Parking Lot Solo

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She could barely concentrate on the numbers being called as she sat in the semi-crowded bingo hall. All that seemed important was the cell phone call immediately before she walked in the building and the deep voice in her ear. She felt her pussy become hot and her panties grow wetter as she recalled the conversation just a little while earlier.

Though only 23, she had experienced several different men with varied sexual skills and talents. This one was the only she had encountered that could make her moist with a single hello. Their conversation had been charged with erotic and sexual overtones. No blatant suggestions were made, but then they didn’t need to be. She knew what was on his mind, as he knew what was on hers, and their teasing back and forth only fueled the heat she already knew intimately.

As she sat through the seemingly endless games, watching the older patrons furiously daub bingo sheets in an almost maniacal way, all she could do was wish the night were over, and that she were somewhere else. Images flooded her mind, the feeling of words being heatedly whispered in her ear, “I want you.”

The thought of that single phrase being groaned into her ear by this man nearly made her climax in her chair, as she was immediately hit with a shiver that started at the top of her neck, ran down her body, immediately causing her nipples to turn into hard nubs, down her belly, swirling in her thighs and numbing her toes. She snapped herself out of a daze and realized she had missed two numbers. Frantically, she caught up with the game.

At intermission, she quickly walked to the ladies room to see how badly the thoughts of this man were affecting her. She waited behind several women, all talking on cell phones and bragging about their bingo winnings or cursing their bad luck with the numbers that night. She squeezed her thighs tightly together, not to keep from peeing, but to feel the wetness as her pussy lips slid against each other. As soon as a stall became free, she rushed in and locked the door.

Unbuttoning her jeans, she paused for a moment to inhale the scent of her sex as it wafted up to meet her nostrils. She dropped her tight jeans. Her own scent turned her on more, and she slowly peeled her purple satin panties down canlı bahis şirketleri over her legs. Checking quickly that no one could see her through the slits in the stall she reached down and ran her right index finger along the opening of her slit. She swooned at the slippery juice that was tangible directly outside of her pussy, and pushed deeper into the opening, fingering herself, relishing the heat of her juice, and the feel of her swollen clit under her fingertip. She might have come right there, were it not for the woman outside the stall, impatiently waiting for her turn.

“You ok in there, darlin’?” the woman called, failing to mask her annoyance.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Give me just a sec.”

With that, she yanked her panties back up, her jeans, buttoned them again, and while simultaneously flushing the toilet with her foot, she stuck her right index finger into her mouth and sucked her own juices off, turned, and left the restroom.

The next hour seemed to drag on, with images of their first sexual encounter flooding her consciousness. She continued to be madly aware of the heat and moisture between her thighs, and thought desperately of a way to relieve this tension. Ideally, she would have liked to drive to some halfway point between where his trip had taken him and home, rent a slightly better than slum motel, rip his clothes off in the room and fuck him for hours until neither of them could breathe nor think. This, however, didn’t seem to be in the cards, as work had taken him across the country, and she knew she would have to handle her situation solo tonight.

The last game ended with a loud “BINGO” called from the back of the hall, and when the numbers were confirmed, she bolted from her seat, grabbing her purse and keys and exiting through a side door. Her car was parked right outside and she started and revved the engine, turned up the blues CD in the player, and peeled out of the parking lot, windows down with her long blonde hair blowing in the wind. With sounds of guitar and harmonica, combined with a smoky Alto blues vocal filling the car, she searched for somewhere, anywhere to go that would be private.

She didn’t have time for the 15 minute drive home, and she needed a secluded spot immediately. canlı kaçak iddaa Driving down US 60, she saw it, a mom and pop hardware store set about 30 feet off the road. Large parking lot, next to several other businesses. She pulled into the lot and drove to the darkest corner she could find. There was another abandoned car in the lot, so she prayed no one would notice. Cutting the engine and the lights, she looked around for signs of life. When she was satisfied that no one would disturb her, she climbed over her chair into the back seat.

Her sandals slid off easily, and her jeans followed. She didn’t bother to remove her panties, but pulled them to one side, exposing her neatly trimmed pubic hair to the night air. The slight chill met the wetness and she felt her pussy tingle at its newfound freedom. Throwing one leg onto the seat next to her, and the other over the driver’s seat, she lifted her blouse and pulled one breast free from her bra.

Her nipple felt rock hard beneath her fingers, yet the skin surrounding it was soft like silk. Round, full breasts, she had always received praise on the double D cup she had been blessed with. With her nipple held tightly between her thumb and ring finger, she slowly ran her other hand over her other breast, down her belly, to the inside of her thighs, stroking herself lightly.

She felt her labia part before she got her hand down there, where a dull ache had formed deep in her pussy. Moaning softly, she allowed herself a quick dip with her finger into the juice gathered in the small cup that her vagina formed at this angle. Bringing her finger up to her lips, she tasted herself, smiled, and began to fuck herself.

Only, in her mind, his hands were on her body, and his fingers were exploring her pussy. Her hand upon her breast immediately became his mouth, tongue and teeth. As she pulled at her nipple she pretended he was sucking it, gently, then more rough as her groans became louder. Her fingers in her pussy became his tongue as well, and he licked and kissed her clit, sucking a bit, and then running circles around it with his tongue.

Instantly, his tongue was no longer a tongue, and he was teasing the opening of her slit with the head of his hard, swollen cock. She could even canlı kaçak bahis feel the heat coming from his member, and begged for him to enter her by raising her hips violently to meet his. Her fingers plunged into herself, as she imagined him finally acquiescing to her plea to be fucked. “Please…oh god, please fuck me.” He entered with a loud groan and she felt her body melt beneath his, yet at the same time rise beautifully to the occasion, matching his every thrust with her own.

She grinded deeply into herself, moaning softly and pulling at her breast. As she felt herself nearly climax, she heard the sound of a car pull into the parking lot. She stopped breathing for an instant, but never ceased playing with her pussy, her juice now running down her thighs.

“Please not now…we’re so close” she thought to herself. She began rubbing her clit faster and faster, making clockwise circles with her fingers. Her pussy began to tighten, grasping at the imaginary cock she could have sworn was really there. Feverishly, she pinched at her nipple, and willed herself not to look out the window. She heard the car drive by her slowly, then peel rubber in a U-turn and leave the lot. She heaved a quick sigh of relief, the reality of almost being caught only half registering in her mind, as she continued to finger fuck herself.

She felt his tongue and lips on her neck, and her pelvis rose to meet his thrust…her fingers.

She heard him whisper, strained, “I’m going to cum inside you” and her pussy gripped him like a vice, her fingers digging deeper into her vagina, and she felt all tightness leave her as her body exploded into a spasm of ecstasy. She came hard, and she continued to rub her clit lightly for several minutes as the waves came, riding it out until the spasms from her pussy were barely noticeable to the touch. A wet spot had formed beneath her ass, as her cum mingled with his. The reality then set in that he wasn’t really there, and they hadn’t really just made love in a darkened parking lot like two high school sweethearts.

Exhausted and spent, she readjusted her panties and opened the car door. She stood, and pulled her jeans up, noticing absently how the moon reflected off her silky pale calves. The hot pink of her toenails contrasted sharply with the black asphalt, and she slipped her sandals back on as she pulled her loose curls up into a knot on top of her head. She got back in the car, and drove home slowly, with the sounds of blues and his voice still echoing in her ears.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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