Nan Gets a Threeway Ch. 03 – Finale

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Here’s the finale’ of the “Nan Gets a Three-Way” series! There’s some adult incest mixed in, so if that bothers you, this might be one to skip.

I hope, gentle readers, that you’ve enjoyed the stories. This is my last one; I don’t intend to write any more.

I began writing erotica as a sort of self-designed therapy after losing a life-long friend and lover to cancer. At first, I couldn’t stop writing. Words just poured out and it was enormously helpful even if it wasn’t particularly skillful.

That first 9-part series was largely autobiographical with only a few timeline adjustments and name changes. Subsequent stories were largely fantasies based on personalities of the original characters.

I’m past the bulk of my grief now and it’s more and more difficult to sit down, fantasize, and put words together.

Thanks for all the nice comments and votes! Stay horny—get laid!


Part 3, Conclusion

“Unexpected Swings”

“Oh, Aunt Kathy am I ever glad you’re here!” I gushed as I saw the caller ID and answered.

Just moments before, I’d played last night’s messages and found Kathy was on the way from Illinois to see me!

“Jimmy just left to pick you up—he shouldn’t be more than 10-15 minutes!” I added.

“Thanks Nan,” replied a male voice, “but Kathy’s tending to the plane and closing her flight plan—this is Andy. How are you!”

“Oh, Andy—sorry! I saw Kathy’s name on the caller ID and just assumed. And I’m fine!” I added, switching gears.

We chatted about the flight, (smooth and uneventful) landing on a short grass strip, (he said it was plenty long) his flight lessons, (he was a chopper pilot in the military and is now taking “fixed wing” lessons.) Finally he said that someone was walking toward him from the parking lot. I heard Jimmy’s voice as he shouted a greeting and hung up with Andy.

As the joy and excitement of a surprise visit began to wear off, I felt that knot of apprehension forming in my gut again. The last time I’d seen her in person I’d learned that “Aunt” Kathy and my mom had been lovers since high school.

The way I learned it was as flabbergasting as the fact itself. I’d accidentally crashed a party at Mom’s where she and Aunt Kathy planned to swing with each other’s guy. My oldest daughter’s mother-in-law was there cooking for them—and more. To say I had some new experiences there would be the understatement of the century.

The one I worried about now was giving Kathy a deep, passionate kiss while we were both naked. Remembering it, I could still feel her flesh pressed into mine, taste her lips, feel her tongue as she finally returned my kiss, smell her perfume—damn! Even after all the sex last night, I was heating up and at the same time feeling deeply embarrassed.

I worried about what Kathy had in mind for the visit. I knew she loved me. Would this be a gentle remonstration? Or was she after a little more? If she wanted more, could I manage it? Jeepers.

In the car bringing them home, as I learned later, Jimmy was at a loss. He knew all about that weekend adventure (well, he knew almost all about it.) Kathy and Andy wouldn’t know how much he knew, and he didn’t want to embarrass them by knowing too much.

Kathy opened that topic, asking him: “So how did Atlanta turn out?”

“Umm—exceptionally interesting,” Jimmy demurred.

“Did you and Nan go back to the club?” she pressed.

“We did.” Jimmy remained non-committal.

“I’ll want all the lurid details,” Kathy told him, “but sounds like I’m going to have to get them from Nan, huh?”

“Thanks for letting me off the hook,” Jimmy sighed, “I’m probably at liberty to tell you everything that went on, but really, this was all about Nan, so I think it’d be better for you to get it straight from her.”

“Straight?” Kathy raised an eyebrow and elbowed Jimmy.

“Ha! Not entirely,” Jimmy laughed.

They finished the short drive home before things could get any more explicit.

Meanwhile I’d taken inventory of the larder and wine rack and found both of them wanting. After they got back, I handed a Jimmy a list and pushed him back toward the door.

“Why don’t you go along, Andy?” Kathy suggested. “You guys could get acquainted, and maybe Jimmy could even take you to the Atomic Energy museum while Nan and I visit some.”

It was like she could read my mind! And Jimmy always enjoyed hosting guests through the museum.

“OK, kiddo,” Kathy said to me after the guys motored off, “Give! Tell me every little thing about Atlanta! I’m dying to hear it all! Jimmy said you went back, but I couldn’t pry anything else out of him. Good time?”

“Yeah, good time, Aunt Kath. But it got even wilder than when I panicked and called you. And I’ve set us up for either a complicated, ongoing deception or some dangerous truth-telling.”

“How so?” she asked, with a worried brow.

