Nana’s Diary Ch. 01

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Tom, my grandmother Robin’s live-in boyfriend, was devastated by her tragic death. He was lost and roamed their home seemingly without purpose.

Nana, was only 60, but she looked 40. She was 5′ 7 with long legs that were extenuated by the high heels she was so fond of wearing. Her breasts were perfect globes, with pert nipples that often stood out through her lacy bras. She wore her hair long, often running her fingers through it tossing her head back in a sexual way. Everything she did seemed sensual. When we went out together, I often could not tell if the guys were checking me out or her. Nana loved being a woman and she taught me that men only think with their cocks, and by teasing them with my body I could get almost anything I wanted.

About two months’ after her passing, Tom called me and asked if I would like to come over and take some of my grandmother’s things. He said I could have whatever I wanted from her closet. He would be out most of the day, and that I could spend as much time as I needed going through her stuff.

Nana’s closet was huge. She had over 50 pairs of stiletto heels and boots and I took my time trying them on. I then moved on to her clothes. She had a ton of short skirts and dresses that emphasized her assets and when she wore them turned heads. As I continued rummaging through the closet. I found some clothes that looked big for her, but paid them no mind, as she may have lost some weight. Yet as I pushed a short black dress aside, it felt like there was something in the pocket. I reached in and pulled out a cute little pink diary.

I had expected to read about her everyday thoughts and observations, what I found instead was a detailed description of Nanas and Tom’s sex life.

Tom and I had been dating a few weeks before I decided to allow him to fuck me. My first husband was a slam bang Thank you ma’am guy with little concern beşiktaş escort if I got off. I was not going to do that again and wanted someone committed to my needs. I thought that Tom would do this and I was pleasantly surprised he did. Tom was slow and passionate. He would kiss me all over. It was strange at first that he asked permission to kiss my breasts, slowly rolling his tongue over my nipples, gently taking each into his mouth alternatively, and sucking gently. Then he would lick the underside of each tit knowing how sensitive each was. Tom was in no hurry as he glided his mouth next under my pits, finding erogenous zones I did not know even existed. He then moved lower, skipping my now hot wet pussy and moving down to my feet and gentle sucking on each toe giving each its own mini blowjob.

I had to stop a minute as my own pussy began to get wet, I hiked up my skirt, pulled my panties aside and started to gently rub my mound. Wanting to be more comfortable, I took the diary into the living room, and sat in Nana’s chair as I continued to read.

He then asked me if I was ready as he neared my now dripping cunt. He leaned in for a moment taking in its rich aroma before gently licking the inside of my thighs. The anticipation was growing as I could barely wait until he attacked my slit. Slowly starting at my outer lips he glided his tongue like a feather over them. He then inserted it further into me taking a long lick from the bottom of my pussy to the top, consciously avoiding making contact with my now aching clit. He pushed his tongue in further sucking up my juices. He ate me with abandon. He just could not get his face far enough into me. Finally, he rolled his tongue around the hood of my clit, flicking it lightly back and forth. All I could do was scream more , more, I’m coming, I experienced one of the most intense beylikdüzü escort orgasms I have ever had.

By now my pussy was dripping buckets, I reached down and stuck two fingers into my slit shoving them deep inside me. When I pulled them out they were drenched. I put them in my mouth, sucking off my own juices. Next, I began to slowly rub my own clit picking up the pace as I read.

Tom, did not stop there. He backed away a bit and returned to softly licking my pussy again before making another attack on my clit. I came three more times. I told Tom that I was ready for his dick. (He was not that big, 3 inches hard maybe), but I still wanted it in me. About 2 minutes later, he shot his load. Ordinarily, I would have been disappointed, but his tongue was so amazing I was willing to blow it off as first-time jitters.

I came about the time Tom stuck his dick in Nana. It was not as intense as her orgasm, but it was still pretty damn good. The seat of my chair was wet and had the aroma of fresh sex. I needed a few minutes to recover before I moved on to the next entry.

The next time we went to bed Tom began by lightly kissing the nape of my neck causing me to tingle all over. He asked me if I would like a massage, to which I agreed, and he slowly and lovingly worked each muscle of my back and shoulders taking time to ensure I was relaxed. He gently flipped around and then applied massage oil to my butt. He softly squeezed each cheek and then ran his finger over my asshole. Before I knew it, I felt his tongue bathing my rosebud as he began to explore the entrance to my ass. I had anal sex before, but never like this. He then plugged his tongue deeper inside eating my butt with the same gusto he ate my pussy. When he was done with my ass he asked if I would ride his face as He did not want to miss a drop of my juices and beyoğlu escort wanted me to position my clit so I would get maximum pleasure. I mounted his face and rode it until he was gasping for air. I came multiple times. Once he caught his breath, he asked if I would fuck him from the top. I was happy to comply squeezing my cunt muscles so to maximize the friction from his undersized dick. He came again, after just a few minutes and as I was about to roll off, he said no. Please sit on my face again and let me clean you. This was a first for me as I never was with a man willing to eat his own creampie. Tom seemed to view this as a treat.

I thought how great it would be, not having to get up right after getting laid because sperm was dripping out of me. But the guys I knew barely ate pussy much less cleaned up their own mess.

Before I planted my pussy back on his face, he asked me to wait a second to appreciate the glistening of my pussy lips covered with sperm. He then pulled me down on his face and licked every Inch of my dripping slit ensuring that he did not miss a drop. When He was done, I rolled off him completely satisfied and exhausted. After a few minutes of rest, we got up to shower. Tom soaped me up and caressed my breasts as he washed them clean. Before finishing in the shower, I told Tom, give me a sec I have to pee. Rather then respond, he turned off the water, and knelt before me. He said “Please piss on me. Cover me with your pee, make me yours, let me drink your golden nectar”. I was somewhat taken aback, but when I looked down at his pleading eyes, I knew that we both needed this. It took me a moment to go, but once the flow began, he drank from my pussy, as quickly as he could swallow.

After we dried off I asked Tom what had happened. He said that he had spent most of his life looking for a woman he could worship. He said that he was not into bondage or s&m but had a deep desire to be used and humiliated. I asked, “was that why he never asked me to blow him” he said yes. His only true need was to bring pleasure to me and be reminded that he was not really much of a man. I hugged him and said that this was a perfect arrangement shortly thereafter he moved in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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