New to the Neighborhood

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Nicole and I had just bought our first house in the suburbs. This was the first time we actually lived in a neighborhood where kids would play in the street. We were the youngest family on the block, both in our late 20’s, while a majority of the neighbors were in their mid to late 30’s. We were both excited to own a house and went right to work making it just how we wanted it to be. I had been putting a sprinkling system in our backyard all day as the grass was all dead from the house sitting vacant for a few months.

As I worked on attaching the sprinkling system to the main water line I saw my wife return back from a jog with the woman from across the street. Her name is Mindy and she is a single mother of two. She is about 15 years older than I am and has an incredible body. How she has managed to stay is such great shape after two kids is unbelievable.

Nicole came over to see how the sprinklers were coming along. “I am just about done,” I told her, “but I had to shut the water off to the house in order to tap the main line.”

“I figured as much,” she responded. “Mindy told me I could shower at her house if I wanted to. So I am going to run into the house, get some stuff and take a shower over there.”

I found it kind of interesting that she was in such a hurry to take a shower. The water would be back on in the house in less than an hour, plus there was still work she wanted to do in the yard. Before I could question her about it she was heading towards the house to gather up stuff for her shower.

What must have been an hour later Nicole came back from Mindy’s house. “How was your shower?” I asked as Nicole approached. “How long were you over there? It seemed like quite a while.” She smelled delicious, like green apples.

“I didn’t shower the whole time. Plus, Mindy has such a cool shower, you’d love it.”

“Why would I love it?” I replied.

“It has a really high shower head and there is a ton of room. You could throw a party in there!” I had always loved to shower with my wife, but our shower was a little too small. I didn’t mind the small shower, it meant there was more contact when we showered together. I loved to “accidentally” bump my dick against the cheeks of her ass or brush my arms across her nipples as I turned. She didn’t always want to shower together because she likes the time alone and likes to have room to shave and wash.

Then she said something that really took be back. “It is so big that Mindy came into the shower as I was finishing up and started shaving her legs. I guess it is her house and she felt comfortable enough to come in the shower with me, so what could I do?”

“Well what did you do?” I asked hoping for some erotic lesbian story to come out of it. I could picture in my mind the two of them washing each others wet, naked bodies.

Nicole paused, almost searching for the right answer. “Nothing, I just kept rinsing my hair and we just talked about where we would go jogging tomorrow and how we are going to start doing it every morning after her boys start school. I guess her boys are at their cousins’ house for the weekend, but school starts on Monday.”

“That was it!? How crazy is that! She just came into the shower with you like it was nothing and talked about her kids going to school?”

“Yeah, I thought it was kind of weird too.” Nicole admitted. “But like I said, it is her shower, she can do what she wants.”

“Then you just got out of the shower and left her in there?” I was still in shock.

“What else was I going to do?” Nicole replied. “But, before I left I told her that you would have to shower after working in the yard all day and asked if you could use her shower. She is expecting you. She’ll be out of the bakırköy escort shower by the time you get over there, but she said to come into the house because she might not hear you knock.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My wife was telling me to go take a shower at Mindy’s house, where Mindy could possibly still be showering! Surely Nicole knew that the water being off at out house was only temporary. Still, I was sure that if I hurried I was going to see this woman naked so I was not about to question my wife and set off across the street.

I knocked on the front door to see if there was a response. I just felt uneasy about walking into someone else’s home unannounced. Sure enough there was no answer so I opened the door a little. “Hello!?” I shouted into the empty front entry. Again, no response, so I went inside. I could hear the shower running down the hall. I reached into my pants and adjusted my dick so that it had the room it needed as I was getting quite hard at the thought of seeing Mindy in the shower. When I went into the master bedroom I could see steam coming from the bathroom as the door was cracked open. “Hello?” I announced once again as I peered through the cracked door into the bathroom.

“Oh, hey. Come on in, Nicole said you might be coming over. I’m just finished shaving so I will be a little bit longer, but there is plenty of room.” I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. As I stepped into the shower my dick was standing fully erect and pulsing with each rapid heart beat. My heart was pounding. I could not believe this was happening!

