No Kissing Allowed

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“If you won’t, I can find others who will, honey” he almost yelled in a sarcastic tone.

Paula felt her mouth open and no sound coming out of it. If she had to utter a word that would be to curse her giving herself to him, an impulsive charmer that all thought she was lucky to have him. Her first relationship, her first lover, her first failing instinct!

She was there as an exchange student at her last year of studying philosophy. Europe was fascinating all over and she intended to live at certain cities rather than only travel to them.

She bent, took her heavy backpack and walked away, feeling Luke’s puzzled gaze as she left him and went away. It was true; in life all came together at the worst of times. Her dear grandmother had died last week, ten days before that her personal bank account had been hacked, and her savings all lost due to a bad move giving her credit card to her roommate for an online purchase which in turn ended in having her card tossed around the half campus.

She was about to either start laughing or crying but she knew she had to put those things behind her because she was already late for work. She so needed the part time job at the coffee shop.

Paula quickly changed into her uniform and cleared her mind. She was quickly assigned to the eluded area of the shop, the one used by mostly regular customers desiring their privacy and a good cup of coffee. On her noon shift all the faces were familiar, give or take a few new ones, usually friends of the regular ones.

Some wanted to talk so she offered her attention to them while serving and others wanted their solitude.

Her favorite customer was a grumpy man, whose life story bits were circulating around as gossip, and who never smiled back or appreciated her extra serving of cookies with his tea. Yes, he was a tea man like her. Oddly enough, she felt at ease around him and that was a lifesaver for the rest of the working girls as he was someone they wished to avoid. Not Paula.

When she brought him the scalding hot cup he didn’t even blink his eyes and went on reading his book.

“I so liked the first book of him. I hope you enjoy your reading…” but her voice trailed off as his dismissive look was cast upon her.

“Isn’t your job to serve coffee?”

“Yes…” she mumbled.

“Good. Then you know what to do.”

It’s not like he didn’t regret it the moment he said it out aloud but he was so tired of people.

Rumors had it that his wife divorced him soon after he suffered a somewhat financial disaster and his kids, fed up with his behavior in general, she and them, took the opportunity to fly away.

He has always been grumpy and over criticizing but now he was simply unbearable.

Still, there was something about him that drew Paula close. Foolish of her, she knew.

When she went to collect the bill she was quick and blushed, hurrying away.

The day after she got that three is not a limit when bad luck strikes your door. There was a brief meeting at the coffee shop that they were sorry but had to let some employees go pretty soon. Paula was afraid she would be one of them since she didn’t master the language as her own no matter how fluent she was. Shit. She had to pay tuition and rent…

The next day she did the worse she could; she was absentminded and clumsy. She cursed herself between her lips but it did no good to her efficiency.

Her favorite customer was here today with company, a bunch of men, same age, laughing and ordering brandy at midday. He seemed talkative, leaning to the man at his left and talking between long pauses.

One or two of them knew Paula; they started making small talk. She confided between laughs her financial and other worries and suddenly a voice was raised.

“Here, my friend over there has a job proposition. He doesn’t know it yet but he so needs it. If you happen to have a friend, Paula, who is willing to sleep regularly with this awful, grumpy man she will be rewarded.”

Paula was left speechless. God, this is happening way too often these last days! Were they looking to mate him with a whore? Did HE have to pay to find a woman?

The commotion was loud and when they started to call it a day, Paula wrote her number on a piece of paper and handed it to him. She liked him a lot since forever. It was like taking a giant leap to hell but she couldn’t care less right now. Alone, broke, hopeless. She took the leap.

The moment he glanced at it he got the point. He grabbed her hand and said sternly “I have some rules” and she nodded blushing. Why not? He knew a lot of girls these days did this as a means of money raising. He needed to get off the real way; it had been so long.

The following day he didn’t go to the coffee shop but he called her in the late afternoon.

“Hi, I am Peter, Peter Hansen. I’d appreciate if you could come tonight.”

She couldn’t nod over the phone so she slipped a faint yes and she noted the address down.

At seven o’clock sharp, as she was told, she mahmutbey escort rang his doorbell to be faced with him up close, in his sweatpants and t shirt and a large, empty house. Clearly furniture had been removed and not replaced.

