Navy SEAL’s Graduation to Remember

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Thanks to Seychelle for the inspiration and encouragement, and to Roger, Kathy, Diana and Mel for their support.

The beer was ice cold, the bar was flaming red hot and the Five Amigos were enjoying graduation night, coming down from our Navy SEAL/s-induced high.

We had made it, evolving from wide eye and bushy tailed kids into well trained, unbelievably mentally and physically toned men. All in a matter of brain-draining, physically demanding, months.

It’s funny, but looking around at my friend’s faces at O’Leary’s Tavern there weren’t a lot of smiles, just looks of satisfaction. We had beaten the odds, battled formidable obstacles, attained a high level of confidence and BUD/s — Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL graduates.

Mike was joshing Tony about week one in the First Phase when he almost washed out before getting wet between the ears. A late night pep talk and kick in the ass got him back in the game before the instructors did what they do so well — torture, humiliate, challenge and destroy —- those without the guts to make it happen. Hey, many are called and very few are chosen in this journey of a lifetime.

Somehow we made it. Tonight we celebrated. Tomorrow, well, who knows what evil will be lurking.

Mike, Tony, Chas, Stephan (that’s Steph-Ann, not Stephen or Steven) and I were just some of the winners, but on this night we weren’t gloating. I think it was a little bit of a comedown actually, for the first time in months we actually were totally in control of our destiny. We had accomplished something few do, and now it was like a bunch of slow inhales and huge, hearty exhales of exhilaration.

“Know what’s amazing Chas?” asked Tony, his voice booming above the rubble of the hip hop.

Chas sorta shook his head as if to ask:” What?”

Tony smiled, waited for a break in the music, and spoke about our making the grade and not getting dusted. “It’s the Hotel Coronado. That’s amazing. Here we are, running on the beach and up ahead the rich people are savoring her beauty. Eating fine food. Sleeping on satin sheets. And there we were putting our bodies through pain I dare most people couldn’t even dream of. Every time we were out there, from tadpoles to seasoned growlers, that damn Hotel would be smirking at us.

“Tonight, I spit on her,” he added, laughing. “But I also admire her. She’s withstood the sands of time, and we will too. Here’s to all of you.”

“Here, here!”

We settled in for the evening, watching the dancers dance, the flirters flirt and the zigs zag. If you’ve never been a people watcher in a bar, you should, especially one old school one like O’Leary’s. It’s not pretty, but it’s home to scores of people out for a good time. And hey, the fries aren’t bad either, cooked in peanut oil to perfection.

Talking about our time at BUD/s we raked the trainers, laughed at how some officers were reduced to rubble before washing out, and how The Old Man — our Commanding Officer — always had a scowl on his face as if looking at us in dismay. That man just had a nasty look to him that we all learned to hate.

We were there for R&R, knowing full well that in a few days we’d have orders to head out to jump school, sniper school or learning another needed talent. But on this night we were merely exhaling months of torture.

Along the way I spotted an oasis, a blonde-haired striking girl dressed in a blue cami and black skirt that ended just short of her knees. What struck me was that she didn’t look the part of a bar girl, a woman on the prowl searching for her latest conquest. No, she was a woman on a different kind of mission. I couldn’t place a finger on it, but she was up to something. She glanced around the room, almost as if a long-lost friend would come into view while she nursed a boat drink of some sort.

On numerous occasions guys would stop at her table, saying something which I surmised centered around asking her to dance, offering to buy her a drink or maybe even asking if they knew her from somewhere. She was steadfast in her reply. A deep smile, a shake of her head, and a firm “No Thank You.”

Who knows, maybe it wasn’t a guy lost friend she was searching for but a girl? Hey we are in the 21st century.

Stephan spotted a pair of girls in the corner, stalked them, did his country boy act and soon Rachel and Marie were sitting at our table. The two were cute, but lacked some brain matter. Still, for five guys who had been out of the man and woman game for months they would do.

We talked, joked, and drank, maybe not in that order.

Near midnight I visited the head, grabbed a breath of fresh air in the back, and then sauntered inside. Turning the corner to my table I spotted the long-lost friend looking girl sort of swaying in her seat to the beat, still without a partner.

I had to ask. “Hi, I’m Rob, and I just have to ask you something.”

There was a callous blank stare thrown my way.

