Camilla Ch. 032

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Groping Breasts

Carl finished his third and final picture of nude Camilla around a quarter to six; he paid her, and she reluctantly put her clothes on, for she had to hurry over to Luvlee’s and begin stripping and lap-dancing there.

Before leaving, she said, “Remember sir–I mean, Carl–feel free to rape me again any time; I’ll let you.”

“Don’t say ‘rape’, Camilla!” the artist snapped at her.

“Sorry, ravish me again any time you want,” she said, shaking with fear from his bad temper, but also aroused by it. “I like it when you’re forceful…I love you.”

Carl took her by the hands, looked her in the eyes, and calmly said, “Camilla, you hardly even know me.”

“I know enough,” she said.

He gently put his hands on her cheeks and said, “You’re not even close to knowing enough. You know my cock, that’s all. You ‘love’ an idea in your head about me. I can’t live up to that; no man can. Look, I expect Belle to be better by tomorrow, and I’ll resume working with her–I can concentrate better with my sister posing nude, because I’m not an incestuous sicko. If she’s still sick tomorrow, or if at any other time she can’t pose for me, I’ll call you–give me your number.” She promptly searched in her purse for her name card, and he continued: “And from time to time, when I’m not busy with other things, we can fuck if you like. But I’m not committing to anyone–especially not with girls half my age.”

“I’m 18, the age of consent,” she said.

“That makes no difference to me,” he said. “I’m not committing to anyone or anything but my art. I’m a free man, and I want to stay that way. Sorry, Camilla, but that’s just the way I am.”

“OK, I understand,” she said with a pout. She gave him her Luvlee’s card, which had her home address and phone number, and left.


Camilla walked into Luvlee’s ten minutes later, and saw Candice wearing black lace underwear at the bar. Candice was looking at the Luvlee’s website on the laptop there, and this gave Camilla an idea.

“Hi Candice,” she said when she got next to her friend. “Can I see the computer for a second?” Camilla took off her dress as Candice turned the laptop around.

“Sure,” Candice said. “What for?”

“I wanna know if I can post an ad on the Luvlee’s website,” Camilla explained.

“An ad? For what?”

“A photographer/movie camera guy. I wanna do porn,” Camilla said while finding a page on the site where she could post such an ad.

“Why am I not surprised?” Candice asked with a smirk.

Camilla typed in the ad. This is what it said: “Luvlee’s lap-dancer looking for experienced photographer/movie cameraman to make porn photo galleries and movies with her. Must have professional attitude. If interested, meet Camilla in Luvlee’s; bring portfolio. Will give you one free lap-dance.” She also included her cell-phone number.

Candice looked at the ad. “Cameraman? Sounds like sex discrimination,” she said.

“Oh, fuck political correctness,” Camilla said. “I want to flash my pussy for a guy.”

“And you’ll give him a free lap-dance?” Candice asked.

“Of course,” Camilla said, “so I can know how big his dick is.”

“Crucial in finding the best cameraman, of course,” Candice said facetiously.

“Absolutely,” Camilla said in all seriousness. “Then I can do POV porn with him.”

A man asked Candice for a lap-dance, and she said goodbye to Camilla and went with him.

Camilla sat at the bar in her white underwear for several minutes, surfing the internet. Business was unusually slow for a Thursday evening, and Camilla was surprised at not having had anyone ask her for a lap-dance; normally the customers found her so irresistible that she always had difficulty getting a moment to rest or use the washroom. For this reason she’d often considered asking the boss to have güvenilir bahis toilets installed in the private rooms; then those with a taste for urolagnia (or coprophilia, for that manner) could enjoy watching her use the toilet between lap-dances.

After a few more minutes of boring waiting, Camilla received an even bigger surprise than the lack of business: Akemi, her Japanese-Canadian classmate, the one with lesbian feelings for her, walked into the bar!

Camilla ran up to Akemi. “Akemi! Hi!” she said in a cheerful, high-pitched voice. She threw her arms around the shy Asian, who trembled with fear and desire at Camilla’s touch. “How are you? So good to see you! I never thought I’d se you in here.”

“I never think I come in here, too,” Akemi said. “I embarrass, but…I don’t know…” She was breathing heavier and heavier, for Camilla was still hugging her close.

Correctly assuming that Akemi had learned about Camilla stripping in Luvlee’s from all the usual gossips at school, and that Akemi wanted to satisfy the urges her Catholic faith made her ashamed of, grinning Camilla asked, “Would you like me to give you some lap-dances?” (She asked Akemi in a manner that made the titillating offer sound as innocent as fixing her a cup of tea.)

“Oh, well…okay,” Akemi said haltingly, frightened and excited at the same time.

“OK. Just let me get my purse,” Camilla said with a smile. She got her purse and dress from the bar, and she led timid Akemi into a private room.

They sat down, and Camilla, sitting on a chair opposite where Akemi was, asked, “So, are you glad we’re finally graduating next week? No more of that awful school and its restrictions?”

“Yeah,” Akemi said, still shaking with fear and guilt about what she was about to enjoy. “Then I go to university, in Toronto, far away from my mommy/daddy. Freedom!” She sounded almost happy saying that last word.

“I know what you mean,” Camilla said. “I felt that freedom the second I moved out of my mom’s house: I hate that bitch!”

“Camilla, you can’t say that. Must respect your parents.”

“Only when both my parents are respectable people,” Camilla said, then she unclipped her bra at the sound of a new song beginning. “I guess it’s time to get out of my underwear,” she said.

“Oh, you don’t have do that,” Akemi said, scared of her desire.

“Why not?” Camilla asked, shaking her large breasts as she took off her bra. “You’ve already seen my naked body a million times in the change room in gym class.” She pulled her panties down to her feet. “What do you see now that you haven’t seen before?” She kicked off her panties and high heels.

“I don’t want make you feel embarrass,” Akemi said, turning her head to one side.

“Akemi, do I look embarrassed?” the now completely naked stripper asked her. “Don’t be shy, sweetie. Look at my body; enjoy yourself.” Camilla put her hands on Akemi’s cheeks and gently moved the trembling girl’s head to see Camilla’s breasts, which she wiggled for her viewing pleasure. “Would you like to touch them?”

“Yeah, but…” Akemi guiltily stammered. “I don’t want make you feel like sex object.”

Camilla got up and sat on Akemi’s lap, facing her. “Honey, I am a sex object. I like being a sex object. I like turning people on, including you.” She put Akemi’s hands on her breasts. “There, d’you like feeling my tits?”

“Yeah, but…” Akemi sighed, feeling the greatest pleasure she’d ever had. “I feel guilty…sin.” A tear ran down her cheek from the fearful thought of what her devoutly religious parents would think if they’d seen her there.

“Sweetie, it’s okay to have sexual feelings for me,” Camilla reassured her with a soothing voice. Then she blew in her ear and said, “I’m flattered that you’re hot for me. Really. I think it’s sweet. Don’t be ashamed of your türkçe bahis feelings. It’s just sex.”

“But Bible say lesbian, gay…is wrong,” Akemi said in tremulous moans as Camilla pushed her breasts against either side of Akemi’s face.

“Akemi, I’m Catholic too, but I know the Bible is as much the word of man as it is the Word of God. Homophobia is man’s prejudice, not God’s law. I’m not ashamed of my body: I’m like Eve before the Fall, and that’s when she still had God’s grace. I believe that’s how Jesus saves us, by bringing us back to that time of not judging. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your feelings for me, either. Nudity is beautiful, not dirty.” She put her right hand up Akemi’s skirt.

“No! Don’t do that!” terrified Akemi shouted between sobs, stopping Camilla’s hand from getting any closer to her genitals.

“Akemi, I wanna make you feel good.” Camilla’s left hand gently took Akemi’s hand away and she touched the moist spot on Akemi’s panties with her right hand. “Lap-dancing men is easy; you just sit on their dicks and rub. But to give a lesbian pleasure, sitting on her lap won’t be enough; I will tickle her between her legs–it’s only fair.” Camilla gently stroked the area of Akemi’s underwear where her clitoris was; she squealed her appreciation. “Is that how you like to be touched?” Camilla asked.

“I don’t know…I never…do that.”

“You’ve never masturbated?” Camilla sneered her surprise as she continued tickling the sighing girl between her legs.

“No…too dirty…ah!”

“Sorry to say this, Akemi, but you and your family are really uptight. How do you satisfy your urges? You must have wet dreams regularly.”

“Yeah…I do…oh!”

“Do you have wet dreams about me?” grinning Camilla asked as she kissed Akemi’s cheeks.

“Yeah, always you…Only you…ah!”

“That’s so sweet, Akemi. I’m flattered.” She kissed Akemi on the mouth. Then with her left hand, Camilla reached for her purse and took out a box of breath mints. Not liking Akemi’s bad breath (it smelled of seaweed), but not wanting to hurt the sensitive girl’s feelings either, Camilla took out two mints, one for each girl, to save face. Camilla quickly chewed hers and swallowed the crunched pieces, as did Akemi. Then Camilla put her tongue in Akemi’s mouth. The Japanese-Canadian girl’s body shook with excitement as they continued French kissing for several seconds. Camilla’s fingers roamed all over Akemi’s soaking wet panties, feeling her clitoris, her hymen and her labia through the thin underwear. Akemi’s clitoris was rock hard now, and there was a puddle of moisture in her panties. Her sighs and squeals were getting higher and higher pitched. Camilla didn’t find the plain-looking, somewhat overweight 18-year-old Asian attractive at all, but she sensed her seemingly unfulfillable longing, and felt compassion for her; she could identify with the restrictions imposed on Akemi’s freedom, since Camilla’s own mother had been quite a tyrant herself. Camilla wanted to help the girl learn how to let go. Indeed, the girl was learning how to let go: now Akemi was returning Camilla’s kisses with equal and even greater passion than Camilla had been kissing her. They kissed, nuzzled, and licked each other, all over their faces and necks. Camilla then brought her breasts up to Akemi’s mouth, putting her right nipple into the girl’s thirsty mouth. As Akemi greedily sucked, Camilla continued stimulating her clitoris, fingering faster and faster, until Akemi finally orgasmed, screaming her satisfaction. After waiting a few seconds to let Akemi catch her breath and contemplate her ecstasy, Camilla asked, “Sex is fun, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Akemi panted.

“Did I make you feel good?” Camilla asked with a sexy grin.

“Yeah,” Akemi sighed with love beaming from her eyes.

“You wanna make me feel güvenilir bahis siteleri good?” Camilla asked with a sly smirk.

“Oh, yeah.”

Bringing her face up close to Akemi’s and pursing her lips, wide-eyed Camilla purred, “Can you eat my pussy, please?”

“I don’t know how,” Akemi said, getting afraid not only from guilt but also from the thought of not being able to please the goddess she was falling in love with. “I never do that before.”

“I’ll teach you,” Camilla said, standing up and bringing her left leg over Akemi’s right shoulder to reveal her vulva. Akemi, however, shyly turned her head away. “Baby, don’t be shy,” Camilla said. “I want you to see my pussy; everybody tells me it’s really pretty-looking, and I want to please you by showing it to you. A really good artist painted and drew it today, and I found out for the first time that it really is beautiful. Please look. You have to see it to know where to put your tongue.”

Akemi, shaking, slowly raised her head up to see it. It took all of her courage to look at something her mother had always told her was filthy and corrupting of Christian souls. Then she finally saw it: Camilla held her labia wide open, and Akemi just stared, her eyes and mouth agape, in awe of that uncanny doorway to where all life begins. Smiling Akemi breathed heavily; tears ran down her cheeks; she’d never seen such terrifying beauty before. That part of the anatomy may have been dirty on mere mortals, but on the pagan goddess standing before her, it was pure loveliness. Camilla, grinning, was touched by the sweet look of innocence and wonder on Akemi’s face.

“Put your lips and tongue here, sweetie,” Camilla said, pointing out her large clitoris. Akemi continued staring in a daze, so to bide the time Camilla said, “By the way, when we were rehearsing Hamlet, and I flashed my pussy for you, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Sorry about tha–“

At that second, Akemi passionately jumped up at Camilla’s clitoris and wrapped her mouth around it. She sucked on it and licked it with an effervescence that not even Candice had ever matched. Akemi put her hands on Camilla’s buttocks and squeezed them at regular intervals, while her licking and sucking went on at seemingly lightning speed. Akemi’s moans and groans buzzed against Camilla’s clitoris, exciting her all the more; Camilla’s own moans, an octave higher, were an echo and response to those of Akemi. Camilla ran her hands through Akemi’s hair, sighing and squealing with delight. Akemi was a natural talent at cunnilingus; all that repressed sexual energy, finally released! This was further proof to Camilla that women are born lickers, even when they are virgins. Camilla took Akemi’s right hand, got her to point her index finger out, and fed it into her vagina, finding her G-spot and having Akemi’s finger stroke her there. Camilla then opened her left buttock with her left hand, and with her right hand took Akemi’s left hand, and fed her index finger inside Camilla’s anus. She guided Akemi’s finger to rub against the anal wall neighbouring her vaginal wall. Akemi then pushed her fingers all the way inside Camilla’s vagina and rectum, reaching Camilla’s A-spot. Camilla’s squeals and screams got higher and higher until reaching the whistle register, and she came all over Akemi’s face.

“Sorry about that,” Camilla said. “I’m a gusher; Old Faithful.”

“That’s OK,” Akemi said, licking the come off her lips and wiping it out of her eyes with a tissue. “You make me feel better than I ever feel before.”

“You made me feel fantastic, too,” Camilla said in loud pants.

“How much I owe you?” Akemi asked.

“Forget it,” Camilla said. “That was free.”

Akemi continued beaming at Camilla, who began to realize that she would soon be forced to tell the girl she didn’t return the love Akemi felt for her. She decided that that heartbreak would have to happen another day; she didn’t want to spoil Akemi’s current ecstasy.

Meanwhile, jealous Candice could hear all the squealing in that room, and was feeling a heartbreak of her own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Ben Karısını, Karısı Kocasını

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Karısını, Karısı Kocasını

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Ben yere yattım karısını üstüme aldım ve başladım alttan pompalamaya. Kocası arkasına geçti ve açtığım göte rahat bir şekilde giriş yaparak sikişmeye koyulduk. Karısı ise beni hep böyle sikin diye inliyordu. Doldurdun sikinle içimi aşkım diye beni gaza getiriyor kocasına da sik hayatım daha sert sik götümü diye sesleniyordu. Semra birden gözlerini kapattı ve baygın bir halde titreyerek boşalıyordu. Bense daha hızlı pompalamaya başladım ve kadın üstüme yığılmış bir halde sikiliyordu. Bu arada kocası da geliyorum karıcığım diyerek karısının götüne hemen arkasından da bende geliyorum diyerek tekrar Semra’nın amına boşalmıştım. Semra ise kendinden geçmiş bir halde hayatımın sikişini yaşattınız bana diyerek ikimizi birden öpmeye başladı.
Sonramı çok değişik pozisyonlar denedik ve hala deniyoruz.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

londradan misafirler – Veeee FİNAL

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


londradan misafirler – Veeee FİNAL

“Bakın ata bindiniz, yoruldunuz, hava da oldukça sıcak neden havuza girip serinlemeyi düşünmüyoruz hep birlikte” deyince Ayla hanım, hepimiz bir anda durakladık. “eee bunun için yanlarında kıyafetleri yok, hatta Nil ve Nur için senin gardrobundan bir şeyler uydurmuştum” diyerek ilk konuşan Altan bey oldu. “Aaaaaaa bende, gözüm bir yerden ısırıyor bu kıyafetleri diyordum, hahahahah, iyi etmişsin canım, pek de yakışmış hanımlara. Peki, napalım yani şimdi, böyle sıcakta durulmaz ki canım, Altan sen misafilere senin dolabından bende benimkilerden bir şeyler uydurayım da halledelim bu sorunu. Biraz yüzer serinleriz, ne dersiniz?” diye ısrar edince, bizede kabul etmekten başka çare kalmamıştı sanırım. Aslında içimizi birde korku sarmıştı. Şehvet fırtınası içerisinde geçirdiğimiz gecenin izleri hala bedenlerimizde duruyordu. Ayla hanım bunları görüp durumu anlarsa mahvolurduk o zaman, ama yapacak bir şeyde yoktu zaten.

