Opposites Attract

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Author’s note:

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on Literotica, and I’m glad to be back.

This story deals with several categories, technically, such as transsexual and reluctance. However, with the central theme being incest, that’s where this will be staying.

This is my first incest/taboo story and I’m hoping I’ve reached the expectations of the category well enough.

I didn’t do it alone, however. This story was inspired by a close online friend that I was roleplaying this scenario with and it stuck in my mind and wouldn’t leave. So to that end, thank you Hope.


Legal Notice: the names of the characters used in this story were the names of characters in the roleplay. All characters in this story are 18+

Edit: Due to the number of comments complaining about the issue of Sarah’s gender, I have added in a paragraph briefly explaining the situation. Everything else will be touched on in chapter 2, which I am in the process of writing. Thank you for your feedback.


Sarah was rummaging through her bedside drawers, turning them out and messing up the room she shared with her younger sister, Hope. She was looking for her ipod. She had no idea where she’d put it when she’d gotten home the night before.

It was when she reached her bottom drawer than she found something interesting. Pulling out the stack of photographs that she hadn’t known was there, she became furious. They were nude photographs of her, in the shower and masturbating.

Sarah was a transsexual. She’d had a sex-change when she was 18 because she’d always felt wrong in her male body, though she’d not had her manhood removed because when she’d gained her breasts and feminine form, she felt complete. She was still insecure about her body and hadn’t had a boyfriend or girlfriend since she’d change gender due to those insecurities.

The picture on top of the stack showed her knelt under the running shower with her eyes closed and mouth open in pleasure while she stroked her hard cock and water ran down her slim body and plastered her long, black hair to her back. She had a look through the stack before rounding on her sister, practically ready to kill her.

“Hope, what the fuck is this!?” she yelled.

Hope hadn’t heard her, though, as she was playing on her Xbox and had her earphones in. Sarah threw the stack onto her sister’s lap, which caused Hope to jump with surprise, which soon became indignation as Sarah yanked her earphone out.

“What the fuck are those pictures?” Sarah asked her angrily.

Hope looked at the pictures carefully, her face showing no emotion.

“You,” she replied sarcastically after a moment.

“Well done,” Sarah said. “Now what the fuck are these doing in my drawer? I didn’t take them.”

“Neither did I.”

“Well who did?” Sarah asked, growing angrier. “Nobody else would have been able to take those and they wouldn’t have put them in my drawer.”

“Beats me,” Hope said, turning back to her game.

“Right, well let’s see what Mum and Dad think, shall we?” Sarah said, taking the stack and walking towards the bedroom door.

She was hoping that Hope wouldn’t remember that their parents had gone away for the week to visit family. Thankfully her wishes came true.

“Don’t do that!” Hope exclaimed.

“Why? Something to confess?” Sarah asked with a sharp tone.

“No, since I didn’t do it,” Hope replied.

Sarah continued towards the door and opened it, but Hope sprang up, snatched the stack and slipped the pictures down the back of her trousers.

“Give them back!” Sarah spat.

“No,” Hope said. “I won’t.”

“You know, for someone who isn’t guilty, you really seem it at the minute,” Sarah reasoned.

Hope said nothing to that and Sarah started thinking up what to do to get the truth. She could read Hope like a book, but Hope was stubborn. It was never easy to get her to say anything if she didn’t want to say it.

Suddenly an idea struck her and she smiled evilly. She closed and locked the bedroom door and turned around, walking over to Hope’s bed and picked up her digital camera. Sarah quickly scanned through it and found one of the pictures she was looking for before Hope snatched it off her.

“That’s mine!” she said, indignantly.

“I saw one of the pictures that’s in the stack while I was looking,” Sarah said, grinning.

She now had concrete evidence, since Hope never let anybody else use her camera. The likelihood of someone sneaking it away was highly slim.

“No you didn’t,” Hope said. “You must have been imagining it.”

Sarah pulled out her phone and flipped it open, looking at the screen for a minute before glaring at Hope.

“Okay,” Sarah said. “I’ll tell you what, you tell me the truth and I won’t tell everyone what I found in the drawer and on the camera.”

Hope froze and eyed Sarah cautiously. She didn’t look like she escort ataşehir believed Sarah when she’d processed what she’d just heard. Sarah decided to up the ante and make Hope believe what she was told.

“That’s right. I’ll tell everyone. Your friends, my friends and, most importantly, family.”