It felt so good to be talking to her. It felt good to say what was on my mind with absolutely bayrampaşa escort no sense of worry–no fear that she’d be shocked or would judge me. Too, I was confident that she’d have good advice for me in the end. She always did. So I told her in broad strokes about Ginger, Ginger’s parents, Annie and our 3-way last night, deep throating Jimmy, Pammy coming out, Pammy walking in on Jimmy and me, “Dr. Knockers” and “the ol’ pussy licker,” Pammy feeling me up, and, well—a lot about Pammy.

Kathy wanted more detail about the 3-way with Ginger in Atlanta and about the VIP treatment we got at the club. I got very explicit in my descriptions, and very, very turned on by telling all. So did she.

“So,” she said as I got to a stopping point, “now tell about kissing me at your mom’s.”

I flinched.

“How do you mean?” I stalled.

“I mean,” she paused to draw a breath, “tell me when it occurred to you to kiss me; tell me how it felt to you then; and tell me about how you feel about it now.”


Now I was the one who drew a breath before continuing.

“I started getting turned on watching you lose your clothes in truth or dare. And losing mine with an audience, truth be told. When I had to choose someone to kiss, you were my first instinct. It wasn’t so much a thought as an urge.

“For a while, Sandrine seemed safer, you know? But then I thought “fuck it” and went for what I wanted. And it felt powerful. I almost fainted. Really. I got light-headed kissing someone I’ve known all my life in a way different context.

“And before I went up with Sandrine? That embrace with our whole bodies pressed into each other? That was just exquisite. I didn’t want it to end. I was so turned on I was shaking. Sandrine got me off in about 5 seconds flat when we got upstairs. And now?

“Well–now I feel guilty. I feel turned on. I feel embarrassed. I feel scared,” I finished and looked up at her.

“Was it really a turn on to kiss a wrinkled, flat-chested old broad?” Kathy wanted to know. It made me sad that she was serious about that.

“It was and is,” I declared, “and Lord help me, I’m wet and horny and I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I didn’t think you’d rather not. But now it’s your turn. You tell me—how did you feel about it. What was it like then, and what’s it like being with me now?”

“AND” I added before she could respond, “what on earth did Mom think about it!?!”

“Ha!” she chuckled. “Last one first. Your mom, my lover for over 40 years I might remind you, said it was the first time she’d ever been jealous at seeing me kiss somebody. She said she wasn’t sure if it was because she missed having your 40 year-old body, or because she felt threatened. But she was jealous.”

“Oh, crap,” I sighed.

“That didn’t last very long. The next morning, she said she was happy you were having adventures. I heard her tell you the same thing, right? Well, she meant it. And Sandrine didn’t let us in on any particulars but she was smiling and humming to herself the rest of our time together. That tickled us both,” Kathy continued.

“But when you planted that first kiss on me?” Kathy went on. “I was just flabbergasted! I had no idea that was coming, or that I’d enjoy it so much after the idea sank in. I’ve got to confess, I almost pulled away from you at first. In spite of my open thoughts on sex and how open we’ve always been with each other, it seemed wrong, you know?

“But I do love you. I love you immensely. And I’m not really a blood relative, even though it feels like that. So after a bit, the cognitive dissonance settled down and I started including sex in the way I think of you.”

“So–,” I spoke haltingly, “you sound like . . . you’re turned on? Right now?”

Silently, Kathy leaned toward me, gently stroked my cheek, and kissed me full on the lips. The kiss started gently, and she kept it light, breaking off without adding tongue, but returning quickly for more and more. As her hand lowered to my still braless breast, I pulled her in tightly and kissed her deeply. She returned the intensity of the kiss and we made out on the couch like two teenagers just working up the nerve to become completely intimate.

If we hadn’t heard the car doors slam outside, we’d have been eating each other’s pussies and probably wouldn’t have cared if the guys walked in on us.

As it was, we jumped at the sound and pulled away. Hard to believe they’d been gone nearly 3 hours while we talked. We straightened ourselves up, checked each other for smeared lipstick and walked back into the kitchen.

“I’ve gotta ask,” Kathy whispered urgently, “do you think a 4-way might be in the cards for tonight? It’s OK if you’d like to fuck Andy—he’s got the hots for you, btw. Would Jimmy want to fuck me? And would that be OK with you?”

“Don’t know,” I answered honestly. “We were just beginning to talk about making it with Ginger’s folks. We haven’t decided that’s a good idea, but it’s leaning that way.”

“But beykoz escort sure, why not?” I finally agreed.

Jimmy and Andy bought what they called “man stuff” for dinner—steaks, potatoes, beer, and a cheesecake! They hustled off to get the charcoal started, leaving us to tend to the potatoes while they took the steaks (and beer) outside. We chucked 4 spuds in the microwave, set the table and began conspiring about the rest of the evening.

