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Rearranging furniture in the middle of a heatwave wasn’t the best idea she’d ever had, 32 degrees they had said on the radio, ‘should be out sunning myself in the garden’ she thought. She heard a door bang and looked out of the bedroom window, she saw her neighbours son waking away from the garage stripping his T-shirt off as he walked along. On instinct she leaned out of the window and sang out, “Mark, are you doing anything for the next hour?”

“Just gonna’ try and cool off a bit, why’s that?”

“I’m swapping the furniture between these bedrooms and I need a big strong lad to give me a lift with some of the bigger stuff.” She told him with a smile.

He idly wiped sweat from his glistening chest with his crumpled T-shirt, dressed only in long shorts as he thought, “Ok! I’ll just change.” He said.

“There’s not a lot of point getting another shirt dirty and making more washing, just come as you are now.” Sue said.

He paused then flipped his T-shirt over his shoulder before jumping the fence and making his way to the back door.

“Oh! wait, I think it’s locked, but try it.” Sue called.

He tried it and proved her right, “It’s locked.” He confirmed.

“Give me a minute, I’ll be down.” She was going to change from her housecoat into something more appropriate, but then thought it wouldn’t worth the trouble, ‘I’ve got clean underwear on underneath, nice matching lace set, might give him a thrill if he gets a good look.’ She thought and then got a fit of the giggles. She tried to control her mirth as she made her way past the furniture cluttering the landing, but the more she tried the worse it got and it hampered her progress through the furniture to the extent that her housecoat started getting snagged on things. One particular awkward catch and the effort it involved in unhitching the material was enough of a struggle to bring her giggling under control. Slightly more subdued she negotiated her way through the rest of the furniture, catching her hem on the corner of a dresser she stumbled and didn’t notice the back seam split cleanly from the bottom to between her shoulder blades.

Unaware she made her way to the back door unlocked and opened it to find Mark standing there, absently scratching under the waist band of his shorts. He smiled and inclined his head in a mocking manner. Slightly off guard at his casual confident attitude, Sue commented, “Not leaving much to the imagination are you?” inclining her gaze downwards, to where his pubic hair was just visible over his waistband.

“Sorry.” He said and extracted his had with a snap of elastic.

“No bother, come in.” She turned quickly causing her housecoat to flair out as she spun.

Mark drank in the sight of her lace covered buns, smooth legs and tanned back. “Some view.”

“What was that?”

“I’ll follow you.”

“Oh! Okay.”

She turned away, causing a smaller flaring but enough to expose her rear again.

“Let me kiss that ass.” He said softly.

“Say again.” She said looking back over her shoulder.

“Let’s shift it fast.”

“Why? Are you in a hurry?” She asked, starting to climb the stairs.

“Only to get in your pants.” Again softly

She spun halfway up the stairs. “Did I hear you right?”

“I said I’ll get some clean pants.” She looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “Why would you need clean pants?”

“They’ll be even sweatier once we finished.”

“Are they sweaty now?”

“Sure, aren’t your’s?”

“I’m not wearing any.”


“How do you know?”

“I can tell.”

“Man of the world, are you?”

“Enough to know you’re wearing knickers.”

“If you’re that smart tell me what I’m wearing.”

Unable to restrain his tongue, he said, “Violet lace with a thin frilled hem and the lace has a roselike pattern.”

She looked at him speechless for a moment, he had described her pants exactly. Quickly she gathered her thoughts and said, “Wrong. Wrong colour, wrong material, wrong design, wrong everything in fact.”

“Prove it.”

“Prove what?”

“Prove I’m wrong, prove that’s not what you’re wearing.”

“What so you can get a sly look at my knickers? Proper little pervert, little peeping Tom, that’s what you are.”

“So I’m right.”

“No you’re not and you needn’t carry on about it, this has nothing to do with you being wrong or right, or if I’m wearing what your dirty mind imagines. This is just about you trying to get a purvey look at my underwear so you can picture it and probably play with yourself. Well you can forget that, I have no wish to be the subject of you’re fantasies.” She stated flatly.

“Who’s fantasising now?” He retorted.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“What makes you think that I find you desirable?” He asked suspiciously.

