Our Distinctive Family Pt. 05

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I woke up with Manny still in my arms but on my side. His hand was placed over my dick as he slept peacefully. He looked so beautiful with tendrils of hair framing his face. I kissed him on his forehead, and he groaned softly, squeezing my dick. I removed his hand and kissed it before he opened his eyes.

“Good morning” His groggy voice sounded so fucking sexy.

“Good Morning baby bro. How did you sleep?”

“Good, especially in your arms. I always feel safe here.” It was rare for Manny to show this side of him, but I felt great knowing that I’m wanted.

“Come on, we need to get up,” I said as I lifted my body to peer down at Manny. We stared at each other for a few seconds. Manny leaned up and I turned away. “Come on. Dad’s leaving in a few. He has a business trip to go on.” Many grumbled but got out of bed. I put on some basketball shorts without underwear with a t-shirt. Manny headed downstairs with only his underwear on. My dad was at the table drinking coffee while he strolled through his phone.

“Good Morning dad.”

“Good Morning Dawson. Are the twins awake? I wanted to say goodbye before I leave.” As if we called upon them, Carson came strutting down the steps with the thinnest shorts I’ve ever seen him wear. His ass was literally eating them at the back. Kole came down a few steps behind him, wiping his eyes and only wearing a crop top again. They both went directly to my dad and each sat on his lap.

“Good Morning boys. How did you sleep? I know it stormed last night.”

“It was fine. We were already in a deep sleep before it started,” Carson said. Kole wrapped an arm around dad’s neck.

“Daddy, do you have to go? I feel like we barely seen you this month.” Dad squeezed Kole to him, his hand rub down his back then to his round ass, squeezing it.

“Yes baby. I have some contracts to finalize and a possible new business venture. You boys going to be good while I’m gone?” They both nodded. “Okay, well let dad get ready to leave.” The twins got off dad’s lap and I grabbed his luggage. Approaching the door, dad turned around and gave Kole a tight hug and kissed him, patting his butt and doing the same to Carson. Once Manny approached, he gave him a slightly longer kiss, rubbing his thick arms. “Help your brother watch over them okay?” Manny nodded. When I approached, I handed him his luggage and I gave him a big hug. My dad leaned towards my ear and whispered, “Don’t be afraid to show them a little more affection son.” And he kissed me on the neck before pulling away. I waved goodbye and dad left.


I missed daddy already. Even though we didn’t see him as often, I still enjoyed the times he was here. I still hadn’t gotten over the rejection by Dawson despite everyone’s reasons to believe he actually loved me. If we were raised to show our love and affection this way, why didn’t they understand why I was upset when I didn’t receive that from Dawson? How else was I supposed to feel? Everyone else showed how much they loved me except for Dawson. He’d even cuddle Carson yesterday and let Manny sleep with him. I’m trying to ignore the hurt inside me but it’s easier said than done.

After breakfast, Dawson and Manny went to the gym leaving me and Carson at home.

“Want to go to the mall? – I asked.

“Now? You don’t want to wait until the guys come back?”

“What for? We’re 18 and we have driver’s licenses. We don’t have to wait on them.”

“Yea but, they’d want us to wait,” Carson pressed.

“So. I want to meet some guys. This is the best time to do that while they are not around us.” Carson thought for a second.

“Okay, lets go.” I smiled. It never took much convincing for my brother. We liked the same things, one of those things being dick. We both went upstairs and put on some presentable but a little bit skimpy clothes. I wore shorts that showed the bottom of my cheeks with an off the shoulder shirt. Carson wore some overalls with a crop top. We got in our purple Jeep Wrangler and headed to the Mall.

The place was crowded as usual with people of all ages. We visited a few clothing stores until we made it to a lingerie shop. We both purchased some sexy panties and thongs. We loved wearing things that barely covered us just so we could get the compliments from our brothers and dad. They loved our bodies and we loved showing it off to them. Before we left, the clerk pointed out some panties with the back out in them. Carson and I turned to each other in glee, purchasing a few pair in different colors. I couldn’t wait to wear these for Manny. I wanted him to fuck me so bad and I’d been trying to tease him but he wouldn’t take that step. If he wouldn’t, I was going to find someone else that would.

Once we got home, we took our bags upstairs. “Look, we need to do something to make the guys jealous,” I suggested.

“Something like what? I don’t want to piss off Dawson.”

“I’m sure Dawson wouldn’t even care,” I said with a pout.

“K, don’t say that. What did I tell you?”