She was in her jeans, bare faced, her hair smelling of gardenia. He made a gesture to follow him and she obliged, holding back a little as she was realizing what she was doing. The thought of her inexperienced self, offering sex services, made her laugh.

His bedroom was small and there was a plain, low, twin bed with dark blue sheets, a bedside lamp, and a book. That was all. He looked at her. He saw a confused, innocent face with strawberry stained lips but he also saw a young girl offering a wonderful body. He wasn’t her father to feel sorry for her, he was a man who was paying to have access to her pussy, that’s all.

“As I said, I have some rules for you to obey.”

She nodded.

“I like punctuality. I expect you to be on time and stay one hour at a time. I want you freshly bathed. I will not look after your needs so the only goal is for me to cum. I will always use a condom and most importantly I will never kiss you. Do you accept? Your money will be by the door on your left. I will need you two times a week.”

She nodded.

“Don’t you ever talk?”

She laughed. “Oh yes, I do, I do!”

His eyes darkened for a brief moment. Then he ordered “Undress.”

She looked around for a light switch. He stopped her. “I’d rather not. At least today.”

She blushed and took her jeans off, staying with her white panties on. Her legs were long and creamy white. She rolled her tee up, extending her arms up, her hips flexing and her body moving a little. Her bra was also white, more transparent and thin than her panties. As she threw it on the floor her hair got messy.

If he was impressed, he didn’t show it. “Go on.”

She peeled her bra off and the glimpse of her pink nipples with the escorting areolas made his cock twitch instantly. Her skin looked so soft, he had to touch her. Still, he showed nothing. She reached lower and removed her panties, cupping her mound to cover it from his eyesight. A thought crossed his mind. “She definitely hasn’t done this before.” She felt her wet slit and held a small cry. He heard and understood by her expression.

He tried to empty his mind and just do what his eyes were telling him to. He hadn’t been with a woman for so long, maybe a couple of years, long before his wife moved out.

He showed her the bed and she walked reluctantly over. He pushed her gently but decisively on her back and lay on top of her. Yes, she was as soft as she looked. He resisted running his fingers through her hair or looking at her soft lips. His face was over her left shoulder, buried at the pillow. He searched her down there and felt her wetness soaking his fingers. He got a grip of his cock and centered it.

He entered her in one painful thrust. They both let a cry, a loud cry, each for his own reasons. He felt a tight pussy grabbing him, so warm and good that he had to breathe deeply only not to cum too soon. She didn’t expect such a sudden invasion, but the feeling of him filling her inside was overwhelming.

He stayed there but as it was too perfect. He wanted to shatter the moment, break it into pieces. He grabbed her shoulders and started pounding, repeating to himself that he only wanted to cum, he was only using her. Paula wasn’t prepared and all was too new and too intense.

Peter was fucking her, sliding fast in and out, trying not to be aware of her sudden pause and the unexpected feeling of a tremendous build up which led to numbing her whole body and an uncontrollable shake. She let some cries out but she didn’t show any other indication that she came because being that the first time she felt it, her brain hadn’t registered it yet. His own cumming came on top of that, mere seconds away from hers and he tried to muffle his moaning.

They stayed like that for a few moments, Peter on top of Paula, his face on the nape of her neck facing the pillow and her hands on his back. When the magic was dissolved her fingers made a stroking movement which alarmed Peter at once. He stood up, being the usual strict self and without even glancing he said “Your money will be by the door, please close it on your way out.” And he went to the bathroom.

Paula needed a few minutes alone to think but he felt time pressing to do things as he wanted them to. So, she got up and dressed quickly with automatic movements, hurrying out. Having used a condom she was relatively clean but her own excessive wetness to be the witness of the event.

She left without a word as smoothly as she could.

Peter opened the bathroom door when he heard the sound of his main entrance closing behind her. Good, she kept his orders. Good, she was clean. Good, she was inexperienced but he wasn’t looking for a partner. Good, she was beautiful but it didn’t matter that maltepe escort much since he avoided looking at her. Good, she came although he didn’t try a bit. Then why on earth was his cock still throbbing?

