No Kids For The Weekend

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(Day 1)


Her phone rang off it’s a familiar chime, calling her back from some half remembered dreamscape, to her king sized bed in a large house in the suburbs of Chicago. Grey light trickled in through the window from a predictably overcast sky and shed no shadows as it dimly lit her room in the early morning. Eric lay in bed next to her, as unfazed by her alarm as he had been a thousand times before. She set up and admired the lines of muscle in his back for a moment before she rolled out of bed and donned a fluffy robe. She tied the sash and headed downstairs.

At the foot of the stairs she turned into the living room and picked her way carefully through the twin’s toys. Honestly it was a minefield. How their room could be just as coated with colorful toys as her living room she didn’t know but she was sure if she peaked in on the two young boys their floor would be an ocean of action figures and play swords, relics of hundreds of tiny adventures the two went on everyday. As she made it into the kitchen the smell of brewed coffee surprised her, until she saw August, her 17 year old and eldest son, sitting at the kitchen table. He had his laptop in front of him and headphones in, seemingly oblivious to her.

“Morning honey” Alicia said. No response.

Now in the kitchen she could hear the noise playing through the headphones, music up too loud as usual. Alicia smiled at the stocky boy and turned her attention back to the coffee pot. After fixing herself a cup she tapped on August’s shoulder. The youth yelped and lept nearly through the kitchen ceiling, scaring his mother as well. He yanked out his headphones, “Geez mom! Was it necessary to sneak up on me like that?” He said throwing his hands up in the air and rolling his eyes.

“I didn’t sneak” she laughed, rolling her eyes as well, ” I said hello. And good morning to you too fussy Gus. What are you doing up so early?”

“I got distracted from homework last night at Mina’s house because we got caught up making a Tik Tok. Trying to finish it now before I have to go to school.”

“Well good luck honey. I’ve got to get ready for work. Thank you for the coffee, and don’t miss the bus again Gus. I don’t have time to take you today” she patted his head and started back towards the stairs with her cup of life giving coffee.

” I don’t need the bus today, Mina’s picking me up, and I won’t be home after school, her families taking me on that trip today” he whisper yelled after her. Alicia just nodded and waved her hand as she left the kitchen.

Back up the stairs she quietly reentered her bedroom to find Eric just where she’d left him. She was happy he was home. 3 weeks on a business trip was a long time and he’d only been home a month between this one and the last one. Now three days since he’d come home she was very eager for the weekend. Between her work, the twins, and August’s wrestling tournament this week, she’d barely had time to reconnect with her husband, much less welcome him home properly. Watching him play with the twins at home and seeing him cheer on Gus at his tournaments had just reminded her how much she loved him. He was a fantastic father and attentive husband. She fully intended to remind him how much she appreciated that this weekend. Maybe she could get Gus and Mina to take the little ones out of the house for a while. “Nope” she cursed to herself “Gus is leaving for the weekend. Got to figure out something else”. She shrugged her shoulders and headed towards her shower.

Inside the master bathroom she slipped off her robe and pajamas and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She set her coffee down on the counter and stepped back to take a look. After three kids she felt like she still looked pretty good. At 5’10” she was a few inches taller than Eric but he had never minded. Perky c cups adorned her chest with dark gum drop nipples facing just a little cock eyed of one another. She wasn’t as toned as she was when she was young, hitting more of a slimthicc build lately as work and her kids forced less and less time at the gym. Eric didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact he started dropping hints that he preferred it, hiding her gym clothes playfully and pretending to call and cancel her membership. She smiled at his stupid antics as she turned around to check out her butt. It was definitely Eric’s favorite asset she possessed and honestly she couldn’t blame him. Perfectly heart shaped and squishable it was something she was proud of. She reached her hand under the left cheek and bounced it a little watching it jiggle. She grabbed her phone and took a quick video. Something for her man for later.

