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My footsteps from my black sneakers are all I hear in the giant warehouse. Some fans buzz about aerating the enormous space that contains boxes of all shapes and sizes stacked tightly on pallets. The shelves that reach the ceiling must be, at least, five stories high. I am alone, and desire nothing but this moment of peace.

As a security guard for a reputable agency in the city, I am to walk this fortress of goods for insurance purposes. Otherwise, I’m just a body in a ludicrous uniform designed by psychologists to lower the esteem and the ambitions of the wearer. I have no importance but to roam the well-swept aisles with my flashlight and notify the proper authorities of emergencies that will never happen. My gray and black costume has lapels with red stripes indicating absolutely nothing. The cap fits my head nicely, but it is just a cherry on the top of a position of shame.

I am ashamed of making my honest living in a job that pays peanuts, but it allows me to work solo with only my thoughts to torture me. After college, I’ve jumped from job to job with no goal in mind, no future goals to seize. I’ve realized that I don’t share the joys and prospects of others. I’ve accepted that solitude is my home, and my life will follow the path of a wandering soul till the day I die.

As I meditate on the black forms that I pass by in the darkness, my flashlight reveals some labels that look familiar. They are on several cardboard boxes that strangely are not shrink wrapped like the others, and I move toward them with some boyish excitement. The large letters of G.I. Joe spelled the lost happiness of my childhood. The innocent toys that occupied those boxes stirred a sense of wonder of war and adventure. It wasn’t deranged nostalgia but a time traveling moment in my childhood, I craved. I wanted to seize that moment and transform to the happy boy I once was.

Undeterred by the silent judgment of the warehouse, I doffed my cap and tie and opened the first box with greedy hands. In the box laid a plethora of figures that occupied the ranks of both COBRA and G.I. Joe. Even the dreaded maverick, Zartan and the Dreadnaughts, who were unpredictable mercenaries that often sided with COBRA, were in their ataşehir escort original packages. My eyes became wide with my discovery of this treasure trove.

Without too much thought as to what collector or store that was to receive the toys, I started opening the clear plastic pockets that held the figures. They were all from the era before they became unrealistic and colorful. Very unwarlike. The latest phase of G.I. Joe became oddly futuristic, and this signified the downfall of their franchise. But these boxes contained the characters I loved from its cartoon series and the slightly darker comic book.

I plotted an ambush of the intrepid, yet, forever targeted Joes by the hidden blue-suited and black-masked foot soldiers of COBRA. The Joes attempt to retrieve the hostages of Scarlett and Lady Jay would be doomed if they fell into the trap of the sinister terrorists who wielded their small black AK-47s. The tight, black suited Baroness would snipe from an upper box with her heavy caliber weapon. She would carefully lead the poor Joes into an attempt to retrieve their wounded man on point (Footloose) into a crossfire set by her comrades.

Everything was set for this tragic firefight. The Joes would be humiliated by this onslaught of their brethren, and Scarlett and Lady Jay would be ravaged and eliminated by Destro and Cobra Commander themselves, enjoying the spoils of this eternal conflict. I figured that evil should triumph over good in this event, because life is hard. It is an eternal struggle, an eternal conflict. Scarlett and Lady Jay acted as the Joe’s Helen of Troy. The beautiful friends of a male and mostly loyal counter-terrorist organization. Their feminine beauty would lead the party of Joes to a shameful massacre, and their own fate would be sealed as Cobra Commander and Destro would rape and execute them.

“Oh my God, what are you doing?” a voice asked behind me. I jumped up from my knees at the sound of the question, not knowing what was asked or who asked it.

“Jesus, Liz. Aren’t you supposed to be here at 5?” I demanded, trying to maintain composure.

“Its five, now. Sweet lord, are you playing with toys?”

“Yeah, ümraniye escort aren’t they cool. Man, they even have the swivel battle arm grip. That came out a year after they started the G.I. Joe line. They probably even have the vehicles and heavy guns in the other boxes. I haven’t gotten to those yet.”