Altan beyle Ayla Hanım villaya geri dönüp bizi yalnız bırakırken, bizde kendi aramızda tekrar kadeh kaldırıp şampanayalarımızı keyifle yudumlamaya devam ettik. John bana dönüp “Ayla hanımın güzelliği karşısında adeta büyülendim, bu kadar güzel kadınlara sahip olduğunuz için çok şanslısınız” dedi. Nil hemen atılıp, yanağına küçük bir buse kondurdu “Sizde çok naziksiniz, gerçek bir İngiliz centilmenisiniz.” diyerek karşılık verdi. Kısa bir süre sonra Altan Bey elinde bermuda şortlarla bizim yanımıza doğru yakaşırken, Ayla hanım da villanın kapısından seslenip karımı ve baldızımı yanına çağırdı. Biz üzerimizi havuz kenarındaki kabinlerde değişirken, kızların mayo seçenekleri fazla olduğu için onlar üzerlerini içeride değişeceklerdi.

Altan Bey bermuda şortlarımızı dağıttı, bizde kabinlere yöneldik, kendisi üzerini içeride değişmişti zaten. Bizi beklemeden havuza doğru yönelip kendini serin suların içerisine burakmıştı bile. Biz erkekler kısa sürede üzerimizi değişip havuz kenarına dizildik ve sırayla havuza atlayıp hemen yüzmeye başladık. Birkaç turdan sonra, dışarı çıkmak için merdiven basamaklarını çıkarken, Ayla hanım ve bizim hatunlar birer manken edası ile kıvırarak yaklaşıyorlardı havuz kenarına. Bir anda içimi korku kapladı. Ayla hanım acaba kızların vücutlarındaki lekeleri görmüş durumu anlamışmıydı. Heyecan içinde ürperdim, nefesimi tutmuş bize yaklaşmalarını bekliyordum. Sonucu ancak o zaman anlayacaktık.

Ayla hanım askılarını tekrar omuzuna yerleştirmiş, karıma benzeri bir mayo, Nur’a oldukça cesur bir bikini vermişti. Bu kimin tercihi idi bilmiyorum ama baldızın iri memelerinin uçlarını sadce küçük bir üçgen parça tutuyor, aynı üçgenlerden birer adette önünü ve arkasını kapatmaya yarıyordu. Geniş kalçalarını son derece seksi bir şekilde kıvırarak yürüyor, memeleri bir sağa bir sola sallanarak yüreğimizi hoplatıyordu. Nil’in üzerindeki mayo Ayla hanımınkine oranla daha kapalı idi ama oldukça transparan bir kumaştan yapılmıştı. İri göğüs uçları bu mesafeden bile rahatça görülüyor, bacakarasında ise amcığının dudakları arasına sıkştığı için deve tırnağı tabir edilen görüntüyü resmediyordu. Gözlerim fal taşı gibi açılmış onları seyrediyordum ki Altan beyin gür sesi yükseldi arkamdan ’’heeeeey, hanımlar güneşin sıcaklığı sizinkinin yanında bir hiç kalır, muhteşemsiniz hepiniz deyip” alkışlarla karşıladı bayanları. John ve Allan da bu alkışlara hemen katılıp hanımları büyük bir iltifat yağmuruna tuttular.

Ortalık yeniden neşelenmişti. Ayla hanımda herhangi bir bozuk ifade olmadığı için herşeyin yolunda olduğunu anladım. Dikkatimi çeken başka bir şey de, kızların morlukları yok ettikleriydi. Anlaşılan bir yolunu bulup fondeten ile kapatmış olmalıydılar. Sıra ile havuza girdiler, John ve Allan’da onlara yüzme sırasında eşlik etmişler, bizde patronumla beraber birer şampanya doldurup kenardan seyretmeye koyulmuştuk. Havuz içinde huriler yüzüyordu sanki suya dalarken ayrı, sudan çıkarken apayrı bir manzara yüreklerimizi hoplatıyor, ortalığa serilen kalçalar, dışarıya fırlayan memeler, playboy partilerini anımsayıtordu. Aslında dün geceki sıcak, şehvetli ortamla şimdiki ortamın alakası yoktu tabiki. Ama hem misafirler hem de patronum ve ben Ayla hanımın varlığı ile ortamın ciddiyetinin korunması gerektiğini biliyorduk.

Yarım saate yakın br süreyi geride bırakmıştık. Altan beyle ikimiz koyu bir sohbete dalmış, dün geceki şehvet anlarından, misafirlerin havasından ve gelişecek olan işbirliğinden, kısaca her telden konuşmuştuk. Havuzdakiler de yorulup dışarı çımışlardı. Ayla hanım önde, arkasından baldızla karım yan yana, en arkada da John ve Allan bize doğru yürüyorlardı. Baldızım ve karımın üzerindekiler tüm seksapelitelerini ortaya dökmüş, biz erkeklerin ağız sularını seller haline getirmişti. Nur’un üçgenleri yuvarlaklarını gizleyemiyor, erotik bir tanrıça edasıyla yürüyordu. Karımın mayosu ise transparan bir kumaştan yapıldığı için, suya girince sanki tamamen şeffaflaşmış, adeta çırılçıplak yürüyordu. Vücudunda tek bir tüy tanesi olmadığından bembeyaz teni tüm girinti ve çıkıntılarıyla mayonun altından bize bir göz ziyafeti sunuyordu. Göğüs kenarlarındaki yuvarlaklar ve mızrak gibi dimdik olmuş meme uçları ise öldürücü darbeyi vuruyordu.

Bu göz ziyafeti kurulanma esnasında da devam etti tabiki. Havlular vücutların üzerinde gezdikçe, kumaş parçaları sıyrılıyor, kalçalar ve göüsler yeni erotik fırtınnalar yaratıyorlardı. Şimdi hepimiz akşam için plan yapmaya başlamıştık. Bu misafirlerin son gecesiydi. Bir farewell gecesi şekline dönüştürmek istiyorduk. Şöyle osmanlı gecesi tarzında dansözlü falan bir eğlence olsun diye düşündük Altanbeyle ikimiz. Ayla hanımda fikre onay verince, misafirlere teklif ettik. Son derece memnun bir şekilde kabul ettiler. Bu tarz şovların yapıldığı bir yere rezervasyon yaptıktan sonra limousin ile şehre dönmek üzere Atan beylerden ayrıldık. Baldız, karım ve ben Yeşilköyde indik, misafirler otele devam ettiler. Limousin misafirleri bekleyip gece kulübüne getirecekti. Bizde evde üzerlerimizi değişip oaraya kendi aracımızla ulaşacaktık. Saat akşam 7 civarındaydı. Evde hızlı bir banyodan sonra saç, makyaj, kıayfet seçimi için yaklaşık bir buçuk saatlik süre geçmişti. Karım ve baldızım yine şık kıyafetler seçmiş, koyu makyajlar, seksi parfümler ve orijinal saç şekilleriyle birer manken havasına bürünmüşlerdi.

Saat 21.30 civarında gece kulübünde buluştuk. Bize ayrılan özel masa sahnenin hemen kenarındaydı. John ve Allan’da aynı anda varmışlardı lokale. Hep beraber yerlerimizie oturup, içkilerimizi ısmarladık. Türk rakısı misafirlerin artık vazgeçilmez içkisi halini almıştı. Geceye yine damgasını vuran içecek olarak bolca ısmarlandı. Türk mezeleri ve yemekleri ile bezenmiş menünün sunduğu lezzetleri birer bier tüketip, sahnede sırayla yerini alan şovlarıda ilgi ile izliyorduk. Misafirer özellikle göbek dansı şovlarından çok heyecanlamışlardı. Dün gece karım ve baldızımın yaptığı şovlardan tecrübeleri vardı, ancak burdakiler sadece bahşiş kabul ediyorlardı. Bu konuda John ve Allan’ı uyarmıştık. Rakı bardakları hızla şerefe kaldırıyor, ilerleyen saatlerde yudumlamalar fondiplere dönüşüyordu.
Son dansözün şovu en seksi olanıydı. Bir ara Nur’un elinden tutup onu da sahneye çekti ve gerisini artık siz tahmin edin. İkiside elektrik verilmiş gibi kıvırıyorlardı sahnede. Nur’un şovu dansözünkünden daha az ilginç değildi, ancak elbisesi o kadar rahat değildi tabiki. Yine eteklerini alttan tutup beline yakın bir yerden sıkıştırmıştı. Kalçalarını savuruyor, memelerini titretiyor, müthiş erotik manzaralar sunuyordu. Salondan dakikalarca süren müthiş bir alkış tufanı koptu şov sona erdiğinde. Sanki planlanmış şovun bir parçası gibiydiler.

Vakit gece yarısını geçmiş, sahnedeki orkestranın çaldığı slov şarkılarla tüm müşterileri sahneye dansa davet ediyordu. John Nur’u dansa kaldırdı, bende Nil’le birlikte kalktım. Biraz çakırkeyif olmuştuk, loş ışık ortamı ve slov müzik ile olduğumuz yerde biribirimize sıkıca sarılmış dönüp duruyorduk. Nefeslerimiz birbirine karışmış, gözlerimizi sarhoşluğun etkisiyle yarı baygın bakıyordu.

John Nur’un kalçalarını avuçları arasına almış sıkıyordu, bir ara dudaklarının birleştiğini gördüm. Kısa bir müddet sonra Allan bitiverdi yanımızda, karımı bir sonraki dans için benden ödünç istiyordu. Gülerek değiştik yerlerimizi. Kenardan onları seyre koyuldum. Büyük bir keyifle dans ederlerken, mutluluktan uçar gibiydiler misafirlerimiz. Allan’ın boyu karımdan biraz kısa kalıyordu, oda John gibi Nil’in kalçalarını avuçlamış, kafasını da memelerinin arasına yerleştirmiş erotik bir dans sergiliyorlardı. Karımın seksi ten kokusuyla karışık parfümünü derin derin içine çekiyordu. Yarım saate yakın dans ettiler misafirler, karım ve baldızımla birlikte. Saat geceyarısını geçmişti. Dans esnasındaki bu yakınlaşma alevlendirmişti ortalığı yeniden. Masaya döndüklerinde Johnn ve Allan hep beraber otele dönüp kaldıkları suitin balkonunda ay ışığı eşiliğinde bir kahve içmeyi teklif ettiler. Kısa bir gülüşme ile fikir kabul edilip hemen Hilton oteline doğru gitmek için tekrar limousine bindik. Mesafe zaten oldukça kısa idi, aslında yürüyebilirdikte ama kafalar oldukça iyi olmuştu ve yolda bir sorun yaşayabilirdik.

Kısa bir süre sonra, deniz manzaralı suit dairenin geniş balkonundaydık. Aslında kahve içmek istiyorduk ama John birer kadeh viskiyi doldurmuş sıradan dağıtıyordu bile. Yeniden geçirilen güzel anların şerefine kadehler kalkmış, neşeli kahkahalar ile viskilerimizi yudumluyor, sarmaş dolaş denizin üzerinde vuran nefis ay ışığını seyrediyorduk. Oldukça romantik bir manzaraydı karşımızdaki, ılık bir yaz rüzgârı tenlerimizi yalarken içimizi ürpertiyordu. Odadaki stereodan yayılan nefis blues müzik ise alıp götürmüştü hepimizi gerçek yaşamdan rüyalar âlemine. Nur iyice kafayı bulmuştu, Johnla derin derin öpüşüyorlardı, Allan’da baldıza arkadan sarılmış beline kadar topladığı eteklerin altından kalçalarını okşuyordu. Nil’le birlikte onları seyrederken gülerek şakalaşıyorduk. Ben de karımın dekoltesinin içine dalmış sağ memesini çıkartıp ucunu dudaklarımın arasına hapsetmiştim çoktan.

Hepimiz bu büyülü atmosferin etkisine kapılıp kendimizi yeni bir şehvet fırtınasının içinde bulmuştuk. Artık kelimeler yerini dokunuşlara bırakmıştı. Vücutlar birbirine dolanmış, kollar adeta bir ahtapot gibi sarmıştı bedenleri. Hepimiz aynı şeyi düşünüyor, saatlerdir bu anın gelmesini beklediğimizi hissediyorduk. Vücutlarımız aşka susamış, tenlerimizi birbirine değdikçe sihirli bir elektrik akımına kapılmış gibi titriyorduk. Hafta sonu boyunca geçirdiğimiz o dehşet sevişme saatleri, şiddetli orgazmlar sanki tamamen unutulmuş, şu anda yeni tanışıyormuşuz gibi heyecanlıydık. Peki, neydi bizi bu kadar heycenlandıran. Daha iki gün evvel bu insanlar yoktuki hayatımızda, hiçbir cinsel fantezimiz içerisinde de böyle bir sahne olmamıştı. Ancak aşkın etkin büyüsü yine ruhlarımızı etkilemiş, sağlıklı bedenlerimizdeki hormanların aniden faaliyete geçmesini sağlamıştı. Eros yine kalbimizden vurmuştu hepimizi.

Çok geçmeden giysiler bedenlerden adeta koparılarak alınmaya başlanmıştı. Artık balkonun sert zemini yerine, yatak odasındaki Amerikan tarzı dev yatağın üzerinde yeni bir aşk destanı yazmak için soyunmuş savaşçılara benziyorduk. John ve Nur yan dönerek 69 pozisyonunda birleşmişler Alan’da baldızın kalçalarının açıkta kalan kısmına başını gömmüştü. Bacakları aralık olan Allan’ın sertleşmiş sikine ise Nil saldırdı. İki eliyle kavradığı yarrağı ağzına alırken, dirseklerinden destek alıp dizlerinin üzerinde kalçalarını havaya kaldırmış arkasını bana sunuyordu. Bense yatağın kenarında ayakta durmuş karımın kalçalarının arasından görünen amına başımı gömerek yalıyor, emiyordum. Herkes biribiri ile ilişki içinde tam bir orgi havasındaydık. Kısa zamanda inlemelerimiz artmıştı. Geniş bir suit dairede kaldığımız, ayrıca yandaki odanın da bize ait olduğu için başkalarının bizi duyma ihtimali de yoktu.

Cinsel organlar ile dudakların birleşmesi oluşturdukları tükürüklü kaygan ortamdan dolayı sesler çıkarıyor, şehvet dürtülerimizi oldukça uyarıyordu. Sarılmalar daha ateşli bir hale gelmiş, bedenler ise cinsel uzuvları bir an önce birleştirebilmek için kıvrım kıvrım kıvranıyordu. Nil’in vajinası iyice ıslanmıştı, parmaklarımı içine doğru birkaç kez sokup çıkararak ilişkiye hazır olduğundan emin oldum. Allan ve John’da baldızın ön ve arka deliklerini yeterince hazırlamış olacaklar ki, Nur’un zevk çığlıkları atarak kalçalarını iki adamın arasında hızla kıvırdığını görüyordum. Daha fazla beklemeden içine girmeliydik, alev alev yanan muhteşem kadınların.

Yatak geniş olmasına rağmen hepimizin uygun bir pozisyon alabilmesi için yeterli bir alana sahip değildi. Bu nedenle kızlar arkaları yatağın kenarına gelecek şekilde doggy pozisyonunda yerleşip, Allan Nur’un ben de karımın arkasında ki yerlerimizi aldık. John yatağın üzerinde kalıp kızların önünde, sikini onlara doğru uzatmış duruyordu. Karım ve baldızım kendilerine sunulan bu haşmetli organı sırayla ağızlarına alıyor, yalıyor, emiyorlardı.

Doğrusu gerçekten görülmeye değer bir sahneydi. Önümüzde karım ve baldızıma ait iki nefis amcık vardı, bizde onların içine bütün gücümüzle girip çıkyıor, zevk içinde inliyorduk. Arkalarındaki bu müthiş tahrike daha fazla dayanamayan kızlar ayni anda orgazm oldular. John’un yarrağı Nur’un ağzında hapsolmuş, delice emiliyordu. Baldızın bu şehvetli görüntüsü beni çılgına çevirmişti. Allan’a işaret edip yer değişmek istediğimi söylemiştimki oda karımın arkasına geçmek için zaten can atıyormuş. Büyük bir hızla yerlerimizi değiştik. Ben yine sevgili badızımın geniş kalçalarını sıkıca kavramış alev gibi yanan amcığına daldırmıştım yarrağımı. İçinde kayar gibi tam dibini bulmuştum bir seferde. Başı rahim ağzına değmiş olacakki biraz öne çekti kendini irkilerek. Taş gibi kalçaları sıkıca kavramıştım. Aletimi ömür boyu içerisine hapsetmek ister gibi hareketsiz tutuyordum Nur’un içinde. Allan da Nil’in arkasına yerleşmiş, amcığına hızla girip çıkarken bir parmağınıda arka deliğine sokmuş aynı anda orayı da tahrik ediyordu. John’un aleti şimdi karımın gırtlağına kadar girmiş hareketsiz bekliyordu. Yine şaşırtmıştı beni Nil, O’nu benim aletimle hiç böyle derin bir oral deneme esnasında görmemiştim. John yavaşça dışarı çekip sonrada yeniden hızlanmıştı Nil’in ağzıın içerine doğru.