“Look, I’m not a perve, but I did notice you’ve been over here all night by ikitelli escort yourself. I’m over there with my friends,” I said, shrugging my shoulders at the table. “Feel free to join us…we don’t bite.”

Smiling at bravery I never had before SEAL/s training, I walked back to our table, totally failing at getting her name, rank or cereal favorite.

A bit later I looked over and she was gone, thinking to myself what a waste that was. Still, her eyes were etched a sketched into my brain cells, a sort of smiling eyes you just can’t forget. There had been something about her, something in an odd sort of way. She wasn’t someone I had known or met before, still something about her which was familiar.

The table banter was not centering on bad jokes, some so unfunny that they were hilarious as the drinks were taking over our minds. Our two new found friends, Rachel and Marie, had somehow escaped our lure, and our jokes got raunchier and raunchier.

“So there were these two hobos, see, and the one was digging through a trash can and found this purse. It had a wallet in it, and he didn’t know what to do. On one hand, there was cash, but on the other, he remembered the time his mother lost her purse. Somehow that memory got the better of him and he called a number from the wallet. It was the lady who lost the purse.

“She met the hobo and gave him a $1,000 reward for his troubles. The guy was euphoric. He bought some clothes, some really fine lousy wine, and shared the story with a hobo friend.”

Tony asked if this was going anywhere, but Stephan shushed him.

“The other hobo said that’s a great story, but get what happened to me…I was walking down by the railroad tracks when I saw this girl tied to the track. I untied her and took her over to my bench, and I’ve screwed her twice a night for a week. She’s unbelievable. Fantastic.”

The first hobo said that it “was a wonderful fine and that the girl must be special.” Then he asked, “Does she give great oral sex too?”

All of a sudden the long lost, looking for friend, blonde sat down at our table. She smiled and said: “That second hobo said, hey, I don’t know, I never did find her head!”

There were give guys staring at the girl, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Hi, I’m Michelle, and that was an old joke that’s still funny. You guys are SEAL/s, right?”

We apparently had passed the rigorous SEAL/s training only to be one-upped and tongue-tied by a wee lass of about 21 who somehow knew we’d been slogging the beaches at Coronado. Michelle smiled, ordered a “Long Slow Comfortable Double Entendre against the Wall” and asked me if my dumbfounded friends were mutes.

Somehow names were exchanged and the bad jokes continued until 2. We didn’t have a clue whether she’d been watching us all night or was merely observant as she seemed to know a bit about us. Nothing personal, but just little things that you don’t get in a few minutes of banter.

She didn’t seem all that impressed with our being SEAL/s, but at least she knew a little bit about our work. “Sure, formed in 1961,” said the girl. “You guys to covert operations on land, sea and air. So there. Now, do you have to kill me.”

We simply stared at her. How did she know that?

Throughout the night and into the morning Michelle got, well, a lot more friendly. It had to be the drinks, because she was slurring her words a little, raising her voice and laughing at any inane thing at all, and getting touchy feely. She’d lean against one guy or another, touch hands, doing that drunken kind of talk. Doing that to a bunch of horny guys can only lead to trouble, which is precisely where I though we were headed when Mike mentioned something about doing “it” on the pool table.

Now where that came from who knows. Maybe because there was a pool table in the back room, a room that was locked up at 2:30 a.m. as the patrons made their way toward last call.

“That’s always been a fantasy of mine,” admitted Michelle, her face reddening, “That’s so hot. I almost did it once with a boyfriend, but my mom came home early and put a damper on that possibility.”

For the 10th time that night we were speechless. First it was her telling us she had three different vibrators she regularly used, and then it was the dare that led to flashing her tits at several truckers. The list went on until she mentioned her pool table fantasy, when Tony threw in a dare.

“We’ll, if that’s your fantasy, you can call us the fantasy experts. I dare you to join us back in the pool room. Just give me a minute.”

I thought the girl would laugh and leave. Tell us to blow off. Maybe call a cop. Nope, she just sipped her drink and rocked in her chair as the band finished a loud, bouncing dance number.

Tony made a beeline for the back, stopping in the manager’s office. Somehow, minutes later, he was back at the table and gave us a wave. “We gotta do the fast, and quietly, like in training guys.”

With that we slipped away from istanbul escort the able toward the back. Once there, the manager opened the door and let us in the pool room. He closed the door behind us, locking, but not before telling us to have fun.

