Nude Day-A Pervert’s Anal Field Day

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This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

With a little ass play, a naked man finds love from behind with a naked woman on Nude Day.


When she felt my cock nuzzle her ass crack, she leaned back and rhythmically, slowly, and gently humped me to the beat of the music, while I rested my hands on her hips and swayed with her motion. Oh, yeah, she was a live one. She was the one I had been looking to find. She was my hot, sexy, anal Mama and soon we’d be joined at the hip with me fucking her up the ass.

“Cum with Daddy, baby,” I said running a slow hand along her shapely curves.

“Mmm,” she cooed.

Even though it was hot outside, the warmth of her sexy body felt good against me and locking us in place, our perspiration soon joined us together, as if it was liquid glue and are bodies were a suction cup. She moved her long, blonde hair out of my face and draped it across her shoulder. Making me even hotter by wiggling her ass against my cock, already delirious with excitement, as if she was a high fever, she was hotter than any summer day. Then, when she felt my cock growing hard against her naked ass and pushing up against her, she reached her hand around behind her body and touched my shaft. She fondled the head of my cock, before she wrapped her fingers around my engorged prick and slowly stroked me.

Oh, yeah, she wanted me alright. Oh, yeah, she was ready for me to take her. There was no doubt that she wanted my big, hard, thick dick in her round, shapely ass.

She leaned her head back and rested it on my shoulder to allow me to explore the rest of her body with my horny hands. I felt her big tits and fingered her already erect nipples, before my hand slowly fell the length of her torso and touched her pussy. When I exploded her pussy with my fingers, touched, wiggled, and gently massaged her clit, and explored her deeper and penetrated her with my fingers, she was already wet. Then, she whispered in my ear.

“Do you have a condom, baby?”

“I do,” I said reaching down and pulling one from my sock, along with a small tube of gel.

Quickly and deftly, I slipped the condom over my engorged cock. Then, running a long, slow, gel covered finger inside her, I lubricated her sexy ass enough to easily slide myself inside of her. As if she was a sexy machine, a stripper on stage teasing me with her ass, still wiggling her hips to the beat of the music, she was doing everything I needed her to do to tell me that she wanted my cock up her ass.

Once ready to allow me entry, while pushing the weight of her body back against me, she leaned forward enough for me to penetrate her and wiggled her hips and pushed back harder against my humps to accommodate me. Feeling the head of my cock slide inside and penetrate her sexy ass, I slowly and gently entered her, before humping her harder and deeper. Now with the full length of my cock inside of her, we were fucking. Standing naked in public and surrounded by other naked people, we were really fucking, and it felt so good to finally do her.

In the way she returned my humps, it was obvious to me that this woman had been fucked up the ass before. Oh, yeah, she was no anal sex virgin, that was obvious. Yet, we could have been dancing instead of fucking. With her feet spread apart, her knees bent a little, and her anal cavity pointing upward, she knew just how to do it standing, without anyone seeing or knowing what we were doing.

Not the first time having anal sex standing up, it was always with some difficulty to find the right angle to enter her to get started. I was certainly hard enough and wanted her enough, and she was willing enough and wet enough, for us to penetrate whatever problem we were experiencing. Once inside her, slowly and stealthily humping to the beat of the music, there was no problem maintaining my erection to keep her interested. Never having had anal sex with such a willing woman, it was obvious that she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” she said reaching her hand back and around to snake her arm around my neck and pull me close enough for me to see her face and look into her pretty blue eyes.

It was then that I recognized her. Too enamored with her shapely ass, too focused on her sexy body, how could I not know it was her. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Excited having anal sex, I was even more excited knowing my anal sex partner was the woman I had been lusting over for so long.

While my hand supported the weight of her big breast, my fingers fingered, pulled, and twisted her nipple. Overwhelmed by the identity of my sex partner, when she leaned a little forward and pushed hard against me, my cock explored her ass even deeper. With the incredible sensation that I was getting with my prick so far up her ass, when I heard her breathing hard and begin to softly moan, I knew she was close to having an orgasm. It was then that I wanted to please her. I needed to give her the pleasure she required to get her off.