Nur amcığını iyice yapıştırmıştı kasıklarıma, sikimi içinde daha iyi hissedebilmek için yavaş yavaş kıvırıyordu kalçalarını. Ben de bir müddet sonra hızlanıp ritmimi iyice artırdım. Baldız amcığına uygulanan bu müthiş tahrikin etkisiyle aşırı dercede uyarılmış çığlık atıyordu. “Ahhhh soooookkk, daha hızlı, durmaaa” diye kendini kaybetmiş bir an önce içine fışkıracak kızgın lavları bekliyordu. John orgazm olmak için yine karımı tercih edecekti sanırım. Bunu ağzında değil başka bir deliğinde yapmak istiyorduki Allan’la yer değiştiler. John vakit kaybetmeden boşalan yere yerleşip karımınn derinliklerine doğru ilerledi. Allan da şu anda kendini zevkten kaybetmiş olan Nur’un yerine karımın önünde yer alıp oral seksin keyfini çıkarmaya başlamıştı bile. Baldız kalçalarını ileri geri oynatıyor, benim kıpırdamama fırsat bırakmadan içine alıyordu patlamaya yakın aletimi. Dönülmez noktaya yaklaştığımı hissetmiştim ki, yine baldızın üzerine kapaklanıp ellerimle iri memelerini kavramıştım. Avuçlarımın arasına almış sıkıp bırakıyordum. İnanılmaz keyif alıyordum bu pozisyondan. Birden penisimin baş kısımı yanmaya başlamıştı ve ardından boğazımın derinliklerinden gelen bir hırıltı ile baldızımın içine boşalmaya başladım. Artık kıprıdamıyor, organımı bu sıcacık aşk tünelinin dibine kadar sokmuş peş peşe fışkırtıyordum spermlerimi içine. Tüm vücudum kasılmıştı, ateşiyle bedenimdeki enerjiinin tamamını tüketmişti baldız. Dudaklarımı ensesine yapıştırdım derin derin emiyor öpüyordum. “Öldürdün, mahvettin beni, gizli cennetinin kölesi oldum artık” diye fısıldıyordum kulağının dibine. Şeytani bir gülümseme ile karşılık vermişti bana. Yarrağım hala dimdik duruyordu içinde. Sıcaklığı ve sıkılığıyla beni uyarmaya devam ediyordu Nur’un amcığı. Bir iki kez ileri geri kıpırdanıp sonrada dışarı çektim kendimi. Benim boşalttığım yere henüz orgazm olamayan Allan yerleşti hemen, ama Nur’u misyoner pozisyonunda becermek istiyordu. Güzel yüzündeki o şehvetli ifadeyi görmek, iri memelerinin dalgalanmasını seyretmek, bal dudalarını da emmek istiyordu. Rekor sayılacak kısa bir sürede, bacaklarının arasına yerleşip elleriyle de o muhteşem göğüsleri kavramıştı bile Allan. Nur’un nefesi kesilmişti adeta, peşpeşe, içine giren yarrakların yarattığı etk**en.

John’la Nil de pozisyon değiştirmişler, karım yatağa sırtüstü uzanan John’un üzerine oturmuş seri bir şekilde aşağı yukarı kalkıp iniyordu. Elleriyle John’dan destek almış amcığı ile John’un iri yarrağını vakumluyor, bir an önce içini boşaltmaya çalışıyordu. Karımın başka bir erkeğin üzerinde bu kadar ateşli davranıyor olması beni yine ateşlemişti. Daha yeni kuvvetli bir orgazm omama rağmen, Nil’in bu görüntüsü beni çıldırtmaya yetmişti. Ne olursa olsun onun bu ateşini söndürmek için John’a yardım etmem lazımdı. Karımın kalçalarına yaklaştım, biraz çömelerek sıkıca kavradığım yarrağımı göt deliğinin üzerine dayadım, bu termasla irkilmiş bir anda hareketsiz kalmıştı. Benimde beklediğim andı bu. O’nu ve John’u daha fazla hareketsiz bırakıp sevişmenin ritmini bozmamak için bir hamlede daldım spermler ve salgılarla iyice ıslanmış bu küçük göt deliğinin içine. Karım şimdi John ve benim aramda tost olmuştu. İçine aynı anda giren iki yarrağı hissedebilmek için yavaşça öne ve arkaya kısa hareketler yapıyor, zevk çığlıkları atıyordu. Arka deliği o kadar sıkıydı ki aletim içeride patlayacak gibi olmuştu. O derece de sıcaktı ve bu sıcaklık zevkten iyice şişmiş olan yarrağımın damarlarında akan kanı iyice hızlandırıyordu. Nerdeyse erimek üzereydim karımın götünün içinde. John’unda durumu sanırım aynı olmalıydı. Kısa ve seri hareketlerle Nil’in içerisine girip çıkıyor, dudaklarını yapıştırdığı meme ucunuda büyük bir hırsla emiyordu.

Karım ve John aynı anda sarsılmaya ve sesli bir şekilde boşalmaya başladılar. Nil’in bu kaçıncı orgazmıydı, sayısını unutmuştum. Nerdeyse 36 saattir hipnotize olmuş gibi sevişmekten başka bir şey yapmıyorduk. Sanki dünyanın sonu gelmişti ve hepimiz sevişerek ölmek istiyorduk. Onlar orgazmlarının keyfini çıkarırken bende karımın arka deliğinden yavaşça dışarı çıktım. John hala karımın amcığının içindeydi, ama ben farklı bir şey yapmak istiyordum. Aynı yere bende girecektim. İki elimle sıkıca kavradım yarrağımı dibinden ve amının içine doğru bastırdım. Nil şaşırmıştı “heeeeeeeyy, napıyorsun beeeeee, delirdin mi sen çek şunu” diye bağırdı. Ama ben onu duymuyordum bile. John’un siki yumuşamıştı biraz, karımın içindeki spermlerde iyice kayganlaştırmıştı amcığını. Ben az daha yüklendim ve başı John’un aletinin üzerinden kayarak vajina duvarlarını iyice açıp içeri dalmıştı bile. “Ahhhh, manyak mısın sen be adam” diye ikinci bir protesto geldi Nil’den. Ben ise cevap olarak yine bastırdım sikimi, bu sefer tam dibine kadar girmişti karımın içine. Bende inanamıyordum gözlerime, amcığının dudakları iyice ayrılmış incecik olmuştu kenarları. İçini dolduran iki yarrak orayı öyle bir genişletmişti ki göt deliği dahi dışarı fırlamıştı. Bunu hayatımda ilk defa deniyordum ve başarılı olabildiğim içinde büyük bir zevk almıştım.

Yarrağımın üzerindeki basınç inanılmazdı. Organım patlayacak hale gelmişti, bir kaç kez gidip geldim daracık aşk tünelinde ve tam boşalmak üzereyken hızla çıktım karımın içinden. Bu sefer üzerine patlatmak istiyordum, ben hızla dışarı çıkarken canı yanmış oda yana devrilmişti, yarı baygın gözlerle bana bakarken ağzı da acıyla biraz açık kalmıştı. Ben hemen doğrulup yüzüne doğru fışkırmaya başlamıştım. Ne olduğunu bile anlayamamış, elleriyle gözlerini korumaya çalışıyordu. Ard arda fışkıran spermler, dudaklarına, çenesine, burnuna, saçlarına yapışıp kalıyorlardı. John’da kendini zor kaçırmıştı, benim makineli tüfek gibi seri atışlarımdan. Nil’in çenesinden memelerinin üzerine damlıyordu spermler. Hem gülüyor, hem de beni yumrukluyordu bir yandan “eşşek, canımı yaktın, ben sana soracağım tüm bunların hesabını” diye de devam etti. Biz John’la Nil’i aramıza alıp ona sarılmıştık, öpüyor okşuyor, gevşemesine yardımcı oluyorduk. Hemen yanı başımızda Allan ise baldızla tek vücut olmuştu adeta. Orgazm olmak için bu defa baldızın iri memelerinin arasını seçmiş, iki yandan sıkıca kavradığı memelerin arasında kaybolan sikini hızla ileri geri hareket ettiriyordu. Nur’un gözleri kapalı, zevkten dudaklarını ısırarak inliyordu. Birazdan boşalacak olan bu ateşli adamın zevk sularını teninin her zerresinde hissedecekti.

Allan hareketlerini bir an yavaşlattı ve sonrada göğüslerin arasından çektiği sikini avucunun içinde hızla pompalamaya başladı. Bağırarak boşalıyordu inliyordu, sikinin içinden spermleri fışkırtırken. Nur ağzını açmış fışkıran bu spermleri yutmaya çabalıyordu. Bir kısmı ağzına isabet ediyor, bir kısmı ise yüzüne boynuna geliyordu. Allan’da boşaldıktan sonra derin bir sesizlik olmuştu odanın içerisinde.

Bu uzun seks maratonundan yorgun düşmüştü vücutlar, ilerleyen gecenin rehaveti ile halsiz kalmıştı bedenler. Karım ve baldızım, bizim, yani üç erkeğin tüm enerjilerini tüketmişler muzaffer bir eda ile gülümsüyorlardı. Yüzlerinde taşıdıkları izler ise ne kadar şehvetli bir gece geçirdiklerini anlatıyoru. Kısa bir zaman geçtikten sonra toparlanmamızı, yarın birlikte seyahat edeceğimiz için eve dönüp eşyalarımı hazırlamam gerektiğini anlattım misafirlere. Yüzlerinde o derece mutlu bir ifade vardıki, hiç ayrılmak istemiyorlardı bu şehvet tanrçalarından. Ama her tatlı rüyanın bir sonu olduğu gibi bu gecenin de sonu gelmişti.

Süratle temizlenip giyindik, bu arada birer nescafe ile yeniden zinde hale gelmiş, Yeşiköye kadar yapacağımız yolculuk için taze güç toplamıştık. Pazartesi günü uçak öğleden evvel olduğundan kızlar havaalanına gelemeyceklerdi ve artık misafirlerle veda vakti gelmişti. Sarılamalar ve öpüşmeler içinde, kısa ama sımsıcak bir veda töreninden sonra terk ettik Hiltıon otelini. Limosinin hala hizmetimizde olması gerçekten güzel bir olaydı. Bize oldukça pahalıya patlamıştı, ancak mükemmel bir etkisi vardı. Eve vardığımızda gözlerimizi açık tutmakta zorlanıyorduk apartman koridorlarında, daha evin içine girmeden başlamıştık soyunmaya. Saati sabah sekize kurup hemen uykuya dalmıştık. Yada bayılmıştık desek daha doğru olurdu. Uçak İstanbul semalarında alçalırken, Allan ve John’la Londra’da geçirdiğim iki gün geldi aklıma. Yoğun iş toplantıları, finans müzakereleri, fizibilite raporları, ülkeler arası ticari ve hukuk prosedürleri. İstanbul’da ne kadar eğlenceli vakit geçirdiysek Londra’da da tam tersi olmuş işten eğlenceye ayıracak hiç vakit bulamamıştık. Ama ne eğlenceydi İstanbul’da hafta sonu yaşadığımız, sihirli bir rüya gibiydi adeta. Sanki boyut değiştirmiş, gerçek yaşamdan uzaklaşıp farklı bir dünyaya sürüklenmiştik. Cinsel fantezilerin harikalar diyarına. Duyguları kişiselleştirmeden, cinselliği sınırsızca yaşayabilmek, kişilik ya da statü ayırımı yapılmaksızın beğenilerinizi paylaşabilmek. İşte buydu kısaca yaşananların özeti. John bana uçakta şöyle sormuştu “sizlerle birlikte olmak bizi çok mutlu etti. Yeni bir dünya keşfetmiş gibiyiz adeta. Fakat bilmek istediğim bir şey var, sizin swinger olarak daha önce de deneyimleriniz varmıydı. Bu yaygın bir şey mi burada?” Ben de hafif bir tebessümle cevap vermiştim. ”hayır hiç olmadı, swinger olarak yaşayan bir zümre var, bu olgu bize yabancı değil, ancak bizim deneyimimiz ilk sizlerle oldu.” John bu sefer daha da mutlu bir eda ile ”bu şeref bize ait demek, inan şimdi iki kat daha mutlu oldum. Her şey için çok teşekkürler. Sizler bizim için artık çok değerlisiniz.” İnsanlar ne kadar farklı milliyetlere tabi olurlarsa olsunlar, farklı lisanlar konuşup, farklı kültürlere sahip olsunlar, yine de ortak bir uyuşma noktaları vardı demekki. Cinsel fanteziler, yaşamı renkli kılan, ruhu gençleştiren, kişilerin cinsel güvenini artıran. Uçak Atatürk havalimanına inmiş içimi yeniden bir heyecan kaplamıştı, hem işte hemde aşkta kazanmış, şanslı bir insan olarak addediyordum kendimi.

(hikaye tamamen kurgusal, gerçekle bir alakası yoktur)

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Big Cock

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Big Cock Revised – Encounters


I published this story on ages ago. I have revised it with more mature eyes.

The word “daddy” and “boy” refer to role-play only. Both characters are well over eighteen. This is purely a work of fiction.

Please send comments and constructive criticism.

Big Cock Revised

By siktici

Copyright 2017

“Yeah, I like big cocks, but I’m no queen,” I said to the tall daddy, with a squared jaw and buzz cut. He met me leaving County Line’s backroom.

“Well, I’m your man,” he said and pulled from his unzipped jeans an impressive cock, despite its flaccid state. His balls sat puffy in his big hand as he held the whole package up to the dim light. “It’s bigger when it’s angry,” he said and wiped away the cum that dangled from my goatee. The gesture not only intrigued me but also caused my drippy cock to grow. “Interested?” he asked.

“Why me?” I asked.

“Easy. You look hot, and from what I saw back there, you suck like a nursing baby.”

“I like you already,” I said. “Let’s have a beer and talk it over.”

“Let’s do that,” he said, rubbing my ass, “but at my place. I don’t put on no show.”

My look of concern caused him to add, “Don’t worry; workin’ a hot ass is all I’m about.

“Shoot,” I said, “I was hoping you got crazy.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t,” he said and smiled, expanding his goatee, his green eyes sparkling in the light. His smile caused deep dimples to form at the corners of his mouth.

I have always been hot for tall daddy-types, especially those who kept reasonably fit. What really winked my asshole, however, were their deep voices, their masculinity, and their quiet confidence.

This daddy had all three, and each time he spoke, the space behind my balls vibrated.

“You driving?” he asked, as he led me through the forest of cowboys and a few leather men. But he wore denim, nothing but denim. The cotton shirt, denim jacket, and jeans over keen-toed boots enhanced his look as a man in the driver’s seat. And I guess I resided somewhere between a backseat passenger and riding shotgun.

I did ride shotgun on our way to his house. Occasionally, I looked at his ruggedness, his lanky body, with legs so long that he steered between his knees. I ran my hand along the surface of his leg and up his cotton shirt. Under it, I could feel the furry warmth of his stomach and then slight ripple of abdominals. He looked over and flashed a dimpled smile. My ass winked several times.

His condo held minimal furnishings, soft light glowed in corners, and luscious plants sat here and there. He went to the kitchen for beer, and I sat on a leather couch as smooth as my hairless ass.

“Nice place,” I said when he returned. “Minimal,” I said as if the observation mattered.

“Thanks,” he said, politely, but my impression his place wasn’t his focus. He searched my eyes and covered my mouth in a warm wet kiss. As short as the kiss was, it took illegal bahis my breath away. I drank my beer, recovered, and again, felt my ass wink; but this time my cock pulsed along with it.

“So, why aren’t you taken?” I asked. “A big strappin’ daddy like you.”

“Who says I’m not?” he asked, and then leaned in again to take my breath away.

“Then you do have a lover,” I said, leaning away.

“I don’t want to talk about me,” he said and began nibbling my ear.

My expression asked for explanation as I took up my beer.

“You want the story or you want this hard cock?” he asked.

“Can’t I have both?”

“No. You choose,” he said, then placed my hand on his angrier cock.

“No doubt, cock it is,” I said and rubbed his impressive member.

He grinned, grabbed my hand, and led me to the bedroom furnished just as minimally.

“Don’t sit down or take off your clothes until I come from the bathroom,” he said.

I stood in silence. When he returned, my mouth formed an “O”. Silky black hair occupied his entire body. Spiraling out like blowing wheat, it ringed bushiest around his cock, fought for space around his torso, and gathered in tuffs between his pecs. The silkiness of it shone in the light, as wave upon wave cascaded over his shoulders and down his arms. Small islands of it sat on his feet.