She stepped into the shower and turned on the water. The rainfall shower head immediately dumped ice cold water over her and she let out a small gasp. Her morning wake-up ritual worked it’s magic though and she felt her mind come all the way awake under the cold water. As the shower slowly warmed up, she let herself relax and started organizing her to-do list for the day. Her project at work was coming to a critical point. So many eryaman escortlar moving parts depended on her and her team’s decisions. She washed herself slowly under the warm water, organizing her thoughts and her day. When she pulled the detachable shower head off the wall to wash between her legs the high pressure stream of water hit her clit perfectly and she was aware for just a minute how long it had been since she had been properly fucked. Properly fucked, like thrown across the bed fucked, balls slapping her clit fucked, screaming her lovers name fucked. 26 days. 26 days since she’d sent her husband off properly, making sure he knew what he had waiting for him at home, wherever in the world his business took him. She pulled the shower head in closer to her body and started rotating her hips, letting the spray play on and off the most sensitive areas. She felt herself building up quickly but managed to pull her hand away. She wanted to save it. Eric would appreciate the extra energy. She finished her shower and got out to towel off and finish getting ready for work.

Alicia’s drive to work wasn’t bad, that is to say it wasn’t any worse than any other day. Traffic was an endless plague from the suburbs to downtown but what could you do? She’d found the little note he’d left for her. A sticky note on the wheel of her car. ” Have a good day honey, I love you” it said. Written under that in a messy hand she knew belonged to August “you’re the best mom. Kill em at work today. See you monday”. Around those two messages were crayon marks and squiggles that could only belong to the younger two. What a way to start the day. What an amazing family. So how could a little traffic bug her?

Parking was something else entirely though. That fucking bitch Karen. That fucking whore. She’d stolen her parking spot. Again. It had her fucking name on it. “Alicia Harken” it said. “I’m a bad ass bitch” it said. “Stay the fuck out of this parking spot Karen.” That’s what it said. Whatever. She’d found one eventually and taken a second to cool down before walking into work so that she wouldn’t snap the skinny bitches neck as soon as she saw her. She wanted to save that pleasure for after lunch.

Into the lobby of the huge building she worked in. Wave to the receptionist. Up the elevators. Plenty of time to cool down. She sent her husband the video as well. Something to start his day off right.

She had her center back when the elevator doors opened to the floor of her companies’ high rise office space. She smiled congenially to Ronald at the welcome desk as she strode in but didn’t say hi. The receptionist looked like he was having a tough phone call. ” No, stop, we can’t afford that. Do not buy another dog.” She overheard. Poor guy. He already had 8. Not to mention the cats. And fish. Geez. As she strode towards the back of the huge room, past cubicles and her coworkers, towards her office she locked eyes with Karen. The bitch smirked. She fucking smirked. Alicia’s hands twisted into fists at her sides but she just walked past Karen’s office and into her own. Her smile came back instantly.

Sitting on her desk was a giant bouquet of yellow snap dragons. Her favorite flower. Her favorite color. Next to the flowers was a note. ” To my love” the outside of it said. She smelled the flowers. Sweet, like honey suckle after the rain but with an earthiness that honey suckle lacked. She opened the card, written inside “


I’ve had today planned since before I left for Thailand. Your work knows you’ll be gone for the day. Cleared with everyone up and down. Furthermore it’s not just today I have planned. The twins are going to your mother’s, she’s picking them up today while you’re out, and August is going on a trip with Mina’s family. While you enjoy what I have planned for you in the city today I’ll be at home getting ready. I love you honey. ~ Eric

P.S. – Fuck Karen.”

Alicia’s smile swallowed up her face. She snapped a quick picture with the flowers and sent it to her man, right below the video of her jiggling ass. He didn’t respond. Probably still asleep. Oh well. She flipped the card over and noticed something taped to the back. A voucher for a spa in the city. Her smile got even wider. She squealed a little bit and stamped her feet. She was giddy. She resolved then and there to suck his balls through his dick when she got home. He deserved something special for this.

She gathered up the bouquet and her things and left out of her office and locked it up. When she turned around from the door a half dozen of her coworkers cheered and made cat calls at her. Alicia blushed and waved them off as she headed back for the elevators. A shrill voice called out from behind her as she passed the restrooms next to the elevator.

” Where’d you get those flowers?” Karen whined, like shards of glass in your ears.

” Well, I still have a husband, and he loves me, so he sent them to me.” Alicia explained as the Elevator closed between them. Was it harsh? Maybe. Had Karen’s husband just divorced for being less interesting than a wax doll? ankara escort bayan Alicia couldn’t remember. Fuck that bitch.

