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I’m so nervous. Even though I’m with David, my husband, I’m still nervous.

It’s our anniversary today and after seven years of marriage David asked for his gift to be a special night of passion. This is what made me nervous. I always thought we had a good sex life but apparently David thought it was lacking. He wanted to try some new things. “Be more adventurous” is what he said. He didn’t give any specific examples, just asked me to trust him. I agreed, even if it was only to make him happy. I am nervous.

So now here we are. I sat on the edge of our California King sized bed twisting my hands in knots waiting for whatever David had planned.

“Sara,” said David, “are you ready?”

“I’m not really sure” I replied.

“Well, today I bought a couple of things for us tonight,” he said “why don’t we start with this?” David pulled out a light blue lacy teddy. “I’ve always wanted to see you in something like this”

I felt my cheeks turn pink as I blushed.

Well, I thought, At least he picked blue and not black or red, something that would make me skanky.

“Why don’t I leave you alone for a few moments and let you try it on?” David said with a smile his dark green eyes lighting up. You could see this excitement of his plans on his face.

He left the room and I began to undress. I pulled my blue jeans off and my white sweater and camisole. I let my long blond hair out of its knot and fall to my back. After unhooking my bra and letting it slip to the floor I picked up the teddy. I examined it with curiosity.

When pulling it on I realized that there was a matching thong to go with it and never have really worn a thong before I reluctantly pulled off my white cotton panties and slipped the thong up my long muscular legs.

Once I was dressed I walked to the full length mirror on the other side of the room to examine myself. I was surprised. The hem reached just below my bottom showing the length of my legs and hung sexily on my hips and exposing my perky breast and erected nipples with the quarter cup fit.

I was still admiring myself when David returned to the room. He had stripped himself down to a pair of black boxer briefs.

“Wow,” said David blowing air from his lips in lust.

I reacted by blushing and trying to cover myself up.

“No,” David reached me and pulled my hands from in front leaving me feeling exposed. “Sara, you look incredible. You look so, so” he trailed off as he took me in “sexy” he said at last.

David took my hand and led me to stand at the foot of our bed. I began to shake from nerves, but through the nerves I could feel the excitement of the unknown. We had always had the most basic of sex but had never done anything like this. This was new territory.

“Please, don’t be nervous” David pleaded. “Just trust me, I won’t hurt you.”

“I know,” I said, “I trust you.”

David took my face in his hand looking straight into blue eyes. “I love you” and then he kissed me. Lightly at first, just ever so gently, just brushing his thin lips upon my full ones. But then the kiss became harder. David opened my mouth with his while moving his hands from my face to my back pressing me against him. I lifted my hands to his short dark hair with timid fingers. David slipped his tongue into my mouth intertwining it with mine.

David’s hands continued to trail until he was cupping my round ass with both hands feeling and caressing gently. His mouth broke from mine and began tracing light kisses anadolu yakası escort down my neck stopping at the hollow of my collarbone and back up the other side.

I closed my eyes and bit my lips. The kisses were causing tingles through my body and I could feel myself moistening with his every touch.

Suddenly, David stepped away to where he was no longer in reach. He went to a bag by the bed and pulled out a red scarf. “For something different” he said with a grin. “Close your eyes” and he puts the scarf over my eyes and ties it tight in the back.

I blindly lift my hands to the scarf unsure of wearing it, but David grabs my wrists and whispers “Trust me” and puts his lips back on mine. His kiss is hard and he presses his body to mine and I can feel him hard against my hip. I don’t think I’ve ever felt him so hard which makes me wet just thinking about it.

His hands trail all over my body lightly touching my hips, my back, my arms, my shoulders. His light touch and hard kiss are starting to go to my head making me dizzy. His lips breakaway from mine and he again steps away but this time I can’t see what he’s doing. Suddenly, I feel fingers graze my right nipple and I gasp in the shock of it. While the fingers roll my nipple and lightly pinch, my left nipple is slowly taken into his mouth and gently sucked on. The touches are so light and gentle and yet I feel myself wet and excited waiting for more.

David’s teeth scrape against my nipple shooting tingles straight down to my pussy wanting more. David lays me down on the bed and I can feel the coolness of the sheets through the thin fabric causing my skin to prickle.

I’m on my back at the very edge of the bed with my feet still on the floor and my knees together. David puts his hands between my legs and spreads them wide lifting my left leg to sit on the bed. He rubs my thighs and all I can hear is the sound of his breathing. There’s tension as I wait. The anticipation is getting to me. I feel like I’ve waiting for hours laying here but it couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds.

Slowly I feel it. I feel a long thin finger slide my thong to the side and slip inside my folds and become slick from my juices. He moves the one finger in and out gently and then adds a second finger and then a third. After a few thrusts he abruptly pulls out and I feel the very top of his tongue on my clit moving in slow circles. I can feel my breathing become shallow and I feel myself pulsating getting ready for a climax. I feel fingers slide inside me again working in and out while the pressure increases on my clit and the tip of his tongue turns to full licking and then to intense sucking. I feel myself shutter as I emit a groan of pleasure while I clench around his fingers until my body calms down again.

After I calm down I reach up to remove my blindfold but David blocks my hand. “No,” he says, “we’re not finished.”

David pulls me off the bed and turns me around switching places with me. He pushes me to my knees and I realize that he is no longer wearing his briefs. His long thick member his against my lips waiting for me to open up and let it in. Slowly I lick my lips letting the tip of my tongue graze the tip of him. I open my mouth wide and take him in a little at time, working my head back and forth taking a little more in with each stroke. I work slowly, taking my time using my tongue to explore him in my mouth. I can hear his breathing first deep and even but as time goes ataköy escort on it becomes raspy and fast. Soon I am no longer going slow but instead David’s hand are on the back of my head moving me fast and pushing my face into his pelvis making me take him in to the back of my throat. Sucking on him hard has turned the switch and I am again as horny as hell and dripping between my legs.