As if she had built-in love illegal bahis handles, I grabbed both breasts in each hand, pushed forward harder, and filled her with all of me. Now, with just her orgasm in mind, I didn’t care who saw us. I didn’t care who knew I was fucking her up the ass. I needed to get her off and give her an orgasm. Just as she covered her mouth with a scream, I exploded all the cum I had to give deep in her ass.

With both of us sweating, with my legs shaking from the weight of her poised and positioned against me, we stayed like that for what seemed like an hour. Calming down and cooling off, before heating up again, I could see and feel my own cum leaking from her ass and running down her leg. An unbroken strand of cum hung down between us and between her legs, as if it was a long line of love that deeply connected us. As if filled with pearls, mixed with her fluids, my cum glistened in the bright sunlight and it was then that I knew meeting her and anally fucking her at this Nude Day event would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

* * * * *

Mostly posted on college billboards, published in underground newspapers, handed out as flyers, paid spots playing on the radio, and by word of mouth, the National Nude Day event had been advertised for more than a month. Actually, it was more a Nude Day concert held in an open field ala the one they had in Woodstock, New York, back in the ’60’s, albeit a much smaller version. For those who were too young to experience Woodstock and for those who wanted to recapture that freeing experience of love and music again, while being naked, this was the closest thing to it.

Even though Woodstock wasn’t a National Nude Day event, by the old footage they have of the concert, there were plenty of naked people dancing in the rain and in the mud and having a good time. A pickpocket’s nightmare, the Nude Day festival was a perverts dream come true. There’d be thousands of naked asses for me to see, to touch, to grope, to bump up against, to rub, to feel, to fondle, to caress, and, hopefully, to fuck.

On the way there, while picking up a few things, I bumped into my neighbor Jim and his wife, Jill, at the supermarket.

“Hey, Bill, how ya doin’?”

“Hi Jim. Hi Jill,” I said giving them a smile. “I hate grocery shopping,” I said when Jill made eye contact with me. She was so very pretty and I always had to tear my eyes away from her not to stare at the image of how I imagined her naked. Even though she’s married, I wished she’d attend the Nude Day event, even with her husband in tow, just so that I could ogle her magnificent body without clothes.

“Lucky you only have to buy food for one,” said Jim. “You should see our food bill having to buy for two hungry kids.”

“I can only imagine,” I said. “Other than our mortgages, food is the only thing that cost more than the gas for our cars,” I said laughing and making Jill laugh.

Jill was always checking me out, but she was off limits. Not only was she my next door neighbor, she was married to Jim. Sorry, but I just don’t go there. If I were married, I wouldn’t want my wife cheating on me behind my back with my neighbor or anyone else for that matter. Rather, acting like an adult, I hoped she’d give me the respectful courtesty that she doesn’t love me anymore and wants to be with someone else. Then, maybe, she’ll let me watch her having sex with another man. Nah, just kidding.

Normally, Jim chats about the weather or sports and not much else. He’s a boring kind of guy. This time, he surprised me by asking me a more personal question, maybe because I was single.

“Bill,” said Jim raising an eyebrow, “did you hear about the free National Nude Day concert?”

In the way he asked me the question, I could tell that he wanted to go, but didn’t dare, probably because his hot wife wasn’t an exhibitionist. Only with her body, I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to show everyone what she looks like without clothes. With her big tits, narrow waist, flat stomach, and shapely ass, with all her curves, as if she’s a living Grand Prix racecourse, I’ve seen her out in the backyard with the kids, while in her bikini, and she’s hot.

Probably picking up on his lust or perversion, I don’t know why, but Jim’s question made me feel uncomfortable. I have no idea why someone who was married to the likes of Jill would have any lust or perversion for anything other than her, but to each their own. Maybe it was in the way he looked at me, but imagining him living vicarious through me, I felt embarrassed and sad, perhaps by the sexual implication and the anticipation of excitement that was going through my dirty mind, especially in front of his wife. Without doubt, looking as if she was a Mormon, Jill was a wholesome looking woman. My admission that I was attending the Nude Day event would make me feel too much of a pervert in front of Jill, which is why I denied that I was attending.