And although I drooled at the sight of a severely furry man, my mouth had formed the “O” at the sight of his cock. It had grown to a size that recalled fertility gods I spotted in New Orleans’ French Market. Topped by a large dark-red hood, his cock speared northward, un-phased by gravity. One large vein sent tributaries along the shaft that resembled a double-barrel rifle.

“This is when they find some reason to leave,” he said with a softly sad expression that replaced the bravado he displayed in the bar.

“But that’s not what I’m going to do,” I said and walked into his furry arms.

“You’re staying?” he asked in husky voice.

“Is a pig ass pork?” I asked with a sly grin.

“Well, I don’t know,” he said, “I’ve never eaten a pig’s ass.”

“Oink,” I said.

And we both laughed.

We kissed as I slid my hand along his cock. The length of it intoxicated me. He fingered my ass, causing the lips to fold out in a small donut. And it occurred to me that if heaven did exist, I had found it on earth.

He broke the kiss because I couldn’t. My mind and body had become an instrument, and I wanted him to play me.

“Wait a second,” he said and took from a nearby closet a small black chair with a commode seat and no bowl. I used this on special occasions,” he said. “Sit down and let me taste some pork.”

His tongue in my hole sent shivers to the top of my head and the tips of my toes. Their trips along my surface made me quiver, made my cock pulse precum, and turned my body into one big nerve ending. He flicked aside folds and stabbed areas never touched. And at each probe, my hole expanded beyond limits I thought illegal bahis siteleri impossible.

“A talented hole,” he said between explorations.

His words brought from me mounting desire, and his slow and loving technique contrasted sharply to any rimming encounter I had experienced.

“You fucker,” I said. “Eat my hole, daddy.” The words came from my core; they came naturally and eagerly; and they came as if from a far-off place. If I had tried to script them, I was sure I wouldn’t recall

their phrasings.

I don’t know how long he worked my ass. Time didn’t matter, but it had to be considered. Morning always came too soon when an encounter became more than cursory.

“I’m gonna fuck that ass, boy. I’m gonna fuck it hard and deep. Can you take it?”

“Yeah, daddy,” I said, my words coated in lust.

“Tell me, boy. Beg me for it.”

“I want you cock, daddy.”

“I don’t believe you, boy,” he said while moving me to the bed and motioning for me to get on my back.

Presenting my hole to be used, I asked, “What do you want me to do?” The words didn’t come from my mind; they came from my hole, as if an entity resided there.

He grabbed lube from a nightstand. “I’m gonna make that hole nice and squishy, boy,” he said between shallow breaths of lust. I felt his fingers gently enter my hole with large dollops of lube. His fingers

coaxed my ass lips into spreading wider.

“Nice and warm in there,” he said, then moved between my legs like a grizzly ready to maul me. Taking a heel in each hand, he raised my legs in a “V,” but never looked from my eyes. I watched as his grin

appear and disappear, interrupted only by the effort of getting us in position.

Slowly and smoothly, he entered my ass until I felt of his cock head plopped through my entrance. A dull aching moved to a sensation of fullness, a fullness that brought more expansion. I felt like a balloon

beyond its capacity. And still his cock moved into me until I thought like the balloon I would burst.

“Yeah, baby, your taking all of daddy’s cock,” he said as he continued to hold my legs in the air and slowly moved back and forth. My ass clamped and released his cock that was so deep in me I’m sure he felt my heartbeat.

“Oh!” I realized he had more cock to move into me. As he pushed forward, my flesh moved aside to allow him to move even deeper. I felt as if I were inching a fireman’s pole into my ass.

“There,” he said between big grins, “I knew you could take it all—Finally, I found you.”

What he said really hadn’t registered. I focused on the incredible fullness in my ass. I closed my eyes as he again moved in short strokes. Each stroke, however, became longer and his breathing grew shallower. I felt his silky hair on the back of my legs as he tucked them on each side of his torso. For the moment, he seemed content with moving deep in my hole.

Occasionally, I opened my eyes to see his grin come and go as he mumbled his own desires.

“Fuck canlı bahis siteleri me daddy, I said. I need it hard, I need it deep.”

Wordlessly, he pushed my knees to my chest. Half-standing and half- crouching, and in one smooth motion, he pushed his cock into my hole until his balls rested just under the entrance. He moved his pelvis in slow circles before rising to start again.

I cried out at the fullness in my hole and moaned at the relief of his retreat. Desperately, I wanted to grab my cock, but stroking it would surely make me cum.

But he began the long stroke by pulling his cock’s head to my entrance, before pushing it all the way in. And each time he did, his pace quicken. Movement, graceful and masculine, sent me above myself. Each thrust and retreat moved me higher and higher. And just when I thought I could go no higher, I squirted watery cum over my face, into my opened mouth, and all over my chest.

“That’s what I wanted to see,” he said and quickened his pace even more. “Now it’s daddy turn.”

“Come in me, daddy. Fill my hole with cum,” I said. Turned on by the sight of his cock sliding in and out of my hole, and watching his grin appear and disappear under beautiful green eyes, I watched as my cock hardened. I began to stroke toward another orgasm.

His body stiffened, he bared his teeth, and pain flashed across his face, as the first of his load shot into me. “Here comes daddy,” he said in what in any other situation would have seemed a cliché. But his

declaration of being my daddy was the impetus to bring my cock to eruption.

Load after hot load filled my quivering ass as I sprayed come over my chest and stomach. Each downward thrust from him pulsed another flowed into me. And little by little, we slowed to happy fatigue.

He lowered his hairy body over mine and we kissed at that moment when it meant more than putting a period at the end of a sentence. With my legs over my head and his hairy body lightly resting on me, we kissed and breathed until he found the strength to withdraw and lay beside me.

I waited for him to change. Even after the most passionate encounters, I have had men crave my absence. I prepared for an explanation of early commitment, but nuzzling my neck, he whispered the question, “You want to stay the night?”

“I thought you had a story you didn’t want told,” I said, not realizing it was I who had changed. I had prepared for early dismissal and hadn’t noticed the sincerity of his words.

“Well, I did say that, but— “

“That usually meant that there was someone else,” I said.

“I never said that.”

“That’s true,” I said.

“Listen,” he said after a long sigh, “when you look like I do, it’s best to protect yourself.”

“Protect yourself? From what?” I asked.

“Most guys are either put off by my hair or scared away by my cock.” With silence hanging between us, he covered his eyes with an arm.

“I understand if you have to go,” he said.

Hearing sadness in his words, I rose to one elbow, removed his arm, and looked deeply into his beautiful green eyes. “I promised myself if I ever got to heaven,” I said with a husky voice, I promised myself that I would never leave.”

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Brief Encounter

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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It’s early morning and I haven’t slept in days. The sun is brushing up against the horizon and the last twinkle of the stars is fading into a rich blue glow behind the silhouettes of the trees. I’ve been working at the club all night, drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes. The air is chill and fresh and it makes my eyes feel hollow and my body feel sharp.

I come to your house and quietly I let myself in. I make two cups of coffee and take them up the stairs. I feel greasy and tired and I think about borrowing your shower but as I get upstairs I hear the water running. You’re up already and in the shower, getting ready for your day. I go into your room and I sit on the bed and sip my coffee while I listen to you showering. I kick off my shoes and wiggle my toes on your carpet.

The water shuts off and I can feel myself waiting; waiting for you to come into the room. I sip my coffee and watch the door.

You walk in, one towel wrapped round your body, another for your hair. You see me on the bed and flash me a daring little smile. You’re not surprised to see me here, although you never ask how I get in. I take another slug of coffee and just watch you dry your hair and brush it back.

Watching you fills me with an urge to touch you. Maybe it’s the way you move your hair, the way you watch yourself in the mirror while you brush. I trace the contours of your body with my eye. The towel hides a lot, but my imagination fills in the gaps.

I rise smoothly and walk up to you. You pause, holding the brush in your hair. I walk up close, so I’m just a few inches from you. Your eyes are wide and beautiful. Your mouth is slightly open as if you were about to say something but it didn’t quite come out. I reach up and gently take hold of the brush. You don’t resist as I slide it out of your hand.

Part of me worries that I stink of the nightclub, of smoke and alcohol. I know I should take a shower. But you’re right here in front of me. Your breathing is almost timid like you’re scared to move. Part of me worries that if I go to shower you might get dressed before I can come back. Worse, you might rush off to work and escape me completely.

I drop the hairbrush on the floor. We don’t break eye contact so much as a glance to see where it falls. I lick my lips and I can feel my own breath. I tilt my head toward the wall.

“Turn around.”

You turn, keeping your eyes on me as long as you can, until you’re facing the wall. I gently put my hand on the small of your back and push you. You resist a little at first, uncertain of what I’m trying to do. Then you take a step. I keep the pressure on with my hand and guide you forward the few more steps it takes to get you up against the door. I hear you swallow and feel güvenilir bahis the tension in your body.

I stand close behind you and I can smell the shampoo on your hair and the fresh scent of your clean skin. I take a fist full of the towel at the back and pull at it gently. You try to step back as I pull, but I hold you still with my other hand. The towel comes undone and I drop it to the floor.

You stand still, your breasts just brushing the gloss wood of the door, your arms at your sides, your legs just slightly apart. You shiver just a little and I wonder if it’s the excitement or just the cool air on your damp body.

I place my hand at the small of your back and slide it slowly up you — up over the smooth, soft skin of your back, my palm curving round your shoulder blade as my fingers touch your hair. I move my hand up to the nape of your neck. My fingers curl round one side, my thumb the other. I gently massage the sides of your neck, enjoying the way your hair cascades off the back of my hand.

I step up close and I can feel the fly of my jeans brush up against your ass. I keep stroking your neck and you murmur quietly to yourself, little pleasure noises in your throat. You rock your head to one side to let my fingers slide up to your ear, my palm cupping the back of your head.

I step forward, my body pressing you up to the wood. You gasp and flinch; I guess the wood much be a cold shock on your hot stomach. I don’t give an inch, I keep you pressed up firmly; the door will be warm soon enough. I feel the way your ass pushes against me and you try to keep yourself from the cold wood. It presses my jeans up against my panties; my panties up against my pussy.

I realize how hot I’ve become. My hands tremble slightly and I find I want to just rub up against your ass. I want to press you up against the door until you feel like you’re fucking the woodwork.

My tits are squashed up against your back and I can hold you here without need of my hands now. I put one hand on each of your shoulders and I run my fingertips down your arms. You’re trembling so bad I think you might just collapse to the floor if I let you go. I rock my hips, rubbing up against you, rubbing you against the door. You lean your head back onto my shoulder and I put my fingers on your lips.

You bite my finger and the sharp sting of pain makes me twitch. I force myself up against you harder and you gasp and moan. I slide my hand round your shoulder, my fingers clawing across your throat, and I arch you back slightly while I thrust my hips forward. The door bangs in the frame as I push you up on it again.

Then your hand is between us, your palm facing out, you fingers seeking along my jeans until you grab the belt türkçe bahis hooks. Your thumb finds the top button and you press at it, fumbling to undo me. I want you to. I want to be naked and up against you. I back up just enough to give you access, but I don’t help you. My hands are busy.

I hold you steady with one hand and I slide one the round your chest, slipping my fingers down between your breasts, rubbing down the center line with two fingers. I want to pull your hair and I want to put a hand between your legs. I just don’t have enough hands. I explore your chest, teasing your nipples with my nails, rubbing firmly round the curve of your breasts.

My jeans come undone and at once your hand slides into the front, your fingers grabbing roughly against my panties. I move forward again, trapping your hand between us. Your wrist pressed against your ass and your fingers pressing the cloth of my panties hard into my pussy. I try to bite your ear but get a mouthful of hair.

You’re trying to push your ass out and I’m rubbing myself up against it while your fingers wiggle up between my legs, trying to work round the edge of my underwear. I use my hand on your chest to hold you now and move my other hand round your hip, curving round the front until my fingers find the hot wet lip of your pussy.

My jeans are slipping down my thighs and you manage to pull my panties aside. I feel your finger pushing into me and I mirror with my own finger on you. I’m breathing hot in your ear and I wonder if you can smell the vodka in my breath. I want to eat you. I want to fuck you so hard you scream my name.

Each time you move your finger I do the same. You slide it in, hooking at the hot, wet flesh and I curl my finger in you. I move on my toes, rubbing my chest on your back. My bra rubs against my breasts and I wish I was naked. I can’t stop now to undress. I don’t want to change anything in case you stop moving your fingers in me. I’m so hot I could burst.

I move both hands between your legs, relying on the fact that you’re leaning your top half on the door to keep balance. I rub my palm over your clit while my other hand pushes into you. My breath is coming out in uneven gasps and shivers. My legs feel unsteady. I push up onto my toes, my calves twitching and I know I’m going to cum first.

I don’t try to fight it. I let your fingers guide me. You must know how close I am because you start to rub slow and firm up the front of my pussy and I tremble against you. It rises in me like a flood; from my toes to my throat every nerve pulls taught at once. I feel my whole body shudder as the wave breaks and escapes my mouth in a long silent cry.

For a moment I can’t do anything but stand there, bathed in the glow and güvenilir bahis siteleri the warmth of your body. I open and close my mouth a few times, trying to work out how to breathe. Then the air slips from my lungs in a sigh.

I slide myself off your fingers and I can feel my arms are shaking. You’re standing naked up against the door. My arms are still around you; my hands are still clutching your pussy.

I move smoothly and firmly, taking your shoulder in my hand and turning you round to face me. I push my lips onto yours and find your mouth is hot and open. I push my tongue into your mouth, hungry for you. I can taste the mint of your toothpaste. I dread to think what you can taste in my mouth.

I stand up close to you so that your nipples brush my t-shirt with every move I make. I slide my hand up between your legs and gently caress you. I run my finger slowly along the lips of your pussy, from one end right to the other. You’re trembling again and I hold you steady with one hand on your shoulder while I rub you with long, rocking strokes. I kiss your neck, your throat, your collar. I nuzzle up against you and lick your ear.

I can feel your body shaking. I can pull you right to the edge with just the tip of my finger. You dig your toes into the carpet and lean your head on the door. Your eyes are closed. Your mouth is open. Your legs are losing control.

I’m barely touching now. Each little brush of my nail on your clit makes you convulse right through your whole body. I keep touching. You’re going to cum. I can feel it. You can’t hold it much longer.

I slide my finger up into you all the way. A firm, slow thrust until my palm feels your wet lips. You gasp and shake. I rock my hand up against you. Your knees fold under you and you grab hold of me to steady yourself. You bury your face in my chest and cling to me; your whole body rocking like an earthquake.

You twitch for ages, each little spasm coupled with a gasping breath. You fingers dig into my shoulders and I feel like I’m supporting your whole body with my one hand. After long, glorious moments, you pull your hips away. I feel your body slide off my fingers leaving them sticky and wet, cooling in the air.

I wrap my arms about you and we stand a moment, hugging in the early morning light, your body still trembling with aftershocks. You look up, your eyes shining like stars. Your cheeks and throat are flushed red and hot. I kiss you tenderly. You brush my cheek with your hand.

You dress quickly while I sit on the bed and watch you. I’ve probably made you a little late for work, but I hope it was worth it. Once you’re ready, you kiss me and run.

I lie back on your bed, my jeans still undone and open. I can still smell you in the room. I feel warm like I’m wrapped in cotton wool; safe in the cocoon of your home. I know I should shower. I know I should probably eat something. But I just want to stay here for a while remembering your body, your heat, your eyes.

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A Tangled Web Ch. 08

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All Sexual Activity In This Story Is Between Characters 18+ Years Old


Arlene Hart glanced up at the big maple clock on the wall behind her daughter, Cynthia. Ted Trotter, seated at the kitchen table between the two women, followed her eyes. Arlene dropped her left hand lightly onto his right thigh and said, wistfully, “You’d better be getting going, Ted… It’s five blocks to the trolley stop. If you miss the 3:50 car, you’ll have to wait another hour, if you don’t want to walk home.” She squeezed his leg hoping he would stay, but knowing he would not.

Cynthia was more forthright. The eighteen-year-old rose from the table and stood behind Ted’s chair, pulling his head back to rest against her firm medium bust. The towel knot in her cleavage untied itself when his pate made contact and she shimmied until her tits pillowed his ears. “Can’t you stay, Mr. Trotter? Please?” Her high plaintive voice and her soft fingers, sliding from his temples across his cheeks, were very persuasive.

Trotter steeled his will, even as his willful dick turned to steel under his own towel. “NO, Cindy,” he answered, proud of his self-discipline. “I have to leave.” He smiled up at her precious young face. “But, I’ll come again… I PROMISE.”