“Do you think we ought to set up a truth or dare?” I asked.

“You, Andy and I won’t take much convincing,” Kathy responded. “Let me talk to Andy for a minute.”

She called Andy in from the porch and I heard them speaking in low tones. Soon, Kathy came back smiling.

“Andy noticed you were braless,” she grinned. “He’s OK with anything that happens, from just a nice dinner to a full-blown orgy. Can’t believe the change in the man! To think he almost wouldn’t go up to your mom’s that weekend!”

“So—is he going to work on Jimmy? Or are you and I going to bring this up over dinner?”

“He’s going to talk about the session we had at your mom’s and see if he can lead Jimmy into suggesting we try it here,” Kathy said. “He said he’d already hinted strongly about swinging with Dene and Rex, and that Jimmy had shared some of your strip club adventures.

I told him you were trying to work through whether to swing with a couple here. He’ll probably share how reserved he was about swinging and see if Jimmy wants to talk more. I’m guessing he will. But honestly, I’m more worried about whether Jimmy will feel like he’s “taking one for the team” to hook up with me.”

“Dammit Kathy!” I exclaimed with a frown, “I wish you wouldn’t think of yourself like that! You’re one of the sexiest women I know. If Jimmy doesn’t have a hardon for you already, I’m a monkey’s uncle—uh, aunt!”

“That’s sweet of you honey, it really is, but I’m feeling my age more these days. I can see 70 rolling toward me like a freight train. Even guys my age notice the wrinkles and sags. “

“You’re assuming wrinkles and sags are turnoffs. Did you think I was faking it just now?”

“The thought occurred to me,” she confessed, “but not for long!” she smiled.

“Well, I wasn’t!” I declared, and gave her ass a sharp smack.

“Oooo,” she purred, “THANK you!”

Jimmy came in to let me know the fire was about ready and check on timing for the potatoes. Kathy took the opportunity to use the restroom, leaving Jimmy and me alone.

“You hitting it off with Andy?” I asked.

“Yeah! He’s an interesting guy. He’s been talking about that truth or dare game you cooked up at your Mom’s. And about Sandrine’s list of hopes. Don’t think I realized that truth or dare was your idea!”

“Hon?” I asked tentatively.

“UmmHmm?” he responded with a look that invited candor.

“You have enough energy to play tonight if things head that direction?”

“You mean with Kathy and Andy? “

“Yeah—it’s OK if you don’t. But if you want to fuck Kathy, it’s OK with me.”

“You want to fuck Andy?” he asked.

“Some. Mostly I’m getting the hots for Kathy. But you and I haven’t gotten all the way through how you’d feel seeing me with another guy,” I reminded him.

“I’m not sure about that myself,” Jimmy mused. “Hey—did you and Kathy get a head start while we were gone?”

“Well,” I paused, “we kept our clothes on.”

“Ha,” Jimmy grinned. “I thought I smelled hot pussy when we came back in!”

Kathy returned.

“I think the potatoes are ahead of the steaks,” Jimmy proclaimed. “They ought to come off in about 10 minutes, though.”

He headed back out to the grill.

“Well?” Kathy asked.

“I’m gonna speculate that Andy’s plan is working,” I said. “He brought up Sandrine’s “wish list” and my truth or dare. We’ll see. Oh, he smelled “hot pussy” when they came back and guessed we’d been up to no good!”

Kathy laughed: “Busted! Oh well, maybe that’ll put both of them in the mood.”

Dinner went well. The guys had a couple of beers while they were outside, and were each on their 3rd with dinner. Kathy and I demurely sipped our merlot. The two of us encouraged sexual innuendo and then outright bawdiness. The guys, Jimmy particularly, didn’t seem to have many inhibitions left.

Finally, Jimmy said: “Listen, Andy and I were talking outside. I think we’re ready for that game you all played up at Granny D’s.”

“Truth or dare, you mean?” Kathy asked, sounding genuinely surprised. “Strip truth or dare, specifically?”

“Yeah, that,” Jimmy said. Pointing to Kathy and me he went on: “I know you two have the hots for each other. I don’t know where that leaves Andy and me, but if we sit around getting honest and naked, we’ll probably figure it out.”

Kathy gave the slightest nod to Andy as if to say, “Atta boy!”

“Well, OK by me,” Kathy said, barely suppressing her eagerness.”

“OK by me,” I agreed.

“Hell yes!” Andy made it unanimous.

