Never in a Million Years Ch. 02

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After mom had returned home, we went out shopping together where I was finally able to buy a few sets of new clothes, suitable enough for going out to dinner that evening in. We had dinner at a nice cozy, inexpensive Italian restaurant. And just as things had been whenever the three of us were together, all was perfectly natural and normal. Right up until the moment that mom excused herself to go into the “Ladies room,” as she called it. She had barely turned the corner when my Aunt swung in her seat towards me. We’d been sharing a semi-circular booth together. As she did that, she pulled one side of the cross-over blouse she was wearing, showing me the gap in the off-center V, which effectively bared one of her breasts. Once again, she had decided against wearing a bra, even with as large as her breasts were. Still firm enough to look enticing, even braless for as large as they were.

“Thought you’d enjoy seeing some titty…breast man,” she teased. I reached over giving her exposed nipple a gentle fingering. After all, the barriers which had once been there, were no longer there. “Naughty boy,” she teased as I did that.

“Naughty Aunt,” I retorted back at her, still flipping her nipple, a bit more firmly now…watching it fatten and harden. “Wish I was sucking it,” I added. Susan looked around, talking stock of any waitresses close by, or other customers that might be in a position to be looking our way.

“Go ahead…give it a little kiss,” she giggled hotly. I didn’t bother reconnoitering myself. I simply leaned over, capturing her fat nippled tit in my mouth, kissing, and then sucking it for a few moments until she finally forced my head away…reluctantly I might add. “God you’ve got me hot already!” She announced. “Here…feel this!” Taking my hand, she led it down between her legs, and though she was wearing panties, I could feel the heat and moisture coming through them. I so wanted to finger-fuck her right there, half tempted to do so. But that is when I looked up and saw mom heading back our way, though it gave me just enough time to lean over and whisper to her.

“I so want to lick that,” I said. She winked, and then mouthed the words even as mom slid in next to her.

“Maybe later.”

On the drive home, we talked about having a night cap together in the sitting room prior to going to bed. After we’d arrived, Susan suggested we all get comfortable first, mom already heading downstairs to change, Aunt Susan catching me at the stairs just before I headed upstairs to slip into something a bit more comfortable myself. “Wear your robe…and nothing else,” she told me. I looked at her questioningly. “Don’t worry…I’ll explain later,” she said, and then hurried downstairs to change herself.

I did as she asked, returning downstairs a short time later wearing only my somewhat short bathrobe, and then entered the kitchen area where I proceeded to uncork a bottle of wine. As I did that, sounds of conversation below reached my ears, so I stepped quietly over towards the door, and then took a few steps down until I could hear what was actually being said.

“He’ll never know,” Susan was saying. “Just go with it, the way I told you. You’ve never been much of a drinker in the past, so he’ll naturally assume that after a couple of drinks, and you feigning to be tired and a bit tipsy, that passing out on the couch will seem perfectly normal. Just don’t be too obvious about it, if I actually manage to coax him into doing anything.”

“What?” I thought, asking myself. “Doing anything? And with mom there pretending to be asleep?” Obviously, there was a lot going on I didn’t know about yet, but whatever it was…some aspect of mom’s being curious about me…and perhaps Susan, was part of that. “Well…three can play at that game,” I mused to myself, and then hurried back upstairs to the kitchen hearing the two of them as they padded down the hallway in their bare feet. Moments later, they were joining me in the sitting room where I had already poured everyone a nice large glass of wine. Mom was wearing the same bathrobe I had seen her in that morning, and I couldn’t help wondering if she…like me…was naked beneath it. I was already guessing that Susan was.

We had just finished the first bottle of wine, and I was about to suggest we open another one when Susan pointed over towards my mother. Mom had apparently gone into her “pass out” act there on the large-sized “L” shaped couch we’d been sitting on. She on the short side of it, with my Aunt and I sharing the longer side.

“I think your mother’s had enough. Been a long day for her anyway, and you know she’s never been much of a drinker.”

“Maybe I should help her downstairs,” I offered, knowing full well that would go directly against whatever scheme they’d come up with. Sure enough, Aunt Susan was quick to deny that.