Arlene fished her hand through his towel’s separating fold and felt Ted’s erection. Sliding its length, she grinned evilly and warned, “Sooner than you THINK, if you don’t get dressed and get out of here, RIGHT NOW!” With a strong departing squeeze, she laughed, stood up and pointed to the breakfront sideboard. “The clothes you shucked this morning are all right there… except for your underwear which is still in my bedroom, in case you’ve forgotten. Cynthia, go fetch Mr. Trotter’s shorts and undershirt.”

While Ted hiked purposefully along Locust Avenue to Flint Street, five blocks north, he wondered, “Why am I reluctant to go home? Mary’s a good woman and a fine fuck… and I NEVER feel this way when I’m leaving Izzy.” He was so intently pondering his conundrum that he boarded the streetcar, and debarked at Central Avenue, like an automaton, virtually unaware of the world until he reached the corner of Garvey Street.

Meanwhile, in southeast Arbor Heights, Mary Trotter backed the family Ford out of the driveway at her parents’ Oak Avenue bungalow. As she straightened the car in the street and pointed for home, Arthur complained he was hungry. Mary looked at her watch and said, “It’s still an hour to supper time, Arthur. When we get home you may have either an apple or two oatmeal cookies to tide you over… OK?” Pointing through the windshield, she exclaimed, “Oh, LOOK! There’s Grandma, Arthur… WAVE!”

Mary and her nine-year-old son waved from their stopped car while Isabel McGuinness pulled her thirteen-year-old maroon-and-red Flying Cloud sedan into her driveway. She smiled and waved back as she walked up to the house and watched her daughter drive off. Closing the front door, she called, “Yoo hoo! Jock! Cecie! I’m HOME!”

Jock stepped from the parlor into the hall and hugged his wife closely, sliding his hands over her back and bottom as he pulled her to his chest and groin. “Cecie’s still upstairs, playing with her dolls or reading or something. I SHOWERED, like you asked… Do you…”

Isabel smelled the fresh Old Spice and felt his smooth jowls on her face as they embraced. Her lungs filled and her breasts swelled against Jock’s hard pectorals. Her cunny, anticipating attention, built a low fire in her tummy as it lubed itself. Pushing him away, with a full, but brief, kiss, she hissed, “Not NOW, Jock… LATER! I’ve got a roast to tend to and Cecie isn’t LOCKED UP, you know! What if she… saw or heard?” Clucking her tongue, Isabel patted her husband’s freshly shaved cheek. “You’re SWEET… but wait until bedtime… she’ll be upstairs and we’ll be ALONE.”

Jock sighed as he watched his wife brush past him and enter the kitchen. He followed and spoke to her back while she tied her apron. “Well, you don’t mind if I sit here, sip coffee, and undress you in my head, do you?” He chuckled low in his throat while he poured a mug of old burned coffee from the aluminum percolator on the stove.

“Not as long as that’s ALL you do, you old goat,” Isabel answered flippantly over her shoulder, with a wink. Silently she thought, “THANK you Father Logan… THIS week I’ll be FAITHFUL. I really WILL!” Aloud, as she busied herself, she added, “Now HUSH! I’ve got to get these potatoes and carrots in or they’ll be raw when the meat’s done.”

Unusual activity to his left snapped Ted out of his reverie. He looked a hundred feet up Garvey Street and saw a police cruiser, an ambulance and a strange black Plymouth coupe standing at the curb in front of Farragut’s Victorian house. Deciding not to continue to the alley, as he typically would do, Trotter turned and headed for his landlord’s front lawn.

As he arrived, he saw two white-suited medics removing a body from the house on a stretcher. güvenilir bahis On the porch, a dark-suited man was speaking with two police officers. Ted’s curiosity morphed to concern and sunk, like a cinder block, into his gut as he wondered, “Is that Old Man Farragut?”

Mary, chatting as she drove, missed her turn on Holmes Street and continued the extra block to Garvey Street before turning off Oak Avenue. Five minutes later, approaching Central Avenue, she pulled over and parked as another arriving police sedan replaced the ambulance moving away from Number 46. Whereas, she did not see Eli’s body being loaded, she assumed an accident had befallen her seventy-two-year-old part-time employer and secret lover.

When a tall detective, in a brown suit and fedora, got out of the second cruiser, Mary worried it was more than a mere stumble. She said to Arthur, with a no-nonsense tone, “You sit right here, Arthur, I’ll be back in a moment.” Arthur thought better about arguing as his mother exited the car, although he very much wanted to go look more closely at the black-and-white Chevrolets with their shiny sirens and big red spotlights.

Crossing the street, Mary saw her husband walking up the other side from Central Avenue. She diverted and hurried to meet him. “What do you think the rumpus is about, Ted?” She asked breathlessly, hooking her arm behind his back and leaning in for support.

Ted kissed Mary’s anxious furrowed brow and answered, “I don’t know, Sugar Beet. Maybe Farragut had a heart attack, or something.”

“Oh, TED!” Mary blurted, “Don’t even THINK that! He’s so sweet and kind!” Tears formed and flowed freely while the two of them walked to the house.

When they climbed the porch stairs, Officer Steve Janssen demanded, “Who might YOU be? Do you LIVE here?”

The Trotters identified themselves and Janssen was on the verge of telling them to shove off and mind their own business, when Officer Sean O’Rourke appraised Mary’s demeanor and dress. His practiced eye noted her flimsy frock hung revealingly. None of her loosely contained, and unrestrained, naturally contoured hourglass figure’s details were in doubt. Recalling the soiled sateen panties he found in Farragut’s robe pocket, he waved off his partners dismissal before it was delivered.

“So, you live behind the place here,” O’Rourke stated. Without further explanation, he continued, “Mr. Farragut missed his chess game this afternoon. Do you happen to recall the last time you saw him? Either of you?”

Ted spoke first. “Must have been Thursday. He was sitting under an apple tree in back when I came home from school about… oh, four-thirty, or so?”

Mary gasped and leaned closer to her husband. Through her worried tears, she said, “I do… cleaning and… er, such, for Eli. I was here Friday morning.” Bringing herself under more control, but still shaking, she asked through quivering lips, “Why? What’s the matter? I made him a BIRTHDAY cake… he was in FINE spirits when I left, at NOON.”

An unidentified man, standing to the policemen’s left in a blue serge suit and pearl fedora, answered before anyone could prevent it. “I’m Dr. Sparks, Mrs. Trotter. Your landlord and employer passed in his sleep last night, it seems.”

Mary collapsed with the news. Ted saved her fall, holding her as she buried her face in his shirt and bawled, “NO! NO! It can’t BE!”

Detective Preston Howard, taking charge of the emotional scene, lightly touched Mary’s quaking back. “I’m afraid it is true, Mrs. Trotter. He WAS seventy-two and these things DO happen at times not of our own choosing.” Howard’s mind registered and filed away his first-hand knowledge that Mary wore no bra beneath her cotton dress. “It’s possible you were the last person to see Mr. Farragut alive. I may need information from you for my report. Will that be alright?”

“Now, just hold on a moment, Detective,” Dr. Sparks intervened as only an experienced physician and surgeon could. “This woman’s very distraught. I’d SUGGEST, if I may, that your questions could wait until Monday. I haven’t seen anything to suggest an unnatural passing. Give me a chance to verify or rule out that perception, won’t you?”

Turning to the Trotters and addressing Ted, Dr. Sparks said, “Take your wife home. Fix her a nice cup of warm, not HOT, cambric tea.” He reached into his black bag and shook out three capsules from two bottles. Handing them to Ted, he instructed, “Have her take these with the tea and put her to bed. She’ll sleep undisturbed through the night.”

Sparks gave Howard and Trotter his card and directed, “Call me Monday morning. I’ll have a report for you then.” Stepping forward, he patted Mary’s shoulder and soothed, “Rest, my dear. Things will look better tomorrow… I’m SURE of it.”

Detective Howard acquiesced. “OK, Doc. You’re right, no doubt.” Turning toward the officers, he slid his hand across Mary’s shoulders and verified she wore no camisole or slip, either. Silently türkçe bahis he mused, “She’s pretty broke up for a simple domestic worker. Must have really cared for the old fellow.” Aloud he said to Janssen and O’Rourke, “Come inside with me while I look around.”

The Trotters followed Dr. Sparks to his 1940 P-10 coupe and then crossed the street to their own black Ford sedan. Ted helped Mary into the back seat and slid behind the wheel. Before he started the car he looked at Arthur and said, “Your mom’s in shock, Champ. Old Mr. Farragut died in his sleep last night. After we get her to bed, I’ll heat us up some Van Camp pork and beans.” He scrubbed the boy’s head with his knuckles and said, “It’ll be like camping… but, in the house. Will THAT be OK with you?”

Arthur shook his head and grimaced as his stomach rumbled. “Grandma’s made a roast,” he offered helpfully.

“OK, I get it,” Ted said. He fired up the flathead V-8 and started rolling. “Let’s see if she’ll set an extra plate. You can spend the night and I’ll babysit your mother.”

Back on Oak Avenue, Ted explained the situation and Isabel gladly agreed to keep Arthur overnight. Trotter trotted Mary home, unaware of the exact level of her grief. In their cottage, he guided his wife to their bedroom, kissed her cheek and said, “Get in a your cozy flannel nightgown, Sugar Beet, then crawl under the covers. I’ll bring you something warm to drink, like Dr. Sparks, said.” She nodded numbly and fumbled her buttons while Ted hustled into the kitchen and put a kettle on.

With the water heating up, Ted stepped into the parlor and telephoned Arlene Hart. She answered on the third ring, “Arbor one-two-two-one, Hello?”

Speaking in a hushed voice, Trotter quickly clued Arlene in on the recent events and finished with a question. “So, can I swing by, after I eat a bite of supper?”

“Absolutely NOT!” Arlene answered with a laugh behind the exclamation. “You get over here as soon as Mary’s lights go out. Cynthia and I will make sure you’re fed, don’t worry about THAT!”

Ted grinned into the receiver. “The kettle’s calling… got to go. See you as soon as can be!” He hung up, then lifted the receiver off the hook and left it laying on the table.

Whistling louder than the steaming water vapor, Ted prepared Mary’s cambric tea and threw an ice cube in to cool it. In the bedroom, he supervised while Mary took the doctor’s sedatives and drank her warm beverage. Twenty minutes later, she was fast asleep and he was back in the Ford headed for Locust Avenue.

Meanwhile, on Oak Avenue, Jock was in a declining sour mood. He had been horny, and on edge, ever since his wife’s ass beckoned to him from her house dress that morning at breakfast. The only good thing that had happened all day, by his reckoning, was a fun, but too quick, team fuck of Brian Doherty’s Dutch niece.

His libido re-asserted itself when he came home and saw Isabel bent over at the oven but, again, he was interrupted untimely. Jock smiled to himself, remembering the blow-job his daughter gave him in the shower after his wife went to St. Luke’s, but that was hardly anything more than an appetizer and there was no following meal.

He chewed his roast beef and looked around the table at Cecie, Art and Isabel. “NOW,” Jock thought, “I’ve got TWO kids to worry about. Isabel probably won’t let me fuck her sweet ass tonight, EITHER, what with Artie staying over.” He scowled.

“Penny for your thoughts, dear,” Isabel said, with a quizzical look.

“Hmmm? Oh!” Jostled, Jock answered, “I was thinking this roast was extra tasty, tonight. And then I bit my cheek!” He laughed and rubbed his right jowl ruefully.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dear,” his wife replied sympathetically. “Do you want to dab some baking soda on it?”

“No,” Jock answered, “It’s nothing. Gone now. Thanks.” Clapping his hands, he asked, “So, who’s up for a game of canasta?”

Both children enthusiastically raised their hands. Isabel grinned, happy for the family activity. She stood and said, “Get the cards, Jock, with helpful elves, I think we’ll have the kitchen squared away in no time!” Arthur and Cecilia promptly began clearing the dishes while Isabel ran hot water in the sink and put leftovers in the refrigerator.

The menu at 639 Locust was considerably different than at the McGuinness bungalow. When he walked in and saw Cynthia and Arlene, Trotter was glad he had hedged his bet and wolfed down two cold fried chicken drumsticks while he drove back to the Hart duplex. His mouth watered for desert.

The women stood waiting in the hall, naked beneath diaphanous rayon peignoirs. Arlene’s was pale mint green with emerald ribbons while Cynthia’s was pastel saffron with ruffled white lace cuffs. When Trotter closed the door they converged and embraced him, forming a three-sided pillar. Between Ted’s legs another pillar formed. Wrapping his arms about their bodies as they squirmed, he kissed them back and forth. Quick güvenilir bahis siteleri light small osculations soon slowed, lengthened and deepened. As the women wound up, they moaned, mewled and pushed Trotter back against the front door.

Their hands were everywhere. Their perfumes filled his nostrils and clouded his mind. In moments, Trotter was stripped. Arlene, on his left, and Cynthia, on his right, each took a hand and led him down the hall. A sudden thought shredded his fog and he exclaimed, on the move, “Wait! Rubbers! Pants pocket!”

Arlene laughed as she and her daughter turned the corner into her room and pushed their prey backward across the turned-down double bed. The mattress sank as the women pounced. The sturdy ash frame easily withstood the incoming four-hundred-plus pounds of bouncing bodies, although the high headboard warped and recovered, striking the wall with a great bang.

“Don’t worry, Tickler,” Arlene buzzed in his ear. “I have nearly a dozen rubbers… hope you use them ALL!”

“Yes, Mr. Trotter,” Cynthia purred in his other ear. “USE ALL of them!” She slid down Ted’s chest, over his legs and knelt on the floor with her torso folded on the mattress, as if she were praying to his naked knees. “Ma,” she asked sweetly, “what was it you said I should do next?”

Arlene pulled down on Trotter’s shoulders, urging him to scoot closer to the bed’s edge. He inched his way until his feet were flat on the floor with his calves flush to the mattress and surrounding Cynthia’s shoulders. “Put your hands on his hips, drop your chin and take one of his testicles into your mouth,” Arlene answered. “Just like the ping-pong ball, Sweetie. ROLL and SUCK gently… its fragile, don’t hurt him!”

Cynthia’s splayed fingers and spread thumbs gripped Trotter while she followed her mother’s instructions to the letter. Ted’s left nut filled her mouth. It’s weight and oval shape was different and much more exciting than the light celluloid sphere Arlene gave her for training purposes that afternoon, after Ted left them, following lunch.

Trotter groaned and flexed his erect dick. It bumped Cynthia’s forehead when it relaxed and she laughed. He flexed again and sighed. Arlene praised her daughter, “Good girl, switch off now and then.” Pivoting a hundred and eighty degrees on her knees, she swung her left leg over Ted’s face, draped her sheer green canopy over his upper body and settled her pussy onto his mouth. “I told you not to fret about food, Tickler,” she chuckled. “Now, EAT me UP!”

Ted drove his tongue and nose deep into Arlene’s redolent wet cunt. Raising his right arm, he closed his hand around her pendant breast and plucked her plump nipple from its swollen platform. He dropped his left hand to the top of Cynthia’s head and tugged her hair ribbons while she gobbled his eggs.

“Nyaah,” moaned Arlene as her little man came out of hiding and danced with Trotter’s tongue tip. “Honey, remember… the H-HOT dog… it’s time to TAYYYST… the REAL thing.” She panted while she gave Cynthia additional direction and Ted gave her additional thrills.

Cynthia popped Trotter’s wet hairy balls from her mouth and lifted her head under his moving hand. Squeezing his outer thighs as she pushed up from his nutsack, she found his waving cock and caught it with her teeth. “RRhhaaaah!” Ted growled as her lips closed behind his plum’s rim and she applied the same perfect suction she had used on his gonads. She moaned around his meat and slid halfway down his shaft.

Arlene was rocking. Reaching forward and down, she seized her daughter’s breasts as they rose from Trotter’s thighs when Cynthia bobbed up. The electricity of her mother’s touch snapped through the girl’s cunny and she blew up like a transformer hit by lightning. Ted’s fat prick stifled her scream but nothing stopped her body. She squeezed and sucked and cried as she came a sudden tumult.

Trotter hunched his hips in her hands and lunged his seven-inches until his pubic curls were caught in Cynthia’s gnashing teeth and mimping lips. Rigidly arched, he pulled Arlene down with both hands, one on her back the other on her tit. He fibrillated her pussy’s lips as he howled and exploded into her daughter’s throat.

Arlene, the only one of the three lovers with a free voice, raised the rafters with her scream as she climaxed. “TICKLER! KILLLLL ME!” Her hands clawed into Cynthia’s pert aching breasts. Her knees and thighs crushed Trotter’s pounding temples. Trotter and Cynthia defended their lives lapping, sucking and swallowing as fast as the fluids flowed.