“It’s common knowledge every boy reaching manhood want’s to see what it’s like with a grown woman, natural curiosity.” She replied confidently.

“Is that like the fact that most grown women lust maltepe escort after young hunks?” He shot back.

“I suppose they may, though they’d have to be real hunk’s, not just boy’s who think they are.” She stated smugly.

“I suppose that depends on whether you have the equipment for the job.” He smiled back.

“What and you reckon you’ve got the gear?” She asked with a scoffing snort.

“Guess you’ll never know.” He responded.

“Don’t want to know, more like.” She replied.

They looked at each other for a few seconds, seemingly waiting for each other to make a move or say something further. Either Sue’s patients or nerve went first.

“Come on, this stuff isn’t going to move itself.” She said and continued to climb the stairs. Behind her Mark treated himself to the view of the knickers he had described so accurately earlier and the luscious cheeks under them, the sight resulted in a tell tale stirring to start in his shorts, something he welcomed, ‘lets see her reaction to a tent,’ he thought smiling to himself.

She slowed at the top and began to slowly negotiate her way through the pile of furniture. “It’s a bit of a struggle to get through, try not to catch yourself on anything.”

An idea came to Mark and he waited for an opportunity to hook the hem of her housecoat around any heavy item. It came quicker than he expected and he nearly missed it, but managed to get the hem hooked on a waist high wardrobe door. The slack was taken up as Sue manoeuvred herself around a chest of drawers, her final movement putting excess strain on the material, as soon as she noticed it she stopped and tried turn clock wise, causing the sleeve to pull down her arm and the front to pull away from her body, unknowingly exposing her from her lace covered right breast down to her bare feet. She was unable to go either forward or back and had no choice but to appeal to Mark for help. “Can you unhook me?” She said, unaware of the display she was giving.

She saw him looking her up and down with a smile. “So I was wrong about your knickers eh?”

“What?” She twisted her neck to the side to get a better look at whatever was attracting his attention. Seeing the view she was giving him she panicked and pulled herself back, too late she felt and heard the ripping of material as the final part of the seam gave way. Now all that was holding it together was the collar, she had nothing to cover herself with without moving back towards him and that didn’t seem the thing to do in her predicament, she looked back at him with a look of helplessness.

“I’ll unhook you when you apologise for lying and admit I was right about your knickers.” He said with a beaming grin on his face.

“Okay, I’m sorry I lied and you were right about my knickers. Now will you please unhook my bloody housecoat?” She snapped at him.

“Not if you ask like that, how about saying please?” He replied, feigning hurt.

She gritted her teeth, getting angrier and then taking a deep breath to calm herself, said in a sweet, little girl voice, “I’m so sorry I lied, it was wrong of me and you were right in every detail about my knickers, I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me, you big strapping hunk.” The last said with a forced smile.

“More strapping than you could imagine.” He said softly, but not so softly she didn’t hear.

He reached for the hem, realising that some of the tension would have to be released if he were to unhook it without further damage. “You’ll have to move this way a bit, it’s stretched too tight.”

Instead of twisting to try and release the strain, she tried to move towards the wardrobe and was impeded by the chest of drawers she had just negotiated.

“I can’t get passed the drawers, if you could move them?” But he pretended he couldn’t get access to get a purchase on them.

“Its no good we might do more damage if we try to move things with you stuck fast, what if something falls on you?”

“Well what do you suggest? I can’t spend the rest of my life stuck here.”

He pretended to ponder the problem, furrowing his brow and fingering his bottom lip for effect. Theatrically he snapped his fingers as if the solution had just flashed into his mind.

“I think the easiest option would be for you to slip the housecoat off altogether, it means it won’t rip any more and without it to get caught on the furniture you could move about with more freedom.”

“Oh you think so do you?” she asked him sceptically.

“I mean,” he said, “If you’re too embarrassed, but you shouldn’t forget there’s not much left for me to see regarding the underwear thing.”

“I suppose,” she said thoughtfully, but thinking, ‘this dirty little bugger wants to get an eyeful to tell his mates. Well two can play at that game, let’s see how he copes when it comes to the real thing.’

Looking contrite she said, “Well if you think it’s the only way, but you’re going to have to help me get it off, undoing the buttons isn’t going to maltepe genç escort help now.”