“No…let her be for now, she’s sound asleep. Let her rest, we can help her downstairs later. Right now…I’m feeling very horny and naughty, and even pendik escort more so with her actually sitting there,” she told me, only then undoing the sash on her robe, confirming what I’d been suspicious of all evening long, that she was indeed naked beneath it. Admittedly, I was enjoying this, especially seeing my Aunt totally and completely naked, not counting that time through the window, because she’d never really turned towards me at that time. Now, here she sat on the couch, turned towards me. And though still wearing her robe, it had fully parted of course. I now found myself looking at my Aunt’s pussy for the first time. Perhaps due to her age and personal preference, she still had a finely trimmed patch of pussy hair there between her legs. Neatly kept, and not at all unruly, telling me in an instant that she did at least keep it trimmed and edged by the looks of it. Surprisingly, I found it very arousing to look at, even though her lips remained somewhat concealed as she sat there. “Like what you see?” She asked.

I licked my lips, letting her know that I did as I boldly gazed at her.

“Still wanna lick it?” She asked, spreading herself just a little, enough so that I could finally see the pink glistening lips of her pussy inside.

“What about mom?” I asked glancing up in her direction, though she continued to lay there unmoving, eyes tightly closed.

“She’s out cold,” Susan assured me. “And besides, don’t you find it wickedly naughty…if not a bit dangerous to think about licking me with your own mother so close by?” I grinned at that, nodding my head. “I’ll keep an eye on her just the same, and warn you if she stirs, even a little.”

“Ok, but turn around here on the couch and face this way,” I informed her. “That way you can keep an eye on mom and warn me if she starts to wake up.” The thing was, I had another reason for doing that, something I am sure neither one of them had thought of or considered. Looking up, I could clearly see mom’s reflection in the fifty-inch TV which was hanging on the wall opposite her as I only then slid up between my Aunt’s out-stretched legs. “Warn me,” I asked again, glancing up, already noticing that mom had already shifted, and that her eyes were wide open. “This should be interesting,” I thought to myself. And was already thinking along the lines of something else a bit later. Like I said…three could play this game.


I now focused on my Aunt’s cunt however…now only inches away from my face as I positioned myself, taking delight in the pungent aroma of her musky scent. She was definitely aroused, her pink lips glistening with desire as I inched ever closer, only then lightly dipping the tip of my tongue inside her pussy as her hands came up, resting on the back of my head.

“Bet you never thought you’d ever be eating this cunt did you?” She asked, speaking a bit more loudly perhaps than she should have if she’d been truly worried about waking mom up. I took the opportunity for another glance upwards into the reflection of the TV. Sure enough, mom was leaning up just a little, affording herself a better vantage point in order to see by. But not only that, I now noticed her robe had opened, and sure enough, she was naked as well. One hand already down between her own legs.

“Fuck!” I thought to myself silently. “Mom’s playing with herself!” Though I was again immediately drawn back to my Aunt’s sweet looking pussy as I ran my tongue lovingly up and down her swollen puffy split.

“Oh God!” My aunt groaned, once again a little too loudly, which made me think, she was doing so on purpose so that mom was made well aware of just how good this was feeling as I continued to lap away at her slit, not yet even introducing my tongue to her clit which my fingers had already more fully exposed as I spread her even further apart. “Oh fuck…suck it John! Suck it! Suck my naughty clit!” She begged.

Interestingly enough, I felt perspiration forming on my brow. With the robe I had on, it was actually getting unbearably hot. I sat up, once again taking a quick brief glance into the TV. I had to force myself to keep from smiling as I saw mom dive back down into the couch, retaking her position, eyes closed, though her hand had in fact remained down between her legs even as she did that. “You keep an eye out,” I said again, allowing my robe to fall down behind me. “I can only imagine what she might think if she were to wake up and find her own son, licking his Aunt’s pussy,” I stated, also not quite whispering, and loud enough to have been heard. Susan chuckled at that.

“You might be surprised,” she told me.

“Indeed I might,” I answered back, and then reached up in order to surround her big fat tits with my hands so I could play with those while running my tongue back and forth across the dance floor of my Aunt Susan’s clit.

“God that’s nasty!” She exclaimed. “I so love having my pussy licked.”