The trio burned out, collapsed and held motionless for an interminable fifteen seconds. Ted’s hands slipped to Arlene’s hips and twisted her right, off his head. Cynthia pulled up, drooling, from his semi-soft penis and clambered back on the bed to his left. They lay like jackstraws waiting to be picked up.

Arlene moved first. Climbing off the bed, she retrieved several Trojan packets from her bureau and returned. She put them on her bedside table top, reserving one and opening it while she studied Ted’s limp, but thick, cock. “This will NEVER do, Tickler,” she said, clucking her tongue. “We KNOW you’re stronger than THAT!”

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A Tale of Two Mothers

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I – My Evil Stepmother

Why is it stepmothers are always portrayed as wicked? I’m thinking of all the old fairy stories – you know, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. – where the stepmother is always the villain of the piece. Maybe it has something to do with an (inevitably) younger woman replacing mother, breaking up the happy home, and causing pain and suffering to all concerned. (If that sounds a bit sexist it’s probably because it is. For some reason the guilty husband is never branded in quite the same way – it’s almost as if everybody understands how an older man can fall under the spell of a beautiful young woman, and they blame the woman not the man). But whatever the reason stepmothers are portrayed this way in fiction, in my case it wasn’t just poetic licence, my stepmother really was wicked.

In fact she was a downright evil bitch!

It started when I was sixteen. My father and mother split up and father married a woman fifteen years his junior. As a result Mother was ousted from the family home and the new woman moved in. I have to say I hated her from the start, and I guess the feeling was probably mutual. I should explain this all took place many years ago – before the days of women’s lib – and mother ended up losing her house, home, and family. It wouldn’t happen today, but back then she was conned out of everything she had, including the prospect of a comfortable retirement. At the time I didn’t really understand what was happening, and it was only a couple years later (when I was 18) I realised what she’d given up.

I guess I need to take time to explain how it all happened, not only because it sets the scene for my story, but also because in may in part justify what I did later. I like to think I’m an ordinary human being, and I don’t want you to go away with the impression what I did was perverted and wholly unjustified. I mean it may well have been perverted, but I hope when you hear my tale you won’t think it unjustified.

Anyway it wasn’t entirely my fault and I didn’t do it alone. I had a partner in crime – my mother to be exact!

I don’t really know for sure why Mum and Dad split. If I had to guess I’d say it was Dad’s roving eye that caused the problem – he was a real sucker for the Ladies. He was a charming man and I loved him very much, but he wasn’t the strongest character in the world. I don’t think he went out of his way to seduce other women; he just couldn’t turn it down when it was offered on a plate. Unfortunately his charm and personality meant it was always being offered in three course meals, not just plates, and he seemed to have a ravenous appetite!

As I understand it, father did a deal with Mom when they split. The house was in his name and so was the business so he kept both, but he agreed to give mother a generous living allowance if she was prepared to leave and find a new life for herself. She agreed, partly because she loved my Dad very much and trusted him implicitly and partly for my sake. She thought if she went I could stay in my home, and as my Dad was a fairly wealthy man, I’d be better off in the long run.

So the deal was done and Mom moved into a rented flat in London. She didn’t get any guarantees in writing as she trusted Dad, and for the first couple of years it all seemed to be working out. Mom wasn’t very happy suddenly living alone at 55, but she had enough money to live on and I visited her every other weekend, staying overnight in her flat, so she felt she could make a life for herself.

My new Stepmother’s name was Julia, and I have to say I wasn’t very happy either. Julia was in her mid thirties and a right stuck-up bitch. She worked as a manager in the local hospital (which was unusual for a woman in those days), and she was as hard as nails. When she was around everything had to be clean and tidy and perfectly ordered. My home was replaced by a ‘show house’ for all the local dignitaries to visit, and she was forever castigating me for being untidy and disorganised.

After Mom left she employed a professional housekeeper to run the house, and Maria, the housekeeper, was almost as bad as Julia. She moaned at me constantly about the state of my room and my ‘noisy’ music, and sometimes I got the distinct impression she was under orders from Julia to try and drive me out. They’d both come down on me all the time for stupid little things (like leaving my coat on the bed), and they’d act as if I’d done something really terrible or disgusting. After just six months I was under such pressure I seriously thought about getting myself a flat, but I hated Julia so much I wasn’t prepared to give her the satisfaction of forcing me out.

I tried talking to Dad about the problem but it was no use. He was infatuated with Julia, and as I’ve said he wasn’t a particularly strong character. Mind you I could understand what he saw in her. She was a tall elegant woman with shoulder-length blond hair, who was always immaculately dressed in her smart, well-tailored, business suit. She güvenilir bahis spoke real classy, and she had these amazingly large breasts which always seemed on the verge of bursting through the top of the suit. Occasionally she’d leave a button or two undone; displaying the most daunting cleavage I ever did see. I don’t know how she did it but she had this incredible erotic presence, and she eluded an aura of sexuality which would flood over you in waves. I mean she could turn you on (well she could turn me on anyway!) just by standing in the same room as you, and if she hadn’t have been such a bitch I’d have fallen under her spell instantly. As far as I could tell she seemed to have the same effect on virtually every man she met, and it was no wonder she’d got such a high position in the hospital.

Julia, of course, was well aware of the effect she was having on all those around her, and she used her sexuality to make my Dad do whatever she wanted. Unlike most women she always dressed sexy when Dad was home, and she never seemed to get fed up with it or need encouragement. Her skirts were always shorter than when she was working, her cleavage more pronounced, and she would focus on those things a man finds particularly sexy. Stiletto heels, for instance, and fully-fashioned black seamed stockings were the standard evening attire. My dad always seemed to be drooling over her, but as much as I hated him for it, I was rapidly becoming a man myself and I could see where he was coming from. She was an unbelievably sexy woman, and I have to confess I masturbated many times to visions of her taking off her clothes for me and letting me fondle her breasts or stroke her stockings. I may have hated her but that didn’t stop me wanting to bang the life out of her. I was only human after all!

So, as you can see, it was a pretty strange set-up in our house, what with Julia and the housekeeper.

We lived in Wimbledon in South London and the house wasn’t that big, just four bedrooms, so it didn’t take me long to start to wonder exactly what Julia saw in my Dad. He was quite a lot older than her, and although charming, it seemed to me she could have had many younger and more attractive men without any effort on her part. In the end I realised it was his business she was after (and the money of course). He owned and ran a number of private Rest Homes in the London area, and he was gradually expanding and opening more all the time. I think Julia saw great financial potential in this business and her ambition was to take over and control the whole enterprise.

The problems for my mother began when Julia decided she didn’t want Dad wasting money giving it to Mum. I don’t know how she did it but she persuaded Dad to go and see Mum and tell her he couldn’t afford her allowance anymore. He told her he was sorry but he needed the money for the business. Obviously Mum got upset and angry with him and they had a blazing row, but Dad dug his feet in and left telling her he would stop the allowance the following month. When Mum got legal advice she discovered because she’d left of her own accord, and nothing was signed, she didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Mother, as you can imagine, was devastated and left with no choice but to find herself a job. To her credit she found work as manageress in a dry cleaning shop, which although a come-down for her at least provided enough income to survive. Her life, however, had been changed beyond recognition, and she felt as if all her efforts up to that point had been entirely wasted. Understandably she became pretty depressed.

I was furious when I found out and I angrily confronted my father and stepmother. What on earth were they doing, I demanded to know. How could they do that to my Mother when Father was getting more wealthy, not less? I screamed and shouted at both of them, but it didn’t do me any good. Dad just retreated in to his shell and mumbled something about needing the money, and Julia just told me it was none of my ‘damn business’, and to keep my nose out of it.

I remember standing in front of her, seething inside and eyeing her angrily, but she just stood there defiantly. Eventually I became abusive and she too got angry. She moved right up close and confronted me. I tried to tell her what I thought of her, but even in that situation I couldn’t help being distracted by her cleavage which, as her anger increased, was heaving up and down only inches from my eye-line. Part of me wanted to look her in the eye and shout at her and tell her what a bitch she was, but another part of me wanted to drag down my gaze and feast on those magnificent breasts. Unfortunately it tends ruin the effect of an argument when you’re shouting in someone’s face but looking at their tits!

So anyway the deed had been done and there was nothing I could do. Julia was clearly in charge of our family and Dad and I had both been relegated to bit-players. I guess it wasn’t so bad for dad, at least he could fuck Julia whenever he wanted, türkçe bahis all I could do was swallow my pride and discharge my emotions by masturbating to visions of tearing off her clothes and raping the bitch!

It’s strange you know, but back then I never thought I’d actually have a chance to do just that!

II – My Loving Mother

Over the following couple of years I spent a lot of time with Mum, comforting, consoling, and encouraging her. She’d had a pretty hard time of things, and as her job barely covered her outgoings, she had no money left to enjoy herself or meet people. As I said, I stayed with her every other weekend and we did things together. I suppose I was her only source of entertainment and joy in life.

Slowly, however, she got more and more down, and I resorted to visiting her every weekend for a while, just to try and life her spirits. I guess as a nineteen year old teenager I should have been out enjoying myself, meeting girls and having a good time, but I simply couldn’t abandon Mum after what Julia and Dad had done. Mum and I became very close during this period – too close some might say.

Why might they say that?

Well, because something happened one weekend in February which changed my relationship with mother irrevocably. There was snow on the ground that day, and the train I took to visit her was late. I was frozen when I got there, and Mum, obviously worried about me, was very concerned when I arrived.

“You shouldn’t come and see me in this weather,” she said fussing about me, taking off my overcoat and rubbing my hands to get them warm.

“It’s Ok,” I replied with a smile. “No problem. The snow is fun, and let’s face it we don’t see it that often.” As usual I was trying to make light of her concerns, not wanting to put her under any pressure.

Mother was fifty-seven by then. She was about average height (a couple of inches shorter than me), and very slim. She had short mousy brown hair which curled at ends and, unlike Julia, fairly small breasts, but she was still quite a good looking woman. Although she rarely used make-up these days or anything to bring out the best in herself, she was a very old-fashioned woman and in her eyes a certain degree of presentation must always to be maintained. She was normally smartly dressed in a skirt and thin sweater, and she always smelt of lavender. Her shoes tended to be flat or low heels, and although tights were in fashion by then, she continued to wear the light brown stockings she’d always worn. I knew that because occasionally I’d get a glimpse of her stocking-tops as she bent over. Mother had nice legs and I guess a guy looks – even if it is his mother.

I remember mother seemed especially low that weekend, and overly worried about me and the trouble I’d taken to visit her. I think she was becoming concerned about the amount of time I was spending with her, and the fact I was, as she put it, ‘missing my teenage years’.

“You shouldn’t keep bothering about me,” she insisted. “I’m alright, really I am. You don’t need to worry so much. I’m happy in my little flat and I keep myself busy. When I’ve saved up some money I’m going to take a few days off and have a bit of a holiday.”

But I’d just smile at her and tell her not to worry. Regardless of what she said I knew full well she needed my company, at least until she’d come to terms with her new situation – if she could ever do that.

It was late Saturday evening when it happened. We’d had a meal, cooked by Mother, and we sat together (as we tended to do) watching television up until about eleven o’clock. About that time Mother would usually take her sleeping pill (which her doctor had prescribed for her depression), and get up and go to bed. She only had one bedroom so I would bunk down on the sofa. Sometimes she’d have a bath before bed and sit around for a while in her dressing gown. For some reason she always got dressed again after her bath, at least in her normal underclothes, and the dressing gown would replace the sweater and skirt.

On that evening she taken her pill early and had her bath, and she was sitting back on the sofa watching the end of a film before she went to bed. It was one of those sad, weepy ‘women’s films’ where somebody dies in the end, and I think it depressed mother. Certainly she was crying by the end of it and I gave her a cuddle to make her feel better.

I remember how her dressing gown fell open as she cuddled me, and how I couldn’t stop myself from looking at her stocking tops. As she pulled back she noticed me looking, and I blushed red and said something about the film to change the subject. She never said anything at the time about my furtive glance at her stockings, but I’m sure she thought about it and that it was partly responsible for what followed.

As the film ended she got up and gave me a peck on the cheek and turned for her bedroom. As she went in I noticed her looking back at me with a melancholy look on her face, and I grinned güvenilir bahis siteleri at her to try and lighten the mood. She smiled back at me but her smile was tinged with sadness.

I’d watched the TV for about another half an hour and was just undressing for bed when I heard a sound. As I listened I realised in was mother crying softly in her bedroom. Worried and concerned, I slipped into my pyjamas and knocked softly on her door. The crying stopped instantly and I heard her say ‘come in’.

“Are you OK?” I said gently as I entered her bedroom.

“Yes … don’t worry … I’m fine,” she said, but it was clear from the tone of her voice she was still struggling with her tears.

It was dark in her bedroom, with only a distant streetlight behind the curtains providing a faint glow. I went over and sat on the edge of her bed.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“You haven’t disturbed me,” I said, “I’m just worried about you. I hate to see you so unhappy.”

“Oh dear,” she whispered. “That just makes it worse.”

“I don’t understand?” I said, not sure what she meant. “Makes what worse?”

“I was just thinking about you and what you’ve given up for me. I feel so guilty … so wretched, knowing that you’re sacrificing your youth just to help me keep going. It makes me so sad. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help my tears.”

I reached over to cuddle her. “Don’t be daft Mum,” I whispered, “I don’t mind, I really don’t. I love you very much and I enjoy coming up to see you … I really do.”

“That’s very kind of you,” she said in a voice that clearly indicated she didn’t believe me. “I know you worry about me, and I know you’re doing your best to help me, but you’re a young man and you’re missing so much of your life. These days will never come again. You should be going out with girls and learning about life, not wasting your time with a miserable ugly old woman like me.”

“Don’t be so daft! You may get sad occasionally, but you’re certainly not ugly … or old for that matter.”

She patted my hand and whispered. “Thank you dear, but I know you don’t mean it.”

As I tried to argue the point she dismissed the subject with a wave of her hand. Then she said, “Lie down here beside me and cuddle me for a while. It will make me feel better.” I did as she requested and she whispered, “You’re such a generous boy and I’m so lucky to have you.”

As I slid on to the bed beside her I put my arms around her shoulders. “Please Mum; stop worrying so much about me. I’ve got my whole life to live and I’ve plenty of time to go out and have fun. You need a bit of support at the moment … life’s been pretty cruel to you, and I’m more than happy to help.”

“I know,” she said, “but it’s wrong for me to steal away your adolescence. This should be a time for learning and for having fun. You should be falling in love and learning about the opposite sex, not stuck here with me. It’s wrong, I know it’s wrong.”

“Now stop it,” I whispered forcefully. “I’m not complaining and I’m quite happy.” Then I added with a smile, “I’m supposed to be here to help you, not to make the situation worse by giving you something else to worry about.”

But she didn’t seem to be listening, and I heard her whisper almost to herself. “I wish there was something I could do to show you how much I appreciate you coming to see me … something I could do to help.”

I squeezed her shoulder again. “I’m fine,” I said. “I don’t need you to give me anything. I really don’t.”

For a while she was silent and I lay there holding her in my arms. Then I felt her move her arm. After a moment her hand came to rest on my thigh.

“Maybe there’s something I can do,” she said, so softly I could hardly hear.

Very slowly her hand began to inch its way across my thigh in the direction of my crotch.

“I love you so much,” she whispered. “Mummy loves you …”

And then suddenly her fingers touched to edge of my penis under my pyjamas. I felt a jolt of surprise, and I thought for a moment it was an accident. Automatically I tried to shift my body, but then I realised my penis had gone hard and I started to feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable. I felt deeply ashamed of allowing such a thing to happen when I was lying next to my mother, and I hoped she wouldn’t notice her hand was actually touching my erect penis. Again I tried to wriggle away.

But then her fingers moved across my hard cock and shaped themselves gently around it.

If I’d been shocked before, I was now stunned, but this time I didn’t move. In fact I was frozen in place, my mind spinning and my heart racing. What is she doing? I kept asking myself, does she know she’s holding my cock?

And then I heard her whisper to me gently. “It’s alright baby, relax. Let mummy help. Let mummy do something nice for you … just for once.”

I lay there silent, not knowing what to say or what to think or what to do. Stunned as I was by mother’s hand on my penis, I nevertheless waited breathlessly to see what would happen next. I knew what she was doing was wrong and very naughty, but at that moment I didn’t care. All I wanted was for her to go holding me.

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Bigrig Ch. 12

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This chapter involves a simulated rape and some violence. If this offends you, please do not read it.

