Never Enough Ch. 04

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Amber and I walked into Carl’s office to get our money. I made $800 for the day, money I’d be putting to good use later on. Carl gave Amber $200 even though I knew he’d already given Jed her money. He wouldn’t have left so easy without the money Amber had made for him. I always felt Carl had a soft spot in his heart for someone who really was in need of help.

My cell phone rang; it was Jack finally getting back with me. I told him what had happened and that I’d stuck my neck out. I could hear him trying to muffle his laughter over the phone.

“Sure, I’ll give her a job as a dancer.” He stated. “We can always use more girls.”

Amber picked up her tattered old suitcase and we left the studio. We had time to drive back to my apartment and still make it to work on time. I gave Amber a quick tour of my apartment and showed her where she could put what few things she had. I picked out a couple of thongs she could wear and a pair of black high-heels that were too small for me. She wanted to pay me for them but I told her to wait and see how the dancing job worked out first. We left the apartment a little early so we could stop and grab a sandwich before going to work.

Once we got to the club, I introduced Amber to Jack and Barbara. They both loved her southern accent. Jack escorted her up to his office to get all the employment forms filled out. I changed clothes in the dressing room, putting on my new white mid-thigh boots and white panties. The bar was starting to fill up fast, typical for a Friday night. Marcus was bringing out beer by the cartload just to keep up. I was running figures in my head, trying to tally up how much money Jack and Barbara were making.

Amber came back down to the bar. I showed her how to access the dressing room so she could change. She came back shortly, wearing a black thong and the high-heels. Needless to say, she drew a lot of attention from the patrons. Amber had the body, the personality and the willingness to work. I knew she’d make it alright but I still wanted to keep an eye on her. She was much too naïve and gullible. Amber could easily fall for some guy’s line, especially Carl’s.

Carl came into the bar around 10:00. There were only a few seats open at the bar. I didn’t have but a few minutes to talk with him. He really wanted to talk with Amber. I reminded him about the verbal agreement we’d made concerning Amber working for him. I didn’t want him having exclusive rights to whom she worked for. I was making plans of my own for Amber and it damn sure didn’t involve him.

Amber was making “tuck tips” like crazy. Tuck tips are tips patrons give the girls for letting them tuck paper money in their g-strings and thongs. It gives them a chance to sneak a peak at what the girls are barely covering up. I hoped she wouldn’t let all this newfound money go to her head.

Shortly after 1:00 am, I could see Amber’s energy running down. She came over to the bar and sat down on one of the vacant barstools. I knew she had to be as tired as I was.

“Two more hours and we’ll get out of here!” I exclaimed.

“I’m pooped!” She exclaimed in her southern accent. “I think I could go to sleep standing up!”

Amber and I left the club shortly after 3:00 am. Marcus, Barbara and Jack remained to close and secure the nightclub. Amber was asleep by the time I got on the bypass to head for home. I had a hard time waking her when we got to my apartment. She would have slept in the car if I had let her.

Amber chose to sleep on the couch, not wanting to intrude by sleeping in my bed. That was fine with me. I’m used to sleeping alone. It would be hard sharing my bed with another person. It was almost 10:00 am when I woke up. I checked on Amber. She was still sound asleep on the couch. I put on some coffee and grabbed a shower while it brewed. Amber was still asleep when I got dressed and went back to the kitchen. I thought I’d just let her sleep. I could use the quietness of the apartment to do a little planning. I logged onto the internet with my laptop and did a little investigating. The coffee and cigarettes were all I wanted right now. I’d wait and eat when Amber woke up.

It was close to noon before I heard Amber stirring. She slowly rose to a sitting position on the couch, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She smiled when she saw me sitting at the dining room table. I shut down my laptop. It wasn’t that I wanted to keep any secrets from her. I just didn’t want to go into details about any of my plans.

Amber took a shower while I fixed us breakfast. She ate like she was starved, choking her food down. I had to put my hand on her arm to get her to slow down. After we cleaned up the kitchen, Amber counted her tuck tips. She’d made over $150 her first night on-stage. She kept counting the money over and over.

“What are you going to do with all your money?” I asked.

