OTK Ch. 03

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So, Saturday morning dawned, and I was downstairs having my first coffee of the day when my mother came down. She looked warily at me as she came into the kitchen, and I smiled to myself: time to see if my domination of her was still in place.

“Come here, mother”. She shuffled towards me, a frightened mien on her.

“Show me your tits”.

Mother stood for a second, then slowly, very slowly, undid her dressing gown and opened it. No nightdress, just her bare body. The plumptious tits were inviting so I fondled first the left one, and then the right. She looked down at the floor as I did this – and when I tweaked her right nipple she grimaced but remained silent.

“I hope you remember what we’re doing today” I asked her. Reluctantly she raised her face up and nodded: “yes, you’re taking me shopping”.

“Correct, mother. We’re going to buy you some new panties and bras – ones for you to wear just for me.” At this she shivered slightly.

“Don, I….I’m your mother. It isn’t right what you’re making me do.”

“Why? What have I forced you to do?”

Mother hesitated, and I slapped her left tit in encouragement. “You’ve..spanked me…you’ve made love with me..”

I cut her off there: “Mother, I haven’t made love with you – I’ve fucked you. I pulled down your panties and put my rather erect cock in your cunt and fucked you. What did I do?” I gave her tit a sharp tweak and she gasped.

“You..fucked me” she almost whispered. “And how did I do it?” I demanded. Mother gulped and took a deep breath.

“You put bostancı escort your ..cock in my…cunt.” Her face was bright red. I turned away – much more of this and I’d be doing it again. My erection was painful!

“Get upstairs, put your clothes on and get ready. I know exactly where we’re going.”

I expected her to drag out the getting ready bit, but my lesson in obedience had obviously had an effect and she was down in 15 minutes.

I parked the car in the multi storey carpark and led the way to the shop on the top floor of the mall known as Sexy Sadie’s. No guesses for what they sold! Mother was embarassed at going in, and was even more mortified when I introduced her to the assistant, a very comely woman.

“Good morning. This is my mother, and we’re here to get her some split-crotch panties and see-through bras. She wants 2 matching pairs, one in red and one in green.” The asistant smiled slightly, then turned to my mother. “What size, madam?”

Mother hesitated, then whispered her bra size. “No, no, a size smaller, please” I interupted. “She’s wearing them for showing off.” Again a smile played on the assistants face, and she turned to her shelves and various boxes.

I toyed with the idea of making mother put them on in the shop, but by now I was eager to get back to the house so after selecting the ones we wanted (I wanted) we returned home.

Mother stood in our hallway and looked at me: she was obviously dreading the next bit. “Upstairs, please, mother. Put on the red ones, a black suspender ümraniye escort bayan belt and stockings and come back down Fast!”

She shot up the stairs, glad to be away from me, and I went into the living room to wait.

I didn’t have long to wait; mother came slowly into the room, and I nearly came there and then. By getting a too small a size her tits now bulged nicely over the top of the bright red bra, and through the thin material I could see her nipples, both erect. She was showing her true colours!!

The panties were exquisite – her pussy was on display on either side of the front, and when I made her turn around her plump bum was fully displayed.

“Put your hands on your head and face me” I ordered. Mother obeyed, and her tits were even more luscious. They filled my hands as I grasped them, and through the material were silky to the touch. Mother blushed.

“Do you like that?” I asked. hesitation, then a small nod.

“Turn around.”

This time my hands took handfulls ofher bum, and I kneaded the flesh before slapping her legs apart and fingering her cunt.

“Oh, naughty mummy. You’re wet” I laughed. Mother said nothing, but bent slightly forward thus pushing her bum at me.

I could wait no longer. “Up to your bedroom. When I come up I want you kneeling on your bed facing the mirror.”

Mother practically ran out of the room.

I waited an eternity of five minutes, then walked silently up the stairs. I stopped in the doorway of her bedroom – she had done exactly as I’d told kartal escort her; she was kneeling, with her pantie-clad bum towards me, and looking in the mirror at her own tits inching out of that bra. My cock was nearly exploding.

“Now, mother, when I give the word you’ll pull your panties down to your knees and ask me to fuck you.”

I got a nod as reply.

I walked slowly around the bed, taking the view from all sides. This was pure heaven – my mother was not only obeying my every instruction, she was waiting to pull down her panties so I could fuck her.

“Pull your panties down, mother” I commanded.

Mother’s hands went slowly to the waistband and inched them down, down, down to just above her knees. Then she bent forward again, and in a thin voice said “please, Don, fuck me. Fuck your mother.”

I eased my cock out and knelt behind her. I love a bum framed by suspender bel=t and lowered panties – it’s just soo sexy.

I could wait no longer, and plunged in to her wet cunt. She gasped and moved a fraction at the force of it, then moved back again, ensuring I was in as far as my balls. I began to fuck her; in, out, in, out, in out in out inout inout inoutinout.

I pumped my sperm in to her cunt and she yelled out with excitement as I felt her cum too. Sweating I waited behind her, still inside, to catch my breath, then started again.

At the third time of cumming she was crying for me to stop, but I couldn’t. The fourth fucking was a little less shattering for me, and I pulled out.

Mother collapsed forward on to the bed, sweating and moaning.

I gave her bare bum a hard slap and told her to take a shower before coming downstairs again, and to make sure she kept the bra on, but she could change her wet panties.

I had a feeling the day wasn’t over yet.

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