David soon pulls me off of him without finishing. He stands me back up. “Don’t move” he tells me and I hear him walk out of the room.

I standing there in the silence excited and waiting for David to get back, wondering what could possibly be next. The anticipation making me more wet by the second.

It felt like I was standing there forever before I heard footsteps return. He steps between me and the bed lay down before me. He grabbed me around the waist guiding me on top of him and inserting his shaft inside me. I tighten around him and brace my arms on his chest as I begin to move up and down. I feel his hands on the hem of my teddy as he slowly raises it over my head leaving me completely naked except for the scarf around my eyes.

He cups my breasts and I feel him holding the weight of them in his palms. I continue to bounce as he plays with my nipples. Every light touch, every hard touch, anywhere he touches my body starts leaving hot streaks instead of light tingles as before. The feeling is intense and I’m not sure whether I should stop or keep going, but it’s too good to stop. There is no way I could stop now unless David pulled me off of him.

I realize now that something is different. There are hands still cupping my breasts, teasing my nipples but there are now hands on my hips as well, sliding up and down my sides from behind. Those hands move from my sides to my hips and around to my ass where the rest for a moment. The hands on my breast move to my hips and hold me down making me stop my movements and pushing me down for a deep thrust. The hands on my ass slowly rub around until I feel a finger pressing and rubbing on my hole. The finger moves in slow pressing circles and I’m surprised at how good it feels to have it rubs and then the finger slips inside and I gasp, not in pain but in pleasure. The small thrusts cause me to wriggle in excitement with the cock inside my pussy.

The finger is removed from my ass and two are replace it stretching me out preparing me for what I hope is coming next a hard cock the is able to fill me up. I never thought I would want a cock in my ass but the stretch of the fingers feel so great that I almost want to beg to be pounded in my ass.

There is a cock still inside my pussy and fingers working on my ass. The are hands on my hips holding me in place when there is a third pair that grab my hand resting on the chest and push me to sit up a little. I feel a shift of weight on the bed as someone straddles the chest before and places my hands in full breasts. I’m shocked at the size of them. I feel around them for a moment nervously, never having felt breasts besides my own, and these are at least twice the size of mine and heavier. I search for the nipple of one and gently pinch it between my fingers and pulling on it. I lean forward taking it into my mouth hearing her gasp lightly. She lifts my face from her breast and as she puts her soft lips to mine.

The kiss is soft and deep and our tongues slide together. David’s mouth is harder and never felt they way this does. It’s incredible to ataşehir escort kiss another woman. Her hands on my face holding me to her. There are still hands on my hips keeping a hard cock deep inside my pussy but I soon realize that the fingers are no longer in my ass and slowly I feel the rock hard member sliding in. I feel my whole body clench. I’ve never felt so stretched before but his thrusting feels amazing inside me. It’s causing me to slide up and down on the cock inside my pussy. The woman before me starts kissing down my neck and I can hear licking coming from underneath her. She is moaning while she kisses me and fondles my breasts, tweaking my nipples.

My whole body is being touched and fondled and penetrated that I am overwhelmed by the hot tingles and I can feel myself pulsating with every movement. The thrusting from behind becomes faster causing the thrust beneath me to become equally fast. There are hands on my hips, hands on my breasts, a soft mouth on mine and a firm one on shoulder. It becomes too much as I feel myself shutter as I climax, my pussy and ass tightening around the two cocks and until I gradually come down from the high of my all over orgasm.

I slump forward and am soon freed from the one in my ass and lifted off the one in my pussy. My naked body is laid on the bed next to the woman I do not know. She is soon on top of me, kissing my lips, pinning me down to sheets. She is holding my hands tight above my head and kissing me hard straddling my stomach. She is rubbing herself against me as I kiss her back hard straining under her grasp. She is stronger than me. I hear her moan and give a soft giggle as I struggle under her. She is soon crawling up me still restraining my arms until her knees are resting on them and her pussy is right over my face.

I’m nervous again. I don’t really know what to do. I can smell her sent above me and feel the moister that is dripping off her lips. Blindly, I stick out my tongue and lick. My tongue makes contact with her nub and twirls it in circles applying pressure as she rocks her hips above me. I glide my face down until I find her open pussy dripping on my face and slip my tongue inside of her. She moans and presses herself against me. She leans over my body and I can hear her sucking on a penis behind my head while I dart my tongue in and out of her, licking, and tasting, discovering the taste of a woman.

As I continue to lick her and she sucks on him I feel my legs be spread apart. There is a gentle lick on my clit and I arch my back and groan into her. Something hard and solid is slipped inside me and begins thrusting into me. My legs are being held up in his arms and I can feel his balls slapping my ass.

I continue to lick her as she grinds her pussy into my face and I can feel that I am completely covered in her juices. I can hear her moaning as I bring her to climax. When she is finished she releases me and the man between my legs slips out and takes me off the bed setting me on the floor on my knees. He sticks his cock in my mouth as far in as he can go, pushing my face against him. He holds my head in place as he thrusts in and out of my mouth. Soon he is groaning and I can tell by his noises that he is about to release. When he is finishing he keeps his cock in my mouth and his hot juice squirts inside my mouth. I take in every bit that he wants me to take. Sucking on him until he his clean.

When he is finished I realize that there are no other sounds in the room. No rustling of sheets, no other moans. The have disappeared. The scarf is removed from my eyes and David is standing above me.

“So,” he said, “was it too much? Did you enjoy it?”

I look into his dark green eyes and reply, “Next time, no blindfold.” And he lifts me to a kiss and carries me to bed where we soon fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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