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“How do you know we’re not going to kidnap you and kill you?” she asked me as we got into the back of the van.

“You’re going to have to rape me first,” I said.

The day had started in Ottawa Ontario and I was hitching to Niagara Falls to have a look at the legendary sight for the first time.

After a number of rides I got stuck on the side of the highway somewhere in the middle of nowhere with traffic going by 60 miles an hour in the hot summer sun and I was starting to get discouraged.

Then a Volkswagen van hove into view. I don’t know why, but I always got hopeful when I saw a VW van, hoping that it belonged to some sympathetic student or hippie of somebody. Usually it was a family and they drove right by. Not this time. The van with California plates pulled over and I picked up my pack and ran to meet it as the passenger got out to slide the side door open. It was skinny young woman with short reddish hair. I looked on the driver’s side and it was a woman with long tawny blonde hair tied back with a blue kerchief.

As we got under way, I found out that they had been touring eastern Canada and the states and were heading back to Niagara Falls for the night before crossing the border in the morning to head back to the U.S.

I said I was too and they agreed to take me to the falls with them.

I can’t remember what the skinny one said, but the one with long hair’s name was Francesca and that she worked at Ingrid’s massage parlour in San Francisco.

I told them I had a ticket booked bostancı escort out of Montreal later in the year for Moscow, the Trans-Siberian railway and boat trip to Japan and was killing time waiting for the departure date.

It didn’t take long to get to the falls, and as it was late afternoon by then, we went for a walk along the rails and admired the falls, making idle chit chat.

I was really taking a liking to Francesca. She had that honey-blond American look, a pretty face with a cute button nose, a small but shapely body with all the curves in the right place and a vivacious curious personality.

I think they made some kind of dinner, because I don’t remember going out to eat, and then we went for another look at the falls in the evening. I remember Francesca took a photo of the falls in the dark with her pathetic little Instamatic and flash and I didn’t have the heart to tell her it wouldn’t come out.

Back at the van, the other woman popped up the top of the van and made herself a bed up there, and it was pretty obvious I was going to be sleeping real close to Francesca.

She rolled out her foam mattress on the floor of the van and I rolled out my sleeping bag.

That’s when she asked me if I wasn’t concerned abut being kidnapped.

Her friend said goodnight from up top and we stretched out side by side in our respective sleeping bags. I don’t know what she was thinking, but it wasn’t very long before I got a raging hard on just thinking büyükçekmece escort about this situation.

I reached over and touched her, then moved my face over to hers and before you new it we were locked in a deep face sucking kiss, and I was unzipping her sleeping bag and mine at the same time.

I slid my hand sup under her t-shirt and fondled her beasts, as she reached down and petted my stomach then reached down and petted my throbbing cock.

Oh God! I was so horny I just about came in her hand.

I pulled up her shirt and kissed her breasts admiring the hard nipples as I sucked on them in the twinkling light from the streetlamp outside the parking lot.

Then I slid my way down her stomach, licking and kissing her stomach, down to her navel, then sliding her panties off and nuzzling in her pubic hair. Her odour was awesome, she smelled so strongly of woman, musky and fragrant and even though there was no hand on my throbbing penis, it was still close to bursting.

She held my head though, and wouldn’t let me proceed. Maybe she hadn’t really bathed well recently, I don’t know, but she was reluctant.

“Oh, you like that do you?” she said, changing positions with me, taking sliding down my stomach now and taking me in her hot mouth. She enveloped my throbbing cock sucked.

It took seconds and I was jerking, bucking, throbbing, coming in her mouth like a mini volcano as she took it all hungrily.

“Oohhhh,” I groaned, as çağlayan escort she lay her head on my thigh as I collapsed, then she slid up and embraced me, kissing me wetly with the viscous remains of my cum on her lips.

We kissed and cuddled for a while, and I think I dropped off to sleep for I don’t know how long, but then I awoke and reached over and started petting her again.

My hard-on regained its strength, particularly when she roused and reached over and took it in her hand, stroking me to a full erection again.

She was wet and juicy between her labia now, so I slid over between her legs and reaching down to her hairy pussy, parted the strands of hair found her centre and slid in.

“Ahhhh…” I couldn’t help myself moaning. She was so hot and wet as her warm vagina surrounded my throbbing meat. It felt so good.

She wasn’t as tight as the last girl I had slept with, but it didn’t matter. Her warm welcoming of my body into hers more than made up for it.

We lay still for a moment, enjoying the comfort and warmth of a man and woman together doing what they are meant to do, then started moving together. It was obviously the first time we had fucked, but it didn’t matter, it was so natural, such a perfect harmony as if we had been doing it for years, until I felt my come boiling up again, my cock throbbing and demanding release, and we fucked and stroked and thumped on the foam mattress, the slickness and pressure of her vagina deliciously squeezing my cock until I felt the orgasm hit me again, a muscle tensing, full body jolt, then the wave after wave of pleasure as I shot spurt after spurt of hot come into her hot thirsty vagina.

Then we collapsed in a heap.

In the morning we said good bye and I never saw her again, though she later sent me a nice letter in Japan telling me about her new apartment and her cats.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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