“So, Michelle, you have a fantasy…want to play it out?” asked Tony, pointing at the red felt billiards table.

Ignoring the guy, the blonde sauntered over and grabbed a stick. Damn, we had hoped she’d grab a dick.

“Rack ’em, men.”

Over the next half hour she defeated each of us. She did it with flair and style, a woman who knew her way around eight ball. While her playing ability was superb, watching her skirt ride up her thighs was excellent.

After each victory she’d sort of smirk a drunk’s smirk, only none of us could figure our how the booze didn’t affect her in the least. Her stroke was a steady as a pro, and he eye for shots —- shots none of us would have attempted — was precise.

In between games she’d tease us about our reputations as being tough guys. When she had finished her shutout, she displayed a self-satisfied smile.

“Is there anything else you guys wanted?” said the woman with a flirtatious smile. “Oh, wait a minute. I know what I want…drop those pants. I want to see what you have and whether you play at other things better than at pool.”

Without hesitation, as if in a trance, each of us dropped are cargo trousers to the floor.

“Off with the undies, too,” commanded the girl, flipping her head as if to say quickly.

With some hesitation and a bit of blushing the five of us — guys who were trained killers — listened to every word and obeyed as if she were the CO or at a minimum the Officer of the Day.

“Wow,” was all she said. “You boys are something else. What are you, fitness freaks? Lord what bodies. Tight. Hum…turn around. Wow, now that’s a set of asses. And all those muscles too. So tell me…what gives.”

Stephan took the lure: “We’re Navy SEAL/s, mam.”

The girl smiled. “I knew that, I already said that….you may be SEAL/s, and guess what? Tonight I’m you commanding officer. You,” she pointed emphatically, “come over here on the double.”

Chas went to the girl, who had lifted herself onto the pool table. She spread her legs a bit, and then ordered the guy to reach under her skirt and remove her panties. The flimsy black nearly nothings slowly were slid down her legs and made their way to the floor as we simply stared at her silky smooth legs.

Without instruction, Chas lifted her cute skirt then bent over and began licking the girl’s pussy like a guy who’d been talking the desert and found an oasis of cool, sparkling water. We gave him room and watched him work the young girl. She’d alternate looking down with glances over at us. When she looked our way there was a wry smile on her lips.

Mike started over the girl but her stern voice stopped him in his tracks. “Down boy. Sit over there and watch, learn something,” said the girl as Chas never missed a beat while tonguing her dark wet core.

Michelle leaned back and luxuriated as his tongue swished back and forth on her sensitive nub. He buried his head and worked the slit up and down, then sort of sucked some of the wet pussy into his mouth. She moaned, maybe groaned, and continually egged him on with “oh yeas” and “hums”.

Michelle writhed a little, rolled her eyes high into her head and rocked in tune to Chas’ mouthwatering tongue action. Soon she was cooing and then let out a long “YESSS” as she held his head firmly against her pussy.

We all stared intently at the girl who slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

“That was wonderful!” exclaimed the young girl. She looked around at us and commanded us to our feet she lined us up against the pool table, then ordered us on top of it. It felt kind of stupid sitting there half-naked, cocks hard as rocks while the girl walked up and down the row and inspected us.

She fondled Stephan’s dick. “I think America’s in good hands, don’t you?” she asked.

OMG I thought I’d die. I mean, I’d been with women before, but never anyone like Michelle. She had said she was in college, somewhere near Huntingdon Beach, and was in the San Diego area visiting friends. But somehow there was a sort of link to us. She was so knowledgeable in the world of sexual attraction, and how, I wondered, in her 21 years had she gotten so man smart? She knew what to say, how to say it, how to flirt, and how to turn us on.

She grabbed a pillow off one of the corner chairs then dropped it on the floor at the end of the line. Kneeling upon it, her blonde head was directly across from Tony’s rock hard manhood. She looked up at him, back at his cock, then slowly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

Lowering her head toward the cock she made a mission of licking the dick before taking the cock into her mouth. Michelle moved her head slowly down the man-muscle, taking several inches into her hot wet mouth kadıköy escort before sliding up the dick. As if working a popsicle she alternated licks and laves with sucking on the powerful dick. What was most amazing for me was when she settled on the base of his cock, then licked his balls while his cock throbbed against her cheeks as if gently spanking her face.