I appreciate all of the comments and emails that I have gotten from each of you. I do hope to continue to receive them.

For those of you who have begged me for this, here it is. And for those that have asked of Bruce, he will be present in the remaining chapters of this story.

Any of you that comment anonymously and would like to contact me, yet keep your privacy intact, if you’ll click on my name this will take you to my profile. Click on the contact tab and leave me a message and email address and I will answer you as soon as possible. I just love to do that. lol

A special thanks to Athena_by_night and Msboy8, for their continued support and help.


Everyone sat around the motel room discussing what should take place the next day, when Bruce had to go back out on the road.

“I don’t think he should be left here alone, Tony.” Bruce complained as they discussed leaving the next day.

“He won’t be alone, Bruce. Not with this program, I promise you.” The man assured him urgently.

“Bruce…” Greg leaned over his shoulder from behind, as he wrapped his arms around him loosely. “…I’ll be fine. You take Tony and Jonathan, and go. I’ll be fine.”

“I can leave Tony with you.” Bruce suggested then.

“No, Tony needs to be with Jonathan. That’s what we’re paying him for.” Greg affirmed then.

Jonathan coiled from across the table. “He’s being paid to baby-sit me?”

The three of them looked to him realizing the truth had been revealed. It was not meant for him to know this. Unfortunately, now that Greg had divulged it, allowing it to slip out, they all had to inform him of the truth.

“Yes, Jonathan…” Bruce watched his response for anything negative.

“Can I please be told the whole truth now?” the youth seemed a little put out about the matter, as he stood going to the window of the room they had rented.

“Get away from the window, Jonathan.” Tony jumped to his feet instantly.

When the youth appeared defiant, Tony went to him, grasping his arm, pulling him back toward the table. Jonathan glared consistently at him, the entire time he was being dragged to the table. When the man released him again, he jerked his arm away.

“And I thought you really cared for me.” He groaned hurtfully.

“I do, Jonathan…” Tony barked back. “…Don’t start nothin’, and there won’t be nothin’.” He added.

“I don’t believe you now. All of you. You’ve all lied to me.” He snapped, rushing off to the bathroom to be alone. The door slammed shut, closing himself away from everyone there.

“Well, at least he’s learning to stand up for his self.” Tony muttered.

“Damn, Greg…” Bruce looked up at him from where he sat.

“I didn’t mean to let it slip Bruce. I’m sorry.”

“I really don’t think this is entirely about that, though.” Tony mentioned, as he looked down at the floor. “I think he’s scared. This is gettin’ too close to home for him. And I think he’s afraid one of us might get hurt. If he pushes us away, now, it won’t hurt so much in the end.” He thought out loud.

“In other words, he’s acting out…” Bruce asked as a statement.


“Okay, so…” Bruce stood planting himself between the two men. He looked at one then the other. “What now? How do we deal with this?”

“Just love ‘I’m, Bruce. Let him act out if he needs to, unless it becomes a disciplinary problem. For his safety, we should make sure he’s never alone. He’s confused, and might resort to some old habits, if we do.” Greg advised. “…As long as he’s not a threat to himself, or to us, he’s fine.”

“Speakin’ of which…” the man moved to the bathroom door quickly. Trying the knob first he found it locked.

“Go away…” Jonathan called from the other side.

“No, Jonathan…”Bruce returned gently, but firmly. “…I won’t go away… I won’t leave you alone, and I won’t stop lovin’ you. Now, you open this door, or I’ll come in after you.”

“You don’t care about me. You hardly even have anything to do with me anyway.” Jonathan called back.

“Is that how you feel? Or are you makin’ this up as you go?” the man almost grinned.

There was no answer this time from the far side of the door.

“That’s it isn’t it. You’re makin’ excuses, pushin’ us away. I know you’re scared, Jonathan. We all are. But we’re not tryin’ to shove you into a corner. Come on…” he leaned against the door as he spoke. “…Open the door and let’s talk like grown men, here. We’ll tell you everything you want t’ know.”

The time between the last word Bruce had spoken and the moment the door opened again seemed endless, to those that waited. They that truly cared for him paused, wondering what he would say in return. Or what would he do in response to this plea. Their lives intertwined in an entangled web of love and immodest pleasures, they seemed breathless at the moment. Their hearts were at the point of fainting, as their troubled minds waited for Jonathan internet casino to react.

He stood in the doorway looking up at the man that stood there. Then pressing past him, he went to his duffel bag, pulling out a long-sleeved shirt. Quickly he slipped it over his shoulders, pushing his arms into the sleeve of the shirt.

“What are you hiding, Jonathan?” Greg asked right away.

“Nothing, Greg…” the youth looked down at the floor while his right arm glided into the sleeve.

Greg and Bruce traded stares, both having the very same thought.

“Did you cut your arms, Jonathan?” Bruce asked blatantly.

The youth looked up at him right away not saying a word. In silence their eyes locked. It seemed they challenged each other in their stares.

“You have, haven’t you?” Bruce finally said.

Jonathan knew he didn’t tell a lie well at all. And he knew that if he tried, they would know. Too many times already they had been able to divide the truth between his fabrications. So, he just didn’t answer. Breaking off the stare with Bruce, he looked down at the floor again.

“Jonathan, you don’t have to do that anymore.” The man chided gently.

“So, you say…” the youth was only slightly bitter in his reply.

“Yes, I do say, kid. And as long as I’m responsible for your safety, that’s my belief. I don’t mistreat you, or make you do the things your Uncle has. None of us do. So, why go there?” Bruce stood firm where he was, as he spoke to the youth. He was apprehensive in the fact that if he approached him, Jonathan might clam up completely.

And the youth sighed heavily. Plopping down on the edge of the bed, he put his face in his hands for a moment. Hair cascaded around him obscuring him, as he did.

“You know we love you, Jonathan.” Bruce’s voice was so calm and soothing to the youth.

“I know…” he finally admitted.

“And I will not treat you like a child, unless you act that way.” The man informed him then. “Now, if you just want attention, or to be disciplined, Tony would be happy to sate that need. I for one would prefer that we talk and cuddle gently. But Greg and I will step out, and allow you the freedom you need with Tony, if you like. You only need to say so.”

“You promised to tell me the truth.” Jonathan looked up pushing his hair behind him again, with his long, slender, graceful fingers.

“I did…” Bruce finally approached him, sitting on the edge of the bed across from him. “…And I will. But I want you to willingly show me what you’ve done first.”

“Please, Bruce…” the youth sat up straight as if to get away from him somewhat. “…There’s nothing to see.”

“If you’ve cut your arms, yes there is. Now, show me…” The man was patiently firm.

Jonathan stared at him for a moment. He knew this could get well out of hand if he didn’t comply. Bruce was a strong one and would have what he wanted, like it or not. He imagined the three men holding him down ripping the sleeves off his arms just to take a look. That would be so unnecessary to say the least.

Lifting his left arm, he pulled the sleeve back with the right hand to allow him to see the damages. And they were minimal. It seemed Bruce had caught him in time, stopping him from doing any real harm. The singular small cut was no more than a scrape.

Greg and Tony approached leaning over to inspect it themselves.

“You didn’t really have time to go as deep as you normally would. I’m sure that with a few more minutes, you would have sliced that open and might need stitches.” Greg commented.

“You don’t have to do that, Jonathan. Just talk to us, baby.” Tony said the last quickly, as the youth was about to protest his comment. “We understand yer scared shitless. We all are, actually. And we realize that yer fear of us gettin’ hurt, or worse, is makin’ you wanna pull away from us. We all understand so, if you’d just talk to us. That’s all we ask of you.” He paused to allow that to sink in.

“Jonathan…” Bruce leaned forward, planting his forearms on his thighs. “If we didn’t’ love you, or even care about you, why would we go to such an extent to keep you safe? And why would we put our own lives in jeopardy, just to see you freed from your past, and your Uncle? You think about that next time you want to accuse us of not caring.”

“Stop it! I don’t wanna hear it!” he cried, planting his hands to his ears in desperation.

“I told you…” Tony looked at Bruce then turned going back to the table to sit.

Bruce watched as the Jonathan turned curling his body on the bed. He seemed so helpless in that pose… So very vulnerable at the moment… And the man’s heart ached for him and the emotional turmoil he was going through.

Silently he rose stepping toward the bed Jonathan was curled upon. Crawling toward him cautiously, he stopped when the youth abruptly half turned onto his back almost sitting up.

“Don’t…” he whined, tears streaking his face.

Bruce refused to hear him and started toward him again. Moving up behind the youth, he settled, canlı poker oyna pulling him to his body. Molding himself to Jonathan he began to gently caress and sweep stray hairs from his face.

“It’s okay, baby…” his left arm moved beneath the youth’s head cradling it against his shoulder.

Jonathan felt such a terrible pain at just the thought of loosing his new friends. His anguish seemed to run deep and quickly turned to anger. Such thoughts and emotions tormented his soul. He was beginning to fear the things that crossed his mind.

How he hated James Bowman for all of the crap he had put him through. If there was one man he longed to die, it was he. And that was a thought he feared so deeply. The last thing he wanted would be to see Judgment Day come while he thought that. But his anger was so strong. And his hatred of this man, so very deep, that if he had the chance himself, he would pull the trigger before anyone else could even get that chance.

The more he cogitated on the way he felt and the thoughts that run ramped in his mind, he wept soundly. Bruce attempted to console him with his gentle words and soft whispers. It washed over the youth from time to time finally soothing his aching heart. He drifted into sleep once more taking him away from his sorrows and distress to a place that might offer him some solace.


It was perhaps an hour or so when Jonathan woke again. Only now Tony rested beside him. The room was silent but for the soft sound of the man’s breathing. He opened his eyes to find them alone. It made him wonder where Greg and Bruce had gone.

“They went to see a movie, Jonathan.” Tony volunteered, seeing the question in his eyes. The sound of his whisper caught his attention. Their eyes locked for a long moment. Then Jonathan broke the silence with the question that burned in his soul.

“Tell me the truth, Tony. Please…” he muttered gently to the man.

Tony smiled somewhat having known that would come soon. “I’m a bodyguard, for hire, Jonathan. That’s what I do best. And at the moment you are my first and foremost concern.

“My job is to keep you alive until this matter with your Uncle can be resolved or he dies, whichever comes first.

“And I do work at the hospital as a nurse when I’m not on an assignment. It pays the bills and I’m happy with that.”

“Well, I guess that explains why you have a boss that’s different from Greg’s.” Jonathan probed then.

“We are from a kind a very secret organization. Bruce knows my boss. They’re close friends and he’s known me since we were kids. So, it wasn’t hard for him to get in touch with me and ask me if I would help.

“He really cares about you, ya know. You should ease up on the insults a bit. It was never intended for you to find out until after everything was cleared up. But since you know, now, you have to promise me that you’ll do everything I tell you. Bruce means to take you with us tomorrow and attempt to get you away from all of this. At least for a time, anyway.”

“I’m goin’ on the truck tomorrow?” Jonathan perked, yet he cautioned himself in the event that he might be wrong and hadn’t heard him correctly.

“Yes, Jonathan. You’re goin’ with us.” Tony affirmed. “And by the way, you little twerp…” Tony suddenly grasped Jonathan’s jaw in his hand. “…I care deeply for you, you jerk. And don’t you ever forget that.”

The youth gasped abruptly, his eyes locked onto the man’s as his hand quickly clenched his jaw. A slow gentle smile played across his lips as he listened to what he had to say.

“You wanna make me?” he teased then. He couldn’t help it really. It just presented itself. And he was going with it anyway.

The man moaned. Slowly, his lips turning up in a grin. “You want some o’ this?” he asked pointedly.

“If you have to ask…” Jonathan implied then. And with a chuckle, he rolled away, turning onto his left side waiting to see what the man might do.

“Don’t you turn your back on me, kid. I wasn’t finished with you yet.” Tony grasped his arm high at the shoulder even while he spoke. He moved over his back, half laying on him giving his bottom a good healthy slap.

Jonathan squealed trying to protect his rear with his hands. The man quickly subdued them slapping it hard again.

“I owe you a good spankin’, kid.” he half laughed as Jonathan began to fight with him some. Another strike, harder than the first two, forced the youth to tense and bolt. His head came up off the pillow as he yelled out his discomfort to him.

But the man would not let up, for the time being. Several more slaps came before he stopped rubbing the now stinging areas.

“You gonna behave now? Or do I need to give you some more?” Tony’s voice was gruff, yet filled with amusement.

“What did I do?” Jonathan giggled, as he whined playfully.

“Oh…” Tony thrashed his bottom repetitively, bringing tears to the youth’s eyes with his powerful stinging slaps. “…If you have to ask…” His voice was firm, yet the hint of amusement was still evident.

Jonathan poker oyna yelped over and again. The heat of the man’s strong delivery caused him to kick and squirm beneath his hold. Each strike was unmerciful bearing on his resolve relentlessly.

Still Tony went on, delivering a most unrelenting spanking. His hand slapped Jonathan’s bottom with a loud pop each time. The youth cried out. Writhing, his legs kicked while he wriggled from the stinging heat of the man’s cruel punishment.

“Okay!” he finally could stand any more. “I’ll be good!” Jonathan cried out to him.

The spanking ceased and the abusive hand now gently rubbed the sting away.

Pulling the youth onto his back, he pounced on him then. Jonathan let out a squeal of surprise, and then laughed shortly into his face.

Tony smiled at the sound. It was so rare that they heard it. And when they did, it seemed to be such a delightfully tinkling timbre. Greg had commented once that it almost sounded like wind chimes in a garden.

“What’s yer pleasure, baby.” The man asked then.

“I want you to force me.” Jonathan confessed to him.

“Is that so?” his body suddenly surged with unrepressed excitement. “How…be more specific.”

Jonathan stared blankly into his face. “I thought you knew me better than that, man.” He seemed surprised now, as he looked up at him.

Tony thought for a moment, recalling the night they had brought him home from the hospital, how Jonathan had rubbed his face over him in a worshipful kind of way. He remembered how it made him feel and had been irritated by Greg’s incessant parental ways. It struck him then, that they could take up where they left off.

“Okay…” he moved slowly, coming up on all fours, he hovered over the youth for a moment. “…Let’s jus’ see how bad you want this.” He almost seemed to moan.

He made his way to the floor, standing. His gaze reconnecting with that of the youth’s then. “Get yer ass over here, kid…” he growled meanly, pointing to a spot on the floor.

Jonathan sat up staring long at him. His senses suddenly become ignited. It seemed to advance over him in a deluge of abrupt sensation.

“I said; get over here…” the man barked impatiently. “NOW!!!” He growled again.

It was evident in the man’s eyes that he was in no way pleased with him at the moment. He had hesitated, not doing as he was told with the first order. In those eyes was the promise of a most terrible punishment, worse than he had already endured.

Jonathan scrambled to the floor coming to the man quickly then.

Tony’s expression was hard. He could tell he was angry. And what he was seeing at the moment, he had not pleased the man at all. He cringed the moment the man’s hand came toward him.

“Before we begin, little tramp…” the man’s hand slowly came up. Its fingers being lost in his hair, at the back of his head, that surrounded his shoulders at the moment. Abruptly, it clenched a mass of it in its fist jerking him forward almost bringing his face right to his as if he would kiss him. “…You will call me Master, from this point on, is that clear?”

Jonathan’s eyes flickered over his face. They were so close they could have kissed. The man felt his uneven breath and he knew Jonathan was already becoming aroused.

“Yes, sir…I mean, Master…” he changed quickly when the man stiffened suddenly; and would have slapped him if he had not said it right, as fleetly as he did.

Tony relaxed slowly again, one corner of his lips turning up into a quirky grin. “You’d better pay attention, or you might find yourself in a lot a trouble, bitch.” He muttered, knowing he didn’t have to talk loud, they were so close.

Jonathan’s lips parted slightly his breathing altering once more, his chest rising and falling in sporadic waves.

“You do as yer told, and I might reward you. I’ll have to think about that one, though. You’ve been such a pain in the ass lately, I just don’t know.”

Jonathan almost had to laugh. He knew he’d given these guys such problems, lately, with his attitude and moodiness. He really didn’t blame the man at all.

“If it gets too rough for you, Jonathan, all you need to do is say my name. Other than that, you call me Master and nothin’ more.” His tone was soft at the beginning, but quickly changed in mid-sentence to a hard, cold, sadistic one, that flooded the youth’s very being.

“I want you to get on yer knees and let me know just how bad you want it.” He then groaned. His one eye-brow lifting in that curious way it did when he doubted whoever he was speaking to could really match up to the conversation.

A grin was produced on Jonathan’s face. He’d take his challenge and prove him wrong if it was the last thing on earth that he ever did.