I don’t know but maybe Jim was hoping I was going illegal bahis siteleri so that he could live vicariously through me by me telling him all that happened the next day. Normally, I would have felt bad for him, but being married to such a hot woman, as was Jill, instead of feeling bad for him, I felt jealous. I know it’s wrong to lust and to have sexual thoughts for another man’s woman, especially a married woman, but I’d do anything to bend her over and stick my cock up her ass. Just as I thought that, I felt guilty for having those nasty thoughts about Jim’s wife.

Even though Jim appeared happy living the American dream, by the looks of Jill, she didn’t share his excitement and that made me question their relationship. You just never know what goes on with a couple behind closed doors. For all I know, maybe Jim enjoys wearing Jill’s clothes. I seriously didn’t think she did, but maybe Jill does the lawn care guy. Who knows and who cares? Married women are off limits.

Now not separated by my backyard fence, maybe because I was standing so close to her that I could smell her fragrant shampoo, I couldn’t stop myself from envisioning Jill naked, while helping her wash her hair in the shower, before bending her over and sticking my cock up her ass. Gees, what the Hell is wrong with me? Have I no sense of decorum? I needed to get away from them. I needed some air. I needed to take a breath, relax, and calm the fuck down.

“Yeah, I heard about it,” I said acting disinterested to hide my excitement about attending the National Nude Day concert. Admittedly, I was surprised that he’d even know about a Nude Day concert because he’s just so fucking boring, never mind even asking me about a Nude Day concert.

“Are you going?”

“Nah,” I said. “I’m working today. I just stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things, before heading off for work,” I said lying figuring with him not going to the Nude Day affair that he’d never know if I was at the concert or working.

“Yeah, I’m not going either,” he said looking over at Jill, before looking back at me. “I’m too old for that stuff. Sadly, sex and rock ‘n’ roll are in my past.”

I watched Jill roll her eyes and I just wanted to laugh. If she wasn’t married with kids, she’s one hot woman I’d love to take to a Nude Day concert. When she walked away with her husband by her side, while staring at her incredible ass, I couldn’t help but wonder if she was into anal sex. Probably not. Jim didn’t look the type. Who knows, though? One never knows about people, when it comes to sex. Unable to stop myself from wondering if Jill has ever had a cock up that incredible ass, I needed to stop thinking about Jim’s wife.

Only 35-years-old, I couldn’t believe it when Jim said that he was already too old for sex and music. I’d have to be dead to stop humping a nice ass to the beat of some hot music. I felt bad for his wife. Someone like her deserved better.

How he got a sex bomb like her, I had no idea. Who knows? Maybe he has money. Still, she’s one woman I’d love to fuck up the ass but, having been down that road before, I don’t do married women. Yet, had I not known she was married, in an open field of naked women, other than if she was wearing a wedding ring, how would I even know if the ass of a woman I tried to tap was married or not? Only, just as I said that, wishing she was single and available, I envisioned her with me at the Nude Day Event.

Forgetting about Jill for the moment, I was just glad that Jim wasn’t going. The one thing I didn’t need was a nosy wingman, someone who knew me or recognized me, and especially a man who doesn’t do anal sex, which I’d bet the farm he never fucked Jill up the ass or had his cock up any woman’s ass. I didn’t need him voicing his disapproval or his negative opinion of me because I enjoy a little, okay, a lot of ass play.

When I arrived at the Nude Day event, I stripped off all my clothes by the car. Perhaps a little over anxious, in the way that the Japanese wear facemasks to protect them from the air, when out in public, the only thing I was wearing was a condom, just in case I got lucky. With the kind of luck that I wanted, hoping to surprise a woman and take her from behind, I needed to be ready at a moment’s notice and I didn’t want to take the time to don a condom.

With so many women adverse to anal sex, with so many women who’ve never even tried anal sex or who just had anal sex once with a partner who didn’t know what he was doing and was as clumsy and/or uncomfortable about anal sex as she was, timing, especially in anal sex, was everything. Only, even though everyone was naked, looking a bit too obvious and a bit too hopeful wearing a condom, I discarded the condom, when I lost my erection. Should I get lucky and find my love match, which I knew I would with all these naked asses, I’d take the time to put a new one on later.