“Yeah, ok.” He said, obviously eager to start. “What do you want me to do first?”

“If you can get behind me then try and help me get the collar up over my head. But go slow I don’t want my hair or earrings getting caught.”

“Okay.” He said moving to her side and pressing himself gently against her. She could feel the heat from his skin and there was an unmistakable single point of pressure above her hip, a bit like leaning against a door handle, but she knew that was no handle.

“If you bend forward a bit, I’ll see if I can unhook it.” As he reached up and out with his hands, the pressure on her hip increased. She bent forward slightly and pushed back against the protrusion with her hip and was amused as he instinctively jerked back with surprise.

“Is that better?” She asked.

“Erm? Yeah, if you could just go bend forward a bit more.” And the pressure on her hip returned with more force. She could feel his hands lifting her collar and glanced down to his shorts, but her view was obstructed by the housecoat. As he started to get it over she straightened slightly causing the garment to shoot off her head and cried out as if in pain. “Ouch! Be a bit more careful.” She said turning to look and caught him drinking in the sight of her in only lacy underwear and he was far too distracted to register he was being watched. She looked down and was surprised to see the size of the tent in his shorts, in fact she was taken aback when she noticed the force of the erection had stretched his waistband inches from his stomach. Even though from her vantage point she was denied the view of his obviously substantial member through the gap, it was stall impressive enough to cause her to gasp out loud in shock. “Gee! Is that all you?” She asked before she could stop herself.

It was enough to snap him out of his lustful trance, “eh? What did you say?” He said, still slightly distracted.

“Are you enjoying the view?” Was the first thing that came into her mind.

“What view?”

“Err? The view of the err?” Stuck for words and without thinking, reached out and grabbed his waistband and tugged it out and down away from his body twisting to get a better look, “your cock!” She said, just as his erect cock sprang into view and slapped loudly against his belly. ‘It’s massive!’ She thought and stared at it mouth agape. Thickly veined and a big purple eye straining its way out of the tight foreskin, it twitched slightly and with each pulsating movement the foreskin receded further.

“Like what you see?” He asked proudly, thrusting his hips forward slightly at the same time. She was mesmerised and her eyes followed its swaying as it bobbed up and down before her. She blinked a few times and shook her head to clear her thoughts.

Getting herself back under control she said, “It’s not too bad I suppose, nicely proportioned.”

“Talking or portions, would you like a portion of this?”

“You may have it, but can you use it?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” So saying he took it in his hand and stroked its length.

“You look like you’ve had practice at stroking it.” She said as she watched him.

He smile back and said, “Where do you want it then?”

“Aren’t you sure? I thought you’d had experience? There’s only one place for it isn’t there?” She teased him.

“Last time I counted there were quite a few.” He answered confidently.

“I’m talking about the proper place.”

“Don’t like variety then?”

“One thing I don’t like is waiting all day for it.” She said and reached out with her index finger and lightly touched his glistening bell end. The heat emanating off it caused her to shiver slightly, the movement causing her tits to wobble playfully in the lace bra, the friction of her nipples grazing along the material causing them to erect swiftly.

Between her soft touch and her proud nipples, Mark didn’t know what to concentrate on. She made his mind up for him by hooking her thumbs into the sides of her waist band and sweeping her knickers to below her knees, as she straightened he gently pulled down the cups of her bra allowing her ample boobs to spring into view. Leaning forward he gently kissed each proud standing nipple, making her shudder with anticipation, then she frantically dragged down his shorts, staying bent as he stepped out of them she felt him gently stroke his fingers down her back. As she straightened, his throbbing dick brushed her cheek and she paused in her ascent to plant a sloppy kiss on its head, it twitched violently in response, nudging against her teeth. Thrilled she could wait no longer, turning her back on him she bent forward, legs splayed and said, “Quick! Get it in.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice, guiding in himself no to gently between her legs he hit the spot and pushed. He met with resistance and she reached back and guided him urgently into her, she felt herself maltepe olgun escort stretch as he pushed deeper. He felt as if he had just wrapped his cock in a hot wet towel, the level of heat inside her was scorching but very pleasant. She felt him throbbing as he slowed his thrust and pushed back with urgency, trying to suck him into herself, his size and the discomfort it caused added to her ecstasy. He began his backstroke and felt a tingling between his balls and arsehole, knowing that release was near and clenched himself to try to slow it, but increased the speed of his thrusts to try and give her more, even picturing his grandmother to cool his ardour. As he pounded into her she thrust back violently, as if meeting everything he had equally like they were in competition.

