Oily Evenings Ch. 05

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Disclaimer : All characters in this story are above 18 years of age.

If you haven’t read the previous chapters, please go to my page and read them. The story here continues from where it ended in chapter 4.


The river of cum that I had shot on mom had drained my balls as well as my energy, but there was no time to rest. The sky was getting dark outside and mom needed a hot dress if we were to go clubbing later in the night. Hence we got dressed and walked to the mall nearby. Once inside the mall, we entered Shoppers Stop and went around looking for a club outfit.

Unfortunately, both mom and myself were clueless when it came to fashion. Mom’s wardrobe consisted entirely of simple casual outfits which, to be frank, could be described as boring and prudish. We realized that we would need help from someone with a better fashion sense. Just then, we were approached by a pretty salesgirl… talk about God sent!

“Can I help you?” she asked in a polished and polite accent. She was wearing a black outfit that stopped just before her knees. It fit her figure nicely. She also had on make-up, in an understated yet classy way.

“Uhh… Yes please! This is not my cup of tea,” mom smiled.

“My pleasure… what are you looking for?”

“Well,” mom was at a loss for words… but I saw the tell-tale signs of her brain working on some plan.

“Just a second,” she excused and pulled me apart.

“Just go away for some time… but stand somewhere I can see you.” Mom told me before going back to the sales girl. I walked some distance away from them and sat down on a couch. I saw mom lean in and whisper something to the girl. I had no idea what mom might have told her but the girl looked at me and smiled warmly albeit with a hint of disappointment. Then the two of them went hunting for dresses.

I was getting bored coz of the amount of time it was taking them… but mom shot sympathetic glances at me from afar. Apparently, the sales girl was a thorough fashion nerd. I waited.

Twenty minutes later mom came and sat beside me, a little tired.

“What did you tell her?” I asked her. She laughed out loud.

“What?” I persisted.

“Well… promise you won’t be mad at me.”

“Mmm… I told her you are gay.” Mom giggled.

“What… Why?” I asked her, a little mad.

“Well… for one I don’t want her ogling you or flirting with you,” she said with a mischievous grin, “and two, I want to show you the dresses I try on… but they don’t usually allow men at the ladies trial room… so I had to spin a story to persuade her to let you be there when I try on the dresses.”

“Ohhh,” I said, my mouth transforming into a naughty smile.

“Yeah… so you play along mister.” We both laughed.

At that point the girl came to us and said, “I have the trial room ready for you.”

We followed her towards the far end of the store to a trial room. She opened the door to the room and we saw that she had hung two dresses inside.

“Goa ahead ma’am,” she told mom, “and sir you can sit here… I’ll be here… you see, we don’t generally allow this… so I’ll keep a look out for my manager… I don’t want to get into trouble.”

“Oh Thank You! You’re such a doll,” mom thanked her and went inside the room. I sat down on the small couch in front of it. Once mom was inside and the door closed the girl initiated a conversation with me.

“It’s really cute how close you and your mom are… she told me how sweet you are… being such a supportive shopping buddy,” she said smiling at me, “also, it is so nice that she is supportive of your… your choices.” She was finding it difficult searching her brain for politically correct words.

“Choices? Oh, you mean me being Gay!” I tried an Indian version of Cam from the sitcom ‘Modern Family’. That put her on the spotlight. It was evident that she was embarrassed.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed. It’s okay. Many people have gotten tongue tied once they knew I was gay. People are not really used to the idea here in India.” I tried to put her at ease.

“Your mom is really pretty,” she recovered quickly.

“Isn’t she? I tell her every day. It’s just her clothes… they are not flattering at all,” I said continuing with the gay character I had assumed, “and speaking of pretty. I like your dress!”

“Oh… really? Thank you.” She blushed a little.

“Yeah! It fits your shape well… If you don’t mind me saying.” I complimented her. I had a feeling I could be a little bolder with the compliments since she thought I was gay.

“Thanks. I guess all those hours in the gym paid off.”

“We are really grateful to you for helping us out. Me and mom are sort of fashion blind. But you obviously have good taste, judging from the dresses I saw hanging in the room,” I continued with the compliments.

“Wait till you see them on her. They’re a little bold, but she’s got the body to pull off the look.”

In that instant mom opened the door. The girl came closer to see ankara escort how her selection looked.