Now Hope looked worried. Sarah had also come up with another idea, grinning as she figured out how to implement it.

“Just tell me the truth and nobody finds out about it,” Sarah said. “I promise if you do as I say, nobody will know that you’ve taken pictures of your older sister showering and masturbating.”

Hope looked horrified. Sarah knew the truth and she knew that Hope knew that she knew. Now it was a simple game of tricking her little sister. She started the game by dialling a couple of keys at random.

“It was me!” Hope burst out. “It was me.”

“I know it was,” Sarah said. “Isn’t it better that I know for sure and won’t tell than me only guessing and letting it out?”

Hope looked to be on the verge of tears. She was frightened that her older sister would let out her biggest secret. Her infatuation for her sister. She was terrified that people would find out and use it to bully her even more than they already did.

“Now that I have the truth, I won’t tell anyone,” Sarah said. “But you have to do something for me, okay?”

Hope nodded reluctantly. She was expecting something extremely harsh. The request was unexpected. Harsh but unexpected.

“Do you masturbate when you look at those pictures?” Sarah asked.

“What? No!” Hope exclaimed quickly.

“Don’t lie to me Hope,” Sarah said. “I can read you like a book.”

Hope blushed deeply and fidgeted. Sarah stared at her, waiting patiently for an answer. The pressure from Sarah’s stare was enormous to Hope and she ended up nodding reluctantly, not meeting her sister’s gaze.

“Tell me how you masturbate to them,” Sarah said.

“What?” Hope said.

“Tell me how you masturbate to the photos you have of me,” Sarah said slowly and clearly, condescending her younger sister.

Hope was silent, blushing even deeper as Sarah asked her for information on the most intimate thing she did. She was having trouble even opening her mouth so Sarah helper her a little.

“Do you rub your pussy and clit?” Sarah asked.

Hope nodded.

“Finger yourself?” Sarah asked next.

Hope nodded again and opened her mouth to speak.

“I also…” Hope stopped. “Never mind.”

“No, tell me,” Sarah said, leaning forward with interest.

“I also…rub my ass.”

Sarah smiled and said nothing for a minute, picturing her little sister rubbing and fingering her tight pussy while she rubbed that tight sphincter of muscle that was her anus.

“Show me,” Sarah said. “Show me how you masturbate to the pictures of me.”

Hope looked like her head would explode from all the blood rushing up to it. She fidgeted with her hands before responding with a shake of the head.

“It’s too embarrassing,” She said.

Sarah grinned and faked dialling on her phone again, looking up at Hope a couple of times.

“Show me,” She demanded. “Get naked and show me how you masturbate.”

She wasn’t shouting or being forceful in her tone of voice. It was the intensity in her gaze and posture that caught Hope out and made her do it.

She pulled he top over her head and unhooked her bra, letting her lovely, B-cup breasts free. Sarah felt a stir in her pants as she saw her sister topless, watching as she undressed herself. Hope then undid her pants and pulled them down along with her panties. When she was done she sat on her bed with her legs closed. Sarah smiled at her shy, quiet little sister sitting naked, covering her breasts with her arms.

“Lay back and open your legs,” Sarah said. “Let me see your pussy.”

Slowly, Hope lay down and opened her legs, revealing the tight, pink honey-pot between them. Her pubic mound was almost hairless, with just a small strip of hair above her pussy. She was breathing quickly, her pert breasts rising and falling rapidly.

“That looks delicious,” Sarah said. “Now show me how you masturbate to the pictures.”

Hope reached down and started softly rubbing her pussy, running her fingertips up and down the delicate lips. Her breathing got heavier as she became obviously aroused.

“Spread your lips for me,” Sarah said.

Hope did so, revealing the inside of her tight pussy. She was obviously a virgin and she looked so tight that Sarah doubted that even a single finger would be able to squeeze it’s way into her depths.

“You look so tight,” Sarah said. “It looks like you couldn’t even fit a finger inside. Are you a virgin?”

Hope blushed at the purposeful jab that Sarah threw her way while voicing her thoughts. She nodded slightly, embarrassed at revealing such information.

“Does it feel good to have kadıköy escort bayan me watching you masturbate?” Sarah teased. “I bet it does.”

“It doesn’t,” Hope responded. “It feels weird.”

“Close your eyes then, and pretend I’m not here.”

Hope complied and closed her eyes, beginning to rub her pussy again, moaning softly. Sarah grinned and reached for Hope’s camera. She looked at it quickly before pointing it at her oblivious sister and snapping a couple of pictures of her pussy and tits.