“Fuck! Yes! Ahhhh!” She yelled loudly, startling him slightly, but not enough to put him off his stroke. Her back dipped as she scraped her nipples across the rough wood of the drawers she was bent over, electricity felt like it was buzzing through her being as the orgasm overwhelmed her. He watched as her body seemed to go from rigid to limp and she flopped over the top of the drawers, uncertain weather the finish himself or slow until she recovered, he tried to slow slowed his pace, but he realised her was to far gone. As if understanding his quandary, she eased herself off his slowing but still rampant cock, coming out with a reluctant plop, she turned, bent and grabbed it around the base, then enveloped it with her mouth. She tried to take the full length but too soon it hit the back of her throat, instead she clamped down on it with her teeth, using her lips as a buffer. Pulling her head back while holding his hips steady he felt as if his arse was caving in, reaching the ridge of his bell end she pushed forward again, the tightness of her clamped teeth dragging his foreskin back deliciously. His balls began to tingle as if someone were dragging the terminals of nine volt batteries along his ball sack. The feeling intensified as the tingling spread outwards and then he blew. Sue felt as if a full tub of yoghurt had been deposited in her throat and gagged, unable to breathe she tried to pull back but Mark gripped her head and thrust forward. Choking and without thinking clearly she grabbed his balls and squeezed, he let go of her head and drew back for another thrust, the grip on his balls unnoticed. Sue took the opportunity to disengage herself and turning her head to the side moved her grip from his balls to his dick and pumped it violently. She watched fascinated as he continued to gout thick hot spunk, it landed on her shoulder and slowly flowed down onto her breasts, its heat when it reached her nipple surprising her and causing her own juices to start up again.

As his stream of spunk dried up she slowed then stopped her pumping hand and sat herself on top of one of the chests of drawers, spreading her legs she grabbed the sides of Mark’s head lightly and guided his face towards her glistening pussy, “Your turn now.” She said. She saw his tongue appear like a hound as he dipped from view. Without a pause he set to his task, working her pronounced clit with the tip of his tongue and pushing two gyrating fingers inside her. With his spare hand he pulled her forward so she hand to lean back to stop herself from falling off her perch, immediately she felt the advantage of him giving himself better access, she had never been worked on so thoroughly before and while she revelled in this new wonderful experience he gently slipped a finger of his free hand up her arse. The added intrusion of her body, instead of revolting her brought new throws of ecstasy to her already quivering being, with little more ministrations she began the convulsions of an orgasm the intensity of which she hadn’t even heard or dreamed of.

Mark felt her go off and worried that she was having some sort of seizure, she gripped his hair roughly and twisted and yanked at handfuls, her nails scouring his scalp and tearing follicles. He tried to shake himself loose, but she held him too tightly forcing his face into her gushing pussy as if trying to complete a reverse birthing process. Then without warning she released her grip and went as stiff as a board, arms and legs rigid and unmovable. Mark pulled back then snatched her with both arms as she flopped like a rag doll. He lifted her head and realised she wasn’t quite conscious, more than dazed, ‘out of it’ was the best way he could think of explaining it to himself.

Unsure what to do he lifted her into his arms and decided to lay her down in one of the bedrooms. He negotiated his way through the clustered furniture and took her through the nearest bedroom door and laid her on the bed. She lounged back unconsciously and stretched and smiled like big cat after a large feed.

She looked at him and smiled contentedly, “We’ll have to do that again sometime.” She said.

“What about the furniture?” He asked.

“Leave that for my husband. I’ve found a good use for him now.” She replied with a smirk.

He stood for a minute and looked over her naked form, it seemed to glow contentedly. He wanted to say something, ask her if she enjoyed it or had he done ok, but he already new the answer to that question. He turned and left the room, dressing on the landing among the furniture.

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