“I bet you do,” I said to myself. sefaköy escort Almost asking her if she enjoyed it as much as the way mom ate her. Tempted to…though I didn’t. Not yet anyway. This little game they were both playing was turning out to be quite interesting, and I was now curious to see just how far they would take it, and just how far I in turn could exploit it to my own amusements. And I now knew of course, that mom would have a perfect view of my ass and dangling balls as I knelt over my Aunt’s cunt slightly, licking and teasing her all the while kneading those magnificent tits of hers.

Surprising myself, I was half wishing that I was doing the same thing to mom. Perhaps in time I would be! But right now, I had my Aunt’s sweet cunt in front of me, and had every intention of enjoying it to the fullest extent as I finally drew her hard precious clit in between my lips, now gently sucking and pulling on it as she lifted her ass slightly, meeting me…thrusting and mashing herself against my face.

She was a hell of a lot closer than I imagined she would be, but was determined to draw this out for as long as I possibly could, even backing off a little though she almost chased me with her cunt. “Please…please, lick it John, lick it. Lick that little fucker and make me cum!” She pleaded.

“Only if you promise…” I teased, once more ever so lightly tickling her little nub of pleasure with the tip of my tongue.

“Promise what?” She asked breathlessly, ready to promise me the world if I asked it by the sounds of it.

“That you’ll let me squirt all over your tits and face afterwards,” I said. I wondered then what mom would think, seeing me doing that to her very own sister.

“Oh fuck yes! Yes! Whatever you want baby!” Susan squealed with delight. “You can squirt wherever you want to. Cover me from head to toe in your hot naughty cum-juice!” She almost cried out, aroused beyond measure as I once more captured her clit in between my lips, one hand dropping down between her legs now where I added one, and then two fingers…working that soft spongy magical place just inside her pussy. “Oh my God! What are you…what are you…doing?” She moaned once more thrusting up against me as I worked that special little spot, gently chewing her clit, feeling her tense up suddenly.

I wondered.

“Oh my God!” She actually did cry out then, loud enough to have awoken the dead, uncaring if she did as she suddenly exploded beneath me. And sure enough, as I had hoped, as I had learned and found out a lot of women could do…she squirted! Not a lot, but enough that it even surprised her. She obviously had never done that before, and told me so the following day. At the moment however, I was now lapping away at the sweet sprinkle of female cum-juice that was making these tiny little spritzers of sweet tasting spray against my face.

And I swore…I heard a small groan of pleasure come from mom’s side of the room as I did that.


And now true to her word, after she had climaxed so wonderfully, I slithered up her torso, straddling her tummy. Rock hard and horny, and in dire need of releasing what I knew was going to be a sizeable load all over those pretty tits and face. And my Aunt was waiting for it as I sat there, jacking myself.

“Yes baby, yes. Work that naughty cock for me, jack it…jack it John. Make it squirt. Make it shoot all over these tits,” she said holding them up for me like a target, likewise opening her mouth, running her tongue around her lips quite lewdly. “Squirt it in my mouth baby…shoot it right inside my mouth, let me taste you…again,” she added, which once again nearly made me smile. Obviously…they had talked. And obviously, mom was well aware of what must have happened in the bathroom earlier. And even as I prepared to shoot off all over my Aunt, I knew the night was far from being finished yet, if I had my way.

“Here it cums you naughty horny cunt,” I told her, knowing full well how hot talking dirty to her got to her. By the look in her face I could see that it did as she left off her breasts, hands diving down between her legs now, one hand reaching for my cock. I pulled back however, wanting to spray her myself, preferring to watch her make herself cum now, as I did. Telling her so. “Work that cunt you naughty fucking bitch!” I told her. “Come on, play with it, spank it…slap it. Make yourself cum. I’m going to shoot my hot nasty juice all over those pretty titties of yours, and that nasty looking pussy! Here it comes Susan, you ready?”

“Oh fuck baby…yes! Yes!” She cried out actually slapping her cunt. A quick glimpse into the reflection of the TV likewise confirmed that mom too was frigging her own pussy furiously, watching…obviously listening to the two of us. Just the thought of her doing so, as my prick began to launch several streamers of hot sticky semen over my Aunt’s body and face was enough to intensify the orgasm as I stood there jacking silivri escort my cock off against her. “Oh wow baby…wow!” Aunt Susan exclaimed breathlessly having climaxed simultaneously as I did. Now massaging in my torrent of cream into her breasts, I began to turn, noticing as I did that mom had once more settled back into her previous position, feigning having passed out earlier. I walked over towards her, cock still semi-erect, sticking out as I stood there next to her looking down.