Going directly to his knees, his hands grasped the man’s hips, just before he buried his face in his jeans. There he spread it over the hardening bulge there, suppressing a giggle when Tony moaned lightly. And it suddenly occurred to him just what he wanted.

He too recalled that one night and how this man has responded to what he had done. It seemed he had never had anyone approach him like that. But Jonathan liked to do that so very much. Just the feel of it growing hard beneath his face was exciting to him to say the least.

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Bi-Curious Erotic Massage Ch. 03

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“Oh my God!” Casey blurted out. “You sucked them both off? That’s incredible! And you liked it I assume?”

“Well yeah,” I replied. “I really didn’t think anything was going to happen since Jack had a trainee with him, but in the end the sexual tension was too much and I before I knew it I had Jack’s cock in my mouth and Sean fucking me from the other end. We were just caught up in the moment and I went with it.”

“Wow. Jack has never mentioned any past experiences like that to me before. Usually his massages result in either some light erotic touching or hand jobs depending on the client. The fact that you both went down on each other at the first massage was pretty incredible, but now with two guys…holy shit!”

“Jack told me what we did was certainly not the norm.” He was pretty clever though in how he positioned his cock near my face several times to see if I was interested. And Sean kept rubbing my asshole and poking it with his huge cock. I have to give them credit though. They never pushed themselves on me and they were so polite when they asked me if I would like to try things. It just made the whole experience natural and really stress free.”

“So I guess this means you like to bottom mostly. What about being a top?” Casey said.

“I think I know what you mean. I haven’t really thought about fucking a guy before. I’ve only fantasized about oral. Being fucked was ok, but I don’t really have any desire to be on the other end unless it involves oral.”

“Well it seems like you lived your fantasy and then some! Blowing two guys is pretty incredible. So what’s next? Are you going to give Jack a call and schedule another appointment? The next time it will probably be just you and Jack, or maybe you and Sean?”

“I’ve thought about it a little,” I replied. “I’m a little worried that the next time will be a disappointment since it would be hard to surpass what just happened. Plus Jack said this was unusual and not to expect it. I’ll probably schedule another appointment. I’m not sure when though.”

“Hmmm…,” Casey mused as he thought about what I said. “So what else have you fantasized about? You wanted to try touching another man when you first went for the massage, and you ended up having sex.”

“I don’t know. I fantasized a lot about oral sex before the first time with Jack, and then after that last incredible massage I started fantasizing about being the center of attention with a lot of guys and sucking them off. Getting to do that with two guys a couple weeks ago was more than I thought even possible.”

Chuckling, Casey replied. “I have to say that experience with Jack and Sean was definitely hot. But if you want to keep working on that fantasy, I might have another option for you where you could take it further if you wanted.”

“Really?” I replied surprised. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s kind of hard to explain. I never told you about this before, but I used to go to some parties where guys hooked up for sex. It wasn’t really about finding relationships but that happened sometimes too. It was more of a thing organized by a friend of mine to provide a safe environment where people could feel free to have fun sexually. It was a club with membership. Each member had to be tested for diseases regularly, not a drug user, and of course practiced safe sex especially outside of the parties. Membership was exclusive. You had to be sponsored by another member to get in. I stopped going about a year ago when Hugo and I started dating.”

“So what are saying? You would get me a membership to this club?”

“Yes, I would sponsor you,” Casey said. “You could go and check it out. There would be no pressure to do anything and you could just mingle and leave, or if you met somebody or some people you liked you could see what happened. I would go with you to introduce you to my friend and others I know that might be there and then I would leave you. I’ve been at some pretty incredible parties in the past and even witnessed a few orgies. Would you like me to make the call? I think you would like it.”

Hearing this from Casey started my mind racing. Was I ready for something like this? It certainly sounded intriguing and there would be no pressure to stay if I didn’t find it interesting. “Ok,” I replied. “If you can get me in I’ll go and check it out with you. But I might be a fish out of water and not blend in.”

“You will be fine and I think you will enjoy it even if you don’t participate in any activities. I’ll make some calls and get back to you.”

Casey and I finished our lunch and then I went back to work. Of course all I could think about was this party. I had no idea how often they occurred. Why didn’t I ask him that?!

It took a couple days before Casey got back to me. “Hey John,” Casey said as I picked up the phone. “You are all set. I made some calls and you were accepted as a member. All you need to do is get tested and then retest each month if you want to continue. The next party is coming up in a couple weeks. I told güvenilir bahis them you would be there so hopefully that works for you. It is on Saturday the 17th.”

“Ok, thanks,” I said. “You are coming too, right?”

“Yes, but just for the introductions. Gotta run. I’ll send you the details and recommendations for the testing over email.”

The next two weeks were the slowest two weeks of my life. I thought about the party almost non-stop. What kind of guys would be at this party? Would they be as nice as Jack and Sean? Would they make me feel at ease? I know I’ll be a nervous mess when I show up. And what the hell am I trying to do anyway? I thought about not going several times, but Casey made the calls to get me in and it would be shitty to back out.

Saturday finally arrived and Casey and I agreed to meet at his house and then drive over separately. The party was at his friend’s house in a posh neighborhood set back away from other houses. Casey said there were a lot of gays and lesbians in this area and a few of the neighbors were members.

We got to the door and Casey’s friend Jason appeared and gave Casey a hug and kiss. “Hello! Welcome. It’s been such a long time, stranger.” Casey introduced me and we entered an incredible house. The foyer alone was nearly half the size of my home. A grand staircase was off to the side heading to the second floor where I was told there were five bedrooms. An additional bedroom was located on the main floor and there were two more in the basement.

Jason gave us quick tour and he introduced me to several people along the way. It was all guys and I counted probably close to thirty of them. There was music playing in the back room and on the back patio, and people were spread out between the huge family room and connecting living room area as well as outside.

Beyond the patio were a beautiful swimming pool and landscaping and a private backyard with just woods beyond the fence.

After about thirty minutes Jason and Casey had introduced me to everyone briefly and gave me the tour, and then Casey said he had to run. “I’ll take care of him Casey. Enjoy your dinner with Hugo and don’t be such a stranger,” Jason said as Casey headed to his car.

As we watched Casey drive off, Jason turned to me and said, “Casey told me a little about you on the phone. He said you were bi or still trying to figure that out.”

“Yeah I guess that’s an accurate description.”

Jason continued, “Well don’t worry about it. I was 28 before I started figuring out who I was. I know several other guys here who started out like you also.”

We continued chatting for several more minutes and Jason seemed to know how to make me feel at ease. He eventually started talking about the history of the parties and told some incredible stories of sexual escapades. “So,” Jason said. “Casey did tell me a little about your experiences with Jack and your fantasies. I hope you don’t mind. He was hoping I could help you out. These parties are all about experiencing fantasies or whatever you feel like.”

“What did he say,” I asked.

“He said you had oral sex with Jack. All I ever got was a hand job by the way,” Jason said laughing. “Yes, I know Jack too. He’s become a good friend of mine. Casey also said you had oral fantasies about being with multiple guys? “

“Shit!” I thought. “Something like that,” I replied. “I really don’t know what I want. I enjoyed what happened with Jack and I have fantasized since about taking it further. It’s kind of a stupid fantasy.”

“I wouldn’t say that, and many people have that fantasy. I know probably four or five people in there that would like to have a lineup of guys jack off on their face. We even had that happen once a few years ago.” One of the members told me about it and I helped him out by finding several guys willing to help him fulfil his fantasy. It really wasn’t that hard to arrange,” he said laughing.

A bit stunned I didn’t know what to say. What I was picturing in my mind made my cock twitch. “Let’s go back in,” Jason said, “Let me know later if you want to talk about it further. Just relax and have some fun. There is no pressure to do anything.”

We went back in and I grabbed a sparkling water. The party seemed to have a few more people since my tour and a few of them came up to me and introduced themselves. A lot of the guys were really nice-looking with nice bodies. I looked back at Jason and realized he probably had a nice body under his loose-fitting clothes. Some others were definitely not my type, if I really had a type.

One thing I noticed was that there was a lot more physical contact than I would find at a straight party. Whether I was sitting or standing, it seemed like the person I was talking to would often reach for my arm innocently just to make contact. Or someone would come up to me to talk and briefly grab my bicep or my shoulder. It seemed like maybe it was a way of indicating an attraction toward me.

After about an hour I noticed that many guys türkçe bahis had taken off their shirts and soon I was talking to one of them who came up, reached for my bicep and said hello. “Hi I’m Robert,” he said. The first thing I noticed about him was his nipple rings and then the tattoos across his upper arms and shoulders. His pectoral muscles were large and well-defined and I found it difficult to look him in the face and not stare at his art.

I then realized how square I looked compared to anyone else. I came over in a casual cotton button up shirt and nice jeans. As I looked around people had on clothing that showed off their bodies more, and now some of that was removed with all the shirtless men.

Robert gave me a little background on himself and asked who I was and if I knew anybody. Several times he reached out and touched my forearm as we spoke. “You have a really nice body John,” Robert said. “You must work out a lot. You look uncomfortable though and a little too formal. Do you mind if I undo a couple buttons? “

Robert’s hands were already on my top button and he swiftly undid three of them so that I was unbuttoned about half way. “That’s better,” he said. He reached up again and spread my shirt out a bit and accidentally or purposely brushed my nipple with his fingers in the process. He then reached for my sleeves and undid the buttons and rolled them up. “Ok, even better,” he said smiling.

After a few minutes a couple other shirtless guys came over and said hello. They were Jared and Craig. Both of them had big hairy chests but closely trimmed and looked quite strong. They also had on athletic shorts that were a bit too tight and showed their bulge in the crotch. As was the norm both of them found ways to touch me as we conversed.

Then another guy came over who was more effeminate and seemed to know the two I was talking with. “Hey! How did I miss you? He hugged them both and I saw his hand cup each of their packages briefly as they separated. He looked at me next and said, “Oh please Darling. Let me help you with that. I’m Robby”. Robby reached for my remaining buttons and unbuttoned them all in rapid fashion. “That’s better. Now let me get a look at you.”

Robby reached and put both of hands inside my shirt and spread it wide open and then stepped back a half step. “That’s what I’m talking about, Darling. What’s your name?”

“Hi, I’m John,” I said laughing. Robby had on a tight tank top, striped pastel shorts, and sandals. He was smaller than most of the guys in the room, but he was fit and somewhat good-looking for a guy.

“Very nice to meet you,” he said, emphasizing the word “nice” as he looked me up and down one more time. “Watch out for these two. They have been known to take advantage of new people,” he said winking at me playfully. Still with his hands wrapped around the sides of my ribs Robby slide his hands up across my chest and reached to the collar of my shirt and pulled it down over my arms and then threw my shirt on the couch nearby. “You won’t be needing that,” he smiled, and then he squeezed my crotch as he walked off. “See you in a while darlings.”

Jared and Craig laughed at Robby’s departure. “Don’t worry, he grabs everyone’s balls,” Craig said. “So what brings you to this little party?”

“I have a friend who sponsored me. His name is Casey,” I replied.

“Ah yes, Casey. We haven’t seen him here in a long time until this evening. We had some fun times together.” Both Craig and Jared looked at each other nodding in agreement. “Casey definitely liked to play,” Craig continued. “So, what about you? What are you into? Are you here to play around a little or meet someone new?”

I really didn’t know how to respond. Why was I here exactly? As I thought briefly it occurred to me that I was here to continue figuring out who I was. “Play, I guess,” was my response.

“Oh, I like that answer,” said Jared emphasizing the word “like”. “A little birdie told me you wanted to have a little fun tonight, so I’m glad it was true,” he said smiling. “Don’t be a stranger,” he said as he reached for my bicep and squeezed it, then he let his hand brush across my chest as he moved on to get another drink. Craig followed in tow and winked as he left.

“A little birdie?” I thought. Casey! He must have told people something as we walked around. Just then Jason appeared along with a friend. Jason wrapped his arm around my shoulder and introduced me to Simon. Jason had his shirt off now like most of the guys and Simon did also. Both had very nice bodies and clearly took care of themselves.

“Hello,” Simon said as he reached forward with his right hand to shake. I shook his hand and he brought up his left to my rib cage to increase the warmth of his hello. “I’m pleased to meet you. Jason says you are a friend of Casey. He and I go way back.

“Nice. I have known him for a long time also; since college actually.” Jason kept his arm wrapped around my shoulder as we chatted briefly. I noticed his fingers doodling across my right güvenilir bahis siteleri chest occasionally as I talked with Simon about things we had in common with Casey. After a few minutes Simon said he was going to check in on a few more people.

Jason turned me to meet someone else standing nearby. It was his friend Matt who was standing with Robby and another guy. Matt had a strong grip as he shook my hand and clearly checked out my body as he said hello. What stood out about Matt were all the tattoos he had across his chest and arms. He clearly lifted weights and had incredibly muscular forearms.

“Is this new?” Jason said as he reached out to touch a spot on Matt’s chest.

“No, it’s been there awhile.” It seemed obvious Jason just wanted to touch Matt. And then I felt Jason’s fingers swirling around my right nipple. “I see you came packing some heat tonight”, Matt said looking down at Jason’s crotch I looked down to see what he was talking about and I noticed for the first time that Jason was wearing some tight shorts and the outline of his rather large cock was clearly visible.

“I’m always packing,” Jason chuckled. “So, John here is Casey’s friend. Be gentle if you two decide to play later.

Robby appeared suddenly from behind Matt. “It looks like you plan on playing with him, Jason.” Robby said grinning. “Leave that poor man’s nipple alone.” Robby brushed Jason’s hand off my chest and placed his there sizing me up. “Damn you have a fine chest,” John. “I can’t blame Jason for hogging you. Nice and firm. Just the way I like it.” Robby ran both hands across my chest and down to my abdomen, and then to my crotch. “And these Jeans are really nice. They might be a little too loose though. Oh yeah, there is something in there. Boys, he is packing something too and he is just not ready to show us yet!”

Everyone laughed and then Jason said he was going to start the music on the patio for dancing. Robby unbuttoned the top of my Jeans and whispered, “Just making it a little easier for next time, and he left to help Jason with the music selection. Matt and I continued to talk for a few minutes and he pointed out that I would look really nice with pierced nipples. He talked about the rings he had and then reached out to touch me and demonstrate how the process works. “That is if you don’t mind a little pain at first,” Matt said. “I find it makes me incredibly horny having them in. Do you want to feel what they are like?”

“The nipple rings?” I said. “Sure”. I reached out touched one from his left nipple and noticed it seemed to be a high-quality piece of jewelry. “That’s nice,” I said.

“You can get anything from a very cheap post to something that costs thousands of dollars.” Matt reached out to touch my chest to make his point. He then leaned in and said, “I think you are pretty hot by the way. I’m a top so if you feel like playing a little later I’m interested.

He stepped closer before I could respond and placed his right hand on my crotch and squeezed. “Robby was right. You are hiding something here. I hope you let me see that later.” Matt shifted to my side and grabbed my hand. “It’s ok if you want to feel what I’ve got.”

My hand was placed near his crotch but not on it. I reached forward and cupped his balls and cock. “I think I might let it out later,” I said in response. Matt winked and then headed outside.

On my way to the back door a few more guys introduced themselves and followed the same protocol. A little touching, commenting on my looks, showing off their bodies, and then letting me know they think I’m hot, or cute as one guy put it.

As I got to the door the music was playing and a few of the guys had already worked up a sweat. As soon as I stepped outside Jason reached and pulled my arm to get me into the middle and start dancing. The music was good and it was upbeat. After only a few songs I noticed a sheen of sweat on me and the other guys were glistening under the lights.

Between songs I made an attempt to sneak off the dance floor but Robby was there to catch me. He was only wearing his tight underwear now. “Where are you going, Darling? You have got to be boiling in those Jeans. Look at you.” He ran his fingers across my chest and looked at the moisture left on his fingertips, and then licked them clean. “Yum!” he said.

I then felt his other hand on my zipper and he pulled it down. “Let’s get you out of these before you melt.” Robby dropped to his knees in the middle of the dance floor and yanked my pants down to my ankles. Whistling commenced by a few guys around us and before I could react Robby was lifting my foot and taking off my shoe and sock. He then did the other one and swept away my Jeans. As he stood up he reached for my crotch as he had done every time before. “That is much better,” he said as he squeezed my cock through my boxers. “I’ll put these away for you.” And he disappeared back inside.

Matt then came up behind me and put his arm across my abdomen and pulled himself in close so that I felt his cock digging into my lower back. “Let’s dance to this one,” he said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the middle of the crowd and faced me as he started dancing. Jason appeared next to him, and then Craig and Jared appeared.

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Harika Bir Gün

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