paper recently. I assume everything is going well – your suit doesn’t look too cheap!” She joked, but she wasn’t wrong we were doing very well.

I nodded and just smiled.

“Do you want to blow this joint and go back to The Kingdom?” She said, longing in her eyes.

“There is nothing I’d love more, Allie.” She took my arm as we walked out to the valet. I gave him my card and he brought back my Charger. It wasn’t as fancy as the Mercedes or Teslas in the lot but I appreciated the American muscle.

I held the door as she slid in and stared down her dress, then at her legs. I was having a hard time breathing.

I got in and began driving towards The Kingdom.

“I never got to thank you for what you did my senior year.” She said as her hand crossed over the center beşiktaş escort console. “It really made all the difference.” She touched my suit pants and then pulled her hand back.

I said, “It was really nothing. I know you got a raw deal your junior year and didn’t want that to happen again. I knew you weren’t just going to quit like the other kids. You had potential!”

Her hand moved back to my leg and I did not stop her. She was staring directly at me and I was having a hard time focusing on the road.

“I know that sometimes it can be really HARD,” she found my cock growing down my right thigh, “to go to bat for a student like that, but I’m willing to show you how much I appreciate that.”

Before I knew what was happening she was on her knees in the passenger seat and had unzipped my pants. She struggled to pull my quickly hardening dick out but when she did she gasped and said, “I am impressed Mr. Hammersmith – I think you’ll be very satisfied with my homework.”

She began licking around the head. She sucked on the tip. I felt her nuzzle down the shaft kissing the vein along the underside. She buried her face in my balls and kissed while her left hand began stroking my dick.

She pulled back up and started giving me the best road head I had ever had. No reservations, no gagging. She was choking on my dick – all the way to the back of her throat and I almost slammed us into an embankment.

She had mercy and quit sucking for a minute, “Do you want me to finish you in the car? Or would you rather fuck me?” She asked while we sat at a red light, I almost came in her hair. My windows were darkly tinted but the dad sitting in the mini-van next to me saw exactly what was going on and the look of envy in his eyes helped me to push down and focus on answering.

“I’d love to fuck you. Let’s go to my place.”

I sped the whole way there, praying I wouldn’t blow my load while she played with me. I tried to tuck it back into my pants when we pulled into the driveway but before I could stuff it down she hung something around the shaft. It was her fucking thong. I hadn’t even seen her take it off. Black and lace, I grabbed it and held it to my nose. The sweet, musty smell of sex let me know she was ready. I slipped my hand between her legs and felt for myself.

She was soaking and she moaned as I started fingering her in the car. I found her clit and pinched it gently between my thumb and forefinger. I could feel her bush and couldn’t wait to see if it matched her hair. I stopped stroking her lips and abruptly got out of the car, dick standing in the breeze. I sprinted for the front door and she quickly ran up behind me as I got it open.

I barely got the door shut before she was out of her dress and kneeling to suck my dick again. Her breasts had gotten bigger since high school. They had the slight hang from having taken care of a baby but they were at least DD and they were heaving perfectly as she choked on my cock. She had large, dark areolas and I pinched one of her hard nipples while she worked.

I stood her up before I came and we left a trail of my clothes on the floor as we moved to the couch. She was kissing and biting my lips as she untucked my shirt and popped buttons as beylikdüzü escort she pulled it apart. I didn’t even let her take my pants off before I bent her over the arm of the couch.

She gasped as I parted her legs with my hand, pressed my knees into the back of her knees and gently guided my prick into her wet sex. Her moan almost finished me, “Yes, yes, Jack – please fuck me. Fuck me. I’ll do anything you want.”

I began pumping in and out of her. I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her up against me as my cock continued to explore the depths of her muff from behind. Her body was perfect. Hard where it needed to be hard and soft where it needed to be soft. I kissed her and grabbed her hair as I pulled her head to the side so I could kiss her neck. She continued to moan louder and louder.

I bent her back over and stared at her body. It was perfect. Curves and ribs. There was even a little tattoo of a flower above her left butt cheek.

Even her asshole was perfect. How does a girl have everything and a perfect asshole? I rubbed my hands on her ass and let my finger drag across her anus. She shuddered and breathlessly moaned, “Yessss.”

“You like that?” I asked, wondering what I could get away with?

She didn’t say anything just moaned. I licked my thumb and placed it over her asshole. I pushed. She pushed back. I pushed harder. She pushed back so hard my thumb slid in past the mid-joint. It pushed her over the edge and she screamed, “YESSSS! Jack, I’m coming!”

I pumped my dick inside and pushed with my thumb as she came. She shuddered and screamed my name one more time then slumped over the arm of the couch.

I pulled out of her and she said, “You can have anything you want. Anything. I thought I was thanking you but that was incredible. Do what you want.”

My eyes greedily took her body in and I knew exactly what I wanted. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my bedroom with her arms wrapped around my neck and her head against my chest. I laid her on her back on my bed and parted her legs. I gently pushed my cock into her cunt and began fucking her while staring into her eyes.

I laid my weight on her and buried my head into her neck as I rhythmically fucked. Back and forth and in and out. I sat up and put my hands on her hips and searched her pussy with my dick until her breath became quick and low. I knew I had found the spot and I could finish her again.

I fucked furiously while she moaned. No remorse just pure carnal sex…getting what she said I could have. I felt her start to tighten and push back against my prick. I knew she was going to cum.

I looked into her eyes and said, “You’re going to finish me, Allie. You’re amazing!”

She never took her eyes off of me as she started to cum the second time but when I tried to pull out she wrapped her legs around my waist and buried me in as deep as my dick would go. “Let me have it.” She moaned. “Fucking fill me up, now!”

I had never cum so hard before. I blew load after load into her and just collapsed. She smiled and moaned as she kissed on my neck and said, “You were amazing. I’ve never been fucked like that. I’m going to need more.”

As I pulled out of her the wet spot on the bed grew and we both giggled. I got up to go get her a towel but she had already started to follow me to the bathroom.

I said, “Give me fifteen minutes and we can go again in the shower.”

She almost purred as she looked me deep in the eyes and said, “Thank you so much, Mr. Hammersmith. This time you can have my ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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