“I’m going to pay you for the shoes and underwear first.” Amber answered. “If you’ll let me stay here with you, I’d be more than happy to pay half of avcılar escort everything.”

“I guess it would be a good idea to open up a savings account, wouldn’t it?” She added. “I ain’t never had a savings account.”

“Well, you might want to use a little of that money to do some shopping.” I suggested.

She didn’t have much clothing, a couple pairs of jeans, a few t-shirts and underwear was all she had. I suggested we hit the discount stores and see what kind of bargains we could find. She was like a kid in a candy store, but she was hesitant about spending her money. We did buy a few things to get her started. We could always go shopping again when she made more money.

I wanted to talk with Amber about making the porno movies. I also wanted to warn her about Carl. Carl was basically a good person but I didn’t particularly care for the way he did business. I asked Amber not to sign any contract unless I read it over first. It was for her own benefit. She didn’t hesitate to agree with me. She knew that people would take advantage of her if they thought they could get away with it. I told her we’d cut a deal with Carl Monday morning. I didn’t mention the difference in money each of us would be making.

Saturday night at J.R.’s was busier than usual. We had a lot of couples come into the club. Amber sat with a few of them, sipping a soft drink. I had a feeling they were either swingers or couples looking for a threesome. Amber and I went out for breakfast with some of the other dancers after the club closed. It was almost 5:00 Sunday morning before we got back to the apartment. We both slept till noon. We didn’t do much Sunday afternoon, watched some auto racing on television and did some laundry. Amber was big into auto racing, especially NASCAR.


A whole year had passed. I was still working at J.R.’s. Working as a topless bartender was getting old. I was still making good money, mostly from tips, so I couldn’t really complain. During the past year I’d done so many porno scenes and movies, I’d lost count. The one thing I could count was my money. I’d also made some successful investments in the stock and money markets and it had paid off.

Amber was still sharing my apartment with me, paying half the expenses. She was still pinching her pennies, accounting for every dollar she had. Amber was still doing the porno movies like me. She was putting everything into certificates of deposit, opting for security over risk. At least she wasn’t out buying expensive cars and houses.

Andrea was constantly bitching about Carl not using her as much as he used to in the porno movies. She was having to work more nights at the club just to make her house and car payments. I guess she figured she could make movies well into her 40’s. I wondered what she was going to do when she got too old to dance at the club! Her predicament wasn’t my problem but I worried about her anyway.

Fawn was holding her own, dancing at the club several nights a week and doing a few porno movies occasionally. She also had a loving husband with a good job to fall back on. She was handling her money and her life appropriately. I wasn’t too concerned about her. She had her head on straight.

It was one of our typical Saturday nights at the club, busier than hell. There were quite a few couples in the crowd. Amber was sitting at a table, chatting with an attractive couple in their mid-thirties. I noticed them looking my way several times during their conversation. Amber left them when it was her turn on stage. She did her short stint and came over to the bar.

“See that couple over there at the table?” She asked. “The couple I was talking with.”

“Yea, I noticed them.” I replied. “Nice looking couple.”

“Well, they’ve seen quite a few of your movies.” She stated. “They’d like to talk with you.”

“I can’t get away right now.” I said. “Maybe if things slow down later on.”

“Go ahead, Jennifer.” Barbara chimed in. “Marcus can fill in. You need a break anyway.”

I lit up a cigarette and proceeded towards the couple’s table. They both smiled as I approached them.

“Hi! I’m Jennifer.” I greeted them. “Amber said you wanted to talk with me.”

“Yes, we certainly do!” The lady replied excitedly. “We’ve seen about all of your movies.”

“Well, thank you.” I stated. “I’m flattered.”

“I’m Scott and this is my wife, Melissa.” The guy introduced himself and his wife. We casually shook hands.

“We’d like to talk with you about the movie business if you’ve got time?” Scott stated.

“I’ve got a little time.” I replied. “But I think you’re probably talking to the wrong person.”

Scott and Melissa had played around making their own little porno movie together. They wanted to see about getting into the business, but not as actors. They’d recognized me and thought I might be able to give them some insight into the business end. It was hard for us to talk with the loud music blaring avrupa yakası escort from the speakers. I was still stuffing cotton in my ears so that didn’t help either. I didn’t want to shout, not wanting to be overheard by some of the other customers. I motioned to the short hallway back to the rear service entrance where we could talk a little more privately.