Hope didn’t notice a thing. Instead, she dipped a finger into her tight pussy and lifted her ass off the bed and slipped her hand between her cheeks to rub her anus. Sarah snapped a few pictures of that too, making sure to get a visual record of everything her sister did to pleasure herself.

“Oh, you’re such a dirty girl,” Sarah teased, her cock rock hard in her pants.

“No I’m not,” Hope protested, though she didn’t stop masturbating.

“Then why are you masturbating while your sister watches?” Sarah asked with a wide grin.

“Don’t say that,” Hope said, unconvincingly.

Sarah smiled and put the camera down. She moved over to her sister’s bed and knelt beside Hope, leaning over her to put her lips to her ear.

“Face it,” Sarah said. “You’re a dirty girl who’s been waiting to get her chance to do this.”

Hope didn’t answer but Sarah could see the juices dripping from her sister’s pussy and smell the sweet musk it gave off.

“Give me your hand,” Sarah said.

Hope took the hand from between her ass cheeks and held it out, her eyes still closed. Sarah took it and very slowly led it to her bulging crotch. When Hope felt the bulge of Sarah’s rock-hard cock, she moaned and started rubbing it firmly. Sarah started breathing a little heavier, her sister’s clumsy rubbing helping to turn her on.

Sarah reached down and undid her pants, moving away to pull them and her panties off. She climbed back onto the bed and her sister’s hand blindly found her cock like a heat-seeking missile finds its target.

“Stroke my cock for me, Hope,” Sarah said.

Hope did as she was told, wrapping her fingers around it to softly and slowly stroke her hand up and down in time to her rubbing or her pussy. Sarah moaned softly as her sister gave her a handjob. It wasn’t an expert job by any stretch of the word, but Sarah had only had her own hands since her sex-change two years before.

Sarah reached for Hopes pussy and removed it, replacing it with her own. She rubbed softly, using one of her fingers to gently circle Hope’s clitoris.

Hope moaned out loudly and shook with the pleasure that Sarah was giving her. In response, her hand moved up and down Sarah’s shaft harder and faster. Both of them were moaning with pleasure now as they rubbed each other. After a little while, Sarah stopped Hope from stroking her and reluctantly stopped rubbing Hope’s wet pussy.

“It’s time for something new,” Sarah said.

“But I was just starting to properly enjoy myself,” Hope protested in a disappointed tone.

“Trust me,” Sarah said. “You’ll love this.”

Sarah flopped onto her back softly and instructed hope to straddle her face while facing the same way as she was. Hope did so and Sarah could see her sister’s tight, sweet-looking pussy inches away.

“Now lean forward,” Sarah said. “I’m going to eat your pussy while you give me head.”

“I dreamt of this once,” Hope said, not even realising she’d said it.

Hope did as she was told and then stopped, not moving. It was as if she were confused as to what she was supposed to do next.

“I’ve never given a blowjob before,” Hope said, sounding nervous to even admit the truth.

“It’s okay,” Sarah said, smiling. “Just lick my cock for a bit then stick it in your mouth and suck it while moving your head up and down. You’ll get used to it.”

Hope looked back at Sarah and nodded before licking Sarah’s cock from the base to the tip. Sarah moaned and gently grabbed Hope’s ass to pull her pussy down the last couple of inches to her face. She licked from her sister’s clit and down the entire length of her pussy, tasting the juices that had lubricated it. Hope tasted heavenly.

Sarah wanted to taste deeper, so she slid her tongue into Hope’s pussy as Hope licked the head of her cock while moaning loudly from the feeling of Sarah’s tongue. Sarah licked around Hope’s vaginal walls, changing from soft, gentle licks, to firm, rough licks. Hope was being driven crazy by her lust.

It didn’t take long for Hope’s skills with her tongue to increase when that happened, Sarah started encouraging her by moaning and giving her tips. She told Hope to suck the head of her cock, which Hope did gladly, causing Sarah to moan loudly.

Sarah was squeezing and rubbing Hope’s ass cheeks as she licked her pussy and Hope started to bob her head in time with Sarah’s licks. They were both overwhelmed escort bostancı with pleasure and Hope came hard, showering Sarah’s face lightly with her juices. They both stopped what they were doing and Sarah rolled Hope off of her.

“I want to fuck you so bad, Hope,” Sarah said.

