New Discoveries Ch. 02

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Zander and I had just shared the most intense sexual experience, but we sat there playing our video game as if nothing had ever happened. We continued playing for a while when I spoke up. I said you know we really didn’t settle anything yet when it comes to who’s taking Lesley out. He said I know and pounced right back on me saying we needed to finish our wrestling match to figure out the winner. I knew right then Zander was fine with what happened earlier and I wondered if he wanted a repeat. I decided to let this play out like I had a short time ago.

Just like before we rolled and tumbled trying to gain the advantage which only resulted in our rubbing and sliding up against each other which had us stiffening again in no time. Also just like before, he started talking again saying maybe Lesley would like to be there wrestling with both of us instead of just one of us. The vision of her there in her bikini or less wrestling and writhing with us got me even harder and distracted me enough for him to spin around again and get my head back in a leg scissor. I quickly wrapped my legs around his head also, and that put us both back in the position of feeling the other’s hardness against the side of our faces. We both started rocking our hips so we could feel the friction of rubbing on each others faces. His leg hold loosened slightly, and soon I felt why. It allowed him to thrust against my face with longer strokes, and soon I started to feel the bare skin of his dick head poking above his suit.

The more he thrusted the more of his hard dick I could feel coming out of his suit until at least half of it was rubbing against the side of my face and neck. I started to smell his muskiness which also included the smell of his previous cum. My mind flashed back to seeing him cumming and the intense sensations of feeling and tasting his cum on my tongue which took me to rock hard immediately. I felt him loosen his legs a little more, but I didn’t squirm away this time. What I did was loosen my leg grip a little, and start thrusting with longer ataşehir escort strokes of my own. Zander didn’t squirm away either so I continued until I could feel my dick becoming exposed by the leg of my shorts riding up. The feeling of my bare hardness sliding against the side of his face was intense. I knew he could smell the same smell as me which started my precum flowing freely again. He said apparently Lesley would enjoy teasing both of them, and whatever vision he had at the time caused his dick to throb and release his own precum. I felt some of the friction subside and his strokes sliding more easily. He started swaying his hips with his thrusts, and I felt his dick sliding closer to the front of my face. I held my face still because I didn’t want to seem to anxious for what I thought was about to happen. I could still faintly taste his cum from before, but did I really want to feel his hard dick against my lips and tongue? Did I really want to feel him sliding into my mouth? What would he do if that happened? Would he do the same to me or freak out and bring a halt to our game? I decided I wanted to keep going to find out.

I matched his motions with mine until I felt my hard-on getting closer and closer to his mouth. His next few strokes had his dick sliding across my lips, but I kept them closed while making sure he felt mine on his lips too. He pulled his head back a little and I briefly thought our game had ended, but he started talking again. He said he knew Lesley wouldn’t be able to stand it anymore, and would definitely be tasting both of us right then. With my next upstroke I felt his tongue flicking all over my glans which caused me to shudder and moan releasing even more precum for him to taste. I wanted him to feel the same intensity so I stuck my tongue out while picturing his dick spurting in my mouth earlier. With each stroke our tongues were licking like crazy while being coated with precum. Then he said Lesley would want us to be more comfortable, and I felt him pulling my shorts avcılar escort down. I did the same with his suit, and when they were down to our knees we resumed our licking.

Each of his strokes were becoming more focused on pressing against my tongue, and I continued to mirror what he was doing. He turned his head slightly and said he was sure Lesley’s pussy would be so hot it would be dripping with her juices from her teasing us like this. I pictured her there with her legs spread and a huge wet spot on her bikini bottom, and agreed with him saying oh yeah. I said that on his upstroke, and before I could get it all out I felt his hard dick slide right between my lips and into my mouth. That elicited a long deep moan from him, and I felt him throb and tasted his precum . I couldn’t believe I was there with my best bud for years, and his hardness was thrusting insistently into my mouth. When he recovered from the initial pleasure, he said he bet Lesley would be taking turns sucking us. With that I felt my hard-on slide into his mouth on my next upstroke and the feeling was incredible. I knew then what he was feeling in my mouth, and I wanted it to continue for both of us.

There was no more talking. Just extremely turned on good friends wanting each other to feel the extreme pleasure of our first blow jobs. My stroking slowed not wanting the sensations to end, but my dick was harder than it had ever been and throbbing with each stroke. Zander also slowed which allowed me to concentrate on taking him deeper with each of his strokes. I felt at ease with what we were doing because he was right there with me doing what I was doing and enjoying it as much as me. That sense of calm allowed me to continue taking him deeper until I could feel his pubic hair tickling my nose and his dickhead about to enter my throat. It was his turn to mirror what I was doing, and it felt amazing.

Between the intense feelings I was experiencing, all of the talk about Lesley being there with us, and my remembering avrupa yakası escort his dick erupting earlier I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and my strokes started getting more intense again. I knew Zander must be feeling the same way because his strokes matched mine, and I could feel his dick throb with each beat of his heart. A few more strokes and I felt his body stiffen so I knew what was coming. I felt his dick head flare out deep in my mouth, and I could feel the tube on the bottom of his shaft start to pump. Feeling his first spurt triggered my own release, and then we were both cumming and writhing and moaning. It seemed like I would just keep cumming and cumming because I felt the sensation of his swallowing massaging my glans over and over so I tried to make sure he felt the same thing. Once we came, our motions slowed again but we kept each other in our mouths. It felt like I was still cumming with each swipe of his tongue and gentle suck. I knew I could still feel and taste his cum dribbling out on my tongue. I felt a sense of pride that I was responsible for bringing him extreme pleasure and making him explode in my mouth, but I was also apprehensive about how he felt about things.

I was somewhat relieved when I started to soften and he grabbed both of my butt cheeks with his index fingers touching my butt hole and pressed his face against me while sucking me in deeply one more time. I did the same to him except when my fingertips touched his anus he wiggled his butt and pressed against them letting out another long moan. We slowly, almost reluctantly, let each other’s dicks slide out of our mouths and shifted back to a sitting position. He smiled at me, and I could see traces of my cum around his mouth. I was still amazed at what had just happened and vividly remembered every minute especially feeling his balls contracting against my chin as his cum was jetting into my mouth.

I knew we had just sucked each other’s dicks and there was no changing that, but I also knew both Zander and I would have loved it that much more if Lesley had been there with us. I didn’t know what to say to him, but he took care of that by telling me we really hadn’t solved anything yet other than proving how horny it made us to think about Lesley being there wrestling with us. I agreed and said in our dreams, and he said tomorrow we’ll race for it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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