“Nice to have you,” she said as she reached out and flipped my erect dick downward so that it slapped back up against my stomach. “I won’t be too much longer and then I will be out of your way.” I sat down on the little bench in the shower and watched Mindy rub shower gel all over her body. I could tell this is what she wanted so I wasn’t shy about studying every last inch of her naked body.

As she washed herself I could tell that she was getting turned on. Her nipples were now enlarged and poking out a little. As her hands moved slowly and seductively all over her body I thought I was going to blow my load right there. I could see the water running down her body, around her stunning tits, down her stomach and dripping of the soft tufts of hair that hid her pussy.

The more I looked at the water dripping I noticed that I could see the lips of her pussy sticking out through a veil of hair. It looked as if her pussy lips were puckered up for a kiss. I thought either this woman was really turned on or just really loose after having two kids. Either way it didn’t matter, the sight was unbelievable. My dick ached to be surrounded by those puckered pussy lips.

Mindy saw that I could not take my eyes off her pussy. “What do you think,” she said. “I have been debating if I should shave it all off or not. I’ve never done it but think it would be kind of nice to be smooth down there.” As she was saying this she was pulling the outer lips of her pussy up towards the front so she could get a better view of her cunt. I could now see the nob of her clit peeking out of her pussy lips and pointing straight at me.

“I don’t like a lot of hair,” I replied, “but do appreciate a little. I think a well manicured bush is very sexy. I think you should keep it how it is.”

“I can see you approve” and she flipped my dick down again so that is sprang back, slapping against my stomach. When her fingers touched the tip of my dick a shock wave shot down my penis to its root and almost sent me over edge. I had to really concentrate and breathe deeply so that I did not shoot hot cum all over the place.

“Well, I’m beşiktaş escort done, it’s all yours. I will get you a fresh towel for when you get out.” But I could tell that she was stalling and not wanting to leave. So I took the opportunity and said “You missed a spot on your back, do you want me to get it for you?” She smiled and handed me the shower gel. I looked at it, green apple. “So this is why my wife smelled like green apple,” I thought out loud.

“Yeah, you are one lucky man. Your wife is very pretty and has an amazing body. Her boobs are so full and her ass is nice and tight. I don’t know if she told you but I just had to see her naked, so I came in and watched her shower as I pretended to shave my legs.”

“She told me, and yeah, she is pretty hot,” I replied. “I just hope she still looks as good as you do after she has a couple of kids. I must admit, watching you shower has gotten me pretty turned on. Now turn around so I can get that spot on your back that you missed.” As I rubbed the shower gel on her back the suds dripped down and disappeared between her ass cheeks. Oh how I would love to rub my dick between those soapy cheeks.

The skin on her back was so soft and smooth. As I rubbed the gel into her back, my hands kept creeping more and more to the outside edges of her back. Soon I was all the way to her sides, almost touching her breasts with each long, slow stroke. She was not resisting and I felt that she was almost leaning back towards me, hoping I would brush by her breasts.

We were both breathing fairly heavily. “I’m pretty sure you missed the area under your breast, I better get there too.” I whispered in her ear.

“Nicole told me you like to wash her breasts too.”

“She told you that?” I said in disbelief.

“Yeah, she told me as I washed her breasts. They are so nice I just had to get a feel of them.” I just stood there, not believing what I was hearing. Mindy could tell I was surprised. “She didn’t tell you about our shower?”

“She told me that you came into the shower with her and started shaving. But that is all she told me.” With my dick throbbing with anticipation I asked, “What else happened?”

“Oh, not too much. We just fooled around a little, nothing serious. I could tell she was a little embarrassed at how turned on she was by my washing her tits.” Nicole would have been embarrassed by that, she always is. “But I couldn’t stop myself from exploring the rest of her body. She has a very sensitive clit, but I’m sure you knew that. After I made her cum she told me she would send you over to return the favor. I don’t think she was into rubbing my pussy like I rubbed hers.”

“She didn’t tell me any of that,” I exclaimed. “No wonder she told me to come over here while you were in the shower. I knew something had to be up.”

