Nefarious Night

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Jasmine had invited David to her hotel room in Sydney the day before she was to leave. Little did David know that when he arrived there to meet her that he would find two beautiful brunettes in silk robes waiting for him. Jasmine had mentioned she was adventurous but he hadn’t imagined this.

Jasmine introduced her friend Danielle who was not as tall as Jasmine but nevertheless stunning, her breasts peeked above the robe, and the hem of robe sat nicely at the top of her thighs. Jasmine’s robe too, he noticed as she turned and led him inside just covered her firm round butt. He was led to a big bedroom with a huge bed in the middle.

Jasmine asked him would he like a drink and offered him bourbon it didn’t quench any of the thirst he was feeling as it scorched its way down. Jasmine led him to an armchair near the corner of the bed and took off his jacket slowly peeling it off as she brushed her lips against his ear. She whispered, “we want you to enjoy this, sit down while we play for a while.”

With that Danielle came and pushed him into the seat and took off his shoes and socks. Kneeling before him giving him a perfect view down her robe. Seeing her firm round breasts, her nipples already hard and aroused had his blood starting to simmer. Then Jasmine sat on his lap revealing her absence of underwear as she guided his hands to her nice round cheeks; she brushed her large round breasts against his chest as she slowly undid the buttons of his shirt. Teasingly kissing him by darting her tongue between his lips tasting his salty hunger. She stripped his shirt away as he kissed her mouth passionately and squeezed her ass. She broke away getting off of his stiffing cock and patted the trousered flesh, taunting him with “we have to keep this locked in for know.” With which they tied his arms to the armchair with silk scarves and ran to the bed.

Once there, Jasmine kneeled on the bed and Danielle stood in front of her Danielle slid Jasmines robe from her body. A view that David had been dying to see since their chats but he could just see the tops of those beautiful tits of hers. Then kartal escort Danielle let he robe fall revealing them both in their naked glory. Danielle and Jasmine kissed a long sensuous kiss then Danielle took that kiss down Jasmines neck and to her left breast. Jasmine arched her head back, her fingers running through Danielle’s hair as she takes Jasmine’s nipple in her mouth rolling it, tasting the sweetness.

David watches with fascination and notices the scents of jasmine and sandalwood in the air as these two women arouse him with their tantalising of each other. Jasmine runs her hands down Danielle’s back as Danielle sucks on her breast. Grabbing her arse and caressing the cheeks in squeezes and soft strokes; kissing and nibbling her neck and shoulders as Danielle’s mouth licks the sweet sweat of Jasmine’s breasts. Their hands run freely, all over each other’s bodies finding pleasure point after pleasure point.

David is bursting with lust for these two he can’t take his eyes off them and every now and then Jasmine looks at him with a winsome smile and glimmer in her eyes as his tortured cock his throbbing and pulsing under his trousers.

She keeps eye contact with him as she moves further back on the bed and Danielle joins her pressing her kisses lower and lower down Jasmines body over her smooth belly, down to the mound of brown hair and bronzed thighs.

Jasmine parts her legs for Danielle, her mouth tasting Jasmine’s lips probing inside her hot wet slit, tickling her clit. Jasmine can’t keep her head up as she groans for pleasure arching her back and hips so Danielle can get further in, her tongue flicking in and out rolling between cunt and clit, sucking on Jasmines’ juices.

Danielle slides two fingers into her, faster and faster stroking her Jasmine starts calling out, much to his surprise, for David. ” Are you ready David?” she calls. David is more than ready he feels he’s going to burst . Danielle goes to untie him, Jasmine slides her own fingers inside her, keeping the rhythm, Danielle unties David and unzips his large erect cock kurtköy escort and strokes down the shaft to the base and back up to the throbbing head. Shivers and sensations explode thru his body as he feels he’s about to loose control.

Danielle pinches gently the head stemming the rush. And leads him to the bed. Danielle lies him down next to the masturbating Jasmine, who is now very close to orgasm. Danielle Licks the head of David’s cock of glistening pre-cum, making him want to burst again, Jasmine rolls over and straddles him forcing him in her hot tight pussy hard. Both of them groaning at the force She begins slow deep thrusts getting him deeper inside her. David is doing all he can to keep control, she rides him harder and faster rolling her hips; him meeting her every thrust. His hands finally squeezing that juicy butt. Danielle is behind Jasmine kissing, her neck and stroking her breasts rolling and squeezing the huge erect nipples. Jasmine is about to explode. She Yell’s Cum baby Cum, with that David finally shoots his hot cum inside her, the heat sending sensations and explosion of nerves to Jasmines’ very core.

She slows down, barley moving but keeping him inside her, she leans forward gently draping he hair and breasts over his chest. Jasmine kisses him deeply her tongue just as hungry as his. He senses another pair of hands and lips. Danielle is stroking his head and laying kisses on his side, shoulders and arms as Jasmine has pushed them back above his head. Jasmine slowly pulls off David kissing and licking all the way down his chest over his stomach and down his thigh, David Gasps as she licks their juices off him.

Danielle, kisses him on the mouth, she tastes just as sweet, and hungry. She lies near him half sitting over him allowing her pert breasts to rub in his face. Danielle puts her aroused nipple to David’s mouth which he takes flicking it with his tongue then sucking on it, as Jasmine strokes his balls with her tongue, running it up and down his hardening shaft. David’s face is between Danielle’s breasts his hands either side maltepe escort of them stroking, kissing, sucking, licking and grazing, Her moans are getting louder as she loves this divine attention her breasts are getting. Her pussy is hot and wet an aching for some action. Every kiss and lick, to Danielle’s breast, is powered by the licking and kissing Jasmine is doing to David’s ever hardening Cock.

Danielle straddles over David’s chest her pussy not far form his face. He runs his hands up her legs to wet mound, stroking her lips , and slipping in to rub her clit, his other hand running up her body over her breasts stroking and caressing them. Danielle moans as David squeezes her breast, and Jasmine takes Him fully into her mouth, now throbbing and erect again Jasmine starts rolling him in her mouth and the flicking him with her tongue. David’s rubbing of Danielle matches the rhythm of Jasmine’s sucking slow at first then faster, Danielle, is sparking all over ” I want you in me” she cries, and with that Jasmine slowly pulls up off David and Danielle flips them both over.

David is on top, and Danielle guides him inside her wrapping her legs round his waist. David thrust hard she gasps as she takes the rest of his engorged cock inside her. Hard and Fast Jasmine whispers in his ear as she moves around them to stroke Danielle’s breasts. Danielle is been driven wild, by David’s powerful thrusts and Jasmines caressing strokes and licks. And very quickly she comes with a great shudder her tight cunt sending explosions to David’s cock, shooting his wad in to her, In which she dropped her legs from him to let some of the come shoot on her skin. Jasmine kissing Danielle moving over her, letting her breasts brush Danielle’s face.

She kisses Danielle and the proceeds to lick and kiss all the way down her body and lick up David’s cum. David moves back to watch as Jasmine crawls down Danielle’s body kissing her cunt, her inner thighs, drinking every drop of David and Danielle’s juices. She then crawls over to him and licks him clean and then kisses him hungrily on the mouth, so he can taste all three of them.

“Go have a shower if you like to cool down, we’ll join you in a minute. I hope you’re still hungry.” She whispered. “Besides I like to wash,” she said “and I like to dry ” said Danielle.

Jasmine, Danielle and David continue on their nefarious night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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