They followed me into the hallway. The music wasn’t quite as loud in the hallway and we had more privacy.

“To what extent are you two wanting to get involved in the porno movie business?” I asked.

“We don’t want to be in front of the cameras at all!” Scott informed me. “We’re looking at getting into the business end, maybe as producers or owners. Something along that line.”

“Both of us would have to be discreet.” Melissa added. “We wouldn’t want our families or friends to ever find out.”

“Do you realize how much it would cost to get set up in the movie business?” I asked. “And all that would be involved.”

“No, we’re both in the dark.” Scott replied. “That’s why we’re still doing a little investigating.”

I thought for a minute before saying anything more. I didn’t want to divulge any of my plans to them without carefully thinking it over. I’d worked this past year doing my own legwork. Why should I share my information with them?

“I’d like to carry this conversation further but I’ve really got to get back to work.” I stated. “Is there someway I can get in touch with you?”

Scott and Melissa seemed pleased with my answer and understood we were busy. Scott handed me a business card with their home phone number on it. I told them I’d get back with them sometime the following week and try to set up a meeting.

I mulled over the idea of setting up a meeting with the couple for most of the following week. I really hadn’t thought about any business partners. I wanted my own movie business operation. It could take me another year to realize it financially. If they had the money to invest, I could start immediately. I might even be able to get them to agree to most, if not all the financial support. It wouldn’t hurt to set up a meeting and see where they stood on the idea.

I called the phone number early Friday afternoon. Melissa answered the phone. I asked her if she was free to talk, not knowing who might be there with her. She was very anxious to talk. I asked her if the three of us could meet sometime around noon on Sunday. Melissa said it would be a good time for them so we set up the meeting. Their home address was listed on their card. They lived on a reservoir, northeast of the city. It was a very expensive neighborhood to say the least, million dollar plus homes. I left the apartment early enough Sunday so I wouldn’t be late for the meeting with Scott and Melissa. I wore my best beige business suit to give myself a professional look. The homes along the reservoir are gorgeous. I found my way to Edgewater Drive and slowed till I found the address on the business card. I pulled through the wrought iron gates, driving slowly towards the front of the house.

I rang the doorbell and Scott answered the door. Scott was about 5’10”, average build but very handsome. He was well-g roomed and clean-shaven. He was dressed in Dockers and a polo shirt. Melissa stood right behind him. She was just a little shorter than Scott, maybe 5’8″ or 5’9″. She had a great figure. Her dark brown shoulder length hair accentuated her deep green eyes. She was wearing black leather slacks and a white dress blouse trimmed in black lace.

We shook hands in the large foyer before entering the living area. Their home was exquisite. Scott and Melissa sat together on the couch. I sat down across from them putting my purse and attaché at my feet. I came prepared. I felt it best to start with the “pro” information first, then follow up with the “con” information if they were still interested. I handed them some printouts I’d run earlier that morning.

“I’ve been running some updated figures on gross profits versus expenses.” I stated. “I’ve kept the profit numbers on the low-end so you can see a minimum return on investment.”

I allowed Scott and Melissa plenty of time to read over the figures. I could see big smiles forming on both their faces. They asked several questions, mostly about gross profits and overall expenses. It would be hard to predict the high-end numbers but I threw out a figure that I felt was conservative. They could only see dollar signs. I reminded them that with any business venture, there were always risks involved. I’m sure they realized that. I just wanted to remind them not to forget about the negative side of the business.

“What about getting set up?” Scott asked. “What kind of investment would we have to make to get started?”

I handed them a list of necessary equipment along with current purchase prices. The camera operators and audio techs had been very helpful, giving me the information I asked for. Digital technology bağcılar escort had greatly improved and the costs had decreased considerably.

“You’ll also need to consider other initial expenses, furnishings, props and a site location.” I added. “We could probably lease a building that would suit your needs. We’d also want to consider individual residences. I know of one home in Carmel that we could rent by the day.”