“About the spot you were going to wash…” Mindy was keeping us on track. She turned her back toward me and reached both hands above her head.

Mindy’s breasts were simply perfection. They were a real woman’s breasts. They were not small and perky like a 16 year old, nor did they stick out like fake boobs. Rather they hung down a little, just like they should, so that there was a small patch of skin on her upper stomach that her breasts rest upon. This is my idea of great breasts.

I slid my soapy hands around her waist and up towards her womanly breasts. She stepped back toward me enveloping my pulsing dick between her soapy ass cheeks. I took her breasts in my hands, they were each a little more than a handful, and squeezed gently. She arched her back and leaned her head against my shoulder. This caused her ass to rub gently against my dick and gave me a great view of the front of her beylikdüzü escort body. The water was still running down her and disappearing over a mound of pussy hair.

With my one hand I traced the flow of the water slowly down her stomach until I found her cunt. I could feel her pussy lips sticking out and a little swollen. Her pussy was warm and I knew that meant she was wet inside those little lips. I spread the lips apart with my fingers and felt her hot womanly juice inside her pussy. Running my fingers along the inside of her pussy lips up to her clit I began circling her engorged clit with her own juices. “Mmmm” she moaned quietly.

I began to kiss the back of her neck as I rolled a nipple between the fingers of my one hand and massaged her clit with the fingers of my other hand. “I love the taste of pussy in the shower,” I whispered in her ear. The only times I had ever licked my wife’s pussy was either in the shower or just after one. There is nothing quite better than a freshly showered pussy to nibble on. She turned toward me, putting one foot up on the bench and gently pushed down on my shoulders. I got the message and kissed my way down her body, stopping to suck on each nipple.

I slowly kissed my way down her stomach until I was kissing her puckered pussy lips. As I kissed her pussy lips I would slip my tongue between the lips occasionally to get a taste of her sweet honey. My hands made their way up to her fully erect nipples and I began twisting, rolling and flicking at the nipples as I licked all around her pussy and clit. “Remember to write the alphabet” I thought to myself. Before long she tensed up and quivered as an orgasm ripped through her body. I had never made my wife cum by eating her out. Either I was getting better at this or Mindy was just really ready for one.

As I stood up I grabbed my dick and wiggled it on her now extremely sensitive clit a few times to give her one last quiver through her body. I rubbed my throbbing dick between her pussy lips and got her juices all over cock. “I am going to have to wash that now.” She said with a grin. “You have my pussy juices all over your dick.” I did not resist as she lathered up her hands and took hold of my dick. She slowly rubbed the soap into my dick in long gently strokes.

I had to pull away as I was about to cum and I didn’t want our shower together to end quite yet. Rinsing the soap off my dick gave me a chance to cool down a little and collect myself. “Now for the taste test,” she said as she sat down on the bench and pulled at my cock. She began by licking one long stroke from my balls to the tip of my dick. She then took my dick into her mouth and circled around my engorged head with her tongue.

Her hands were gently cupping my balls as she continued to lick the shaft and head of my dick. “I love getting little tastes of your precum, it lets me know that your dick wants my pussy.” With that she stood up and turned around, leaning against the shower bench. She arched her back in a way that invited me to her pussy. Her intentions were clear. I took a hold of my dick and guided it to the opening of her moist pussy.

As I reached around to roll her nipples in my fingers I slid the length of my cock deep into the warmth of her cunt. She was pretty turned on and thus pretty loose and wet. It was no problem for me to gently work my dick to the back of her pussy. “You fill me nicely,” she moaned. “I can feel you so deep.” Her pussy closed in around my dick like a warm, wet blanket. I then pulled all the way out before entering again, sliding deep into her pussy. When my entire cock was out of view I started thrusting back and forth, pounding my body into her ass cheeks and thrusting my cock into her depths. It didn’t take long before my entire body flexed and I was shooting hot cum into the depths of her pussy.

“I’m all done here, the shower is yours.” She said as she stepped out the shower. I was left standing there with rapid breath and a glistening dick. “Next time bring your wife.”

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