“I know, I know, but I want canlı bahis someone to make a move. I’m tired of being a virgin and I don’t want to still be one when we start college in the fall. If our brothers won’t fuck us, then I’ll get someone else to…which is why we spoke to those guys earlier.” Me and Carson met three guys at the mall on our way out. They were super hot with thick muscles. They were not as tall as our brothers, but they will do.

***** Me, Manny, and Carson chilled in the living room watching tv for most of the day. I was excited to see the outcome of our plan. Around 8pm, the doorbell rung and I perked up, looking over at Carson. We had already dressed in our outfits 5 minutes prior which were twin rompers. They made our asses look huge and of course we didn’t wear underwear so the guys could see them jiggle.

Manny opened the door and I could hear him asking who they were.

“They are here for us,” I said as I walked past him. Manny grabbed my arm, “Where the hell you think you going wearing that?” “We’re going out, obviously,” I said. We’d never spoke back to our brothers so the statement shocked Manny into silence. Carson looked between us with a weary expression. “We’re 18 and we can do what we want.” Manny shook his head and stepped back, calling for Dawson. Before he came down, I grabbed Carson by the wrist, and we left with our dates.


Dawson!! Seconds later, I heard footsteps and before long, Dawson was in the living room. “Why you calling me like that? What’s wrong?”

“The twins just left.”

“Left? To go where?”

“Idk. They left with some guys,” I stated.

“What!?! And you just let them?”

“What else was I going to do?! It was three of them and the twins ran off with them. Kole even talked back to me. He’s never done that before.”

“Fuck!” Dawson spat, pacing the room.

“I know bro. I didn’t know what to do. That’s why I was calling you.” I shook my head trying to think of a plan. “They looked good too Dawson. They had on these little shorts outfit things that some girls wear, and their asses was fucking jiggling, so I know they weren’t wearing any underwear. I think they’re trying to get laid tonight.”

Dawson kept pacing the room. “I think I can track their phones.”

“Really? How?”

“I just need to get onto their laptop. Do you know their password?”

“I’m not sure, but I have some guesses.” We went upstairs and retrieved the twin’s laptops. I had Kole’s and Dawson had Carson’s. We each tried possible guesses to no avail. Dawson stopped guessing for a while and I went downstairs to get us something to drink. After 30 minutes, Dawson yelled out and I looked up to see him with a smile on his face.

“I got in. Now hopefully I can get on their…got it!? They’re on a fucking college campus.”

“Okay let’s go.” Dawson wrote the name of the building on a piece of paper he found on their desk and we headed out.


Pissed could not explain my mood right now. I was also worried; worried that these guys might take advantage of my little brothers. Manny had said there were three of them and they were close to our size. What the fuck were they going to do with them?!? I drove my truck 20 miles over the speed limit towards a part on campus I was familiar with. A frat house.

Once we arrived, we both jumped out and stormed into the home. There were maybe 30 other people there, some drinking, some dancing and making out. I walked towards the back of the house and saw the twins. Kole was making out with one guy while another guy was talking in Carson’s ear, squeezing his ass. I saw fucking red. I stormed towards them with Manny on my heels.

“Get your fucking hands off him,” I said to the guy kissing Kole. Manny grabbed Carson and pulled him to his side.

“Who the fuck are you? His boyfriend?”

“Don’t worry about it. He belongs to me. Come on Kole.” I pulled Kole up by his arm and he yanked it from me. “Dawson leave me alone. We are having fun. We’re 18 so you can’t treat us like kids anymore.” I bent down to Kole’s level, “Walk your ass to my truck K.”

Kole stood still, “Dawson I’m n…” I smacked him hard on his ass. “Go! Now!” I pointed in the direction of the truck. I could see tears forming in Kole’s eyes before he stumped off. I’d never put my hands on any of my brothers in an angry manner, so this was all new to me. I turned to Carson. “Give me your keys.” He immediately gave them to me, and I handed them to Manny. “Drive their Jeep home.” Manny nodded before I guided Carson out the house.

We drove home in complete silence and when we arrived, Kole immediately jumped out of my truck and ran inside with Carson right behind him. I got out feeling horrible and exhausted. Manny walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me. I reciprocated the gesture, placing our foreheads together. I needed this short moment to take a breather.

“You okay?” – Manny asked.

I sighed, “I shouldn’t have done that. I’ve never put my hands on you guys. I feel fucking horrible.”

