Opening Her Up

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The air was hot, muggy, and thick with the smoke from a half dozen forest fires so the cool of the bookstore came as a welcome and enveloping blast. Turning toward the coffee shop I saw Lisa glance upward from her book. Meeting eyes we both broke into broad, almost silly smiles.

It was like that between Lisa and me. We both had crazily busy work schedules but since striking up a conversation as we reached for the same art book a month earlier meeting was always like tumbling into a whole new world.

I was utterly enthralled with Lisa’s mind. There was almost no small chat with her about anything. Instead ideas for her were living things. She had a keen and probing intellect and a lifetime of binging on books as others binge on food. But for Lisa it was never intellect alone. It was if her entire emotional world was wholly, slowly and deliberately involved with every thought.

It hardly mattered if we were discussing the recent spate of forest fires, Bernini’s Daphne and Apollo or a poem by Rilke. She would churn through the subject inwardly with heart, psyche, soul and intellect all having a go. Just before speaking her eyes would become radiant, even oceanic. Then the words would come with so much sincerity I would feel physically transformed sitting face-to-face with her.

Sometimes after meeting during the day I would awake at night hearing the way she would clearly annunciate each syllable cherishing every single word in its voicing as if it was both gem and portal of discovery. Even dreaming I would drink in her words like a sacrament. And all this wasn’t one sided at all. I had grown up with both art and literature as necessary as breath and this made for a pretty vast common language between us.

You would think between our common language, delight in each other’s company and physical attraction we would have created a fierce and varied erotic bond but while Lisa was the most verbally expressive person I have ever known sex seemed for her strangely compartmentalized and deliberate. It’s not that we didn’t slip into a world of hunger and closeness whenever we opened that door but we both knew there was so much more to discover. We had time to let things unfold and if she held back a bit in bed she sure kurtköy escort didn’t as we sat face-to-face.

Over our drinks Lisa explained how she was spending her free time exploring the Greek Goddesses Persephone, Demeter, and Hecate who had all taken perilous journeys to the underworld and lived to return transformed and enriched. I knew the broad strokes of the stories already but Lisa was particularly fascinated with the earthly powers her Goddesses had gained on their journeys to the underworld.

Lisa spoke of Persephone as one speaks of a lover who has pierced, marked and permanently transfigured one’s being than a figure from books or statuary. I felt a strange sense of inward heat as I realized the question for Lisa was really what powers she could put on from her intimacy with Goddesses of the underworld. As she leaned toward me speaking of deliberately bringing Hecate, Demeter and Persephone into her dreams and unconscious at night to making their journey her journey and their power into her power I stretched out my hand to touch her face.

“I have to go to the bathroom” she said and we both smiled knowing in an ideal world we would head off there together. While she was gone I got up to look at the recent arrivals just a few feet from the coffee area.

A few minutes later she sidled up to me and we talked about recent arrivals. Glancing at her shoes I noticed one was untied. Thinking nothing of it I got down on my knees to retie her lace. I felt her hand touch my face and looking upward her eyes were just a bit moist. Suddenly I felt an inward surge or something warm and primal and deep. Her bare leg against my forearm felt like paradise.

My breathing changed. I lingered and breathing in slowly deeply realized her scent changed from sweaty with perhaps the faintest hint of piss near her crotch to something altogether different. Enunciating each word as if a poem in itself voiced with the whole of her body and being she spoke just three words: “take me home.”

Stepping outside it was so hot breathing felt like sucking fire. Lisa was always quick to sweat and loving the world of her various scents was delighted by the sweat that seemed to pour from her. We barely spoke during the drive yet both malatya escort knew our world together had changed.

Wordlessly I led her to into the bedroom and had her sit upon the edge of the bed. Falling to me knees I unlaced the shoe I had tied just twenty minutes before. There was an emotional intensity to the act that left us both almost trembling. I unlaced the other shoe then removed her damp socks her pale sweaty feet feeling like paradise in my hands. I liked her feet and had suckled her toes in the past but this was a different world. I opened my mouth to her foot wanting to enfold all of it in the warmth of my mouth and even throat. I loved the flood of the scent of her sweat, and the complex swirl of pungencies of her feet.

I am tall and large boned and have a mouth to match but I have never opened my mouth as wide as I did now wanting to draw her foot deep into my mouth and then further as I grasped her heal shoving the full width of the front of her foot into the sloshy warm embrace of my throat. Pushing past the gagging place the discomfort didn’t matter a bit and I liked the way it flooded my mouth with saliva that enabled me to drive her foot even deeper way past the place of gagging. After a while I repeated this with her other foot as she was moaning in pleasure in a way I had never heard her before.

Her moaning and changing scent and the urgency of her writhing told me she was already soaked but as much as I longed to drink in that wetness and drive her to places of rapture and release other urgencies insisted. I thought of her excited words about the dark powers of chthonic Goddesses who had journeyed into the underworld and it was all so clear. I ran my hand against her loins and she was soaking and inflamed the just the gentlest touched opened up her quivering depths. But I resisted this place of paradise and flood and instead turned her over on her belly. She knew. She knew absolutely softly whispering that most beautiful of words “yes.”

My large and strong hands gently spread her ass cheeks to allow full access to her rectum. No slow build up here. It felt like we had already had centuries of foreplay. With a whisper-soft open-mouthed kiss of tongue and softly suckling lips I played upon her exposed kayseri escort and opening rectum with worlds of hunger and delight.

I have always been scent-driven and when in love or in crush ass smells have always been delicious in their way but my hunger here was another thing entirely. Raw, intense, reverential but whisper-soft kisses gave way to a hungry plunging of tongue and suckling of mouth with her rectum relaxing deeper into a paradise of openness as her moaning changed to something deep and primal. It was as if everything else in the world dropped away and we became a sloshy gape of ass and moving deeper and still deeper till it almost seemed I was kissing her from the inside out.

“Push out” I whispered and her whole inner rectum would unfurl around my mouth. “Push out” and she farted long, leisurely, wet the fierce acridness of it beautiful making my hunger grow by what it fed on. She was so sloshy wet and ass relaxed to a gaping openness I slid two fingers into her so effortlessly they practically felt sucked into her.

Her moaning changed again to something almost ragged as I started rhythmically caressing her G-spot through her vaginal wall. Pressing downward with my fingers her moaning became almost keening as my mouth still hungrily sucked and suckled and plunged into her warm dark acrid depths.

“Push out” I insisted again and this time I felt the edge of a turd moving outward from her intestines. As my fingers rhythmically, stroked Lisa’s g-spot her turd started breaking apart and with every rhythmic stroke of my fingers and inward with every plunge of my tongue and suckling mouth the increasingly pungent tastes of her ass suddenly became almost gag strong in their acridness as bits of her shit flooded my mouth.

But gag acrid felt so beautifully right, so beautifully necessary for a Goddess seeking strength and beauty and insight from a journey to the underworld. I loved her. I felt Lisa relaxing into a place she had never known. A dark lovely place of yes to all she is and was and would grow to be.

Increasing the tempo and pressure of my fingers pressing down through her vaginal wall to her beautiful g spot I could feel her entire being mounting towards her flood. “Push out harder” I said, feeling Lisa’s shit mashing through my fingers into my mouth as her moans became screams of release and rapture as she flooded the bed with her climax writhing with back thrusting against my enraptured and devouring mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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