Nick’s First Gay Experience

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It had been a horrible day for one Nickolas. Work was a chore, McDonald’s messed up his lunch order, and he was just generally frustrated. The weather was nice enough when he returned home, and he decided that a relaxing stroll through the nearby park would lighten his spirits.

The park was big and heavily forested. He picked his favorite route, a long trail scarcely travelled by anyone other than himself. His walk went undisturbed for the first ten minutes or so when he heard a soft rustling in the brush. It wouldn’t have been so peculiar had it been windy, but not even the slightest breeze was blowing. Still, Nick was confident and strong enough to fend off any would be attackers, and he had thought to carry his boot knife with him today. So with a shrug and a confirmation of his weapon still being on his person, he continued his walk.

It was quiet once more on the path, and reassuring himself that it had only been a squirrel or rabbit, Nick was already feeling much more calm. His solitary walks always cheered him up, and this one was no exception. Had he ended the walk then, the rest of the day might have been different. For further up the trail awaited no less than three well-built men who were looking for just the right man for their plans.

Nick had no way of knowing what would happen next. He casually strolled right next to the men hidden just off the beşiktaş escort bayan path, caught completely unaware. The gang pulled him into the thick of the forest, using their rough hands to muffle Nick’s cries for help. They stripped off his clothes, started to remove their own. Nick’s eyes widened as he pieced together the situation, ever more so when he saw how big their already hard cocks were.

“This is the best one we’ve caught yet!” cried the biggest, eying Nick greedily. The man was built like an ox and just as hairy. While the other two forced Nick on his knees, he stepped forward, shoving his huge cock all the way down Nick’s throat, and proceeding to pump hard and fast.

Nick was terrified of what they would do to him if he tried to fight back, so he resigned himself to getting face-fucked. A thought struck him while the taste of pre-cum filled his mouth. He began to work his tongue all over the man’s cock, sucking vigorously and doing his best to please the man. He was better at in than he would’ve ever thought, and the man who had been giving his mouth a good fucking soon blew his load right down Nick’s throat, forcing him to swallow every last drop.

Nick gasped as the man’s cock was removed from his mouth. He gasped again when he was pushed face first into the dirt. He felt beylikdüzü escort bayan two strong hands on his lower back and the head of one of the other men’s cock rubbing on his virgin asshole. He started to struggle, but they were too strong. They flipped him on his back, and one sat on his face, with his asshole directly over Nick’s mouth. The other spit and continued rubbing on Nick’s asshole.

Brutus, as he would later be known, forced his way inside the tightest ass he had ever felt, and he pounded poor Nick’s asshole as hard and fast as he liked. Nick screamed in protest, begging for him to stop, but the sound was muffled by the body of Roman. Roman gave Nick’s nipples a good twisting and ordered him to tongue his asshole. Nick complied, jamming his tongue in as far as it would go and doing all the tricks he had done in the past on women.

Brutus was still fucking Nick’s ass, and as much as he hated to admit it, Nick was really starting to enjoy it. It wasn’t long before he began thrusting back onto Brutus’s throbbing cock and vigorously and joyously tonguing Roman’s asshole. His muffled screams were no longer filled with terror, but of the utmost pleasure. He moaned and begged for more, begged to be treated like an object. He was their sex toy, their piece of furniture, their little bostancı escort bayan fuck slut. He was a cock hungry whore that only existed to be used by others. All these confessions got the men incredibly hot, and they all came at once, Brutus in Nick’s asshole, and the others, including Nick himself, all over Nick’s body.

As soon as he was free, Nick grabbed the come with his fingers, greedily licking it off and lapping all that he could up. He begged for them to go again soon, telling them how much he wanted them to use his body for their own pleasure. After a very short discussion, the men came to an agreement that Nick would be their new pet. The three dressed, but when Nick went to grab his clothes, they only laughed.

“Dogs don’t need clothes,” they told him. “This is all you will wear now,” they said, handing him a dog collar. “That is, unless we decide we want you to wear a skirt or panties or some other manner of degrading clothes.”

Drunk on the pleasure he had just received, Nick quickly fastened his collar. Not once did he think of running away from the group as they trekked back to the mouth of the trail. Not once did he wish to escape while they drove to their secluded dwelling.

And it really was for the best, as these men truly valued his body. They told him how he was the best pet they had had, how he had been so much easier to break, yet not to the point of it not being fun. He had completely forgotten his old life, leaving all of his troubles behind. It felt good to be owned by someone, to not have any responsibilities beyond that of a simple sex slave. All Nick needed to do was keep his mouth and ass ready to be used, and it was paradise. Content with his new home and exhausted from the day’s activities, Nick fell fast asleep.

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