Scott and Melissa were still very interested in my business proposal. I think they’d actually become more interested after seeing the numbers. I didn’t want to divulge any more information than I had to about distributors, retail sales and media processors. I wanted to keep if for leverage if the three of us struck a business deal. I had to keep the upper hand.

“Melissa and I would like to think it over a little before deciding.” Scott stated. “If we do decide to proceed forward, what kind of partnership are we talking about?”

“If you cover the initial investment, I’m willing to go 60-40.” I stated. “If I cover half the initial investment, I want 75-25. Either way, I want full run of the operations.”

Scott and Melissa looked at each other trying to decide which would be best for them. I was hoping they’d go the 60-40. I’d own 60 percent of the business without risking any of my own money. It would also pay off better for them, once the initial investment was regained. I didn’t want them to answer right away. They needed to think it over carefully. “I think it would be best for everyone if you thought it over for awhile.” I suggested. “This is not something you want to just jump into.”

“If you have full run of the operations, does that mean you’ll also take care of hiring the actors and actresses?” Melissa asked. “And what about all the other people you’ll need?”

“I’d have full authority to take care of everything, including personnel.” I boldly stated. “You won’t have to be anymore involved than you want to be.”

I knew they wanted to stay as far in the background as possible, yet still rake in their share of the profits. It was the way I wanted it too.

“Ok!” Scott said. “Melissa and I will think it over and get back with you. Do you have a phone number where we can reach you?”

I gave them my cell phone number and email address so they could contact me. I also told them I was at the club every evening but Tuesdays.

“Well, how about a drink?” Scott offered. “My throats dry from all this talking!”

I gladly took them up on their offer. We walked down to a bar in their lower level family room. Scott stood behind the bar while Melissa and I sat on the other side.

“Is it difficult having sex with all those cameras pointed at you?” Scott asked. “And all those people standing around?”

“Not for me it isn’t.” I replied. “I stay focused on my partner. I put everything else out of my mind and not let myself get distracted.”

“I’m sure it’s harder on the guys.” I added. “It’s got to be more difficult for the guys.”

“Does it bother you being with another woman?” Melissa asked. “Is it as different as they say it is?”

“It doesn’t bother me.” I replied. “My first time on camera I was a little nervous but after that I got used to it. Yes, it’s quite different with another woman than with a guy.”

“What about all the moaning and groaning?” Scott asked. “How much of it’s fake and how much of it’s real?

“I don’t usually have to fake the moaning.” I said, laughing. “For me, it just comes naturally. Guess I’m a little hyper-sexed.”

“Do you ever get emotionally involved with any of the actors or actresses?” Melissa asked.

“Well, we’re all pretty friendly but that’s about as far as it goes.” I replied. “At least for me it is. I’m sure there’s always a chance a sexual relationship could develop.”

“Do you have any favorite guys you like to have sex with?” Melissa asked.

“Oh, I like working with Chris, Rick, Darren and Richie.” I answered, grinning. “I guess they’re my favorite guys. Amber and Fawn are my two favorite girls.”

“I wouldn’t mind fucking that Chris guy once or twice!” Melissa exclaimed. “He so fucking hot!”

“Well, I could arrange that if you’d like!” I exclaimed, laughing.

Scott and Melissa laughed at my remark. I kind of wondered if Melissa might actually have meant it though.

“Well, Scott and I aren’t into the open-marriage thing!” Melissa said, smiling.

“I take it you two have never been with anyone else then.” I quipped.

“Well…we’ve talked about a threesome with another girl.” Scott said. “Melissa’s curious about what it would be like with another girl!”

“Well, just a little curious is all.” Melissa stated, nervously. “I don’t think I could ever really do it.”

“Nothing wrong with being curious.” I replied.

“I guess.” Melissa stated, looking down at her glass of wine.

I felt Melissa was more than just a little curious. I put my hand on Melissa’s arm and turned her towards me. I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. She eagerly returned my kiss, not hesitating for an instance. I gently worked my lips over Melissa’s till I heard her moan softly. Her hands were shaking a little. I held both of her hands in mine to calm her down. After a few minutes, I pulled my lips slowly from hers.

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