Not So Gentle Way – Kagami Biraki

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Big Dicks

I was sparring in ground work with my favourite MILF Mona. I managed to get her into a Yoko Shiho side hold. Her right arm was pinned under my body but her hand was free and between my legs. I let her grab and stroke my cock through my Judo pants made easier due to the fact I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

I had her left hand trapped using her belt end to immobilize it. I slipped my right hand under and into her pants and was directly attacking her clit. She knew if she allowed me to, that I would make her cum, so she thrashed as best she could to try and escape, but to no avail. There was no way I was letting her off, without getting her off.

I knew I was hitting the right spot when she started to squirm and moan. Her pussy was leaking juices like a broken faucet. Her hand squeezed my balls tightly, not enough to hurt, but firm enough to let me know how close she was to coming. A few more diddles and …

“Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! Ohhhh!” Moaned Mona. Her cunt was free flowing as her body stiffened and spasmmed. I was unrelenting as I continued to finger her sex button until finally she passed out from the orgasm. I held her until she was able to revive herself.

“Soremade!” I called out. “Okay, everyone line up.”

Everyone bowed to their partner and formed a line facing me and the other instructors. I looked into Mona’s eyes. They were glazed as she walked with unsteady feet to her place in line.

“Seiza” I commanded. We all sat in the formal Japanese sitting position. “Before we end tonight’s class and stop for the New Years holiday, we should decide on Kagami Biraki. For the new students who don’t know what that is, Kagami Biraki is an annual Warriors celebration, We Judoka use it to welcome florya escort the New Year. Typically it is held within the first two weeks in January. We go out for drinks and food.”

Marc, Mona’s husband raises his hand. “Sensei, rather than just going to the same spot, I know of a club we can go to. Music is live and the band is usually great.”

In the past years, the place we went to was okay. Mona usually sat across from me. The small tables allowed her to reach across with her stocking toes and give me a foot job without anyone being aware; even as her husband sat beside her.

Everyone seemed to be in agreement to this new plan, so we set a date and Marc said he’d make the reservations.

The night of the scheduled Kagami Biraki celebration, we arrived at the place. It was nice. I was lead to the table and took a seat.

Then I saw Mona and Marc walk in. She looked incredible. Her long, dark hair flowed over her naked shoulders. She wore a knee-length, red satin dress. It had a deep vee neck cut showing her ample cleavage. Spaghetti straps held the dress up. When she turned, I noted a high slit up the back. It ended just under her bum. When it split open, you could see her panties beneath.

Mon sat beside me. “Wow! You look great!” I said. “Certainly better than that judogi I normally see you in.”

“Thanks Sensei. Marc picked my outfit for me.” Mona told me. I could tell she was excited; her nipples were hard and pointed out through the material. Mona leaned into me and whispered, “But this half bra Marc made me wear is really making me horny. It only supports underneath my breasts and squeezes them together and doesn’t cover halkalı escort my nipples!” Her hand was between my legs and stroking my inner thigh.

There was a dinner with plenty of drinks. I slipped a hand under the table and between Mona’s knees. I stroked her leg under her hem higher and higher. She was wearing stocking and garters.

“Very hot!” I said leaning in to Mona. She spread her legs slightly as my hand inched higher. Her panties were soft silk, but her pussy was uncovered. I looked at Mona as I stroked her naked pussy lips. She nodded and smiled back.

“Marc made you wear this?” I asked.

“Yes, he thinks no one will know and makes him hot to think that I’m dressed like this in public and that he’ll get to fuck me when we get home.” Mona explained. “I doubt he’ll make it. He’ll probable shoot his load in his pants before he gets a chance.”

As dinner finished and the night went on, music started to play. Mona asked me to dance. It was a slow one. The crowd gathered around us. I nibbled Mona’s nape as my hand wrapped around her. I lowered my hand to the rear slit and was able to slide a finger into her wet cunt.

“Oooh!” Mona moaned into my ear. “I need your cock inside me.”

I ignored her demands and maintained my finger attack.

Suddenly, the canned music stopped and a live band started to play. People stopped dancing and moved towards the front to watch and listen to them. Mona and I got caught in the crowd. We found ourselves at the front but off to the side. I let Mona stand in front of me. The throng of people pushed me forward. My cock was pressing against her ass. Mona pushed back.

Mona slipped haramidere escort her hands between us and found my zipper. She pulled it down and pulled out my hard cock. Understanding what she wanted, I pulled up her dress slightly and slipped my bone between the slit of her skirt. Her legs were spread and allowed me to stick my bone into her slick hot cunt.

The crowd continued to push from the back driving my cock deeper into her.

Mona turned her head to me. “Oh fuck that feels to good… So hot!”

We were able to stay in our fucking position for almost the entire set. I knew it was coming to the end and I wanted to give it to Mona. I started thrusting harder. She figured out what was coming. She turned to me and said. “Oh please don’t come inside me here! Let’s go somewhere and I’ll suck you off. I’ll be able to clean myself before getting back to Marc.”

At this point, there was no way I was stopping. I was too close. I thrusted even harder. “No, Sensei. Please no!” She begged, but it was too late and I didn’t care. I started shooting my load into her cunt. I could feel her pussy walls orgasm and suck the cum from my balls. “Oooh fuck! Nooo!” She screamed but it was unheard from the din of the music and crowd.

I emptied my entire load into her. We remained there unmoving. My erection finally went flaccid and fell out of her cunt. I tucked myself back into my pants. Mona turned to me. “You fuck!” She smiled. “You’re such a bastard! Your cum is running down my thighs.”

When the music stopped, Mona tried to go to the ladies but I made her return to her seat and sit in the wet mess dripping from inside her.

As the night went on, people left on their own time. I left early as well, but Mona texted me later.

“Bing!” Went my phone.

“Marc made me blow him in the car after we left. He had nothing left when we got home and couldn’t get it up.”


“I made Marc eat me. He said it was the best I ever tasted.”


“Thanks for another great year. Happy New Years, Sensei.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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