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Big Tits

It started out as just another boring day at work. The only good thing was that it was Friday. Where I work we have things going on until mid-afternoon but from about 3-4:30 I am usually by myself and the place is empty. I decided to lock up all the buildings and get ready to close early. Returning to the main building, I closed the upstairs portion and locked the back door. It was getting cold and the weather spoke of snow. The streets were bare and the wind swirled the litter and leaves around the pockets of cars and buildings.

As I neared the computer lab, I heard furious typing. I looked in to see a young woman working very intently. How is it going? Terrible, my computer at home broke and I have to retype my whole paper plus I locked my keys in my car and no one is home to bring me a second set. That is a bad day. Well let me know if I can help in anyway. Can you type? Sure, I do it every day. Do you want me to take some and enter the text so you can merge it later? Are you sure? No worries, I have nothing to do anyway. She handed me a set and I returned to my desk in the lobby.

It was an interesting paper and soon I had my part finished. I saved it to disk and returned to the lab. Here is your paper. Thank you so much, now to be a bigger pain how do you merge them. I sat down beside her and we quickly had the paper merged and finished. What time do you close? Well actually, we are closed. I had locked the front door before returning to the lab so that I would not have to stay later with a last minute walk-in.

I am so sorry for keeping you. Not at all, that is why they pay me the big bucks. I owe you big time. Don’t worry about it, just bakırköy escort glad I could help. She rose to gather her things and upon doing so dropped her papers all over the floor. I could not help but notice her firm round ass outlined by her blue jeans.

So do you like my ass? I was dumbfounded and very embarrassed. Sorry was all I could say. She smiled turned and walked over leaned into my face and whispered, you need to be punished for being a bad boy and rewarded for your kindness. With that, she kisses me. Her tongue slowly invaded my mouth and our tongues started to dance. Beckoning mine back into her mouth she began to nibble and suck my tongue hard.

I am amazed that my tongue will stretch so far. I feel my cock beginning to grow and soon it has a hand rousting it to full alert. Mmmm this feels nice. Are we alone here? Yes. Maybe we should lock the doors so we will not be interrupted. I locked up on the way back. I wanted off on time. Therefore, you want me to stop and leave. Um hell no! Good because I need to work off this stress. With that, my pants seemed to melt off me and my cock stood at full attention.

My clean-shaven member brought a giggle and oh how cute. She knelt down and grabbed my cock with both hands and with a grip that could make a dockworker cry began to stroke my cock. Taking something out of her purse, she drizzled the substance over my shaft and suddenly things got slippery. The sensation was incredible as we stared into each other’s eyes. Her smile hinted of mischief and she removed one hand and began unbuttoning her oxford blouse. Her ample breast we barely restrained beşiktaş escort by an open front bra. Soon they rush forward. She leans forward and wraps them around my shaft. The lube made it slide easily between them. Lowering her head her tongue would swirl around the head. MMM this stuff is flavored and your cock tastes like cherries.

I am in heaven. She begins to swallow my cock and then gives my balls a real workout. I writhe in pure pleasure. I know that I will not be able to hold out much longer. Suddenly there is pressure on my anus and a finger slides inside. At the same time, she begins nibbling the head of my cock and then swallowing all of it and really milking me. I am so close and moaning loudly. Just as I reach release, she puts pressure on my prostrate and shuts me down.

I said you would be punished. I am in agony. My balls ache and my cock trembles. She rises and we kiss again. I taste the cherry flavor mingled with my taste. The combination is intoxication. She unbuttons her jeans and removes them to reveal a delicate pair of lace panties. I can see a well-trimmed dark mound beneath. She slowly peels them down revealing a glistening mound.

With cat like grace, she leaps onto my lap and smothers my face with her sweet slit. I find her swollen clit and begin to suck and nibble it with total abandon. I slide a finger inside and massage her g-spot. Suck my clit hard she barks. I comply and she grinds my face hard. Her hands have a death grip on my hair forcing my face tight to her dripping pussy. I nearly drown in her juices as she cums.

She leans over and braces herself on the desk. beylikdüzü escort Turn the chair around and rotate her so she now sits on the desk. I put her legs over my shoulders and really begin lapping at her clit. She is nearly screaming and I fear that she will snap my neck with the pressure she is exerting with her legs. I take two fingers and begin pumping her tight hole and hammering her g-spot. My thumb teases the barrier of her ass.

Oh yeah baby finger my ass. Soon my two fingers and thumb are working her hot holes. She cums again and with care I keep one flowing into the other. She is so sweet and each mouthful of nectar seems to make me hungrier. Her orgasms seem to flow from one to the other. Finally, she pushes me away. Sliding off the desk and onto my lap, putting her feet on the arms of my chair and gripping the back she slowly squats on my cock. It is so tight that it is almost painful.

Gently rocking back and forth I barley move in and out of her, but the sensation is wonderful. I can feel her clit grinding on my cock as she sways. I suckle her nipples, nibbling them gently. Her moans grow louder and louder until she screams and collapses on my lap. I hold her tight and put her on the desk. Placing her legs over my shoulders, I slide into her dripping hole and begin slow long strokes. I love taking the head of cock and teasing her clit and pussy lips.

She smiles and purrs each time I dive deeper inside. She raises her hips off the desk and wraps her legs around me tightly. I grab her hips and begin a nice pace with slow long withdrawals and firm hard thrusts. I feel my smooth balls slapping her hard round ass. We move faster and faster as I lean forward and trace circles around her nipples. She grabs my hair and pulls me to her mouth.

We kiss deeply as our passion builds I feel my balls tightening and soon I explode deep inside of her. I continue to pump as it subsides and soon she cums as well. We both lie there for a bit recovering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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