Mom looked smokin hot! The dress was shiny blue and really low cut at the front, revealing a generous amount of cleavage. Tiny threads tied behind her neck held the dress firmly on her breasts. The dress was only as long as mom’s mid thigh and displayed her sexy legs.

“You look amazing ma’am… I told you a halter neck dress would suit you well,” the sales girl hyped mom up. She was really happy at how well her selection had worked out.

“Do I?” mom asked glancing at me.

“You look hot mom!” I said. Mom blushed a little at my bold gay Avatar.

“Yes ma’am,” the girl concurred, “give us a twirl.” Mom did a cute twirl, showing us the back of the dress. Her ass… oh man… the dress really accentuated her curves. It was pretty low cut at the back too showing almost all of her back. It dawned on me that mom could not be wearing a bra in this dress. A hard-on started forming in my pants. I had to be careful not to let it show.

“Total babe, you are in this dress mom!” I said.

“Okay, let me try on the next one and then we’ll decide… I’m so excited.” Mom giggled as she closed the door.

“The material of the cloth looked really smooth,” it was me who initiated the conversation this time.

“Oh yes… it’s satin,” the girl said, “in fact the dress I’m wearing now is also satin.”

“Nice,” I said, “well, this may sound odd… but could I just feel the material?” She was hesitant for a couple of seconds. I dialled up the charm offensive on my face.

“Sure,” she said, unsure… but she came closer. I extended my hand to touch her dress over her thighs. I moved my hands around a little, making a concentrated face as if I was keen on how the material felt. Meanwhile I felt her tight thighs.

“That’s so smooth!” I offered my verdict. She was pleased.

Then mom opened the door wearing a pink colour mini dress. It was a little odd looking at the front. I learned later that the colour was actually called hot pink and the design, a cow cut. By odd, I don’t mean bad… it was just loose at the very top creating an impression that her boobs would pop out when she moved. This dress too showed a good amount of cleavage… but mom was holding the dress pressed to her belly.

“Darling, help me with the zip,” she said and turned her left side to me. This one zipped up on the side. The way she held the dress low, the dress had parted considerably at the top showing a major portion of her sideboob. I almost drooled at the sight of her round breast. I was sure the girl could see mom’s boob and she seemed awkward.

“Mom! You’re popping out,” I laughed, trying to make it less awkward. I winked secretly at mom.

“Oh shut up! What’s a little breast do to you? You’re gay! And she’s a woman. She doesn’t mind.” Mom played along. I zipped her up. The girl seemed to relax.

“So what’s the verdict on this one?” mom asked the girl first.

“Uhh… the best thing about this dress is it shows more leg than the last one. But I don’t love the front as much.”

I too noticed that the dressed stopped at the top of mom’s thighs. Her legs were looking really sexy. But the front didn’t really work.

“I think the shiny blue dress is the one for you tonight.” I said without doubt.

“I agree.” the girl said.

“Ok then. Decision made.” Mom handed the blue dress to the girl and asked me to go with her and bill it, while she changed back to her clothes.

“I saw that you felt awkward there earlier… when mom’s breast popped out. Mom isn’t so conscious around me coz I’m gay.” I told the girl as we walked.

“It’s okay… you guys are really cute together. I hope that if I have a son, I can be as close to him as you two are.” She said sweetly.

‘If only you knew how close we really are!’ I thought to myself.

Mom took some time to catch up with us at the billing section and curiously she had another shopping bag in her hand. Mom quickly paid for the purchase and we thanked the girl once more before we left the store.

The club we were supposed to go to was on the top floor of the mall. Mom went into the ladies room beside the elevator on the top floor to change while I waited outside.

A cleaning staff appeared pushing a small cart empty except for a mop. I thought it might look odd to him, me standing right outside the ladies room door. So I moved away. But he didn’t notice me at all. He was probably used to minding his own business. He stopped outside a door and went inside. Through the open door I saw that it was a storeroom for the cleaning staff. He came out with some supplies and went off pushing the cart.

“Hey,” I heard mom’s voice from behind. I turned around and what I saw gave me an instant hard-on. She had on the shiny blue dress we had just bought. In my mind I thanked the salesgirl once more… coz the dress made mom a bombshell. The fleshy part of her navel below the belly button caused escort ankara a beautiful indentation on the dress. The deep cleavage it showed was sure going to attract a lot of attention tonight, I thought. The thought caused my hard cock to twitch inside my pants.