A quick drive through the city brought her to the spa where valets parked her car for her. As she stepped into the reception area the smell of jasmine and peppermint filled the air. A water feature fixed to seem like a waterfall all along the left wall filled the room with the ambient noise of a babbling brook. A woman behind a desk on the other wall smiled brightly and gestured her over. Alicia met her and handed over the voucher that was on the back of her flower card.

” Thank you very much Mrs.Harken, you’re right on time. Your appointment is in five minutes, a mani pedi will be first, followed by a face mask. Then you have a 90 minute, deep tissue massage followed by time in the sauna. Does that sound right ma’am?”. Alicia nodded. Sounded great to her.

” Well then follow me this way please.” They gave her a locker and she changed her smart business outfit for her second fluffy robe of the day. Over the next hour she had her hands and feet massaged, nails filed and polished, and dead skin removed. She used the time as they worked on her to relax and caught up on a book on tape she’d been meaning to finish for awhile. After what seemed like only a few minutes they told her they were done and ushered her through a few blurry hallways into another room and a large comfortable chair. Their she sat in her robe, listening to her book while creams were smeared and dried on her face, peeled away and replaced, over and over in layers.

After she was finished there they bustled her again, this time into a dimly lit room filled with candles and the gentle sounds of ocean waves being played through hidden speakers. Dominating the middle of the room was a long high table, cushioned and with a hollowed out circle on the end near the door. “Please undress and lie down on the table. The masseuse will be here shortly.” The short woman who had been leading her around left with that and closed the door behind her.

Alicia looked over the room again. A screen between the door and the bed would protect her modesty as people entered and exited, a scent diffuser in the corner puffed out a jet of mist that provided the same calming scent as the lobby. She had never been fully nude for a massage before. Or alone. Always before she’d worn panties or a towel at least, and they had always been couples massages. But there were no towels in this room, and she was completely nude beneath the thick fluffy robe. The tall woman shrugged and slipped out of the garment. She hung it on a hook on the table side of the privacy screen and then laid herself face down on the table. The room was warm but goosebumps still pimpled her skin. She was nervous she noticed. Right as she was going to stand up to replace her robe the door opened and someone else came in.

The woman who entered was much shorter than Alicia. Quite a bit younger too. 5’5″ maybe 5’6″ and curly brown hair tied back in a professional ponytail. She beamed when she saw Alicia’s face looking up from the table. The smile was infectious. “Mrs.Harken, my name is Kimber, you’re here today for a deep tissue massage?” The energetic woman didn’t stop for an answer, ” and I have you for that for 90 minutes right? Well good, nice to get to spend some extra time with the first client of the day, give me a chance to start the day off right. I’m Kimber, I don’t know if I said already. I’m gonna get started right away. Would you prefer coconut or tea tree oil?” again no pause ” coconut I think. Have you thinking of somewhere tropical on this dreary day.” Kimber sing songed the last “dreary day” but that was the last thing she said. After her initial burst of discussion the little woman was completely silent. She coated her hands in the oil thoroughly and then started in with Alicia’s shoulders. Though she was tense in her shoulders all of her nervousness was gone. Something about the bubblyness and familiarity in Kimber’s attitude forbade any kind of self-consciousness. As the sound of waves washed through the rooms speakers Alicia felt ever more of the tensions of the past month flow out towards the masseuse’s strong hands and away. Kimber was surprisingly strong. She kneaded and pressed first with palms and then her powerful fingers all across Alicia’s back. She had obviously been doing this awhile. Somewhere near her lower back Kimber started to hum as she worked but Alicia barely noticed. The tune was beachy and went with the sounds of the ocean playing through the secluded room.

When Kimber reached the top of Alicia’s buttocks the older woman tensed but the confident worker never batted an eye. In one long pass the woman rubbed down Her back and across her ass cheek. Her hands came to rest just at the start of Alicia’s leg for the briefest moment before they came back up and slowly kneaded all across first her left and then her right buttocks. Kimber was obviously very experienced. Before she moved on she positioned her shoulders directly in line with the palms of her hands elvankent escort bayan to dig them deep into Alicia’s glutes, hunting for any form of tension or stress and squeezing it out of her body. Alicia tried not to groan at that. She wasn’t sure how successful she was. The woman’s strong hands eventually moved on down her legs. She kneaded and pulled the muscles in her patient’s thighs. Alicia stayed calm enough but she was very aware of the woman as she massaged her inner things. Kimber never reached higher than necessary though and after working all the way down Alicia’s legs she spoke again for the first time as she patted the prone woman’s calf, ” ok sweetie, flip over for me, we’ll start back at the top”, again, “at the top” came out with a sing song vibrato.