While working on Tony her right hand was in the midst of a covert mission up the leg of Stephan, surprising the gawking man by grabbing his cock and stroking it while his eyes were glued to the mouth action on Tony going on a couple feet away. I couldn’t help myself, I began stroking my dick watching Stephan watch Tony and totally forgetting Mike to my left and the Chas next to him.

Earlier I had thought this was a dream. I had a brief thought we’d have to force this wanton slut to put out…something I knew we just wouldn’t be able to do. Oh, we could force her, but I’d like to think we weren’t rapists. We’d worked so hard over the last year to give up all we’d earned. Still, I never thought the pretty young thing would be kneeling before us sucking cock with gusto.

I was spurred out of my porno-trance when Tony’s groaned and announced to all assembled that he was cumming. He was rocking in and out of Michelle’s sucking mouth, spurred on by her intense stroking of his dick.

Stephan lost control in the girls’ sensuous hand. He was bouncing up and down to the direction of her hand and gave up the opportunity for a blow job by spurting his seed into the air aided by Michelle’s right hand. She didn’t miss a beat with Stephan, milking his cock off while bouncing her head at Tony’s midsection. Soon Tony was spurting his sticky seed into her sucking mouth.

The girl continued to work Tony and Stephan’s dicks until they were fully spent. She then gave Tony’s cock one last suck then thanked him for the manly meal. Then she turned to Stephan and sternly ordered him to hold still. “What were you thinking, shooting without me telling you to?” she asked. She then moved her pillow before him and ordered: “Give me 20!”

With that she knelt again, this time in front of Stephan, and grabbed his shrinking dick. Inserting it into her mouth, she took the entire cock into her mouth and held her head still has he rocked in and out of her face. “Oh my god she’s working my dick” said our friend as the girl licked up every little bit of remaining sauce from his spent cock. Give her 20, indeed. Never had a guy been given 20 sucks like Michelle’s.

When she rose from him she smiled and told him to relax. “At ease, Swabby.”

Then Michelle looked around at each of us and said she needed something else. With that she climbed onto the table and hunkered over me. At first I was a little disappointed she hadn’t licked my cock, but that thought was quickly dismissed as she lowered her pussy down onto my throbbing dick. She slowly slid down my cock, then started pushing up and down in a rhythmic manner as my cock somehow got harder and harder. I couldn’t believe it, less than a minute into the fuck I was ready to cum. Like a teenager losing his load for the first time my orgasm approached before I was really ready.

“Pull it out, don’t cum in me,” commanded the girl as I reached down and, as she rode up my cock pulled it out of her twat and shot into the air. Some of it landed on my legs, some on her back, and as she continued to rock on my midsection I rubbed in the sperm over her fresh white behind. On one hand I was embarrassed to have cum so fast, but on the other I really didn’t care, nor did anyone else.

Mike was next, and for this act Michelle switched positions. She lifted Mike to his feet and replaced him on the felt. She spread her legs wide as Mike mounted her. Soon the two were rutting like teenagers in the back of a car at midnight at a local park. The sexual tension was intense, and we all stared as he rode the girl hard. Her hands guided the action by holding her ass and moving with it.

While Michelle was acting as a cock glove for Mike she somehow reached over and grabbed Chas’ now ready to burst cock, stroking it while Mike banged her neatly trimmed, blonde pussy. Somehow I hadn’t noticed she was a natural blonde until then, not that it mattered or anything. But it was just another detail of the pretty girl which was not yet etched into my brain.

“Give me your dick,” roared Michelle, and Mike did. But she meant Chas, and he soon realized what she wanted. The guy scooted up and placed his dick against her cheek and soon she was sucking him while Mike pounded away. The girl was incredible, taking two cocks like a professional sexual stunt actress.

The view from feet away was amazing. We had long before lost all inhibitions, and the squad of us became one in search of a winning mission known as Michelle. The girl groaned once more as she came again, melting against Mike’s thrusts while somehow keeping Chas’ cock in her mouth.

“Switch places,” she commanded, somehow knowing Mike was ready to blast. The guy barely made it near to her mouth as his cock began spewing its seed as it quickly approach. Chas was slipping his cock into Michelle’s pussy as Mike was shooting, so she concentrated on the cock in front of her rather than the one making its initial entry into her pulsating pussy.

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