It was not just the dress. Mom had put on light make up too, that complimented the dress nicely. Red lipstick that she had on made her lips look really luscious. She had let her hair loose and the way it flowed down on her back went well with the open back dress. The clincher was a pair of red heels, that I had never seen mom wear before. The added height and the slight change in posture it caused did wonders for mom’s look tonight.

“So, the heels were what was in that other shopping bag?” I queried naughtily.

“Yeah,” mom blushed, “I wanted to look really sexy for you tonight.”

“Do I pass in my lovers expectations?” she asked and the way she referred to me as her lover, in the third person was really arousing.

“You have far exceeded them!” I assured mom and my eyes dropped downwards, inviting mom to look at the tent my erect cock had caused in my pants.

“Oh my… I believe you. That fat cock of yours could never lie!” mom said. I loved how our flirtatious conversations were getting progressively dirtier. This carefree and sexual Avatar of mom that she shared only with me was exhilarating… but the tent in my pants was an issue at present.

“You can’t go in like that! You have to take care of that.” mom said. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. I pulled mom by the hand into the cleaning supplies storeroom. It was dark inside.

“What are you doing?” mom asked nervously. I found the light switch and flicked it on. The room was barely a little larger than a closet, with cleaning supplies stacked on a shelf along two of its walls.

“Trust me mom!” I said as I turned her around to face a shelf and pushed on her back. Mom placed her hands on the shelf as she bent over at the waist like I wanted her to.

“Bend a little further and push your ass out towards me,” my voice took on a dominant tone.

“Yes my love,” mom complied. Then I picked her shiny blue dress by its hem on her thighs and pulled it up exposing her panty covered ass. The panty was almost like a thong and dipped into the crack of her ass. I pulled the dress over her ass and pushed it down on her bent torso. The dress got bunched just below her breasts. I placed my palms on her buttcheeks and squeezed.

“Uhmm… yeah,” mom moaned unsure what to expect. I opened the fly of my pants, pulled my underwear down and freed my raging hard cock. I then pulled the thin strip of cloth off the crack of mom’s ass and placed my cock in her butt cleavage. I proceeded to rub my cock on her ass. The soft skin of her ass felt amazing against my cock.

“Oh my god son… uhmmm yeaaah… rub it on me darling,” mom’s moans started taking on a slightly slutty lisp. I continued moving my hips back and forth, sliding my cock on mom’s butt crack. Pre-cum oozed onto mom’s butt, lubricating my cock’s movement.

“Oh darling… give it to me… rub your cock on my butt… cum on it son!” mom’s dirty talk was edging me closer.

“I’m close mom!” I said, increasing the pace of the rubbing.

“Come on motherfucker!” mom words came as an exciting seductive shock to my ears. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“What? Mom!” I moaned.

“Motherfucker!” mom confirmed that I had indeed heard her rightly, “coz I’m your mother… and you’re fucking me!”

That was the final nudge… I creamed on mom’s butt, spraying rope after rope of copious milky cum all over her butt cheeks.

“Oh my god mom!” I was panting, “that’s the most I’ve cum in my entire life.” Mom laughed, still bent over, pushing her ass back at my spent cock…but I pulled back.

“We have to get out of here,” I said. I put my cock back inside my pants and zipped up my fly. I looked around and found a roll of toilet paper on a shelf. I tore some off it and cleaned my cum off mom’s butt. Then I put her panty strap back into the crack and pulled her dress down over her ass. She straightened her dress as she turned back. We shared a passionate kiss before sneaking out of the storeroom.

A few raised eyebrows at our obvious age difference welcomed us at the entrance of the club, but we disregarded it. The doors opened and our ears were treated to the thumps of club music. The place was basically a large bar-restaurant with a nice dancefloor in one corner.

“Table for two?” a waitress enquired as we walked in.

“Yes,” mom confirmed, “near the dancefloor please.”

“Sure,” the waitress led us to a table right next to the dancefloor. Just as we sat down we were presented with the food menu and the drinks menu. The waitress went away to give us time to go through the menu.

“So… have you ever secretly had alcohol with your friends?” mom asked in a mock interrogation. I smiled sheepishly.

“Once, Vodka.”

“Was it good?”