Alicia raised up and changed sides, no longer even thinking of being nervous. Kimber stepped around the table and up to her head. The woman aligned herself with Alicia’s body and started with her oiled hands on her patients neck. Hands and fingers that had been so strong moments before were gentle now as they pressed tension out of the thin muscles in the neck. From there she moved to her clients shoulder bending her torso forward slightly over Alicia’s head. Here she wasted a fair amount of time. And started humming again. The tune was somehow disapproving this time. “Lotta stress here” the preoccupied girl muttered to herself. She worked nearly ten minutes just on the shoulders before finally moving on with a half resigned sigh. Her next target was the woman’s chest. Again Alicia tensed but again, the younger woman’s obvious experience in her field shone through, as deft and confident motions put nerves at ease. In fact maybe too much at ease Alicia noticed as she felt her nipples start to harden. Kimber hadn’t even touched them, deftly maneuvering her hands so that she never touched her patient’s nipples but kneaded all the muscles underneath. Still, either Kimber didn’t notice the physical reaction of her client’s body or was used to ignoring it. The natural reaction faded from Alicia’s conscience as the masseuse’s magic hands did there work.

Those hands worked down from the woman’s breasts and onto the curves of her stomach. Here the younger woman’s strategy changed. Instead of working her hands horizontally across Alicia’s body, now she started working from the top of her abs down towards her belly button and even further down. Kimber used long strokes all ending just short of anywhere that would make Alicia shy. Kimber used the same tactic on the upper thighs, this time working from the knee towards Alicia’s soft trimmed bush that hid what little was left to hide. Alicia started to feel another effect other than relaxation from the massage. Something decidedly unrelaxing. She started to feel a heat between her legs, coming back with a vengeance for being ignored earlier in the shower. She squirmed ever so slightly and Kimber seemed to take the hint, subtly transitioning from the woman’s thighs to her calves and shins. The massage ended just a little while later, ” Alright honey all done. You were an absolute pleasure, don’t forget to tip, and you can put your robe back on, someone will be here to take you to the sauna in just a moment.”, it ended just how it began, in a flurry of words and Kimber’s energy.

Alicia donned her robe, still flushed from the masseuse’s attentions and thinking over them when the other short woman who had been leading her around reopened the door and called out to her across the privacy screen.

She tied her sash and hurried out. She was lead through another confusing series of hallways until she came to large a wooden door with a glass pane embedded near head height. ” Here is the sauna. Here are hooks for you to hang your robe and your locker with you clothes is right over there. Showers through that door if you need one after the sauna. When you’re done turn right out of this room to get back to the lobby.”

” Thank you very much” she called as the diminutive woman retreated back out into the hallway. Alicia got undressed again and stepped into the steamy room.

Inside the sauna Alicia was feeling more relaxed than she could remember being in a long time. She chose a spot away from the room’s other two occupants, preferring the most privacy possible even though the two were already nearly completely obscured by steam. As she baked in the stiflingly hot room Alicia felt what little was left of her tensions sweating out of her. She leaned back against the wall and let out a deep sigh, sinking herself deeper into a slouch on her seat. She was very aware of how naked she was. Having complete strangers so close to her while she was created an odd sensation, but she was too relaxed to care. Besides her mind was dealing with bigger fish. Thinking of strong hands and fingers rubbing her body. Confident movements. How close the masseuse had been when she leaned over her face to rub her shoulders. Without noticing her hand drifted across her thigh and brushed over her pubes absentmindedly before sinking deeper between her legs. She stopped. Jeez. She’d nearly forgotten herself. She shot a glance through the haze towards the other two people inside. They didn’t seem to have noticed. Good. She couldn’t believe what she’d almost started doing. In public. She shook her head. Eric was in for it when she got home.

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