We evened out beylikdüzü escort the articles of clothing we had on. I was the least dressed—still commando with just jeans, sweatshirt and slippers. The others pared down to 4 items each. I got to count each slipper. We decided to use a deck of cards instead of a die this time. “It” would draw a card, and we each had a suit—Hearts for me, diamonds for Kathy, spades for Andy and clubs for Jimmy. The deck would pass around the circle.

We settled onto the living room carpet, nervously shuffled and re-shuffled the deck of cards and avoided eye contact until, finally, Kathy said: “Jimmy—this was your idea. Why don’t you start us off!”

Jimmy took the deck and turned up a spade—Andy. Andy sacrificed his last sock (his shoes and other sock had gone to the “evening it up” pile) and said: “Truth”

Jimmy thought a moment and asked: “You’ve seen Nan and her mom nude. How do their bushes compare?”

“Nan’s is probably thicker, but Dene’s is wider across her pelvis, and she has a trail of hair that rises up to her belly button and on up toward her chest.”

“I used to have a treasure trail like Mom’s, but I had it lasered,” I admitted.

The deck passed to Kathy who drew another spade.

“Damn!” Andy said, “This is how it started for Nan and Rex last time! Truth.”

“Tell us how you like your ass played with, Andy!” Kathy demanded.

“Oh, fuck,” Andy sighed. “OK—I’m liking it more and more, which is probably why Kathy asked. I like some light spanks, but nothing like what turns Kathy on. I really like getting rimmed, and getting a prostate massage, and every so often I love having Kathy peg me. Your mom pegged me too, Nan, before that weekend ended!”

“Bravo, Andy!” I proclaimed.

Andy got the deck next and drew Kathy’s diamond. He grinned wickedly—this was about to get good!

Kathy was in slacks, knit top, bra and panties. She reached inside her top, unfastened her bra and slid the straps through the arm holes to take it off. Her nipples were hard and clearly outlined by the thin knit fabric. “Dare!” she proclaimed

Andy looked mildly disappointed, but commanded:

“Kathy, dearest, drop trou and present your ass to all of us for 3 firm swats each!”

“Oooooo, Andy, how dare you,” Kathy crooned as she stood to do what he asked. She peeled slacks and panties down to her knees displaying a delicate bush and firm ass, and took knee-locked steps around the circle to receive her spanks. We gave her some good ones! Andy went last and sneakily fingered her slit before delivering his.

“You brute,” Kathy pouted as she pulled her panties and slacks back up.

My turn, and I drew another diamond—Kathy again.

“Well, I might as well not have pulled these back up,” Kathy smiled, slowly peeling her slacks back down her toned legs and carefully folding them. “Truth, peanut.”

“Did you ever have sex with your sister? Or did mom?” I asked.

“No and yes. I never did, but your mom and your uncle both did. Wanna hear more?”

“Yes!” we all three shouted together.

“Tough shit!” she fired back with a grin. “Those stories don’t get shared without everyone’s permission.”

“Aww,” a collective groan went up, but we had to respect that.

Back to Jimmy who drew a heart—my card. I considered going straight to being topless, but chose a slipper instead. “Truth!”

“What scares you the most about what we’ve done over the last few weeks and what we might get up to as time goes on?” Jimmy asked, with good insight into the heart of our questions.

“Doing something that screws up how you and I get along, I guess,” I answered. “I’m more and more confident that would be hard to do, but I’ve always got that nagging fear lurking in the background. But a close second was how we’d handle Pammy being gay. Thank goodness that turned out well.”

Kathy took her turn and drew me again. I slipped off the other shoe and declared “Truth,” again.

“Peanut, what are the top three things you’d like to happen tonight?” she asked.


“Well, I want to spend a lot of time in bed with you, as long as Jimmy and Andy are OK with it. And I want you and Jimmy to make love. And I want to see how Jimmy and I feel if I screw Andy. We’ve haven’t done that yet—me and another guy, I mean—and I’d like to have some idea before we go any further into swinging.”

I looked at Jimmy as I finished saying that, and saw him give a nod.

On to Andy next. He drew Kathy again and she peeled off her top, down now to just her panties.

“Dare” she proclaimed again.

“OK, Kathy, go over and give Jimmy a lap dance! Make it about a minute.”

Kathy led my husband over to a chair, leaned over to grind her ass in his crotch briefly, and then turned to straddle him. She pulled her tits together to give him a titty smacker and rubbed her nipples in his lips. She leaned back, grabbed his hands and brought them to her chest. He wasn’t bashful about playing with her boobs, pulling them taut by her nipples, squeezing them together, sucking eagerly on her nipples.

I knew his moves so well I could practically feel his vibrating tongue on my own tits. If she was reading anything but lust on his face, she was dead wrong. There was a noticeable bulge in his pants when she got up!

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