Night Shift

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Damn how I hated this shift at this time of year. It had been raining all night and when I came on it was still raining and cold. I no sooner put on my rain slicker and got into my patrol car when I received the call of an accident on route 42 a desolate road in the middle of nowhere. That was over two hours ago and I was soaked and cold after being out investigating the accident, it was a single car roll over, the driver was drunk, lost control of his vehicle and now he was warm and dry in the hospital and I was soaked, cold and in my unit. It quit raining right after I finished with the investigation but of course that did me no good for I was already in a foul mood and knowing that I had two thirds of my shift still yet to go being wet and cold didn’t help my disposition at all.

As I sat there by the side of the road cussing about my luck a red impala streaked by me like there was no tomorrow. I hit my lights and sirens and chased the impala for a quarter of a mile before it finally decided to pull over. I approached the vehicle on the drivers side my flashlight shinning over the trunk to the back seat and finally to the driver.

The vision I saw made me take a deep breath, there you sat your black hair shinning in the in the light, your teeth looking like pearls as you smiled up at me and asked, “What’s the problem officer?” Damn I thought it’s going to be one of those fucking nights as I ask you for your drivers license, registration and insurance papers.

As you started to reach into your purse to get the items I asked for I went around the rear of the car checking the tags and the back seat my mind thinking of the vision you made in the tight, short black dress, too bad I had to meet you out here like this instead of in a more romantic setting. All this seem to do was worsen my mood even more.

As I returned to the drivers side door I couldn’t help but notice that the top three buttons of your dress were undone showing the kartal escort tops of your firm and lovely breasts and the top of your black, lace pushup bra. Also was I going nuts or was the hem of your dress pulled up more to revile the tops of your thighs.

Damn it this slut is teasing me trying to get out of this ticket I was thinking as I took your license and registration form you. “You forgot your insurance card Ms”, I said.

“Oh I’m so sorry officer you giggled as your opened your glove box to look for it.

It was then that you laid over on your side your ass pointing right at the window so that I could see your round globes with only the strap of your thong riding between your cheeks. You wiggled your ass as you rummaged through the glove box and found the insurance card, sitting back up you handed it to me and your eyes saw mine staring down at your lap.

The dress you were wearing had ridden all the way up to your waist and now I was able to see the front of your thong as it barely covered you pussy.

I looked down at your eyes, they were twinkling and you smile up at me, “is that all you needed officer”, you purred.

I’ll be right back was all I could mumble as I walked back to my patrol car.

Damn cock teaser she needs to be taken out of that car and fucked and fucked hard maybe that will make her quit thinking that she can use her body to get out of a ticket.

The more I thought about you, how lovely you were and how wet, cold and miserable I was more than I could stand , I snapped.

I went back to the drivers door of your car, “Ms, would you please get out of your vehicle”, I ordered. As you got out of your car looking up at me I ordered you to go back to the patrol car, I was captivated by the way your hips swayed as your walked back to the patrol car and now I knew I was going to fuck you.

“You are under arrest for reckless driving” , “put your hands bostancı escort on the vehicle and spread your legs”.

I knew you had no weapons, hell there was no place you could have them and they not be seen in that tight dress you were wearing, but I had to touch that lovely body of yours and this was the best way to start, the good old pat down.

I ran my hands down your arms then along the sides of your body. As I reached your waist I took both hands and ran them down your right leg then down your left leg. As I ran my hands back up your legs I made sure that your dress hiked up even higher showing your hard round ass. My fingers actually felt the wetness forming in your thong and I could swear that your juices were actually running down your thighs. “The slut is loving this,” I thought to myself. That is when I decided that to hell with it I was going to fuck her pussy like it’s never been fucked before.

I took your hands and handcuffed them behind your back then pushed you face down in the back seat of the patrol car. I lifted you up onto your knees and relieved you of your thong, throwing it down on the floor board.

“Yes you bastard fuck me, fuck me hard” you yelled at me as you laid on your face your ass in the air for me.

I raised your dress over your ass and began to swat it making it red, I could see your juices running down your legs and you even wiggled your ass at me saying “Harder you SOB, spank me harder.”

I undid my duty belt and put it in the front seat then undid my pants pulling them down, my cock was harder than I ever remember it being and all 8″ of it had one thing in mind to probe that dripping wet pussy in front of it.

I rammed into your pussy and you to it all with a “yessssssssssss” and I began to pound into you. Your ass was pushing back meeting every one of my thrusts. I reached around and grab your tits as I fucked you pulling on your maltepe escort hard nipples , pinching them.

“Fuck me cop, fuck me harder you pig bastard”, you yelled at me and to that I tried to ram my cock through you, your pussy flowing over my shaft, covering my balls as they slapped against the front of your pussy.

“I cumming”, I yelled .

“Yes you bastard , I’m cumming too.”

I could feel your pussy tighten around my cock as I shot my cum deep into your pussy. I grad you be the hair and held you there as I pulsed in you , feeling your ass trying to push against me making me go even deeper into you.

After my cock quit pumping into your pussy I collapsed on you trying to catch my breath.

My shaft softened and fell out of your filled pussy and both of our juices started to flow out of it.

I turned you on to your back then lifted you up putting my cock in front of your mouth, “Now clean me slut,” as I pulled your mouth to my shaft. You took me in and sucked and licked me clean and I could hear your moans. You then shivered as you came again and I looked down at the back seat of the patrol vehicle , it was covered with our juices. “Now clean my seat Bitch”, I ordered as I pulled my pants back up. I stood there watching you as you licked our juices off of the back seat, then I took you out of the vehicle and undid the hand cuffs.

You started to straighten yourself up, pulling your dress back down, adjusting your top.

When you were finished you looked up at me then raised up and kissed my lips, I could taste both of us on you .

“I’ll be coming this way again next Thursday at the same time lover,” you said.

I was putting my duty belt back on and as you said that you reached down to my baton , started stroking it and said ,”maybe we might be able to have some fun with this too.”

As you walked back to your car I looked into the back floor board and noticed your thong still there.

“Wait you forgot these,” I yelled holding them up.

“Keep them lover and I will see you net week”.

You laughed a throaty laugh as you pulled away.

You know this shift isn’t going to be all that bad I thought to myself as I started up the patrol car and going back to work. My mind wondering about next Thursday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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