“Don’t. You only smacked his ass. He deserved that for talking back and being bahis siteleri a brat to you. I don’t know what’s gotten into him,” Manny stated. “You are a great big brother, the best. I wouldn’t trade you for anyone in the world.”

I chuckled to myself. “Thanks.” In a rare expression of affection, I slowly leaned down the small distance and gave Manny a few pecks on the lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too Dawson,” Manny responded.

I held him for a few more seconds before pulling back. “Let’s go inside. I need to apologize.”

“Don’t. Kole should apologize to us. Let’s just go to bed.” I nodded and we went inside.

The house was completely silent and I knew the boys went straight to their rooms. I went to mine, heading straight to the shower. It wasn’t that late so I would just watch some tv until I fall asleep. I exited my bathroom, still naked and drying my hair. When done, I got under my covers and turned on a movie. Hours later, I was starting to doze off when I heard a slight knock. Manny peeked in.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“You okay?”- I asked.

“I just don’t want to sleep alone.”

I knew it had to be a reason for this so I agreed by pulling back my cover. Manny smiled and immediately walked over and joined me in my king size bed. He moved close to me then turned away, with his underwear covered ass in view. Part of me wished he was naked, but I knew it was best he had something on. I looked down at my brother and admired how beautiful he was. His long eyelashes fluttered closed but not before his request, “Can you cuddle me…please?” I moved closer to him and wrapped his body in my thick arms, kissing him on his neck. “Sleep,” I said. He wiggled back until his ass was on my dick. I tightened my hold on him and drifted off to sleep.

At some point during dawn, I dreamed I was having sex with Manny. I fucked him from the back right here in my bed. His moans were low and sexy, almost like they were right beside me. Realization hit me when I opened my eyes to see Manny’s head in front of me. I moved my hand down to found out he was now completely naked, and my dick was stuck in between his ass cheeks. I was just humping my brother a second ago.

“Don’t stop,” Manny moaned. I wanted to keep going but I knew I needed to stop. I pulled back and Manny groaned in frustration. “Go back to your bed Manny,” I said. Manny turned to me, “Why? Is it so hard to show affection every now and again? I try my hardest to be understanding, especially in front of the twins, but it’s getting hard even for me.”

I rubbed my hands over my head, “Manny. Please. I do show affection. I kissed you last night and you slept in bed with me two nights in a row and I’ve cuddled you.”

“You make it seem like you’re being forced to do all of this.” Manny got up and put his underwear on.

“Manny it’s not like that,” I tried to explain.

“Save it. I won’t bother you anymore.” He left the room without another word. Once again, I felt like shit. The last thing I wanted was for Manny to be mad at me also.

The rest of the day went by uneventful. I made breakfast but no one came downstairs; only when I went back up to my room did I hear them go to the kitchen. I hadn’t physically seen any of my brothers for the entire day nor night. The following day went by the same way and I went to sleep another night without even speaking to them. I decided I was going to talk to them about why I’d been so distant with them all these years. I couldn’t take another day of their silence.

The next morning was the day dad was supposed to return. I wasn’t sure of what time but I wanted to make up with the boys before he got home. I’d just put on some shorts when I heard a small knock at my door. I opened it seeing it was Kole.

“Can I come in?” – he asked

“Of course.” I led Kole over to my bed and sat down while he stood in front of me. He had on a small t-shirt with sweatpants which I thought was odd. I’d never seen him so covered up before…not at home anyway.

“Is this a new look for you?” – I asked.

Kole looked down at himself. “I figured you preferred I dressed this way.”

“What? Why would you think that?”

“Because you hate seeing my body.”

What the hell was he talking about? “What gave you that idea Kole?”

Tears started forming in his eyes before he spoke. “Because…you hate touching and kissing me or any type of skinship. You think I’m disgusting, don’t you?”

“What? No baby. Come here.” Kole didn’t move so I pulled him in between my opened legs. “Look at me.” When he didn’t, I grabbed his chin. “You are perfect, in every way. I love your body.”

“No you don’t,” Kole said with tears streaming down his face. “You always tell us to cover up. I promise I’ll wear more clothes. We all will. Just don’t…be so cold to me.”

My heart was breaking at Kole’s words. I need to fix this, now. I pulled his face to mine and captured his lips in a passionate kiss. He hesitated only for a second before engaging in the kiss. I pulled him down on top of me as I laid back on my bed. I sucked on his tongue and lips as bahis şirketleri the kiss grew intense. My hands roamed all over his body, reaching down under his waistband to grab his juicy ass cheeks with both hands. I rolled us over so I was on top as I moved down and kissed on his neck then back to his lips. Kole moaned in my mouth as he began grinding his hips into my crotch. I was just about to reach down into his pants for his dick when I heard Carson’s greeting that dad was home. I broke the kiss and Kole whined.