“I don’t know,” Hope said, uncertainly. “I’m a virgin, won’t it hurt?”

“Yeah, but it’ll feel good too,” Sarah reasoned. “I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

“You? Gentle?” Hope asked disbelievingly.

“Of course,” Sarah said. “We may fight and argue but I’d never seriously hurt you on purpose.”

Hope thought it over carefully for a few moments. She didn’t want her virginity to be taken by just anyone. Then again, she’d fantasised about fucking Sarah so many times and now that she had the chance to fulfil the fantasies, she was scared and exhilarated. Finally she nodded and lay back with her legs spread wide.

Sarah crawled between them and lined her cock up with the entrance to Hope’s virgin pussy. Sarah gently pressed and felt Hope’s moist nether lips give ever so slightly, but it was going to be a very tight squeeze. Sarah took her panties and balled them up tightly, handing them to Hope.

“What are these for?” Hope asked, confused.

“Bite down on them as hard as you need to deal with the pain,” Sarah said. “It’s going to hurt a lot before it feels good. Ready?”

Hope bit lightly onto the panties and nodded. Without warning Hope, Sarah thrust into her sharply, stretching her pussy and popping her cherry in one go. Hope bit down hard and screamed in pain as a trickle of blood dripped out of her pussy and onto the bed sheets.

Sarah held herself very still for what seemed to be a long time, to let Hope get used to her pussy being full of her first cock. Eventually, Hope’s breathing started to slow down and her pained expression softened a little.

“Are you okay?” Sarah asked.

“It hurts but it’s easing up,” Hope stated after spitting the panties out of her mouth. “Couldn’t have gone softer?”

“Getting it out of the way is probably better than drawing it out,” Sarah said with an apologetic look.

Hope nodded and Sarah gave a few gentle thrusts. Hope moaned a little from pleasure, though the pain was still evident in her voice.

“Ready?” Sarah asked softly.

Hope nodded and Sarah started to thrust slowly and gently, holding Hope firmly to keep her as still as possible to begin with. Hope moaned with a mix of pain and pleasure, her pussy rippling slightly and tightly gripping Sarah’s cock.

“Hope, you’re so tight,” Sarah said, sighing with pleasure.

“And your cock is huge, Sarah,” Hope replied. “I feel so full.”

Sarah grinned and started thrusting a little faster and harder, her balls lightly slapping into Hope’s ass. Both sisters were moaning loudly and Hope was pumping her hips back at Sarah with every thrust, causing Sarah’s cock to go even deeper into her sister’s pussy.

“You’re so tight, I don’t think I’ll last very long,” Sarah said in a strained voice.

“I don’t care,” Hope said through her moans. “It feels amazing now and I don’t care if it ends soon because your cock is inside me now.”

Sarah was now thrusting even harder and faster than before, her balls loudly slapping against Hope’s ass cheeks as Sarah approached her orgasm. From the feel of Hope’s pussy around her cock, Sarah guessed that she was close to cumming again too.

The two sisters moaned and fucked with reckless abandon, hips slamming against one another as they were overtaken by their lust for the other.

“I’m going to cum!” Sarah yelled.

“Me too,” Hope yelled back.

Sarah slammed her cock into Hope’s pussy a few more times before bottoming out and thrusting to milk her cock of cum inside Hope’s pussy while Hope’s pussy contracted tightly for the same reason.

“I’m cumming!” they screamed in unison.

Sarah’s hot, sticky cum filled Hope’s womb and pussy while Hope’s juices squirted out around Sarah’s cock, coating their legs and the bed.

Sarah collapsed onto Hope as they both went limp. They were spent and could hardly move, both of them panting heavily in post-orgasmic bliss.

“That was incredible,” Sarah said.

Hope made a noise of agreement, too tired to do anything else. When Sarah had enough energy, she rolled off of Hope and pulled her into a close cuddle. They both fell asleep in each other’s arms.


They woke a few hours later, not speaking.

They weren’t silent from shame or embarrassment, they were just both content and therefore there was nothing to say. They were also both very irritable once the woke up.

Instead of speaking, they both went to the bathroom at the same time and climbed into the shower together. They washed each other’s hair and body as they ran through what had happened before they fell asleep in their own minds.

They were probably going to have to re-evaluate their relationship as sisters and see if they could make a sexual relationship work. It was dark now, though, and they were too tired, so they crawled back into bed together and fell asleep, naked and damp, once again in each other’s arms.

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