“Jamie, have you flipped your lid? You’re a grown man playing with toys by yourself. You’re supposed to be working.” She observed with a slight giggle.

“Well, think of it as a creative writing class. I’m creating characters who are in a serious conflict. As the story unfolds, the protagonists are put in a horrible dilemma. Knowing that they will lose their fellow soldiers by the Baroness’ pin-point accuracy of her rifle and the melee caused by her compatriots when they attempt to save their friends, the Joes may have to figure out another solution to save Scarlett and Lady Jay. The tension is almost delicious.”

“It really doesn’t look good for that lead guy. That I know.” She admitted.

“Footloose”, I explained to her,” knew what the risk was. His love for Scarlett blinded his sense of self-preservation. Love is blind.” I sighed.

“Come here, before I realize how blind I am.” Liz laughed.

We kissed with an intense embrace. My hands felt the ribs of her back. Then, I lessened my grip as my fingers guided their way down the bumps of her spine. All anxious spirits left my body, and I held her like a life-preserver. She guided me with the tide, and she kept me afloat.

I fumble to remove my coarse, baggy shirt. Liz undoes my belt with more grace and pulls the tongue through the loops of my black trousers. She unsnaps and unzips me to lower them to the cement floor. My boxers give her a moment of amusement, as she shakes her head and smiles at the chickens that decorate the thin cotton fabric. I immediately feel them slide downward, tickling the hair on my legs. The stale warehouse air slightly cools the skin of my exposed body.

Liz stands erect to stare directly in my eyes. Her uniform compliments her figure beautifully. Whereas, my serious gray and black attire hung loosely on me like a potato sack, hers looked kadıköy escort like it was tailored personally to accentuate her motherly hips, small budding breasts, and slim shoulders. The badge of our security company shined in the dark warehouse, along with her belt buckle and cap insignia. She looked like a soldier of fortune dressed in an outfit that was the cross between the Hitler Youth and Star Trek.

My body was fully displayed for her pleasure. She looked at it with her eyes and fingers. I could feel her touch while concentrating on her dark brown eyes. I suppressed my urge to embrace her and clothe myself with her body. It was her time to play, and I was her action figure. I couldn’t suppress the moan that escaped my lips as she fondled my bared genitals. Liz’s touch was gentle, yet confident. She kissed me with her full wet lips. The sound of this traveled throughout the vast space of the warehouse. The taste was her mint gum, and the smell was a bouquet of unidentifiable flowers.

She pressed her fingers onto the sides of my glutes and lowered herself, kneeling as if in prayer. Her humid mouth enveloped my erection. I looked down to see the smooth sheen of her brown hair moving very slightly. Liz’s tongue commenced exploration. I moaned louder this time, showing my devotion and approval. The tongue danced around my shaft, and her fingers cupped the round mounds of my buttocks. I shivered as if a cold draft entered our area, but it was the feeling of being possessed by a benevolent spirit.

Liz’s head began moving with quicker motions, and the quiet was broken with the sounds of friction between two wet skin surfaces. My breathing became more animated, and my eyes closed, capitulating to my other senses of touch and sound. I could feel my orgasm approaching, and my voice cried out like a child awoken from sleep. Realizing this, Liz deftly placed one hand below my testicles, kneading the skin and hair, and the other hand firmly upon my abdomen.

My body spasmed as if being electrocuted while I came into Liz’s mouth. My scream echoed throughout the warehouse as my load was completely emptied into Liz’s moving head. I could feel the warm fluid flowing through my penis. My legs buckled and my head went dizzy. I sat my bare bottom down on some boxes next to us to wait for my energy to return. I looked at Liz’s smiling face, and vowed my everlasting devotion to this person who could humble me into this quivering mass of flesh. She embraced me tightly, stepped back, and started removing her clothing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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