Paula was living like being on automatic pilot the next days, missing some of her classes and being professional but not friendly at work. She kept thinking why her body reacted like that with Peter. She was keeping his money in a separate divider in her wallet, not knowing what to spend it on or what she should do. Maybe she could start depositing it again in the bank.

This thought came as pretty ironic a couple of hours later as she was fired along with two other girls from the coffee shop.

Three days later her cell phone rang. Peter. She answered it “Hello Mr. Hansen.”

He didn’t mention not seeing her at the usual post at the coffee shop, he understood. “Can you make it today at 19:00?”

She replied a fainted “Yes” and the phone call was ended.

This time she was less shy and started removing her clothes not without a stirring inside her pussy. She remembered how she felt and she wondered if she would feel it again. He was in a plain white tee. Paula hesitated when it was time to remove her underwear but he gave her the ‘I don’t have time for shyness tricks’ and she let them fall on the floor, pissed off a little.

Paula wanted to make him angrier. She dipped a finger in her wet slit, mad at herself for being so ready for him, and brought the sticky substance to her lips. She looked straight into his eyes while rubbing her finger, maybe licking it a bit too.

Peter was startled. While it wasn’t raw, it wasn’t innocent either. His blood accumulated in all the wrong parts: his brain and cock. He stood up, grabbed her wrist and pushed her on bed. Oh he knew the arousing smell of a woman and it had been even longer when he last tasted a pussy of a woman he truly wanted. What was strange was that this girl of forty years of age difference really wanted him and her body betrayed her.

He got on top of her, holding his cock firmly and guiding it inside her, still having his tee on and growling loudly. He thrust a few really hard times and her cries woke him up from lust. She was in pain and his cock in heaven when he realized he wasn’t wearing a condom.

He got up, got one rubber and turned the light off. Let her have it her way. As he entered her again, the sense of exquisite pleasure was diminished by the protection and he leaned to her ear saying in a low but hard voice “You don’t mind a stranger fucking your sweet cunt without a condom? What are you, a whore with an innocent face?”

Paula was feeling reckless today, she was weak after all those adversities. “No, I’m just suicidal.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Having my cunt pounded for money, being a slut like so many others, feeling nothing.”

He pounded harder reaching bottom. His cock was drenched in her juices and without thinking he said “You’re lying.”

“I am.”

Her last sentence was cut short by a faster rhythm, a furious rubbing of his tee’s fabric on her sensitive nipples and a now familiar sense that was grabbing her whole body.

“I want to cum for you” she whispered almost out of breath.

“I don’t care,” he answered not too convincingly.

He hurried to finish but the melting feeling was watering down the raw fucking and made him move a little more in circles, grinding on her clit. She pressed his back on her and grinded her crotch too. What a new wonderful sensation. He tried to elevate the pace but that only made her cum, spasming on him and Peter seeding a condom earlier than he thought he would.

They didn’t talk at all after that. When their eyes accidentally caught each other Paula blushed and he didn’t make it easier on her. She picked up her bra and blouse and hurried to the door. Then he talked to her. “Paula, it’s OK, you can dress and then leave. I’m not a monster.”

He really didn’t have to explain himself he thought but then again seeing her being nervous around him made him aware of the walls he had built and started not to like the impression he gave.

Paula expected her Tuesday and Friday calls like a schoolgirl in love and Peter wasn’t about to admit that those encounters were anything more than a get off on a real flesh.

Two weeks later Paula, after her orgasm held him tight and wouldn’t let him go, weeping softly. All the tension of life and the explosion of their mating made her put her guards down and just show she’s not that strong. Peter rolled her on top of him and reluctantly caressed her hair. “It’s ok, it’s gonna be okay.”

She felt protected and maybe kept her eyes closed for a minute or two. When she was calm again she reached his cheek and kissed him. A warm, thankful kiss full of her heart and joy. Suddenly she came around. “So sorry Mr. Hansen. I forgot. It won’t happen again.”

Peter tried to look bothered but failed.

That day, later at night, maslak escort as Peter was securing the house to go to bed, he noticed that Paula hadn’t taken the money.