Except for my shoes and socks, as were most people, I was totally naked. Oddly enough, there were more naked women than there canlı bahis siteleri were naked men. Most people walked from their cars to the open field naked. There were so many naked people walking through the field to the stage area that I didn’t know where to look. There were so many naked women’s asses that, asses I would have stared at, leered at, and/or lusted over before, that I ignored those to concentrate on the best looking ones. With so many naked people at the Nude Day event, I was on sexual overload and, buried between two warm ass cheeks, I knew my cock would find warm shelter soon.

Some guys love legs, while other guys love breasts, but I love asses. I don’t know what it is about a nice, round, shapely ass, especially if it’s a little bigger and sticks out a bit more, but those are the kind of asses that I like. Oh, yeah, a nice, big, round ass gets my motor running and makes me hot.

The thing about me loving asses over a man who loves breasts is that, I can stare at a hot woman’s ass from behind and most women don’t even know that I’m checking out their ass, that is, until I rub my erection up against them. Oh, yeah, once I start rubbing on them and rubbing up against them, they know then what I’m all about, that’s for sure. A game we play, especially when on a train, a bus, or cueing up in line, sometimes they take a step away, sometimes they’ll take a step back, or sometimes they’ll stay right there and play.

Pretending as if they don’t know I’m dry fucking them, I love the women who don’t move and allow me to hump their fully clothe ass. Then, there are those rare women who will discretely return my humps. The best ones are the women who, after I’ve humped them and they’ve humped me back, they’ll reach around to fondle my cock through my pants, while allowing me to fondle their asses. Those are the women who want me, as much as I want them. Whenever I know that I have one of those women on my line, I’ll discreetly pull out my cock and give her hand a hard surprise. Always, once they feel my hard cock in their hand, they’ll discreetly fondle my cock and stroke me.

Much like a Spencer Tunick photo, a sea of skin, when I stood on the hill overlooking the crowd of naked people below, never have I seen so many naked asses. If I wasn’t such a pervert, I’d be desensitized by so much nudity. Instead, I was invigorated, energized, and ready for the challenge of exploring the huge field of naked asses. Ranging in age from 18-years-old to 80-years-old, the mix of different colored skins and body types arranged in a sea of movement appeared as if it was a moving canvas or a waving flag of ass flesh. I couldn’t wait to get nearer to the rows of naked women for an up close and hands on inspection.

A beautiful day of sunshine, it was very crowed, especially by the stage area, where all the bands played and the people gathered queuing up for a better view. It was so crowded that I’d have difficulty making my way through the dense crowd but, much in the way of shopping at Christmas time or making my way through a crowded train or bus, I didn’t mind.

“Oops, sorry, pardon me. Excuse me.” With a touch here, a feel there, and a hump and a bump here and there, I was having ass overload.

Even with my view obstructed, a connoisseur of asses, most times I’m able to differentiate from a male ass and a female ass. A bump and a hump here and a jostle and a grope there is just want I needed to find that one, two, three or more naked asses that would make my day. Admittedly, once in a great while, I’ll make a mistake and try to tap the wrong ass.

“Oops, pardon me, Mister. Sorry.”

Some women were sitting, but most were standing. Roaming the lines of people, I specifically looked for hot women alone who weren’t accompanied by angry boyfriends or jealous husbands. For sure, having my prick pick from this sea of naked women, I didn’t want any trouble. When I found my perfect one, as if knocking on her back door, I’d slowly and gently snuggle up against her ass crack with my erect penis bumping her ass, while waiting for her to allow me admittance. Some women let me know immediately that they’re not interested. Just as I was seeking the best ass, I was looking for the one who’d lean back into me to let me know that she wanted to be fucked up the ass, as much as I wanted to fuck her up the ass.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right baby. Let Daddy take you to a good place.”

There were so many naked women that my prick had its pick of the perfect asses. If one woman rejected me by swatting me away, so much like a horse’s tail swatting at a fly, or turning to give me a vulgar stare or harsh word, I’d move to the next women. My best victims were the women who were high drugs or drunk on alcohol. They didn’t realize that I was touching, feeling, and groping their ass, until I was nearly having sex with them.

With no one paying me any attention, scanning the crowd, I wasn’t the only one doing this. It was an open orgy. The crowd was peppered with people performing various sexual acts. They were easy to spot, as there’d be a small crowd of voyeurs around them watching them, instead of watching the musicians on stage. There were as many women there hoping for sex, as there were men. I just needed to find my anal love match.

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