On My Knees for Little Brother

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“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” His voice caught me off guard, but when I turned around I nearly passed out with shame. My younger brother, of just one year, stood there looking at me with a mixture of disgust and bemusement. I felt my face flush red and I tried to cover the fact that I wearing my mother’s pink underwear which were stretched to their limits on my chubby body.

“Johnny,” I started to beg, knowing that I sounded like a whiny bitch. “You can’t tell anyone.”

“The hell I can’t.” His lips spread into a cruel smile. “I’m telling everyone I fucking know.”

“Come on,” I felt like I wanted to die at this moment. “I’ll do anything.”

“Yeah well, you’re twenty-two and living with our parents what in the fuck can you do for me?”

“I don’t know, but just name it and I’ll do it.”

“Suck my cock.” He said with no hint of a smile, no hint of a joke.

“Are you serious?” I asked with a small smile.

“Yeah.” He said still not smiling. “You wanna prance around like a fucking fat fairy then I’ll treat you like a fucking ankara escort fairy.”

“No, that is so gross.” I didn’t tell him that I was secretly salivating at the thought. “I’m not doing that.”

“Then I’m telling everyone that I know that you are fat fuck who dances around in his mommy’s pink panties.” He turned and started to leave my bedroom.

“Fine.” I muttered and he stopped and turned around, his brown eyes looking at me like I was no better than a cheap piece of trash.

“What you fat fuck?”

“I’ll suck your cock.” I said softly, my excitement replaced by a feeling of shame.

“Fine.” He said with almost a hint of a smile. “We’ll see if it’s good enough that I won’t tell anyone that you are a fucking fat queer.” He stood there and stared at me for what seemed like hours, and I could do nothing but stare back. “Are you going to do it or what?” He asked his voice almost angry. I nodded and walked towards him. My mouth was dry and my stomach felt as if a dozen butterflies had taken to dancing, but I licked my lips and got to escort ankara my knees in front of him. My hands fumbled nervously with the button on his jeans, I helped slide his jeans to the floor. He was wearing black boxer briefs and the outline of his cock was visible through the cotton.

“Are you sure you want this?” I muttered to myself in an almost desperate plea to turn back. I was a virgin at twenty-two and had never dreamed that my first experience of any kind would be with my nineteen year old brother. He didn’t respond and I took his lack of answer as affirmation. My pudgy fingers slid themselves into the elastic of his boxer-briefs and pulled them down slowly.

I was surprised when I finally got his underwear down to his ankles. The size of his cock wasn’t too surprising although it was pleasant. He was larger than me, his soft penis was at the very least an inch larger than I was fully hard. The surprise was that he was completely shaved, no pubic hair whatsoever, in fact it looked like it had only been shave hours before. I felt my own cock twitch ankara escort bayan to life in my mother’s pink panties and couldn’t help but reach a curious hand to touch my brother’s rod.

His body seemed to twitch at my touch and I took it as a good sign. I wrapped my hand around his cock and felt it slowly growing under my touch. I licked my dry lips and went for the kill. My tongue touched the head of his penis gingerly, lovingly. He was growing more and more erect as I took the stiffening rod into my mouth. A soft moan escaped his lips. I sucked gently and slid the length of his now solidly hard cock in and out of my mouth. “Play with my balls you fucking fairy.” He said with a gasp. I reached a hand under his balls and stroked them softly as I took his cock as far into my mouth as I could.

My brother didn’t even warn me. A loud groan from him and I found myself with a mouthful of warm, sweet cum. I swallowed as much as I could but I still felt some slide down my lips onto my chin. “Look at the fat cum slut.” He jeered. I wiped my lips and went to stand up, he was pulling his pants up. “You liked that didn’t you?” He smiled cruelly. “I won’t tell, but it’s going to cost you a lot more of those blow jobs.” He turned and walked out of the room leaving me very turned on, and yet feeling very dirty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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