“You’re certainly right about one thing…” I began glancing back towards my Aunt once more, who was now looking at me with a slightly worried expression on her face.

“What…what’s that?” She hesitated.

“Doing this in front of her, though she’s obviously out cold, certainly did add an element of dangerous excitement. I wonder what would have happened had she woke up and saw us?” I asked.

“Oh yes…well. I’m sure she would have been a little shocked and surprised yes. Not too terribly upset perhaps, she is after all a woman with the same needs and desires as any women has. Especially after having gone so long without having a man. But you being her son and all, probably would have been a bit unnerving for her.”

I stood looking at my mother, smiling to myself. Her eyes tightly closed, trying to calmly control her breathing though I couldn’t help but notice a bead of perspiration on her brow. This ruse she and my Aunt were trying to pull on me was almost comical. And it was now time to have a little fun with it at their expense. I reached down, pulling one side of my mother’s robe open just enough to expose her breast.

“John! What are you doing? You’ll wake her up!” My Aunt warned.

“I doubt it,” I responded back. “If she didn’t wake up while we were doing all that, I seriously doubt she’ll even be remotely aware I’m stealing a peek at her tits. I’ve always wondered what they look like, especially now. And since I have the chance, might as well take it,” I said candidly giving my Aunt a wicked smile, and then reaching down to completely undo the sash on my mother’s robe, peeling that back so as to expose her fully and completely.

“You…you’ve thought about what your mother’s tits looked like?” Susan asked curiously.

“Of course, you and her. For years growing up, I admittedly harbored a few fantasies about the two of you. Don’t most horny teenage boys do things like that? Especially with a mother and Aunt who are both sexy and attractive? Well anyway, I did. And since we’re already being naughty here…what’s it hurt for me to take a peek at my own mother, knowing she’ll never know I did…unless you tell her of course.” By now I could see what appeared to be goose bumps gathering, not to mention her nipples crinkling up a bit more than they already had been. Her arousal was obvious, even if she was trying to pretend it wasn’t. I decided to get a bit bolder, now reaching out to actually finger one of them, flipping that hard erect nipple lightly.

“John!” Susan spoke, once again warning me, now whispering…which again was almost funny. “Don’t…you’ll wake her up for sure doing that!” I was starting to get hard again, which Susan now noticed, especially as I now rubbed the head of my prick against one of my mother’s breasts, enjoying the clear trail of lubricant I began spreading against one of them.

“Nah, she’s really out. Never was much of a drinker, I bet I could almost fuck her and she’d never even wake up then.” I jokingly teased, seeing the worried look in my Aunt’s face that I might actually try it.

“You…you wouldn’t would you?” She asked.

“No, not like this…not this way,” I said surprising her. “I would never fuck my mother against her will. She’d have to come right out and tell me that’s what she wanted to. If she were to ever do that, then I certainly would…no doubt about it!” I turned to look at my Aunt once more. She was cupping and fingering one of her breasts, obviously becoming aroused again herself watching me, hearing what I’d just said. “Admittedly, I’m getting aroused again, looking at my own mother, as well as you. Wondering…”

“Wondering what?”

“You know…you two. Growing up together. Did the two of you ever fool around?”

“Fool around?”

“Yeah, you know…masturbate, play with one another, that sort of stuff.” My cock was nice and hard again as I walked back over towards my Aunt, figuring I’d give poor mom a chance to quietly collect herself, though I had made no effort to close her robe again, leaving her fully exposed now. My Aunt’s gaze of course, once more back on my cock as I began rubbing it against her cheeks as well as along her lips as she tried to speak.

“Well yes…I guess we did a few times. You know, curiosity and all that, growing up…just learning about sex and all that.”

“Tell me about it,” I urged her, now reaching down to capture one of her hard nipples, pinching and pulling on it almost cruelly. “I want to hear!”

“Well, even though there was two years between us, we seemed to develop almost at the same time, so it sort of began with the two of us making comparison about the way our breasts were developing, taking in those differences…things like that, and then it sort of escalated from there over the years.”

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