“It’s okay baby. Come on, let’s go greet dad.” He looked at me with slight fear in his eyes. “I won’t be cold anymore,” I said and leaned down to give him another kiss. He grinned at me before I pulled him to his feet. “Like I said, your body is perfect and I love seeing it so stop covering it up.”

“Okay,” Kole said with the biggest smile.

We went downstairs just as dad was walking in the living room. Kole ran to him giving him a big hug and kiss on the lips. He was surprised by all of their outfits and I realized Manny and Carson also covered up. It was all my fault.

“Were you guys cold or something. Why is everyone covered up?”

Before anyone said anything, Kole answered, “No reason…dad come over and sit. Manny made breakfast.” Kole led our dad over to the dining room and Carson fixed him a plate of waffles with bacon and fruit on the side. I went to the kitchen and found Manny making a few more waffles. I walked up behind him, ensuring my half hard dick was pressed against his ass. I hugged him from behind, letting my hand explore under his t-shirt then down into his shorts to give his dick a few strokes.

“Thanks for cooking,” I said in his ear. Manny dropped his head, enjoying the slight pleasure I was giving him. “Y-you’re welcome.”

“Also, I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting and about the last few days. Will you let me make it up to you?” I was now massaging Manny’s sack. He nodded. I noticed he stop cooking. “Don’t let the food burn little bro.” He immediately flipped the waffle before pressing his ass into my crotch more.

“How are you making it up to me?” – Manny asked.

“You’ll see later. Now turn around and give me a kiss.” He turned and pressed a gentle kiss to my lips and pulled away. I wanted more so I grabbed him by the back of the neck and took his mouth. I sucked on his lips and tongue before slowing the kiss down to a few pecks. Manny looked up at me panting. I needed to stop this here or I was going to take things too far. I was already hard in my shorts so I knew the twins and/or my dad would say something.

I gave Manny’s dick one more squeeze before I took the waffle he had ready and headed to the dining room. When I made it, I bent down and gave my dad a kiss on the cheeks. “Sorry dad, I didn’t greet you.”

“It’s fine son. Sit and eat. Where’s your brother?” Just then, Manny walked in with his own plate, his sweats showing the wetness from his leaking cock. No one said anything, just enjoyed the food he cooked.

After breakfast, dad went to his room to shower and nap. I pulled Carson to the side before he went upstairs. “You know I love you right?” Carson hesitated for a second then nodded. “And I know I haven’t been showing it fully, but for now on I will. And I don’t want to see any of you cover up while you’re home ever again. Unless you’re actually cold or something.” Carson beamed up at me.

“We can just cuddle if any of us are actually cold,” Carson pointed out.

“You’re right. Skin to skin does produce a lot of heat,” I smiled down at him. “You’re so beautiful. I just want you to know that.” Carson nodded, blushing. I took his chin in my and gave him a thorough kiss on his soft lips. “Love you.”

“Love you too,” Carson said before he jumped in my arms, giving me a big hug. I returned it by wrapping my arms around his small waist, moving my hands down to cup his ass.

For the rest of the day, we all sat in the living room watching tv. The twins came back down wearing a pair of loose booty shorts that only looked like panties with some crop tops. Manny also wore shorts, except they hung low on his hips, showing the base of his dick. Carson snuggled up against me, eventually laying his head in my lap. I’d begin absently rubbing his body, focusing on his juicy ass. The twins always said butt rubs soothe them, so I wanted to do this. I continued to slowly caress Carson’s ass, occasionally running a finger over his hole. He never said anything, only pressing his ass against my hand more. I looked over at my other brothers to see Kole sitting in Manny’s lap, his legs spread open like the way he sat at the table a few days ago. He lay back on Manny’s shoulder, allowing Manny to slowly stroke his dick in his shorts whenever he wanted.

We stayed like this watching tv all day; occasionally pausing for food and breaks but returning back to the couch to cuddle and enjoy each other. By the end of the night, I was rock hard. I knew Carson could feel my dick pressing against his face but he didn’t say anything. It was getting late and I needed to cum. I’d been holding my urges in for so long and it had been easier when I didn’t kiss or touch the boys. Now that I’m showing more affection, it’s harder for my erection to go down. I needed a release. After our last movie, I motioned for a sleepy Carson to sit up.

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