The following week Paula seemed a bit tired when she arrived and he asked a rather indifferent ‘what’s going on’ but not as a poisonous remark. She confided that she had found a new job but the conditions were awful, humid and she was underpaid. She warmed up when he guided himself gently inside her but she drifted into a restless sleep right after. Peter went to make a hot tea for himself and let her rest until more than an hour had passed by.

By now, the calls were three times a week and one time she was on her period. Peter thought quickly. He had never made her have him orally before but unless he proposed he would never find out. And, yes, how he had missed that.

He had understood pretty clearly by now that not only she was inexperienced but she also didn’t have another client.

When she arrived he handed her casually a cup of tea. She thanked him sweetly and took a long, hot, comforting sip.


She looked puzzled and tired. “What?”

“That job. Quit. Go to your classes regularly.”

She took another sip to cover her instant warmth and reaction to his prompt. And his care.

Paula changed her attitude at once. She set her cup on the table and walked over to Peter slowly, undressing as she went on. As she was leaning to kiss his cheek and her lips were a hair away he managed to grab her hands and stopped her. “No kissing” to quickly add “If you go lower you will find a member willing to accept a kind of kissing.”

Paula got his point but had only tried that once after a remark of her former boyfriend; she knew not much of how to please a man. She removed her tee and jeans and left her underwear on, kneeling reluctantly. Peter was watching as she took his cock in her hands and caressed it in awe of his changing shape. Her hands caressed his balls and suddenly all her feelings for him rushed up and made her half open her mouth and take his head in her warm cavity.

Peter shivered from the almost cold hands on his balls and her warm mouth. It had been so long… She had her eyes closed and moved around him, getting used to the feeling and the taste. She even dared to lick his little hole while he was fitting in her mouth when she felt his hands on her head pushing her lightly on him. That was like a signal for her to start taking him further in and letting him out, making his cock feel like he was in a moistened pussy.

At some point when Peter was moaning quietly for long, he pulled her hair up and made her release him and stand up.

“Do you like what you just did?”

“It was you so I liked it a lot” Paula replied plainly and truthfully.

Peter took a breath to calm his really throbbing cock.

“Get dressed. That will be all for today. Thank you for your services.”

Paula was puzzled for the second time tonight.

“You can teach me to do it better, Peter…” tried to defend herself.

“No need. You better go please.” And he added “It’s Mr. Hansen for you.”

Paula got her tired look back on her face, all her enthusiasm scissored down by his dismissal.

Peter tried to relieve his hard on alone and he did but the feeling was lost as quickly as it came. He let some curses slip his lips as he took her cup to the kitchen. What was wrong? He had made a solid promise to himself not to feel anything again other than desire and not to believe anyone who would claim to love him. Yes, he did the right thing. He can have her body and insist on no kissing. Maybe add a no talking rule too. No bonding. No sleeping on his bed. No caressing after orgasm. No looking into her eyes while she orgasmed. Maybe not see her again altogether.

Paula walked slowly to her place. Wrong answer. Lousy technique. Fuck. What was wrong with her?

Her phone took more than three days to ring. Finally he called. She was somewhat distant, almost professional.

“Yes Mr. Hansen.”

“Can you be here at 7 sharp?”

She took a moment. “Yes, I will be.” Then she pressed hard the red hang up button. As if it mattered to him.

He had made plans to be cold. He had made plans not to show even his long lasting orgasm aftershocks. He had made plans to fuck her and show her out.

All started out as usual. She covered her naked self with her hands and walked to the low bed. Their encounters had grown as a need to him although he didn’t want to admit it. The way she let herself trustingly on his bed made Peter hard on the spot. He felt lucky to have an excuse to use her body, soft and warm under his own, tight and wet around his cock.

He thrust hard and fast, thinking only how good this felt when she stopped him softly.

“Peter… Mr. Hansen, please, you’re hurting me.”

Her hazel eyes almost wet.

God… How far had he gone from what he was feeling, all those wasted years…

He noticed her hair loose on his pillow and he paused. The roughness he had accumulated on his character over the years evaporated at the sound of her pleading voice and the sense that she was in love with him.

Peter decided to give himself a present he had been denying for a long time, to make slow love to a woman not fearing her expectations of him in real life.

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