Nan, Mom and Me Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: Further family frolics…

We now come to the years when we have had to explain to our daughter that her Mom and ‘brother’ are really her Mom and Dad. After hearing this, Gracie seemed to take it very well and surprised us by asking if she could join us both sometimes in bed.

That was quite a surprise, I can tell you. A bolt from the blue!!! — Fran advised her to sleep on it that night and she would come and speak to her in the morning. With that Gracie went to her room.

Fran went in to see her the next morning and they sat and talked for about an hour. In the meantime, I had gone downstairs to tell Nan about what had happened. I told her that I had not included her in the family romp but that she could do so herself is she wanted to, once Gracie had got used to the idea of her Mom and Me. We left it at that for the time being.

When Fran came downstairs she said that she’d had a good talk with Gracie but that Grace had admitted that she wanted her Daddy to take her virginity (not even know who her Daddy was). She said that she had been out with boys and also with girls; had used dildos and had oral sex but had never had a boy/man’s cock in her cunt. She had always had the feeling that she wanted someone close to do it, and didn’t realize at the time that it was her Daddy (or big brother as she thought of me then).

A couple of weeks after this discussion, Gracie came home from a girl’s night out and stopped by our bedroom door. Fran and I were just lying talking at the time and invited Gracie to come in and join the conversation.

She slipped off her shoes and climbed on the bed, wriggling her way in between us. She bent over and kissed first her Mom and then me. Not just a peck though, a full on küçükçekmece escort French kiss. She tangled her tongue with mine especially, delving into every corner of my mouth. Of course, that called for reciprocation on my part and I delved into the interior of her luscious lips and filled her mouth with my tongue. We kissed like that for about 10 minutes until I had to come up for air.

Fran had been watching this display and started to rub Gracie’s boobs through her dress. Gracie turned to Fran and gave her the same treatment with her lips and tongue. Both of them were also playing with each other’s boobs while kissing. I thought to myself that this could be very interesting. I was used to seeing Mom and Nan in this position but Gracie’s involvement opened up a whole new vista.

I slowly eased Gracie’s dress down and her boobs fell out in front of my eyes. Both Fran and I had the same idea; we both dived to consume those delectable orbs. With both of us feasting on her, Gracie was in heaven. I don’t think that she had ever felt quite this way before.

As I laved and suckled her tits and aureoles, Fran decided to go further and taste the other fruits of our delicious daughter, from her pussy. Her hand slid down to the moist area over her pussy lips and she gently inserted her middle finger into that warm, wet and inviting cunt. Gracie bucked straight away at the feel of her Mom’s fingers and strained to grab them with her pussy lips. Fran then wended her way down to Gracie’s private fantasyland and immediately extended her tongue to touch those labial lips of her baby daughter who was now old enough to accept an adult relationship.

Fran feasted on that pussy and clit for about kurtköy escort 20 minutes until Gracie couldn’t hold out any longer. She loved the feelings of my kissing her and sucking her while her Mommy sucked her cunt, but she was close to an orgasm by then and had to let it go. Both Fran and I decided to go at the same time and drink this first cum (that we had created) from our daughter. We slurped and sipped until she was completely drained.

We lay back in bed after that for a while regaining our strength. I felt a hand go down to my cock and start to rub it softly up and down. I knew that it was Gracie by the feel of the hand. I turned to her and kissed her.

She looked at me and shyly whispered, “Daddy, I want you to suck me, pleeaaasssse.”

I didn’t answer her, I just slid down the bed between her legs and took her hips in my hands and raised her sweet pussy to my lips. I can only say that there was no greater thrill than when I took those full fleshy lips into my mouth and sucked on them. Even the first time I had sucked my Mom and Nan, nothing could compare with this. My own beautiful daughter was going to be mine soon. I laved and licked her and progressed to tickling her clit with my tongue for about ten to fifteen minutes.

“Now Daddy, now,” cried my lovely girl.

I raised my eyes and looked at her; Fran had been suckling her breasts while I was otherwise engaged. Gracie whispered that she wanted me to fuck her, now.

I crawled up on the bed and positioned my cock in line with her wondrous womanly hole.

“Ready darling.”

“Oh yes Daddy, fuck me please.”

I slid into those wet folds like a duck sliding into water. It felt so hot and inviting. I gradually maltepe escort worked my stiff rod in and out of my girl’s cunt, she was working with me, raising her hips every time I came down into her depths. What a wonderful feeling, knowing that now I was going to be kept very busy, looking after my own Harem.

As we worked together, Gracie got more sensual and wriggled her butt and kept my rod so stiff within her cunt. I knew at that rate I was not going to last too long and tried to slow her down. She was not having any of it though, she wanted her father’s cock to fuck her, hard and fast. At last I could feel her beginning her orgasm; it built up in her womb and suddenly gushed forth, over my cock.

This triggered my own spurt of spunk and I felt myself erupt into her womb. After about five minutes I slipped out of that glorious cunt and lay back to recover.

We all curled up that night and cuddled and slept. The next morning I was awoke with someone’s lips wrapped around my cock. I looked down and it was Gracie. I looked over at Fran, but she wasn’t there. Gracie came up for long enough to tell me that Mom said she was going to give us some time together. So after she had sucked and licked my cock for about ten minutes, Gracie hauled herself up and sat on my legs. She bent her head and started to lick my nipples, which was turning me on even more. She raised her body over my erection and plunged herself down onto it. This sent me into another world. We carried on like this for about half and hour until I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum.”

“OK Daddy, I am gonna cum with you.”

We both released an explosive burst of cum together. We just looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

We then went downstairs and joined Nan and Mom for breakfast. JD came home later that day.


The next thing is to get some help with this harem…………can I last another couple of years for JD………… if he is anything like his Dad, he will be right into the family frolics, without question.

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