“Yes,” ankara escort bayan I nodded enthusiastically, remembering how relaxed and uninhibited I had felt once the vodka kicked in.

“So we’ll order vodka,” mom said. I couldn’t believe that mom was going to have vodka with me.

We ordered and were served vodka quite quickly. We also ordered Chicken kebabs.

“Have you ever had alcohol mom?” I asked.

She looked at me lovingly and placed her hand on mine, “This is my first time.”

“Cheers!” We clinked our glasses together and downed the drink. We ordered two more. Our kebabs were served in between and we munched on it in between drinks. It was after the third glass that I felt the world slow down a little. I realized that the alcohol was having its effect. I looked over at mom.

“Do you feel anything?” I asked her.

“Yes… I feel relaxed… things have slowed down,” she answered, “and I feel happy… being here with you, my son… my lover… you mean the world to me… you make me feel alive.”

Mom went into a monologue, “I was feeling trapped in a loveless life with your dad… don’t get me wrong, he is not a bad man… just that he’s a little too prim and proper and… and uptight and prudish and… boring! And I had shrunk to fit within his world… just letting days pass me by, not exactly living you know… but all that changed a couple of weeks ago… when you started paying attention to me… when you started looking at me as a woman and not just your mother… at first I thought I was imagining things… then I saw the way you stared at my breasts when you massaged my scalp and it excited me… I started looking forward to the next day… and now see where we are… lovers!” I listened to mom pouring her heart out and I felt a little sad at all her years that were wasted.

I held mom’s hand in mine and looked deep into her eyes.

“Mom… I promise the rest of your life is going to be exciting. We are going to have fun.” I told her. We stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds.

Then mom stood up and pulled me up on my feet. I followed her onto the dance floor. She took us to a corner of the dancefloor that was dimly lit.

“Dance with me,” she said and started swaying her body to the music. I joined in. We danced close to each other and let ourselves loose, enjoying the movements that the beats of the music inspired in us. It was quite early in the night and there were only a few others on the dancefloor.

Suddenly mom leaned in towards my ear and said, “hold me.” Then she turned and pressed her back on my body. I hesitated, looking around to see if anyone was staring.

“Hold me,” she said again. She grabbed my hands and brought them around to place them on her belly. My cock was growing in my pants and mom rubbed her ass on it… sort of like a slow twerk. I held her close and our bodies moved as one to the music.

I searched around once again to confirm that no one was staring… but there were a few eyes on us. Few guys at nearby tables found their eyes straying away from their girlfriends and towards mom. I found it arousing me… other men letching at mom. I decided to up the ante. I raised my hands from mom’s belly to just below her tits. The way I held her tightly, my arms were pushing her tits up. Mom was dancing with abandon… and the poor girls at nearby tables were finding it difficult to make their boyfriends concentrate on them.

We continued this sexual and seductive dance for a few more minutes. Then we realized that it was getting difficult to be steady on our feet. We went back to our table and ate what was left of the kebabs. We paid the bill and left shortly afterwards.

We walked hand in hand to our hotel. Thank god we had checked into this hotel so near to the mall. We were really drunk. It was 9.30 PM when we walked into the hotel lobby. I pressed the elevator button. When the elevator door opened and revealed that it was empty, mom walked into it and leaned back on its wall pushing her chest out quite obviously. I followed her inside and checked the button pad. I pressed the 9th floor button. The doors closed and the elevator started rising. Mom was looking at me with a kind of ‘fuck me’ eyes. I went closer to her and placed my hand behind her neck. My fingers found the knot of her halter neck dress and pulled it free. The dress fell off her tits revealing two bullet like hard nipples. I lowered my mouth on them and sucked on them one after the other. I sucked hard and loud. Mom moaned even louder. My lips circled her brown areola and my tongue played with her nipple.

Just then we heard the ‘TING’ of the elevator doors opening. I stood straight and spread out my chest to give mom the cover so that she could adjust herself. The elevator doors opened on the sixth floor and an old woman entered. Luckily, she didn’t acknowledge us and we repaid in kind. She got off on 8th floor.

We went up one more floor and practically ran to our room. The moment the door to our room closed behind us, she took her hand off the untied dress and it fell off her chest once again. She pulled it down and off her, standing in front of me in just her transparent black panty. I was naked and beside her in seconds.

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